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Direct2D Max2D backendgrable1grable (2017)
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Large FilesTaskMaster28cps (2017)
d3d12max2d.modskidracer7xlsior (2017)
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Sound + channel managementCocopino5Cocopino (2017)
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Question about fullscreen resolutions and a NEW Ifsogui issueTakis7611Derron (2017)
RotateImage equivalentRustyKristi6RustyKristi (2017)
Persistent Backbuffer?Streaksy11Derron (2017)
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Clipboard dataVP3Fielder (2017)
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Abstract Classes (Types)Yue16Ole JR (2016)
BlideDaY3DaY (2016)
Lua set table value to a.b.c = 1 from BlitzMax?MOBii1MOBii (2016)
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Distance between two entities?Yue8MikeHart (2016)
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Event hookscps4cps (2016)
Help with intersecting line segmentsGfK10RemiD (2016)
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BlitzMax Design Patterns (locked)Brucey1Brucey (2016)
Render to Texturecol20dw817 (2016)
Zebra Crossingdw8174dw817 (2016)
lua - not getting string!Caton4Derron (2016)
Calling Casaberdw8171dw817 (2016)
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Markov Star Name GeneratorKrischan10Krischan (2016)
Using Php?Caton4Caton (2016)
How to play or load sound?BBUser484Derron (2016)
D3D11Max2DDriver() - Part IIBlitzSupport168xlsior (2016)
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DLL creation, second attemptSweenie22RustyKristi (2016)
Darkness Surrounds Medw81711dw817 (2016)
Seeking Neverlanddw81716dw817 (2016)
battle ai event editor?Caton4dw817 (2016)
Amazing Fireballdw8171dw817 (2016)
Importing C libraries under LinuxScaremonger6Fielder (2016)
Linux, multiple GPUs - segfault in OpenGLDerron27Derron (2016)
Pong MathDaY9RustyKristi (2016)
Quake 1 BSP loadingHezkore22Hezkore (2016)
What is the best 2D physics module for BlitzMax?Vampire39DaY (2016)
Quake brush to polygon generationHezkore8Hardcoal (2016)
Lua<->Blitzmax: overide __eqDerron2Derron (2016)
AppArgs and escape characters?dan_upright5dawlane (2016)
New GUIJoshK31JoshK (2016)
Will max ever support ipv6?EdzUp MkII11col (2016)
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REading middle mouse click and wheel up downHardcoal9Bobysait (2016)
Reading values from a stringHezkore23Floyd (2016)
Websockets moduleHezkore2Derron (2016)
Array programmingYasha3Bobysait (2016)
Passing and returning arraysGrey Alien13Bobysait (2016)
Can I Please have a zip extract code?Caton5Caton (2016)
Updaing the launcher?Caton2xlsior (2016)
BlitzMax NG libcurl?Caton2xlsior (2016)
Appdata and foreign characters?Robby11Robby (2016)
Sharing memory between BlitzMax processes?Vilu18bach (2016)
Zlib HelpCaton4Caton (2016)
need blitzmax programmer (opengl, lua, maxgui)wx4wx (2016)
PES / PCS File ExportFBEpyon12FBEpyon (2016)
ImagesCollide2 and DrawSubImageRect Images?therevills8Derron (2016)
Error bass mod need help! - bmx ngCaton10Brucey (2016)
BMX NG Bug?Caton10Midimaster (2016)
types not working could use help!Caton9steve_ancell (2016)
bb to bmx? could use some help with thisCaton4Floyd (2016)
need help with types!Caton2Midimaster (2016)
Directx9 d3dx9 complete or the Framework SRSMax3dTheWhiteNinjas4TheWhiteNinjas (2016)
Will this work?TAS6grable (2016)
Scraping Facebook?Endive1Endive (2016)
Just wondering . . .. .BBUser483Zethrax (2016)
64 bit threadBinaryBurst5BinaryBurst (2016)
openvr moduleLT11RifRaf (2016)
Strange Timer BehaviorChapman74Derron (2016)
Xors3D BSP replacementHardcoal6Hardcoal (2016)
Fix Your Timestep!tonyg62Derron (2016)
Mav Out APPYue1Yue (2016)
How to have double pixel and no smoothing?Canali3FBEpyon (2016)
WritePixelFast,LockBuffer,SetBuffer for BlitzMax?RustyKristi6RustyKristi (2016)
Detect event from Windows Sounds properties?Grisu2Henri (2016)
2D Zelda Scrolling - Please HelpFBEpyon10Fielder (2016)
Bad PNG GraphicsJohn G3John G (2016)
Batch .png trim and output offsets?Grey Alien5Derron (2016)
Cross engine (DX, OGL) Water surface/waves ?Derron22col (2016)
GetActiveWindow and GetForegroundWindow on MACGrey Alien10Bobysait (2016)
How to build modules with MinGW?const6Derron (2016)
Why does MaxGUI require importing?Adam Novagen5Kryzon (2016)
Memory to Max2D BackBufferRustyKristi10RustyKristi (2016)
windows (testing) help wantedAdamStrange21Derron (2016)
Threads BlitzMax ?Yue6Kryzon (2016)
MainThreadYue12col (2016)
[Solved] Cleaning or deleting specific build filesRustyKristi8RustyKristi (2016)
Object-oriented programmingYue4Yue (2016)
[Fix]Porting code B3D To BlitzMax?Yue10Yue (2016)
GCCollect?Yue4Brucey (2016)
[Solved] Sockets Getting IP at (2016)
Compiling BlitzMax NGYue15Yue (2016)
[solved] Win10 build always as adminBobysait2Bobysait (2016)
Return Error.Yue5Yue (2016)
Linux: AppSuspend()-bug (ALT-Key-State + Alt-Tab)Derron8Derron (2016)
BMXNG compile errorJoshK3JoshK (2016)
Incbin and LoadTexture (OpenB3D)RustyKristi13RustyKristi (2016)
[Solved] TerraPak Conversion to BlitzMaxRustyKristi1RustyKristi (2016)
Zip and Packing Assets for Minib3dRustyKristi26RustyKristi (2016)
Exposing Basic Operations for Lua ScriptingRustyKristi5RustyKristi (2016)
New Monkey Syntax. Max Equivalent?RustyKristi9RustyKristi (2016)
[Solved] Can't build custom module on LinuxRustyKristi6dawlane (2016)
Lock step networking modelDerron8Derron (2016)
BRL.Sockets or BRL.Stream for Android? (NG)RustyKristi2Brucey (2016)
Real Time Synthesis - W.I.PTaron38Taron (2016)
[solved]Slow compiling in Windows 8/10col3col (2016)
Expecting expression but encountered end-of-filetherevills10therevills (2016)
New BLIde update availableziggy37Taron (2016)
Steam Wrapper thread 2Grey Alien27Rimmsy (2016)
Unable to convert from Int Ptr to IntRustyKristi11Derron (2016)
..Libs such as Ignition, for BMax..Naughty Alien13RustyKristi (2016)
Mac Steamworks wrapperjkrankie60Devlin (2016)
Bah.rtMidi openPort issue...Taron12Taron (2016)
Woody - openAL physical modeling synthesisTaron9Taron (2016)
Official IDEkiami9kiami (2016)
Chrono library for high resolution timerChapman710Chapman7 (2016)
No ExecFile() or CreateProcess() ?Beaker12Hardcoal (2016)
Blend modes: Photoshop's Overlay?therevills9therevills (2016)
[Solved] Maximize frameless on MaxGUIRustyKristi4RustyKristi (2016)
Is it possible somehow..?Hardcoal11Derron (2016)
Can you improve my scaling function?meems3meems (2016)
Can someone convert timing code for me?Chapman710Derron (2016)
MinMax treejulias03col (2016)
Transparency Apparentlydw81711xlsior (2016)
B3DHLP.dll in BlitzMax HelpStickman13Stickman (2016)
BMX wrapper for Lame_enc.dll?Grisu97col (2016)
SetVirtualResolution With Aspect Correction?CyBeRGoth17Chapman7 (2016)
MaxMod2 breaking againBen Hurr32Kippykip (2016)
..flowchart..Naughty Alien2Derron (2016)
..ld.exe..Naughty Alien15Derron (2016)
BlitzMax Vanilla on Ubuntu 14.04 64bitRustyKristi20RustyKristi (2016)
New official home for MaxIDEskidracer122Fielder (2016)
LibSSL module (new!)Sub_Zero3Sub_Zero (2016)
Need to convert simple UDP exampleRustyKristi1RustyKristi (2016)
Completely Nulling A TypeHardcoal5Hardcoal (2016)
OS KeyDown() emulation [WIN]mingw8Fielder (2016)
Problems replicating B3D net functions using BNetRustyKristi1RustyKristi (2016)
[Solved] Application Icon for Linux/MacOSRustyKristi5RustyKristi (2016)
[Solved] MinGW for Vanilla that works w/ most modsRustyKristi3RustyKristi (2016)
Problems with types and importsHezkore13Cocopino (2016)
More Monkey to Blitzmax ConfusionRustyKristi5RustyKristi (2016)
Retro Dungeon Crawler exampleHezkore7Hezkore (2016)
Monkey List to BMX ListRustyKristi10therevills (2016)
[SOLVED]Can't Build Release on Imported BB ProjectRustyKristi1RustyKristi (2016)
Best 2D Sprite or GUI/Animation Framework for BMXRustyKristi12dw817 (2016)
Determine Windows Architecture (32 bit / 64bit)?therevills10therevills (2016)
Hallucin8r (Source Included)dw8171dw817 (2016)
EnableOpenALAudio - Crash?therevills4Midimaster (2016)
FPS, frame MS and frame stepping helperHezkore16BlitzSupport (2016)
bass.dll - glimmer.bass modDocster12Hardcoal (2016)
I'll Have The Seizure Salad (Source Included)dw8171dw817 (2016)
Rainy Days (Source Included)dw8171dw817 (2016)
XML module with encryption support?Nennig13Nennig (2016)
How to write and read a binary file?Nennig6Nennig (2016)
Help translating one Excel VBA line of codeNennig3Nennig (2016)
..Irrlicht Module..Naughty Alien5Yasha (2016)
Any LuGi Tips or Examples?RustyKristi1RustyKristi (2016)
Reading XML filesrs229rs22 (2016)
Load 'tree' from filers229rs22 (2016)
Method overloadingBrucey65Brucey (2016)
Microcode Maze Maker (Source Included)dw8176dw817 (2016)
Rogue Random Dungeon Map Maker (Source Included)dw81753dw817 (2016)
[HELP] reading S.M.A.R.T. dataFielder6grable (2016)
[Solved] Any options to provide user scripting?RustyKristi5RustyKristi (2016)
Rotation artifactsCasaber7dw817 (2016)
Invoke argument count limit?LT10LT (2016)
setgraphics and keydownBinaryBurst7dw817 (2016)
Snake fills 2d areaThePict12ThePict (2016)
Hyperspace Star Generator (Source Included)dw81734Derron (2016)
Boulderdash mechanicsCasaber39dw817 (2016)
Bitsize UnicodeCasaber7Henri (2016)
Windows Cursor from MemoryTaron6BlitzSupport (2016)
Audio Saving problem (and clicks on Mac)Casaber39Midimaster (2016)
Would You Like To Supersize It ? (Source Included)dw81719dw817 (2016)
Mid Life Crisis - Midi Threaddw81730dw817 (2016)
The Stone Mirror (Source Included)dw8171dw817 (2016)
Proportional TTF To Monospace PNG(Source Included)dw8172dw817 (2016)
One Line Wonderdw8177Cocopino (2016)
paid programming jobwx7dw817 (2016)
MaxIDE - Community Edition - 2.01Mark Tiffany212grable (2016)
Full-Screen Fire Effect (Source Included)dw8171dw817 (2016)
Seamless Fog Generator (Source Included)dw8174dw817 (2016)
Steam Overlay & VirtualResolution Issuetherevills20therevills (2016)
Mojo2 for BlitzMaxBrucey8RustyKristi (2016)
user types and pointersBinaryBurst7Brucey (2016)
Reflection / InvokeGrimGary7Derron (2016)
In the mood for Mode 7?Casaber106Casaber (2016)
double auto arraysBinaryBurst3BinaryBurst (2016)
BMX Save State (Source Included)dw81755dw817 (2016)
The Chess Queen Puzzle (Source Included)dw81736dw817 (2016)
Quick acess to pixels - PBOCasaber22dw817 (2016)
DirectX 1920 x 1200 Fullscreen = Hang?therevills53Derron (2016)
Recursive Directory Reader (Source Included)dw8178dw817 (2016)
Odd results in performance test...LT27Brucey (2016)
Linked List Vs ArrayJay Kyburz38Hotshot2005 (2016)
GLSL Shaders in BlitzMAXTomToad23dw817 (2016)
LoadLibraryA IncbinHezkore21Hezkore (2016)
How to write a line witout carriage return?Nennig3Nennig (2016)
Lights Fantastic (Source Included)dw817139dw817 (2016)
Wing Ding Workdw8174dw817 (2016)
It's Snowing Inside ! (Source Included)dw81743dw817 (2016)
reflection, getting Type instance nameTomToad5Derron (2016)
How to pick name at runtime?Casaber21Casaber (2016)
Perfect Fonts - (Source Included)dw81714dw817 (2016)
Suggestiondw81731grable (2016)
Being Totally Dimdw81776dw817 (2016)
need help with this programSanjit6coffeedotbean (2016)
Calling functions or methods from a debug menu?chimaera4chimaera (2016)
Regions / RAII / deterministic deallocationYasha10Endive (2016)
I'm Drawing A Blank Heredw81722dw817 (2016)
Aligning a pointerBrucey11Henri (2016)
BlitzPrinter revisitedKanati9Fielder (2016)
Utility - View Raw Keystrokesdw81721dw817 (2016)
Creating a DPaint clone in BMaxQuickSilva42dw817 (2016)
Compiler Error - cannot find -lpsapiSimonasQu11Brucey (2016)
Invader Maker (Source Included)dw81725dw817 (2016)
length of null array = 0Bobysait6Bobysait (2016)
Motion Tracking test using openCVZiltch7Ziltch (2016)
Carryall Data (Source Included)dw81719dw817 (2016)
Masking - how to get about creating a Worm clone?Casaber60dw817 (2016)
Voice Recognitiondaaan8angros47 (2016)
Puzzling Vectors - Source Included (locked)dw81748BlitzSupport (2016)
Operator Overloading?Endive2TomToad (2016)
current github issuesskidracer6Derron (2016)
Polygon RasterizationEndive18dw817 (2016)
[BMX64] One instance of an app onlyGrisu29dw817 (2016)
Stars have gone!JBR40JBR (2016)
Allowing only one instance of a programChapman716dw817 (2016)
Serious Key Reader - Source Includeddw8171dw817 (2016)
Kaleidoscope & Piano Music (Source Included)dw8171dw817 (2016)
Room Generator (Source Included)dw81716dw817 (2015)
Limited Raytracing for Games?Endive7Endive (2015)
Writing Transparency to PNG?Endive54dw817 (2015)
Setcolor inner workings?Casaber22dw817 (2015)
A port of Skn3 excellent Tween class (monkey)coffeedotbean5coffeedotbean (2015)
Invisible Ink Picture (Source Included)dw8171dw817 (2015)
Text To Checksum (Source Included)dw81711dw817 (2015)
[solved]BMax & Ubuntu 12.04 French GetChar problemVignoli6Vignoli (2015)
Get sound working under Ubuntu 12.04 x32Vignoli4Vignoli (2015)
Simple Clock (Source Included)dw8178dw817 (2015)
Auto Sorted Arrays (Source Included)dw8177dw817 (2015)
Gravity Well Game (Source Included)dw81766Casaber (2015)
Updated MaxIDE?darkhog21markcw (2015)
Command line interfaceHeliotrope9Henri (2015)
Smart n Sweet Maze Maker (Source Included)dw8171dw817 (2015)
creating fun mood lamprocketdude7866dw817 (2015)
Wow, what's wrong here ? (Source included)dw8178dw817 (2015)
Keycodes By Numbersdw8177dw817 (2015)
GUI lib for Graphics?darkhog2Derron (2015)
Key Code For Canvas Games (Source Included)dw81710dw817 (2015)
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey (Source Included)dw8174dw817 (2015)
The Long Drivedw8173dw817 (2015)
Looking for Servantx source code and files neededGames104Hardcoal (2015)
BlitzMax: Steam EditionJoshK48darkhog (2015)
Maxgui: Listbox and initial keydown behaviour?Krischan10Derron (2015)
Reading and Writing Pixmap Pixel ValuesTwinprogrammer7EdzUp MkII (2015)
blitzmax compile for iOS?Caton14Caton (2015)
No stencil on IMacs?RupeB3RupeB (2015)
Uploading Files to Google CloudJohnny Mac4Brucey (2015)
Map Zoom Issuetherevills6Scaremonger (2015)
help with Escapi 3.0 DLLFielder3Fielder (2015)
Extra window and Steam OverlayIan Martin27Ian Martin (2015)
Patreon page for BlitzMaxNG?JoshK6Kryzon (2015)
MiniB3D: Fog Bug, Wireframe Bug and StartMax2D BugStreaksy20Brucey (2015)
Unicodetin19THANOS (2015)
Question About ListsTakis7616coffeedotbean (2015)
Mame frontend possible in BlitzMax?Eck10Eck (2015)
problem with angles in asteroids clonetechnospy3Derron (2015)
BlitzMax PrintingScaremonger24Fielder (2015)
How to create an under water effect in blitzmax?Takis7655FBEpyon (2015)
Question about movable sound channelsTakis763Takis76 (2015)
Play video from url?Caton23BlitzSupport (2015)
MacOS BlurryBLaBZ3Brucey (2015)
Music Making Program HelpFBEpyon2Takis76 (2015)
Good tutorials or books on Quaternions*15* (2015)
Kahan summation....BinaryBurst2Floyd (2015)
Edge Walls on TilemapEndive6Endive (2015)
Question about Import...LT34LT (2015)
Win 10 sometimes?Robby17Brucey (2015)
Vector pitch,yaw, from one point to another in 3d?*5* (2015)
How to Conveniently Build MessagesEndive7Endive (2015)
Oldschool Tile-Map-Editor at very early stageSidAntic1SidAntic (2015)
Realtime Audio ProgrammingSidAntic8SidAntic (2015)
how to run this dos command?ImaginaryHuman17ImaginaryHuman (2015)
Slidey 2D box collisions?coffeedotbean4Kryzon (2015)
Weird crashes with TMap.Values()grable14grable (2015)
HTMLView - Supress Script Errors?wmaass2wmaass (2015)
Store fileHeliotrope17Heliotrope (2015)
Smoother tile map scrolling?Robby2Robby (2015)
Hex&Chit boardgame framework for blitzMaxMainsworthy7Mainsworthy (2015)
Linux Command Line app Segmentation Fault (locked)Vanessa1Vanessa (2015)
[Solved] Linux socket not acceptingVanessa2Vanessa (2015)
WriteLine unicode?JoshK20TomToad (2015)
Hi, I'm new to BlitzMaxYue12angros47 (2015)
pub.freetype fails when building modulesPineapple8Derron (2015)
BlitzMax bountiesskidracer59GW (2015)
CoreJoshK16degac (2015)
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BlitzMax Long values, Lua, and C...LT25LT (2015)
xcode 7 fixes...marksibly_v26AdamStrange (2015)
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Pixel-perfect screen scaling - big problemAdam Novagen16GW (2015)
Blitzmax server side?*6* (2015)
crash report - anyone help?AdamStrange9Brucey (2015)
What ever happened to the MassiveDark Engine?Rick Nasher5videz (2015)
Puzzling about ImportAdam Novagen3Adam Novagen (2015)
Graphics corruption after using Steam OverlayGrey Alien17therevills (2015)
How to password protect an SQLite Database ?Nennig8Nennig (2015)
String to commandsHeliotrope3Yasha (2015)
BlitzMax150 up!marksibly35kiami (2015)
__MingW errors on compile*5* (2015)
Help me math better - trig help neededSchwang2Schwang (2015)
Bluetooth Module?PhotonTom7PhotonTom (2015)
Guide how to set up MinGW for BlitzMaxziggy56Schlowski (2015)
Game Object Snapping HelpFBEpyon2Kryzon (2015)
Load WAV file as TAudioSample (oggsaver.mod)?Grisu7Henri (2015)
Any Tiled .tmx Parser for BlitzMax?braxton5braxton (2015)
Detect and control desktop resolution?ErikT8ErikT (2015)
BlitzMax: Special EditionGrey Alien27Scaremonger (2015)
error: invalid preprocessing directive #IncludeErikT4Brucey (2015)
Removing new line from stringsTwinprogrammer4Twinprogrammer (2015)
Card Game ModuleScott Shaver4xlsior (2015)
BlitzMax Linux makesoStarkkz3Starkkz (2015)
Anyone ever use a borderless window for their gameGrey Alien12Grey Alien (2015)
Aspect-oriented programmingYasha6H&K (2015)
Arithmetical power function doesn't workBinaryBurst4Codebox (2015)
Overlay Algorithm w/ Alpha ValueKed3Ked (2015)
Maxgui - button with image?xlsior8Brucey (2015)
DebuggerPhotonTom4skidracer (2015)
mac 1.50 linkingdmaz3dmaz (2015)
Win 8 directory mayhemRobby11Robby (2015)
Code ProfilingBrucey1Brucey (2015)
InterfacesYasha4Brucey (2015)
Auto detect resolutionEpicElrod7degac (2015)
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call a LUA function with parametes from BMX in lugAnniXa6N (2012)
Getting my head around LuaRobb6N (2012)
zeke.modZeke13AnniXa (2012)
C++ Pointer PCM Data Access FMOD Sound Locktesuji1tesuji (2012)
Contest for the best Modified code to this gameMainsworthy2Mainsworthy (2012)
V148 now up...marksibly34siread (2012)
OOP Coding Questions (Suggestions)FBEpyon4FBEpyon (2012)
How is MaxB3D?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)4Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
While MouseDown(1) ,,,SystemError5112Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
Pixmap Resizejsp1jsp (2012)
How to program a timeline?ImaginaryHuman10ImaginaryHuman (2012)
Joypad WaitHezkore2DjBigWorm (2012)
box2d Module - v2.3.0 rev(247)Armitage 19825Armitage 1982 (2012)
Writing to pixmap other than using writepixel?chimaera4Floyd (2012)
Small stability update for BLIde availableziggy15Armitage 1982 (2012)
MaxIDE CE 2.01 GoldCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)4Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
Making a big list from small lists (percentages)?UnderwoodNullium2Czar Flavius (2012)
DirectX vs OpenGLBLaBZ36SystemError51 (2012)
Monkey for BlitzmaxNice_But_Dim2Hezkore (2012)
How To make External GraphicsHardcoal7Hardcoal (2012)
Freeprocess SendMessage() questionsHezkore7Hezkore (2012)
Blide crash :(jkrankie10jkrankie (2012)
Text file help?Pete Carter8Pete Carter (2012)
Filtering duplicates in arraysSystemError516SystemError51 (2012)
Maxmod2MacSven23Takis76 (2012)
MaxIDE CE - Fixes for OS X LionCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)12Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
Shearing an Imagetherevills10Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
IGlass GUI for blitzmax - VScott Shaver154* (2012)
MicropaymentsBremer4Bremer (2012)
OpenAL channel bug. Please help me test.Grey Alien24Armitage 1982 (2012)
D3D11Max2DDriver() (locked)col120BlitzSupport (2012)
[Mac+WinXP]:Unable to determine blitzmax vesion*1* (2012)
redis.mod - A BlitzMax Redis client.Ibmurai2Dirk Krause (2012)
Linking driver locally (eg. pulseAudio)Armitage 19822Armitage 1982 (2012)
iPhone using Max?Sin of Nature3ima747 (2012)
BufferedGLMax2DN87Armitage 1982 (2012)
I am looking for a Data Pack Library or any kindTakis7612xlsior (2012)
Encoding audio+video to movie file anno 2012Danny4Danny (2012)
New BlitzMax IDE in the works.AarbronBeast89matibee (2012)
ParticalFX Conversion to Xors3D 100$ OfferHardcoal1Hardcoal (2012)
How can I do this blend effect?Czar Flavius14Zeke (2012)
OSX 10.6.8, IDE crashes*4* (2012)
RPG Dialogue Scriptingspraycanmansam5Midimaster (2012)
Center of a polygonRatchet5Derron (2012)
Is dependencies needed to run a BlitzMax App ?Armitage 19829Htbaa (2012)
Feature request:Jump Labels in IDE*6* (2012)
Graphics problems on Vistaslenkar6slenkar (2012)
Application continue processing when draggingDerron11Derron (2012)
Blitzmax faster than C?IceVAN30Orca (2012)
Include inside a typeShagwana14Dabhand (2012)
DebugStop() stopped working !?skn37Noobody (2012)
video playbackpete0317Cobra Blade (2012)
GNet sync problemsArska12Arska (2012)
Sprites in a type.allranger6Jesse (2012)
Polar CoordinatesKrischan11* (2012)
..Bmax external hardware module..Naughty Alien3BlitzSupport (2012)
To All bah/cegui.mod users ! Potential crash bug (locked)Armitage 19821Armitage 1982 (2012)
Possible Crash Bug in LibPNG of FreeImage.mod (locked)Armitage 19821Armitage 1982 (2012)
Secondary MonitorsStreaksy2ima747 (2012)
Help me optimise this!jkrankie12jkrankie (2012)
C++ to BlitzMAXBLaBZ3Armitage 1982 (2012)
BLIde FREE edition update available to everyoneziggy4ziggy (2012)
String PointersStreaksy16Streaksy (2012)
Efficient method for pinpointing memory leaksjtfrench5jtfrench (2012)
SetScale DrawPixmapBLaBZ4ima747 (2012)
link = link.nextlink() VS eachinskn38Muttley (2012)
GrabImage Alternative?BLaBZ3BLaBZ (2012)
2D lighting and shadingTwinprogrammer5col (2012)
Math Help: Box Rotationima7474ima747 (2012)
Zip engine detect whether password is usedJoshK14matibee (2012)
DX vs. OpenGL Render PerformanceRichard Betson5Richard Betson (2012)
V145 now up!marksibly17ProfJake (2012)
Move file to trash on OSX?JoshK2xlsior (2012)
Segmentation fault on simple test fileGSG94BlitzSupport (2012)
Window Tools ?Twinprogrammer4ziggy (2012)
App crash if not running as AdministratorArmitage 198213GaryV (2012)
Max2DFlemmonk3Yan (2012)
Dynamic 2D LandscapeScaremonger10Scaremonger (2012)
Lock Free Multi-Threadingcol11col (2012)
capturing bmk.exe output to my appcol3col (2012)
SOAP WSDLBanshee9Banshee (2012)
Return several selected files with RequestFile?MikeHart6Uncle (2012)
5 Button MouseShagwana6xlsior (2012)
Avoid loading specific modules !Armitage 19823ima747 (2012)
Bullet Firing Methods? Shmups Etc?Amon2ima747 (2012)
PHP file uploadJoshK9Kev (2012)
Int Byte PtrEternal Crisis16col (2012)
Maximize ?Twinprogrammer5jsp (2012)
Multiple file Requesting.Twinprogrammer3Twinprogrammer (2012)
Mac OpenGL rendering GlitchArmitage 19829Armitage 1982 (2012)
Faster Grabimage Substitute?AvestheFox10AntonyWells (2012)
Resizable arrays with Externed C objectsJoshK7Jesse (2012)
Wine, commandline and calling process...Dabhand3Dabhand (2012)
Using Blitz as a website languageImaginaryHuman9slenkar (2012)
Asynchronous loading best practiceRobb5Robb (2012)
Please help me test weird mouse behaviourGrey Alien1Grey Alien (2012)
ld ingnore non standard directories when linkingHtbaa1Htbaa (2012)
Polygon textured Border StripArmitage 19828Armitage 1982 (2012)
Oh No! Execution Suspends when re-sizing window?mk2y101mk2y10 (2012)
Blitz Max Online Manual Download?AvestheFox5Zeke (2012)
Resizing two dimensional arrays?*13col (2012)
Linux abd RequestFile() (locked)Dabhand1Dabhand (2012)
Can't rebuild Modules !!!Twinprogrammer14xlsior (2012)
Non blocking sockets (I/O) in Bmx?Mahan1Mahan (2012)
TList ContainEternal Crisis5Eternal Crisis (2012)
freeprocess.bmx/.cEternal Crisis6Eternal Crisis (2012)
Blending Mode?therevills15Armitage 1982 (2012)
Image Rescale - help please...AvestheFox10AvestheFox (2012)
Tile Shading System - Help please...AvestheFox6AvestheFox (2012)
g++: error: CreateProcess: No such file or dire...JoshK4Eternal Crisis (2012)
Loading and drawing an image from a streamTwinprogrammer4col (2012)
Usage of $z and $wHtbaa7ProfJake (2012)
Icons ?Twinprogrammer9Russell (2012)
Closing a Map With The close buttonTwinprogrammer3Twinprogrammer (2012)
3D Starfield - Need HelpRico13Rico (2012)
Performing DNS requests with bah.libcurlJustus1Justus (2012)
Multi-Language SupportBlitzogger4Htbaa (2012)
How to set position when playing a MP3 with Fmod?Rico2Grisu (2012)
Mac build modules again...JoshK11Grey Alien (2012)
JoyHat () problemsTwinprogrammer5Twinprogrammer (2012) MingW not available anymore ?Armitage 19829Armitage 1982 (2012)
DrawPoly and DrawLine produce different results?Grisu1Grisu (2012)
MacOS and Blitzmax 1.45GfK10Grey Alien (2012)
Mac Link ErrorsJoshK6JoshK (2012)
64-bit Windows, 32-bit B/Max - Memory limit = ??SystemError512xlsior (2012)
V144 now up!marksibly65Armitage 1982 (2012)
nuwen MinGW is goneJoshK11Armitage 1982 (2012)
lua.mod disappeared?JoshK4JoshK (2012)
Nothing works!Will3Will (2012)
Frame limitingtherevills9therevills (2012)
Database module (bah.dbmysql) buggy?SystemError5116SystemError51 (2012)
[MaxGUI] Texture size problem*6Grisu (2012)
Steamworks ?Twinprogrammer2xlsior (2012)
Lua 5.2mpmxyz5AdamRedwoods (2012)
Multiple Joy InputsTwinprogrammer4Russell (2012)
Audio ProblemsArmitage 19823Armitage 1982 (2012)
Hardware Mouse Cursortherevills29therevills (2012)
SetBlend problemsTwinprogrammer3Twinprogrammer (2012)
Auto Update per developer or per app..Paul "Taiphoz"3ziggy (2012)
SetViewPort Issues - Truth or Fiction?therevills35Playniax (2012)
Help! struggling with bitmap tracing the boxQcat1Qcat (2012)
How to take a in-game snapshotTwinprogrammer3Regular K (2012)
Namespace, or somethingJoshK4JoshK (2012)
Does JoyButtonCaps() return contiguous buttons?Russell2Russell (2012)
[DWLab] 52 framework examples in single demo fileMatt Merkulov7Rixarn (2012)
Garbage Collector and GCMemAllocedRixarn26Rixarn (2012)
pixmap pngPineapple3Pineapple (2012)
Image Paddertherevills7jsp (2011)
Unable to convert from 'TList'.....GfK2GfK (2011)
Question about stringsHenri8Henri (2011)
Byte ptr export/import?Sub_Zero5ImaginaryHuman (2011)
Keyboard Hooks?Grisu4BlitzSupport (2011)
Gfx modes always listed from smallest to largest?Russell25col (2011)
Copy Directory if it doesn't already existCobra Blade7Cobra Blade (2011)
Is there a way to get rid of the .DS_Store ??wad15wad (2011)
Widescreen graphics mode CRASHChroma8Chroma (2011)
BriskVMslenkar7GW (2011)
Multiple arrays has stopped working in 1.45 :(wad6wad (2011)
Unexpected behavior with MouseXSpeed and MouseYSpeTomToad2Jesse (2011)
Long integer problempete034Floyd (2011)
Debugging a C++ DLL called from BlitzMaxJoshK8JoshK (2011)
Importing a C++ static lib on OSXJoshK1JoshK (2011)
VirtualMouseXSpeed and VirtualMouseYSpeedArmitage 19821Armitage 1982 (2011)
New() and Delete()col9col (2011)
highgfx moduleDiablo35xlsior (2011)
Xbox 360 Controller - Mac Os & Linux Problems !Armitage 198213Twinprogrammer (2011)
Anyone able to compile maxmod2 under 10.04 Ubuntu?Russell2Russell (2011)
ProGUI for BmaxOldNESJunkie9JoshK (2011)
Stand-alone executable ?Twinprogrammer6Twinprogrammer (2011)
Sound isn't workingBlitzogger7matt! (2011)
Auto Build NumberShagwana5Shagwana (2011)
Library Integration in Cingenius2col (2011)
Cower.TCC - Compile C at runtimeN30N (2011)
Pantson Theora IIYeshu77714Cobra Blade (2011)
MaxMod2 plays modules (MOD, XM, S3M, IT) too fastRatchet1Ratchet (2011)
BMax1.44 fails on WinXP SP1?therevills22Grey Alien (2011)
exception access violation on newPineapple5therevills (2011)
BmFont ProblemsCyBeRGoth15skn3 (2011)
Fastest plot function. Help!BinaryBurst22Nate the Great (2011)
Doc Generation.....Paul "Taiphoz"10Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
BanksBLaBZ12Jesse (2011)
Smallest Variable TypeBLaBZ6xlsior (2011)
Grid based lightningHezkore21Hezkore (2011)
Mods for 2d Boned Animation?Nate the Great2therevills (2011)
Latest version and Mac OS X LionLeo Santos8Grey Alien (2011)
Try Catch in Release sound3d ModuleBLaBZ2ziggy (2011)
TD3D9GraphicsDriver missing Graphics method?therevills6Grey Alien (2011)
EVENT_WINDOWMOVEBenKo11matt! (2011)
Detecting best resolution for netbooksGrey Alien4therevills (2011)
Xors3D TextureBlendIfq2007Kryzon (2011)
whats quicker ?Paul "Taiphoz"12Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
Adding a system menu to a Graphics mode app? (Mac)matt!1matt! (2011)
How to remove window resize animation on Mac OS X?matt!9matt! (2011)
OK, what the hell does this error mean???GfK14Grey Alien (2011)
Maximize window on MacGfK7matt! (2011)
Grey Alien Games Framework - Music Issue Help!therevills3Grey Alien (2011)
bsp parsing and lightingChris C14sethus (2011)
suffering from slow col detection.Paul "Taiphoz"6Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
Post Instantiation Inheritance?BLaBZ9col (2011)
this a waste of time ?Paul "Taiphoz"8H&K (2011)
Grid with variable height plots.Paul "Taiphoz"6Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
Community IDE build.Paul "Taiphoz"4Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
Chaning variables with variable input ?Paul "Taiphoz"10Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
Odd2D.mod - Please TestOddball33Armitage 1982 (2011)
need a little mathy help.Paul "Taiphoz"5Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
How would you make a simple spriter?slenkar3Sokurah (2011)
Maximus and minib3dPaul "Taiphoz"11Htbaa (2011)
graphic problem in win 7allos5allos (2011)
Noob question about the community IDE.Paul "Taiphoz"3Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
BlitzMax & Lego Mindstorms NXTWinni30Difference (2011)
Steamworks wrappersjkrankie1jkrankie (2011)
EXCEPTION_ACESS_VIOLATION is Killing meRixarn17Rixarn (2011)
Super type and Reflection issueArmitage 19826Armitage 1982 (2011)
CocoaExt Compiling ProblemDrDeath8DrDeath (2011)
How do I use/setup TLink?Amon4Amon (2011)
ANOTHER Minecraft clone (locked)Kittomer1Kittomer (2011)
Something along the lines of a lexical analyzerLuke1112Yasha (2011)
FreeAudio bug?Johnsprogram1Johnsprogram (2011)
Cos() bug? BMax v1.44Docster8Russell (2011)
Looping sounds with fixed start/end positions?Johnsprogram6Kryzon (2011)
[DWLab] Framework usage (please read)Matt Merkulov21Rixarn (2011)
texpac - sprite atlas and bitmap fontsdmaz2col (2011)
Triangulating a PolygonArmitage 19823Hotshot2005 (2011)
Detect Minimise on Mac - I've added a minimise btnGrey Alien19SLotman (2011)
Big exe files -- Why?Docster38H&K (2011)
Need some code compiled for linux.Pineapple3Pineapple (2011)
Talking to other programspete034Kryzon (2011)
OpenAL in Windows 7Grey Alien31Grey Alien (2011)
FreeAudio and DirectSound (again)GfK11Grey Alien (2011)
Ray Casting(Wolfenstein style)Yahfree6Jesse (2011)
dont use blitz eventqueue for your internal eventsskn35skn3 (2011)
About simulated keydown-Phoenix-1-Phoenix- (2011)
ZLibTricky4ImaginaryHuman (2011)
Incbin not working? (locked)Nigel Brown1Nigel Brown (2011)
re-bound codehub5hub (2011)
From int to string and then string back to intAvestheFox13Czar Flavius (2011)
D3D11Max2DDriver..... is it worth it?col31col (2011)
Avoid multiple instances...?SLotman7SLotman (2011)
Improved DefData utility - All files supported!matibee5Jesse (2011)
Odd problem with GLMax2DDriverTomToad5TomToad (2011)
Intel AppUp and BlitzMax?Devlin10SLotman (2011)
Image / sprite utility helpmatibee5col (2011)
Conflict between rigz.timelinefx & bah.cegui modsArmitage 19826Armitage 1982 (2011)
GCC GNU99/C99 impossible?ProfJake4ProfJake (2011)
how to start an exe with arguments?Midimaster9Sub_Zero (2011)
Massive Memory Leak in threaded modexcessive27xcessive (2011)
Masking QuestionAvestheFox11ImaginaryHuman (2011)
Fragmented graphics in fullscreen modemaverick697Czar Flavius (2011)
OpenAL tutorials (playing NSF in blitzmax)Robb1Robb (2011)
Inheritance bug?therevills11Czar Flavius (2011)
scripting object events and movementsXin4Xin (2011)
Cls error?*5* (2011)
Faster than Real-Time sound-system?Danny3Danny (2011)
Mutex and lots of threadsappa4appa (2011)
BlitzMaxier 2D?tonyg34Canali (2011)
Broken malloc on compile (mac)...ima74713ima747 (2011)
Linux PPC?ima7471ima747 (2011)
Light and shadow systemUnderwoodNullium25Taron (2011)
SetVirtualResolution on a MaxGUI canvas?JaviCervera3JaviCervera (2011)
[DWLab] Huge isometric mazeMatt Merkulov8Matt Merkulov (2011)
Realtime Synthesis with openALTaron52Taron (2011)
Build Modules and Rebuild Modules option disabled?AvestheFox5AvestheFox (2011)
Spotify API (Get song name)Hezkore1Hezkore (2011)
Differences between "Build & Run" vs "Build"jtfrench25jtfrench (2011)
Collision-Zones in a Shoot-em-upRico10Matt Merkulov (2011)
camera scroller ?Twinprogrammer9Matt Merkulov (2011)
Finding a Memory LeakageAvestheFox15AvestheFox (2011)
Disable recording device (Windows)Hezkore3Hezkore (2011)
Generating actual random values...AvestheFox3Czar Flavius (2011)
Avoid using a particular type's name?sswift7Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
PC vs Mac - Reading and Writing IntegersAvestheFox6AvestheFox (2011)
BMax Problems on MacAvestheFox13Jesse (2011)
No keyboard input in windowed mode?Captain Darius5Captain Darius (2011)
Drawing FPSStormK7col (2011)
..BMAX Steam wrapper..Naughty Alien8Naughty Alien (2011)
TChannel woesCzar Flavius7Taron (2011)
TList objects and SortList weirdnessMichiel15Czar Flavius (2011)
LUA localsHezkore5Zeke (2011)
How to detect if a letter is lowercase in string?AvestheFox3xlsior (2011)
BlitzMax App crashes when launched from SteamTachyon6Tachyon (2011)
Trouble is Mac OSX and importing a 3rd party modChroma4Brucey (2011)
Illogical Code Performancexcessive9xcessive (2011)
How Do I Make Aliens move in waves?Rico10Rico (2011)
Icon for executableTharmon4Tharmon (2011)
Grabimage in 'While' loopAvestheFox4AvestheFox (2011)
Product CD Keys.Paul "Taiphoz"3Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
BLIde SP1 releasedziggy30ziggy (2011)
Audio playback failing - BMax 1.41jtfrench18jtfrench (2011)
PayPal donation buttonMacSven5GfK (2011)
Exception not thrown when index greater than arraywookie3Czar Flavius (2011)
quick help with fmod?AdamStrange1AdamStrange (2011)
automatic set the last compilation datehub10Htbaa (2011)
Custom compiler directivesOddball19Czar Flavius (2011)
Why the Global Functions in modulesburpy14Czar Flavius (2011)
Lost again...SLotman5Czar Flavius (2011)
MaximusNigel Brown23Htbaa (2011)
EnumDisplayDevices... What I'm doing wrong?SLotman8Brucey (2011)
Keydown(key) / Keyhit(key) limitations?AvestheFox5AvestheFox (2011)
DrawRect no fillshinkiro16John G (2011)
list of lists ?Paul "Taiphoz"18Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
BMax vs B3D - Graphics ModesAvestheFox4AvestheFox (2011)
Blitz mods incompatibility issue with Full ScreenRobA18BlitzSupport (2011)
Send HTML EmailImaginaryHuman1ImaginaryHuman (2011)
help with brucy bass-fx mod?AdamStrange1AdamStrange (2011)
Tnet -BnetexRichard Betson3AnniXa (2011)
I want language features of Monkeykiami16kiami (2011)
Field is zero! (Reflection)Hezkore5col (2011)
Anaglyph 3D Red/Blue SLC Color CodeBlitzogger2Chugs40 (2011)
openal or freeaudio filter requestAdamStrange5AdamStrange (2011)
Available memory functions?col7col (2011)
Project Studio IDE ?Paul "Taiphoz"21ziggy (2011)
Parent Child..Paul "Taiphoz"9Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
DX9 update for sswift's letterbox code?BlitzSupport4BlitzSupport (2011)
Blurry Sprites?AvestheFox195quid (2011)
Threading Performance (more primes)zzz30Taron (2011)
Attempt to access field or method of Null objectBlitzogger3BlitzSupport (2011)
Grabbing the desktop as a TPixmapMurilo3Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
silly question... pixmap to image ?Paul "Taiphoz"4Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
Type as Function ParameterHezkore7TomToad (2011)
..methods access inside class..Naughty Alien5Czar Flavius (2011)
Time Management/Casual Game Creation.. Diner Dashspraycanmansam3spraycanmansam (2011)
240.0 + 0.01 = 240.009995 ???wookie10ImaginaryHuman (2011)
Bug or not?JoshK7Jesse (2011)
Lost Graphics When Alt+Tab in FullScreenBlitzogger8beanage (2011)
Need help about TListMacSven5Jesse (2011)
OOP and BlitzJayjay11Czar Flavius (2011)
What on earth is wrong with my save function?!?AvestheFox15JazzieB (2011)
BMax substitute to B3D imagesoverlap()?AvestheFox8AvestheFox (2011)
Simulating mouse clicks on the desktopMurilo1Murilo (2011)
Mac build bad...!marksibly8Grey Alien (2011)
V143 'Lion' update now up! (locked)marksibly37marksibly (2011)
GLMax2DDriver Issues?thalamus3thalamus (2011)
Text file manipulation?Pete Carter8Pete Carter (2011)
Newbie DLL Helpwmaass13wmaass (2011)
Algorithm HelpMacguffin10Warpy (2011)
Game NameBlitzogger15Blitzogger (2011)
smooth move with joypadhub25hub (2011)
MaxIDE broken - how to compile without IDE?GfK8GfK (2011)
I would pay for...gekkonier60Corum (2011)
Community IDEJayjay3ima747 (2011)
malloc trouble?Warner6Czar Flavius (2011)
3D Rendering on a ServerBanshee21Brucey (2011)
[DWLab] ParallaxMatt Merkulov4Jesse (2011)
Unzip a zip in memory and read filesCzar Flavius9Czar Flavius (2011)
Blitz promotionskn3142Htbaa (2011)
Point and click adventure dialog system?Pete Carter6Pete Carter (2011)
graphics engineYue2H&K (2011)
Gnet Server/Client - Router SetupRichard Betson6Czar Flavius (2011)
Sprite System Demo 1 Updatesswift4Kanati (2011)
Divide shape into sub-rectsima7475ima747 (2011)
DrawText output garbleddooz5ima747 (2011)
Linux joysticks not working?? (locked)jondecker761jondecker76 (2011)
Need help about LoadAnimImageMacSven4Jesse (2011)
Blitzmax 1.42 -- third party mod interface errorsAdamRedwoods9AdamRedwoods (2011)
Exception Only In Release ModeBLaBZ7SLotman (2011)
Notify in OSX process doesn't appear on topJoshK1JoshK (2011)
Problem with Boardgame AI (Minimax Algorithm)maverick692maverick69 (2011)
MaxMod2. Can't compile.Richard Betson20Brucey (2011)
Reading a process output on OSXJoshK4Sub_Zero (2011)
manifest file = slow listbox??TeaVirus18Impi (2011)
where my mouse gone?Mainsworthy6Mainsworthy (2011)
angle on joystick R/Zwarwulf2Jesse (2011)
Can't create output fileJoshK2JoshK (2011)
glgraphics.macos.mJoshK2JoshK (2011)
Physicscol1col (2011)
..array member removal..Naughty Alien13Naughty Alien (2011)
Most Recent Physics Wrappers?.rIKmAN.6Difference (2011)
Capable BlitzMax programmer wanted (paid job)Sanctus14Sanctus (2011)
Point Light Shadow Mappingcol1col (2011)
Creating a jigsaw puzzle from an imagerebootbug2Czar Flavius (2011)
Secret BlitzMax optimization I foundCzar Flavius5Czar Flavius (2011)
Hidden Console window & Text input/outputHezkore5Hezkore (2011)
type symbolscol12col (2011)
Compile Interface with C example on XP64KronosUK7KronosUK (2011)
DebugStopImaginaryHuman24GfK (2011)
MaxIDE won't open in OSX Lion betaJoshK4JoshK (2011)
Is GrabImage safe?GfK13GfK (2011)
How are BlitzMax and Cocoa structured?JoshK4skidracer (2011)
Convert UTF-8 and UTF-16siread3Pierrou (2011)
XBox360 Controllercol5col (2011)
So I'm a MathtardKanati6Jesse (2011)
raknet http connection example?gameproducer1gameproducer (2011)
CurrentDate()GfK2Zeke (2011)
ship space engine flamehub11hub (2011)
Rebuild problem with just maxgui?Pete Carter3GaryV (2011)
Porting code from FreeBasic problemKronosUK7KronosUK (2011)
formatting stringsZeke3Abazek (2011)
Gnet internet connection anomaly...BinaryBurst9BinaryBurst (2011)
Crash DebugRomanski12Romanski (2011)
Blitzmax vs Blitzplus filehandling.Tiger5Czar Flavius (2011)
sava audio sampleSub_Zero4Sub_Zero (2011)
Save the textarea text inside a file.hub7hub (2011)
Load PDF Pages?ima74719Henri (2011)
converting javascript function, values dont matchNoOdle8NoOdle (2011)
Loadimage with OpenGL on intel chipsetsebas7612xlsior (2011)
Enumerate keys and values of TMap together.Czar Flavius11Czar Flavius (2011)
Function storagecol14Kryzon (2011)
MaxIDE Source CodeReKlaw17ReKlaw (2011)
CreateGraphics depth issue (Crash/Bug?)Hezkore2Warner (2011)
Pixmap transparencyPineapple17AdamRedwoods (2011)
End doesn't terminate app under Winexplosive3explosive (2011)
Works on laptop, not on desktopScienthsine5Scienthsine (2011)
Strange non debug errorcol21col (2011)
InterpolationPineapple1Pineapple (2011)
Blitz WebSocket HandshakeSpacechimp1Spacechimp (2011)
Creating windows, menus, etc. in BlitzMax?Hey You In the Bushes7Hey You In the Bushes (2011)
gnet/enet timeoutpls10YellBellzDotCom (2011)
How to make an executableTwinprogrammer7ICECAP (2011)
Weired BitmapFont Display Bugmaverick691maverick69 (2011)
Can't build modulePineapple7Gabriel (2011)
Plotting GraphsNoOdle2zambani (2011)
Combining two images.Sanctus7Czar Flavius (2011)
flash ?Paul "Taiphoz"16Mr. Write Errors Man (2011)
Closing an application windowcol5col (2011)
Twitter/FB Apimaverick693maverick69 (2011)
No DX9 16bit Graphic modes.Richard Betson15Richard Betson (2011)
Virtual resolution - what can cause this??GfK9maverick69 (2011)
Polygon merging or substractingSpace_guy28Oddball (2011)
irregular mapallos6Gabriel (2011)
Rotating problemAfke11Afke (2011)
Import Visual Studio static libJoshK4Azathoth (2011)
Reflection with arraysJoshK6AdamRedwoods (2011)
BAH.freeImage module QuestionAfke7Afke (2011)
Transparent Image drawing masks ????Paul "Taiphoz"16col (2011)
Other graphics buffersCzar Flavius5Gabriel (2011)
Delay reading output from a processJoshK4col (2011)
About Multithreading and thread safe code-Phoenix-7Kryzon (2011)
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Making a Rotating platform in a Platform gameRico8Rico (2011)
BlitzMax PreprocessorCzar Flavius11ImaginaryHuman (2011)
D3D9 and SetViewPortxcessive7Zeke (2011)
changing DPI of an image?gameproducer12gameproducer (2011)
saving image bigger than screen..gameproducer12gameproducer (2011)
Adding in the ability for String pointersDuckstab[o]6Czar Flavius (2011)
Using Grabimage to make a MirrorRico18Rico (2011)
Weird BugCzar Flavius2Floyd (2011)
Fonttext for max ?Paul "Taiphoz"9Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
2D Directional Programmingxcessive15Jesse (2011)
Merge two listsCzar Flavius9Jesse (2011)
superstrickPaul "Taiphoz"10Czar Flavius (2011)
BlitzMax and SteamWorks?DrDeath3DrDeath (2011)
Type sizes and metadataCzar Flavius10AdamRedwoods (2011)
Load several images from the same file fasterCzar Flavius14ima747 (2011)
Start debuggerCzar Flavius5BladeRunner (2011)
Collision Problem.Paul "Taiphoz"5Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
DLLs and the Licence AgreementCzar Flavius16Czar Flavius (2011)
Monitoring Windows Internet Data?po5Shortwind (2011)
Merging 2d PolygonsDuckstab[o]2Tommo (2011)
Have you used BLIde Plus for a commercial game?ziggy14zambani (2011)
A field pointing to a variableHezkore6HrdNutz (2011)
Parser generatorAzathoth2Tommo (2011)
Free Physics ?Paul "Taiphoz"7Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
LoadImage Problemwmaass23sebas76 (2011)
Why does this compile?Czar Flavius11Czar Flavius (2011)
Sound looping, but not from start?BlitzProg7Czar Flavius (2011)
DX9 Dynamic Cube Environment Mappingcol19col (2011)
Type Syntax errorJonah4col (2011)
TImageFont on MacOSXSLotman2SLotman (2011)
Tile Map TransitionsCzar Flavius21GW (2011)
HighGUI mirror downloadGW2BLaBZ (2011)
gman.zipengine Unicodesiread3siread (2011)
If DX9 isn't found is DX7 usedGrey Alien7Grey Alien (2011)
BlitzMax syntax mode for Coda.Ibmurai1Ibmurai (2011)
SetVirtualResolution on DX7Grey Alien6Grey Alien (2011)
Does ImageCollide check image rectangles first?Rico6Grey Alien (2011)
BlitzMax to Monkey conversionTachyon16Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
Weird Console windowxcessive2Oddball (2011)
How to remove TMap key by value instead?Danny10SculptureOfSoul (2011)
Floating Point DeterminismScienthsine10Scienthsine (2011)
Desktop Background.Paul "Taiphoz"7Grey Alien (2011)
Soft 2D shadowsGrey Alien25Grey Alien (2011)
Popular GUI SystemBLaBZ6Zeke (2011)
Fullscreen KEYS not workingcol6col (2011)
Selective Import ?col4Russell (2011)
V142 Up!marksibly17Russell (2011)
Receiving telnet streammaverick695kRUZe (2011)
Exception Access Violation on VistaImaginaryHuman12ImaginaryHuman (2011)
Collecting log dataGrey Alien22Grey Alien (2011)
magnifying glasspete033Jesse (2011)
Passing a byte ptr to C++?JoshK21Czar Flavius (2011)
GC concerns with c++col5col (2011)
String To Float-Problemmaverick695Floyd (2011)
Isolating digits in a numberTachyon7zzz (2011)
string handling (and streams)blackwater11Shortwind (2011)
Slicing question*3* (2011)
MacOS X , Blitzmax and Folder aliasMacSven2ima747 (2011)
SetViewPort ClippingNigel Brown6ImaginaryHuman (2011)
BlitzMax TextMate BundleN50matt! (2011)
Paid full-time BlitzMax/game programmer positionjtfrench23jtfrench (2011)
LUA Script in Main LoopBLaBZ2Htbaa (2011)
How to modify the length of an incbin in an exe?ImaginaryHuman19ImaginaryHuman (2011)
Interface Blitzmax with IMDBPineapple10Pineapple (2011)
Events and EventHandlersBLaBZ3ima747 (2011)
Box2d helpDuckstab[o]5Duckstab[o] (2011)
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To c++ guruscol3col (2011)
Quick questionSanctus5Sanctus (2011)
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pointer casting again ;)col6col (2011)
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On Mac, how to give a compiled program a new icon?Sokurah13Sokurah (2011)
Application failing to load on (some) XP systemsima7475ima747 (2011)
Sound synthesizationPineapple5Kryzon (2011)
ZipEngine WriteStreamsiread3siread (2011)
SDL Community ProjectRobert Cummings60slenkar (2011)
Best Way to Send Data to WebServer From Bmax app?Rixarn3ima747 (2011)
Dealing with 3D arrays of lists and run-time errorDampeS8N1DampeS8N (2011)
SetViewPort and Collision DetectionRico3Rico (2011)
Progessive Ray Tracer with Photon MappingAdamRedwoods19col (2011)
Triskell3Dwmaass29GW (2011)
threading and 3rd party modulesJohnsprogram4Johnsprogram (2011)
Create an Alias with BlitzmaxMacSven6ima747 (2011)
Try And Catch - For Exception Handling only?beanage6Azathoth (2011)
Loading image from pixmapCzar Flavius6Czar Flavius (2011)
Color fade mathima7475ima747 (2011)
Stream in Stream?Sanctus7Sanctus (2011)
KeyHit... get id?Yahfree4Volker (2011)
string comparisons are fast!slenkar14Perturbatio (2011)
Stepping into deep water, need advicewmaass7wmaass (2011)
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Fast enough for an emulator?Rick_7228Mahan (2011)
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Client/server networking libraryJoshK8Mahan (2011)
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Mac App Store?ima74710ima747 (2011)
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BMax 2D frameworksNaughty Alien10Raz (2011)
How do I find the cause of a game that freezes?Sokurah9SLotman (2011)
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TMapEnumeratorCzar Flavius9Perturbatio (2011)
Preferred Ellipse Radius (For Hit Detection)Johnsprogram10Johnsprogram (2011)
Extract icon given the file path.Nate the Great6Nate the Great (2011)
UTF8 supportGfK15GfK (2011)
Possible math error in Blitzmax? (and speedtests)AdamRedwoods6AdamRedwoods (2011)
I did a little experiment on Lua Pre Compiling...Tricky2JoshK (2011)
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Exceptions are not throwingCzar Flavius8skidracer (2011)
3Impact Engine now free!!!Tim3col (2011)
Pixel-by-pixel comparison each frameSpaceAce12AdamRedwoods (2011)
To all BMax Sound Guruscol8col (2011)
Advanced string comparison?JoshK12ziggy (2011)
Horizon - New Framework for Games for Blitzmaxtherevills19Grey Alien (2011)
HandlesCzar Flavius5Htbaa (2011)
Special Offer for BlitzmaxersTim4Tim (2011)
Using Max2d on an FBObeanage2ima747 (2011)
How do you delete images ?Twinprogrammer18Czar Flavius (2011)
Multiples Monitorsingenius1ingenius (2011)
I need help with a little equation solving problemReda Borchardt7Warpy (2011)
draw dots in a straight line from PointX to PointYWERDNA8WERDNA (2011)
List of files by creation timeCzar Flavius9Czar Flavius (2011)
Display jpeg as jpeg, not video memoryCzar Flavius6xlsior (2011)
Best way to do 3d in Max?CloseToPerfect43kiami (2011)
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Click within circlers226Warpy (2011)
Looking for some advise in how to use GnetDigital Anime2Rixarn (2011)
TexturePoly mod from Indiepath for DX9??Matthew Smith6dmaz (2011)
Blitzmax Wrapper for SoftPixel EngineKronosUK20Kryzon (2011)
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Object poolingCzar Flavius7Mahan (2011)
BLIde debugger and the call stackJoshK9Czar Flavius (2011)
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How to Make Simple Physics Engine ?Rico14Yahfree (2010)
Cross-Compiling from Windows to ___CoinOpBard6SLotman (2010)
RPG-Style Branching Dialogue Systemsthalamus17Kryzon (2010)
Elusive problem with string.tofloat()Pete Rigz8Floyd (2010)
Indiepath Ploy.Mod?Sean Doherty14xlsior (2010)
Anamorphic conversionRichard Betson2Richard Betson (2010)
Serious ongoing issues with OpenGLTachyon4SLotman (2010)
space ship movement simulate rollhub9Pete Rigz (2010)
Private methodArmoured3H&K (2010)
Virtual functionsCzar Flavius1Czar Flavius (2010)
Faster CollisionsWERDNA16WERDNA (2010)
Passing a BMX object to a C++ DLLJoshK8JoshK (2010)
Dynamic Glossy Buttonssiread2wmaass (2010)
Core2D [Spat]ial Sound SystemChroma1Chroma (2010)
Core2D Graphics Module [widescreen support]Chroma18Chroma (2010)
Best Way to do Z-Ordering?therevills18Czar Flavius (2010)
New BLIde Update availableziggy6Xaron (2010)
How do I make an object move around a point?WERDNA15WERDNA (2010)
LoadImageRef (Loads 1000s of images in a sec).Chroma21Chroma (2010)
ASCII Graphics EnginePineapple3Pineapple (2010)
Execution doesn't wait on semaphore (or cond var)jtfrench1jtfrench (2010)
Loadimage (or anything) from memoryBlitzProg4BlitzProg (2010)
TimeLineFX. Module, or Sprite Sheets?WERDNA8WERDNA (2010)
Text Shaperzambani4wmaass (2010)
MaxMod2 crashing on channel destructorjtfrench11GfK (2010)
Vim Syntaxhighlighting for BlitzMaxhamZta3Htbaa (2010)
Running the Main Loop inside New()beanage9Czar Flavius (2010)
New Reflection-Based JSON Encoder/DecoderTylerbot8Htbaa (2010)
Break Step Watch?!BLaBZ2Czar Flavius (2010)
..ELF files..Naughty Alien5xlsior (2010)
Networking my game. Best Approach?Richard Betson25Tibit (2010)
Stacktrace from DebugLog?Gabriel6ziggy (2010)
Make an enemy 'track' the player through rotation.WERDNA11WERDNA (2010)
NoDebug - stops you stepping through EachinsCzar Flavius2beanage (2010)
Debug SpeedCzar Flavius8Czar Flavius (2010)
Monthly Programming Challengethalamus7CS_TBL (2010)
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Game Model FormatJoshK40JoshK (2010)
Accessing the Fields of a Type If all you know isEric7Czar Flavius (2010)
thumbs.dbJoshK2xlsior (2010)
A graphics object the size of the desktop = MavH&K3xlsior (2010)
Which screen resolutions can I use?GfK8H&K (2010)
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DOOM-like renderingPineapple24ima747 (2010)
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strange problem, possible memory related?jkrankie6jkrankie (2010)
Preventing multiple processes?JoshK8JoshK (2010)
System tray code that works?JoshK12JoshK (2010)
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Detect "Ping"?Grisu8Grisu (2010)
XNET (Muliplayer Network Modul like GNET)C647C64 (2010)
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ProGUI V1.14! User Interface LibraryPrincieD5PrincieD (2010)
FryGUIBrucey9Volker (2010)
Draw only a part of an image?Grisu13jtfrench (2010)
String.fromBytes ... fails outside the MainThreadRozek20jtfrench (2010)
Multiple Graphics windowsHezkore6rs22 (2010)
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DLL wrapping and web servicesDrackbolt1Drackbolt (2010)
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getTickCount() for Mac and Linux?shinkiro11shinkiro1 (2010)
Fun With FryGUIwmaass1wmaass (2010)
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New BLIde Plus version availableziggy3ziggy (2010)
How to Create C++ style constructorsCzar Flavius1Czar Flavius (2010)
Talking to server-side PHP ScriptVomitOnLino8RepeatUntil (2010)
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chang an object's value using a pointer/handleDanny5Czar Flavius (2010)
undefined reference to `WindowFromPoint@4'?JoshK5Gabriel (2010)
SetGraphicsDriver() Fast in DX7 Slow in DX9 (?)Richard Betson22Richard Betson (2010)
Garbage Collection and nested listsDrackbolt8Drackbolt (2010)
TLink?Amon3Czar Flavius (2010)
Strange thread/pixmap behaviorKernle 32DLL12Kernle 32DLL (2010)
Real program Optimization Question Global Vr LocalH&K8Czar Flavius (2010)
So many different timing methods; which to use?Amon21Amon (2010)
Circumflexes missing (MacOS)Pierrou13Pierrou (2010)
Question: getting contract help w/ BlitzMax proj.jtfrench11jtfrench (2010)
LoadDir limited to 100 folders?Czar Flavius15Leon Drake (2010)
Detect Mouse Click?wmaass2wmaass (2010)
Grey Alien Framework V1.10 releasedGrey Alien36thalamus (2010)
Alpha blend with fontsPengwin5Grey Alien (2010)
Network Programing - What Options are out there?beanage22Tibit (2010)
solitaire anyone?Jesse2Jesse (2010)
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Loading DDS Texturescol18SLotman (2010)
Debug mode differences?jhans0n7Czar Flavius (2010)
Tile Map Collision HelpRetroRusty6RetroRusty (2010)
New Fontmachine module and editor update (unicode)ziggy4Htbaa (2010)
How do you 'damage' an image in game?WERDNA15WERDNA (2010)
Detect OS language?SLotman11SLotman (2010)
Getting output from/Sending input to a processWilliam Drescher3ziggy (2010)
IfsoGUI (Taskmaster?)GfK10TaskMaster (2010)
Get Image dimentions from reading graphic filesDibble8Dibble (2010)
Streams, Universal Binary and Headaches!therevills7therevills (2010)
Text with different colored lettersTibit6Tibit (2010)
constants of objects in type not possible?Tibit10Czar Flavius (2010)
Drawing on hidden context?orgos11col (2010)
Help with a brain fart. What is this called?ima7474GW (2010)
What are Events?BLaBZ9BLaBZ (2010)
Current in-game-gui's?Firstdeathmaker23TaskMaster (2010)
..system data..Naughty Alien2Naughty Alien (2010)
Get (External) Process Return CodeGabriel3Gabriel (2010)
LUA LoadingBLaBZ2Gabriel (2010)
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3rd Party Mods not running withRichard Betson12Richard Betson (2010)
Intel(R) Atom(TM) Developer Programtschaef15Stu_ovine (2010)
Key works fine, unless I hold down 3 at once?WERDNA9WERDNA (2010)
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Project Studio 2007, anyone remembers?Tibit7Matthew Smith (2010)
run with window on top?Nate the Great3Nate the Great (2010)
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sound problem (silence!) since blitzmax updateSensenwerk4Sensenwerk (2010)
Finding the exact point of collision.Richard Betson8Richard Betson (2010)
New BLIde Plus version (with portable environment)ziggy60ziggy (2010)
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Any Real-Time audio mod's for team communication?Richard Betson2TaskMaster (2010)
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Module BuildingBLaBZ4BLaBZ (2010)
Function as ParameterBLaBZ3Jesse (2010)
Reference Integer?BLaBZ3Czar Flavius (2010)
HTMLView to BlitzMax CommunicationCASO5CASO (2010)
Multiple JoysticksBLaBZ2BLaBZ (2010)
Query with MASKEDIMAGEEOF12Chalky (2010)
Underscore variables?BLaBZ5Czar Flavius (2010)
Method New ParametersBLaBZ9Czar Flavius (2010)
More faster?orgos38Czar Flavius (2010)
Map vs ListBLaBZ7Czar Flavius (2010)
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Old School Fractal Mountains?DrDeath18SoggyP (2010)
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ScreenGrab (full OS, not just app)?ima7473ima747 (2010)
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FBO to pixmap?ima74711ima747 (2010)
2D rotation helpslenkar8slenkar (2010)
Drawing on an arraySpaceAce12Jesse (2010)
C HelpGhost Dancer4plash (2010)
GNet SpeedBLaBZ6Czar Flavius (2010)
MultiplayerBLaBZ4Czar Flavius (2010)
How do you run without console?BlitzProg12ziggy (2010)
Texture SplatteringCzar Flavius2N (2010)
Problem with type extension (TChannel)GuntiNDDS5GuntiNDDS (2010)
how to STR$ things?Crinkle15Jesse (2010)
TPixmaps broken?taumel12taumel (2010)
Fixed Rate Logic and Millisecs() WrappingGNS20TomToad (2010)
Undo system_JIM21Muttley (2010)
Threading CrashBLaBZ5ima747 (2010)
Threading Stalls, GCollector?BLaBZ7BLaBZ (2010)
Creating a random Country mapTomToad7slenkar (2010)
Isometric Tile Index From Positionbeanage7slenkar (2010)
Update Application?BLaBZ4Czar Flavius (2010)
Update While Loading TextureBLaBZ2Kryzon (2010)
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Latest mingw problemsokee3okee (2010)
Alternative to ImagesCollideWERDNA12WERDNA (2010)
MacOS Graphic IssuesTachyon19* (2010)
Bitmap Font Rotation ProblemVomitOnLino10VomitOnLino (2010)
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TileMap Preview (need help)MacSven5Jesse (2010)
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BlitzMax life expectancy?Mahan26Mahan (2010)
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Rotation & offset positionima74712TaskMaster (2010)
Super super!Czar Flavius5Czar Flavius (2010)
MaxLua ArgsSanctus2Zeke (2010)
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2d rectangle collision responseWarner10Warner (2010)
BlitzMax V1.41 now up!marksibly26Blitzplotter (2010)
Trig Lookup TablesCzar Flavius2Czar Flavius (2010)
Ogre3D for BlitzMax (locked)bruZard175bruZard (2010)
Zip directoryVolker3Volker (2010)
Obfuscating BlitzMAX programsTomToad5Matt Merkulov (2010)
Possible to do conditional compile for module?ima7472markcw (2010)
.c works but .cpp doesnt??slenkar9Czar Flavius (2010)
static object in function? (C++)slenkar3slenkar (2010)
'Drag and drop' appJaydubeww8TomToad (2010)
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extract & insert a character from a stringGary Leeds6beanage (2010)
Copy Instance of an Object?BLaBZ4Who was John Galt? (2010)
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Phidget moduleKistjes23Kistjes (2010)
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How to copy files > 2GB on Win, Linux and Mac?danibert3markcw (2010)
HTML a game?slenkar7slenkar (2010)
Maths issues from 1.24 to 1.39 :'(BlitzProg14Czar Flavius (2010)
Monochrome imagesCzar Flavius10ImaginaryHuman (2010)
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Benefit of Garbage Collection?Matty10slenkar (2010)
The case of the missing aCzar Flavius23Czar Flavius (2010)
Run form cd/dvdGrafos10Grafos (2010)
Name.Spaces.How?BLaBZ9beanage (2010)
Draw rectCzar Flavius2Czar Flavius (2010)
Rare behavior?orgos21Derron (2010)
How to build modules on Suse Linux?danibert10Brucey (2010)
"Windows Exception!" "Exception Access Violation"Gabriel41ima747 (2010)
OpenALAudio exception in multi-threadedArowx1Arowx (2010)
Import a module if it exists?jondecker764ziggy (2010)
release: InputSequence Module (cheat codes!!)jondecker764jondecker76 (2010)
Place to host user modules?jondecker767jondecker76 (2010)
release: Cheat code modulejondecker7610jondecker76 (2010)
Loadbank(): Showing progress possible?Grisu6Grisu (2010)
No audio?EOF8EOF (2010)
dylibAngryPenguin6AngryPenguin (2010)
drawing to pixmap is faster than drawing to screenJesse11Jesse (2010)
Crash on mac and windows in memcpy with GC?ima74735jondecker76 (2010)
release: Config file modulejondecker7616dynaman (2010)
Any ideas about weird error:*3* (2010)
How to watch for a window being opened?ImaginaryHuman5ImaginaryHuman (2010)
FileSystemWatcherJoshK10JoshK (2010)
[NSMenu submenu] error?*3* (2010)
Type OverideBLaBZ5_Skully (2010)
release: RAD Modulejondecker766jondecker76 (2010)
Load a transparent imagevinians5Czar Flavius (2010)
release: Sequence Modulejondecker761jondecker76 (2010)
MaxIDE svn featurejondecker761jondecker76 (2010)
Oddity and bug with polled input and Notify()TomToad3Czar Flavius (2010)
BlitzMax V1.40 Up!marksibly19Szafirek (2010)
Use of BlitzMax logoCzar Flavius4Pengwin (2010)
pixmaps and pngloader up to 16bitTaron6Taron (2010)
FryPad - virtual control system for game inputFry Crayola18doswelk (2010)
Compile an external C file to an executablePineapple4GW (2010)
EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Any obvious stupidity?Sledge12Czar Flavius (2010)
Read LUA FileBLaBZ3BLaBZ (2010)
Simple auto-updater (cross-platform)?Grisu8Grisu (2010)
BMKAnthonyB6markcw (2010)
LUA InterpreterBLaBZ2BLaBZ (2010)
Help with polymorphism to create multiplatform libjondecker7615jondecker76 (2010)
Checking if a file is already in usedanibert2TaskMaster (2010)
Repack .exe with AssetsBLaBZ2GfK (2010)
Adding a field to a Type during runtimeVolker9N (2010)
Print to console without newlinePineapple4ziggy (2010)
Copy TStreamCzar Flavius2Brucey (2010)
..array element removal..Naughty Alien10Czar Flavius (2010)
2XSAI, Super Eagle, HQNX?popcade3Ion (2010)
Pointer to a type? (not a type instance...)jondecker766Jesse (2010)
Max Pixmap Size?BLaBZ12ImaginaryHuman (2010)
Video still missing in BlitzMax....Tachyon31JoshK (2010)
TGadget array iterates improperly!jondecker7610Czar Flavius (2010)
3ds to B3dBLaBZ6elcoo (2010)
10mb memory?Pineapple7Grisu (2010)
Help using Koriolis ZipStream ModuleWERDNA10Volker (2010)
Wrong calculation of array indicesMik1e6Mik1e (2010)
C Structures Word Dword and bytes?!Haramanai5Haramanai (2010)
Multi-line DrawText/FryGUI adventureswmaass1wmaass (2010)
To BLIde or not to BLIdeBLaBZ18Naughty Alien (2010)
Cannot convert from Object[] to String[]Czar Flavius11Czar Flavius (2010)
koriolis.zipstream and streaming using MaxModnrasool9WERDNA (2010)
screensaver on mac?slenkar25ImaginaryHuman (2010)
Compiler fail or my fail?Pineapple2Pineapple (2010)
Linux / Mac Cross-platform tweaks ?Armitage 19826ziggy (2010)
BlitzMax Ide Layout Help PleaseCloseToPerfect5GfK (2010)
OpenAL failure on MacOS?GfK6GfK (2010)
BlitzMax138 now available!marksibly34GfK (2010)
What's dragging me down?Pineapple6Pineapple (2010)
Brucey´s libcurlssl without additional files?danibert6danibert (2010)
Conditional compiling?John Pickford4John Pickford (2010)
Theoretical Experiment: Imperative Operatorbeanage4beanage (2010)
BLIde Plus update 10.03.17-A availableziggy64Cartman (2010)
Who codes primarily on a Mac?GfK20beanage (2010)
Setting desktop background/wallpaper on MacGfK9ziggy (2010)
Compile Error: Unable to convert from 'Byte Array'Pineapple3Pineapple (2010)
Set all contents of an array to 0Pineapple7Czar Flavius (2010)
Mac - universal binaries?GfK7Armitage 1982 (2010)
Multiplayer rtsCzar Flavius1Czar Flavius (2010)
User data on MacGfK6GfK (2010)
Debug build runs 2x faster!!?jondecker7619Brucey (2010)
Render Target or Render to Texture code ?Armitage 19827Robert Cummings (2010)
r2t - Sourcecode.TartanTangerine (was Indiepath)13Armitage 1982 (2010)
serial portallos19Danny (2010)
Working without Strict?John Pickford14Jesse (2010)
Byte Ptr To Object (Part 2)beanage6beanage (2010)
Cracking protection exercisedeps9deps (2010)
Graphics objects as image buffers...jondecker769Leon Drake (2010)
Grid based movementqim10Jesse (2010)
MutexJBR5JBR (2010)
M.O.F.E. Open Source 2d fighting engine!Leon Drake7Robert Cummings (2010)
CountGfxDrivers()Ferret2GfK (2010)
Isaaccom Jabber client/ Rss readerLeon Drake1Leon Drake (2010)
Open Pandora Console... BlitzMax?Cold Storage23byo (2010)
Distance between 2 squares in a 2d gridMatthew Smith11Foppy (2010)
..FileRequest issue..Naughty Alien5jondecker76 (2010)
Clear/Set ArrayBLaBZ8ima747 (2010)
Rotate around center without centered handleFoppy10Foppy (2010)
How to progressively reveal an image (ala C&C)semar6Mr. Write Errors Man (2010)
FryGUI Form Designer - Does anyone have this?nrasool1nrasool (2010)
Changing Alpha ValuesBLaBZ5zambani (2010)
including linux API files?jondecker767Brucey (2010)
Career in ProgrammingBLaBZ11Blueapples (2010)
voice/mic usage in multiplayer game?gameproducer10Ked (2010)
Some Multi-Threading Tips...jondecker764jondecker76 (2010)
How to manipulate Images in LUA ScriptsSnatcher4N (2010)
What's the lowdown on Blitzmax 3D options?GfK40GfK (2010)
Handling ReadBank errorima74711Brucey (2010)
Dotted IP to IntegerCzar Flavius16Yan (2010)
Stream Error BlitzMax Crash without error messageMidimaster6Midimaster (2010)
Handling a basic server/client connectionPineapple7plash (2010)
Alternative to grabpixmap?Sanctus7slenkar (2010)
CollideImage problemAnthonyB8AnthonyB (2010)
Some questions on LuaSanctus3Sanctus (2010)
Return from C to BlitzmaxMacSven5Brucey (2010)
Module/DLL problem (PChar?)Ghost Dancer13Ghost Dancer (2010)
Connection to Flavius4undomiel (2010)
Importing C++Czar Flavius15slenkar (2010)
c++ and includesZeke6Zeke (2010)
Sort a linked list alphabeticallyPineapple16Czar Flavius (2010)
New() and Abstract Methodsbeanage7Czar Flavius (2010)
Vivid Experiment - Glass EffectArmitage 19824Armitage 1982 (2010)
Replacing titlebar icon in Graphics() windowJoshK5JoshK (2010)
Using TexturedPoly with OpenGL. Can someone help?Sokurah15Wiebo (2010)
Problem playing soundsorgos8abelian_grape (2010)
Easing / TweeningRobert Cummings8Armitage 1982 (2010)
gotoTachyon63Dreamora (2010)
Glowing line FXRick_7212Dreamora (2010)
Choosing between a Map, Linked List, or ArrayPineapple4Czar Flavius (2010)
rigz.collision - need some help plzRick_7211Rick_72 (2010)
Alternatives to AStar pathing?coffeedotbean19GW (2010)
Handle illegal characters in file paths.ima7478ima747 (2010)
Modulate 2x Blend in blitzmax?Robert Cummings12Robert Cummings (2010)
Realtime pixel manipulation? (Palette shifting)Mineth2ImaginaryHuman (2010)
access denied on win7 while compilingRussell11Dreamora (2010)
Byte Ptr Ptr(VarPtr(String)) same as char ** ?AndrewT5AndrewT (2010)
local vs global vs fieldslenkar13ImaginaryHuman (2010)
Memory Leak!!!!!WERDNA40WERDNA (2010)
Console problemnawi23Cold Storage (2010)
Drawing Part of an Image CorruptingRico3Rico (2010)
choosing which image to draw (tilemap)slenkar11_Skully (2010)
Creating ExecutableBLaBZ3WERDNA (2010)
swapping array pointersNate the Great3Nate the Great (2010)
maximum texture size?slenkar5Czar Flavius (2010)
iPadCoderLaureate9Dreamora (2010)
How do I move the Graphics Windows position?WERDNA6WERDNA (2010)
Empty strings aren't really bbEmptyStringplash1plash (2010)
TMap using int and objectTibit7N (2010)
How to turn (rotate) an entire viewport ?semar7Oddball (2010)
Server controlZeke3Zeke (2010)
Custom Syntax HighlightingChroma10Bobysait (2010)
change an array's dimensionsPineapple15Czar Flavius (2010)
Track in which line an object was createdbeanage3Czar Flavius (2010)
Game Events & Object Communicationthalamus3Muttley (2010)
My Particle Effect looks....too SquareRico6CoderLaureate (2010)
Limiting the frame rate, if v-sync is turned off.WERDNA8WERDNA (2010)
OpenGL bug?Tachyon16jkrankie (2010)
Abuse of the TMap?beanage3Muttley (2010)
Unicodes above 65000?Midimaster5Volker (2010)
Grey Alien Framework Tip!therevills13Grey Alien (2010)
Float/Double from Bytes without using a Pointerbeanage1beanage (2010)
copy method / memcopy problemGhost Dancer3Ghost Dancer (2010)
possible to writefile to memory for speed?Robert Cummings4Ked (2010)
Return frame count of an animation stripTachyon2plash (2010)
koriolis zipstream moduleZeke3Zeke (2010)
Distance of a point to a spline / Binary Searchbeanage3beanage (2010)
LockImage bug?Docster3Docster (2010)
Other pixmap questions, etcRussell9ImaginaryHuman (2010)
When GraphicsModes() lies to you....GfK29RexRhino (2010)
Extending TPixmap derived type problemsAdamRedwoods6AdamRedwoods (2010)
htbaa.goal.modslenkar1slenkar (2010)
making a decision with several variables ??slenkar10slenkar (2010)
SetBlend not workingPineapple6GfK (2010)
Graphics effectsCzar Flavius7Oddball (2010)
String.FromCString CrashesGabriel2Mark Tiffany (2010)
Can this be made more simple?Brucey3N (2010)
..drawrect with texture UV..Naughty Alien9slenkar (2010)
Faster sin/cos aproximationSLotman8Midimaster (2010)
Enumerators. They suck.plash5plash (2010)
Ogre3D for Blitz3DbruZard33slenkar (2010)
BlitzMax vs C# speed comparisonJoshK43ziggy (2010)
..proper GL blending mode..Naughty Alien2Naughty Alien (2010)
pixmaps don't clip?Russell3Russell (2010)
Android dev?Drackbolt5xlsior (2010)
Google Native Client integration?ima7473ima747 (2010)
Working with unchangeable C structsplash10plash (2010)
3D in BmaxPineapple7nrasool (2010)
how good is SavePixmapPNG?Jesse3Jesse (2010)
memory leak?Hujiklo2wmaass (2010)
scoring + Game takes 30+ seconds to end.WERDNA9WERDNA (2010)
Exception Access Violation when closing via [X]John Pickford12John Pickford (2010)
Bmax interpreter?Nate the Great3Czar Flavius (2010)
2D Destructible terrainYahfree15Yahfree (2010)
trying to use XInputSamichan3Samichan (2010)
blitz_thread.c suspendSigHandler bb_sem_wait issueima7471ima747 (2010)
Abstract Interface vs Callbacksbeanage12Kryzon (2010)
Closing a console window.Thareh17Thareh (2010)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008Goober19Czar Flavius (2010)
Write in the Pictures folder on MacCasualbox3Casualbox (2010)
Find a graphPineapple7Warpy (2010)
No DX9??GfK3therevills (2010)
BlitzMax V139 now up!marksibly22GfK (2010)
Warping an image by adjusting vertsCraig H. Nisbet4slenkar (2010)
Simple COM Port String Handler - UbuntuYeshu7772pcjohn (2010)
BlitzGUI error after reinstallRexRhino6ziggy (2010)
waitevent locks up application?Rozek7Rozek (2010)
Ziggy's MinGW instructionsJoshK3Shortwind (2010)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Plug-In DevelopmentGoober1Goober (2010)
ConstructorsCzar Flavius8Czar Flavius (2010)
multiple "lockMutex" from the same thread?Rozek9Rozek (2010)
Communicating between threadsWho was John Galt?12Who was John Galt? (2010)
Redirect drawing ops to TPixmaps/TImages?Russell6Russell (2010)
waitSemaphore returns without prior postSemaphoreRozek3Rozek (2010)
MaxIDE CE build with what version? (mac)ima7471ima747 (2010)
Request/Responce from a Specific Web ServiceGlenn Dodd5Glenn Dodd (2010)
Stack Overflow_Skully7Tommo (2010)
GLMax2DDriver unbind all textures?ima7475ima747 (2010)
DX screen offsetYahfree10Yahfree (2010)
Return codesMuttley4Muttley (2010)
GCcollect and the amount of memoryRozek7Otus (2010)
Unofficial glmax2dslenkar46Rozek (2010)
Setting Desktop BackgroundGfK5GfK (2010)
multi-threading: what must be done in main thread?Rozek12Rozek (2010)
Count CPU cores?ima7473ima747 (2010)
Multithreading tutorialCzar Flavius4ima747 (2010)
Multiple threads reading an object?ima7474Rozek (2010)
D3DXMatrixOrthoOffCenterLHSnixx1Snixx (2010)
Pixmap to Image: resource usageRozek14Rozek (2010)
LOD Terrain SystemFBEpyon6MoonShadow (2010)
LockMutex never continues in child thread...ima74718ima747 (2010)
Blitz not suitable for callbacks from APIs?Who was John Galt?15Who was John Galt? (2010)
another new data type: structs and static arraysFabian.9Who was John Galt? (2010)
Bytes & Bits ..mic_pringle7Shortwind (2010)
basic menuBrainbox3Brainbox (2010)
Leadwerks BMax tutorials - excitement overloadpuki4Naughty Alien (2010)
Programmers NeededBLaBZ4puki (2010)
does a single waiting thread degrade performance?Rozek6Rozek (2010)
is PostEvent thread-safe?Rozek7Rozek (2010)
..reflection..Naughty Alien3slenkar (2010)
Debugging LuaJoshK2JoshK (2010)
Feature request : tListOf (tList/Array hybrid)Difference21Czar Flavius (2010)
FMOD Community ProjectRobert Cummings298Who was John Galt? (2010)
Using a C library from BlitzMax ...mic_pringle9mic_pringle (2010)
trylockmutex always fails..Rozek3Rozek (2010)
Is there any problem with arrays like this[][]?JoshK10Dreamora (2010)
Value | Value2 etcSnixx6Shortwind (2010)
B3D sdk and 'threaded build"John Pickford14Robert Cummings (2010)
Making a Swinging Rope in a Platform gameRico9Rico (2010)
function myfunc(var:unknown?)Snixx4Czar Flavius (2010)
Problem with DirectX 9 DriverPete Rigz3TMK (2010)
Lighting in 2DFBEpyon13Zeke (2010)
BlitzMax Coder 0.3...Arowx23Arowx (2010)
Abstract Fieldsbeanage9beanage (2010)
Detect is specific program is runningRifRaf4BlitzSupport (2010)
Confirm() with custom buttonsima7473ima747 (2010)
TList.LinkAtIndex() ?ima7477Czar Flavius (2010)
Fatal Double (Float) ArithmeticKernle 32DLL20matibee (2010)
UnicodeRetimer4SebHoll (2010)
Build Options, Size, Speed, Compatibility ?Arowx4Arowx (2010)
Attempt to enable to SSE and MMX build options...Arowx2GW (2010)
Question 'bout future featuresMauft13plash (2010)
Graphical dial control...Arowx9DavidDC (2010)
Augmented RealityPengwin4Danny (2010)
Question about launching an application ...mic_pringle6Arowx (2010)
1 pixel white edge on image top and left...Arowx14therevills (2010)
Convert to C++?JoshK10Snixx (2010)
TList questionsCloseToPerfect5matibee (2010)
DrawImageArea etc...marksibly37Robert Cummings (2010)
Mac canvas mouse x/y inaccurate to cursor?skn35SebHoll (2010)
Larger sprite into smaller area (width, height)Snixx5Snixx (2010)
Map a texture or pixmap image to a quadPineapple4Pineapple (2010)
Alpha Masking During RenderingVagary Labs10Vagary Labs (2010)
SetImagFont / TextWidth without SetGraphics?explosive2Rozek (2010)
Sort List by more than 1 field?wmaass11ziggy (2010)
ParticleCandy for BMax using Xors3dXaron9MadJack (2010)
..Flushkeys..Naughty Alien5Tommo (2010)
Fastest way to draw unique pixels everywhereAnthonyB27AnthonyB (2010)
Threading questionGfK13Danny (2010)
HTTPSTricky6Htbaa (2010)
how to copy large files (bigger than ~2GB)Andres10Andres (2010)
How do get PRIVATE methods/fields for real!Czar Flavius10ziggy (2010)
how does a gadget recognize that it has the focus?Rozek5Rozek (2010)
Scope resolution operator...matibee5AnthonyB (2010)
Koriolis SetZipStreamPassword helpRixarn4Rixarn (2010)
What was the official fix for the mouse lag?Chroma10Galaxy613 (2010)
Blitzmax - FacebookMatt Vinyl8Retimer (2010)
Purge images/textures from VRAM?GfK10Dreamora (2010)
drawing the same image 1000's of timesNate the Great4beanage (2010)
New BLIde 00.10.03 A availableziggy123ziggy (2010)
BlitzMax Linux Webcam Modulesplinux11markcw (2010)
CanvasGraphics complains "too many function paramsRozek2Rozek (2010)
Passing opaque structs between BMax and CAdamRedwoods8Otus (2010)
SaveText TextAreaText screws-up text fileSteve Elliott5Steve Elliott (2010)
Isometric mapping helpWilliam Drescher4Enyaw (2010)
Projectile over a wall calculation?therevills9therevills (2010)
recieving data from com portNoOdle4Nigel Brown (2010)
Windows 7 Multi TouchNigel Brown2N (2010)
Scripting languages?Yahfree22Htbaa (2010)
Hardware Information Modulebeanage2Brucey (2010)
Community Project ...not what you think...Nate the Great36Nate the Great (2010)
Quick Help Please ...mic_pringle11Zeke (2010)
pantson.Theora v2.2 (movie player)PantsOn19Sokrates (2010)
pixmap constants for RGBA8888 not consistent? bugAdamRedwoods3AdamRedwoods (2010)
Does Blitz3D's Video commands work with BlitzMax?Arowx1Arowx (2010)
program does not terminate correctlyVicToMeyeZR7VicToMeyeZR (2010)
Bmax 1.38 issue on MacOS !sebas766sebas76 (2010)
Blitzmax GameNet confusion.Ryan Burnside4Bremer (2010)
Oddities with loadimage flags?Arowx4Arowx (2010)
Incbin?CloseToPerfect10GfK (2010)
How to load the game data?tagoror14zambani (2010)
Delay(1) - Where to put it using GAF?therevills13Grey Alien (2010)
String Enumerationbeanage4beanage (2010)
X-FI sound card problemssiread4siread (2010)
Combining Compiler Conditionsbeanage8beanage (2010)
@Gabriel TV3d+Bmax Defferd renderingDuckstab[o]14Duckstab[o] (2010)
WIndows 7 windowed performanceRussell2xlsior (2010)
.exe icon?Crovean11Dabhand (2010)
Visualisation Programming Links?Arowx3ImaginaryHuman (2010)
Did anyone do anything with the torrent protocol?Space_guy8Space_guy (2010)
How to determine a TProcess pipe stream is EOFJustus1Justus (2010)
OpenGL, SetBlend, DrawText problemrs225Dabhand (2010)
This is just silly...Brucey12Ked (2010)
32 bit Float to byte array (or 4 char string)Imphenzia5Floyd (2010)
Networking ReadInt()Goober5ziggy (2010)
Need help with IShellLinkbeanage5beanage (2010)
Fast Fourier Transform for image processingImaginaryHuman34ImaginaryHuman (2010)
Some code you may find useful.sswift16Charrua (2010)
Readstring needs to know the length of the stringslenkar5slenkar (2010)
Programming HardwareBLaBZ6BlitzSupport (2010)
Point and click adventurePete Carter9Pete Carter (2010)
Searching in incbin?Crovean7Brucey (2010)
OpenVG ^| DirectDraw && BlitzMaxbeanage4Abrexxes (2010)
Delete types?wmaass8beanage (2010)
Some questions about MappyWiredWorm3WiredWorm (2010)
Compile Error: Identifier 'Refresh' not foundYahfree4Volker (2010)
Override headacheImphenzia7matibee (2010)
read external key strokes (key logger)?Andres12Charrua (2010)
SendInput BlitzMax conversion.Thareh9Floyd (2010)
BlitzMax in Web BrowsersChapman713MGE (2010)
Graphics - EndGraphics - Mem Leak?Yeshu7778Yeshu777 (2010)
Ascertain if application does not have focusPengwin4Pengwin (2010)
Minimize button under Mac OSXtagoror6N (2010)
recursive zip files (and timelineFX)Imphenzia6gman (2010)
maxmod2 doesn't compile with MinGW GCC 4.4jpavel32Grisu (2010)
BRL.DXGraphics: Added support for Stencil BufferBORNtobeNAMELESS10kfprimm (2010)
Is it possible to enhance image contrast?Canali1Canali (2010)
Setting window title at runtime?Oddball4Oddball (2010)
Detect App When MinimizedTachyon3Tachyon (2010)
Download PNG per http StreamFactoryHummelpups2Brucey (2010)
D3D92dMaxDriver won't SetTransform or...Chroma4Chroma (2010)
leadwerks.audioJoshK26beanage (2010)
NES controller?Blueapples1Blueapples (2010)
Inline profiler v0.1teamonkey5Blueapples (2010)
Reshacker helpPineapple6Zeke (2010)
MP3 playback modulePineapple9Pineapple (2010)
New module - rigz.collisionPete Rigz17Pete Rigz (2010)
AudioDrivers$[]()Pineapple3Pineapple (2010)
Malformed String LiteralBLaBZ4GfK (2010)
Threads and load pixmap causing problemsAdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2010)
SetFileMode issueCrovean1Crovean (2010)
Reversing a blur - image processingImaginaryHuman27Floyd (2010)
Save state informationImphenzia4Volker (2010)
Problems with zipstream on MACMidimaster4Blueapples (2010)
OAL/DS MaxMod Beta TestREDi81Difference (2010)
TCondVar broken?BORNtobeNAMELESS8BORNtobeNAMELESS (2010)
How to Wake the MainThread from WaitSystem?BORNtobeNAMELESS1BORNtobeNAMELESS (2010)
Dual Monitor slowdownjp226Nigel Brown (2010)
Linux - Create Process "mplayer"Yeshu7776Yeshu777 (2010)
Application on Linux ServerBLaBZ3Brucey (2010)
Virtualresolution VRAM size?Arowx9Arowx (2010)
How to DrawOval() into and image or pixmap?Andres5ImaginaryHuman (2010)
DebugLogtherevills11Otus (2010)
Which audio driver?GfK7GfK (2010)
How to extract a TAudioSample fom TSound?BladeRunner1BladeRunner (2010)
[Suggestion] - Backup FilesGoober12beanage (2010)
First screenshotBlueapples8Blueapples (2010)
Multiple Keyboards sample codeCharrua2Czar Flavius (2010)
iSight WebcamCASO4Brucey (2010)
How to access lua_debug?BladeRunner1BladeRunner (2010)
How to find out OsX Version?Midimaster2Brucey (2010)
New Array[] memory allocation...Arowx5Arowx (2010)
Help needed with a precedence climbing parserAnthonyB12AnthonyB (2010)
Using malloc directly...Arowx6Arowx (2010)
_rotr implementation / import for Mac OS?Blueapples1Blueapples (2010)
Recursive filename searchmarkcw5Nate the Great (2010)
TServer and TClient extend what?JoshK20Scaremonger (2010)
how to create ".dylib"s for Mac OS X?Rozek12Rozek (2010)
highgui3Cruis.In2Volker (2010)
"EachIn" bug or my fault?_JIM9_JIM (2010)
Little router experimentBlitzSupport9jsp (2010)
Announcement: free world creatorCharrua1Charrua (2010)
Pantson TheoraYeshu7774Yeshu777 (2010)
Module Use Code Analyzerbeanage6GfK (2010)
Weird Undandled Exception in Select blockchristian22313Dreamora (2010)
Please confirm this: OpenAl Problem on MACMidimaster28Brucey (2010)
Type function can't see type field - Why?Murilo5Zakk (2010)
Working with Pointers_Skully13_Skully (2010)
Boost library for BlitzMax?Blueapples5Blueapples (2010)
Problem with changing screen resolutionJoshK4JoshK (2010)
Copy Array onto a larger array?Yahfree4Yahfree (2010)
BlitzMax 137 now up!marksibly44markcw (2010)
Playing WMV / MPG on BMax LinuxYeshu7771Yeshu777 (2010)
Simple COMs Handler LinuxYeshu77718Yeshu777 (2010)
HTTP Request/Response - Best Approach in BlitzMax?Murilo7Htbaa (2010)
Leadwerks NetwerksJoshK43Galaxy613 (2010)
Help! - C array of strings!Scaremonger10Evil Roy Ferguson (2010)
Procedural sound to create speech like soundschristian2237Armitage 1982 (2010)
Streams and Com Ports!Yeshu7774Czar Flavius (2010)
Threading Rules and CondvarsScienthsine7Galaxy613 (2010)
ReccomendationsGalaxy6135Galaxy613 (2010)
Compressed floats?JoshK16_Skully (2010)
How to download Indiepath moduleschristian2237christian223 (2010)
Linux - ExecFile (System_) Help!Yeshu7777Yeshu777 (2010)
XML based language grammar standardbeanage7beanage (2010)
BMax Linux - ExecFile (System_)Yeshu7773Yeshu777 (2010)
CopyDir on MacOS XMacSven2Dreamora (2010)
How to get D3D9 Device to do low-lvl stuff?BORNtobeNAMELESS1BORNtobeNAMELESS (2010)
Video Playback - Max LinuxYeshu7776Yeshu777 (2010)
Is Bmax portable on a USB drive?Yahfree5Goober (2010)
Module documentationmatibee9Scaremonger (2010)
maxlua with compiled lua file?!Blitzbat4Blitzbat (2010)
Odd compile errorPineapple4Pineapple (2010)
String or Object Keys for TMap?Czar Flavius9Czar Flavius (2010)
One pixel colliding with imagePineapple5ImaginaryHuman (2010)
IP address question (locked)JoshK1JoshK (2010)
Copy/Paste graphics using clipboard on Vista/Win7chimaera6ziggy (2010)
help with puplic access specifierIfq20011Ifq200 (2010)
Issues with BlitzLuaPineapple11Pineapple (2010)
Two finger zoom on macSpace_guy13N (2010)
Inline assembly problemsJasu5Jasu (2010)
3Impact for freematty471matty47 (2010)
Threads - LockMutex freeze up?Retimer17Retimer (2010)
Can't Compile with 1.36...Chroma1Chroma (2010)
BlitzMax 136 Now Up!marksibly28Chroma (2010)
Eliminating the slight delay for ResumeChannelPineapple7Pineapple (2010)
Setting a UDP socket to nonblockingChroma8Chroma (2010)
RequestFileEternal Crisis5Eternal Crisis (2010)
How can I draw text on a TImage and retain Alpha?Grey Alien18Jesse (2010)
Match-3 codeTri|Ga|De29Pharmhaus (2010)
Function Pointers and MethodsPengwin18LT (2010)
Abstraction_Skully10Dreamora (2010)
Headache...beanage5* (2010)
Who's idea was it to make "Main" and "Current"...JoshK19Dreamora (2010)
Odd list behaviour - objects not being castFry Crayola3Fry Crayola (2010)
BLIde christmas free edition update availableziggy11ziggy (2009)
'Pocket' FunctionsZakk9theHand (2009)
HSL<->RGB?JoshK9Otus (2009)
New features for Bmax neededsebas7673Czar Flavius (2009)
axe3d updateskidracer27REDi (2009)
Minimum OS X version and Universal Binary?Kemi5Brucey (2009)
Graphics issuesWilliam Drescher11Jesse (2009)
weird music problem?Yahfree2Yahfree (2009)
Finding correct save file destination... (all OS)ragtag3impixi (2009)
threads in max?Paul "Taiphoz"14markcw (2009)
Data types and C/C++Scaremonger9Retimer (2009)
Financial Functions?William Drescher3William Drescher (2009)
Anyone Wrapped Recast and Detour?Gabriel7Chris (2009)
Any chance of getting an arg for unfilled rects?Russell3Zakk (2009)
Method Pointers_Skully25_Skully (2009)
Windows Event Logs / Windows ServiceScaremonger1Scaremonger (2009)
Module named "Framework" not allowedJoshK7Otus (2009)
BlitzMax Grammarjpavel5Otus (2009)
Collision help?neos3003_JIM (2009)
Clipboard problems?Docster7Docster (2009)
Multithreaded C and garbage collectionJoshK13JoshK (2009)
Writing text to a separate command prompt windowPineapple8xlsior (2009)
Readline Internet Code ProblemBlitzProg1BlitzProg (2009)
MaxGUI Bug with 1.36 (locked)Tachyon1Tachyon (2009)
HtmlViewCurrentURL (locked)Eternal Crisis1Eternal Crisis (2009)
Zoom and pan.Sanctus6_JIM (2009)
Rotate around pointYahfree6_JIM (2009)
Send Message MethodCzar Flavius5Zakk (2009)
FMOD - can't change a loop status on a sample....Space Fractal1Space Fractal (2009)
Minimizing a fullscreen graphics app..matibee3matibee (2009)
Numeric RampZakk1Zakk (2009)
Win32 bcc on Linux?BORNtobeNAMELESS10Brucey (2009)
Need Path Finding routines, happy to $jonwalker8Danny (2009)
Read a number from a streamSeb675Czar Flavius (2009)
Question For Grey Alien - OpenGL?MGE29Retimer (2009)
removing window frame without maxguiTaron4Taron (2009)
How's MT GC speed doing?JoshK17ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Can you create .dll files with BlitzMax?karmacomposer14Brucey (2009)
Collision ProblemYahfree11Yahfree (2009)
OpenAL griefImphenzia34JoshK (2009)
Mouse Position with and without MaxGUI...TaskMaster15Corum (2009)
Audio stopped while playing the gameKeith Gilbert20Keith Gilbert (2009)
Array list implementationziggy7ImaginaryHuman (2009)
.rdata as a pointerNigel Brown2BlitzSupport (2009)
Should this return a duplicate Indentifier error?_Skully5_Skully (2009)
Determine audio driver used by bmax.hub3hub (2009)
TLists and the fact they store ObjectsCzar Flavius3JoshK (2009)
TTypeID.ForObject( ).name() returns abstract namebeanage11N (2009)
CreateGraphics() weirdnessRussell5plash (2009)
'good' or 'really really bad' idea?Nate the Great8N (2009)
How to get around cyclic referencing?!?DH19Dreamora (2009)
A weird problem!Jur3markcw (2009) ultimate 32 bit issue..Naughty Alien10Naughty Alien (2009)
Best way to reference a parent typeImphenzia9TaskMaster (2009)
I want my bold keywords back in MaxIDEJoshK2N (2009)
Xmas challengeCS_TBL5ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Direct2DZeke3Zeke (2009)
?win32DavidDC3DavidDC (2009)
overhead view 2D line of sight conesRobert Cummings5slenkar (2009)
Does windowed mode auto-centre yet?Grey Alien5Grey Alien (2009)
CreateProcess to exectute bmkJonasL6xlsior (2009)
VGLUI (>^.(>O.o)>Leon Drake10Leon Drake (2009)
GetGraphics()TaskMaster2ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Grey Alien Framework V1.10 released (locked)Grey Alien9N (2009)
How do do 'Solid wireframe'?Sokurah8Sledge (2009)
BLIde Plus Update 00.09.99-a availableziggy28ziggy (2009)
Delete Keywordbeanage21beanage (2009)
Blitzmax2java 'convertor'slenkar9slenkar (2009)
BLIde Plus betatesters neededziggy3ziggy (2009)
ENet HelpKed2Ked (2009)
GProf with BlitzMax?Armitage 19826markcw (2009)
How to Include a C++ #define in a moduleDifference4Difference (2009)
Avoid V135 RC5!marksibly5D2006 (2009)
Bounding box rotation?Yahfree7Yahfree (2009)
Collision helpRetroRusty4matibee (2009)
..ide for MAC OSX..Naughty Alien12JoshK (2009)
Mac OSFantomKite7FantomKite (2009)
Cast Object to Array?Beaker3Beaker (2009)
Getting desktop info?Oddball5Oddball (2009)
TrueVision3D Module UpdatedGabriel69Gabriel (2009)
Problem with projection matrix.Sokurah3Sokurah (2009)
Attaching to apps/games to read/write in RAMkronholm8kronholm (2009)
Read & Write to EXE fileRhodesy6ziggy (2009)
BlitzMax 135 RC5 for Win32...marksibly10rs22 (2009)
Save as animated gif?Retimer15skidracer (2009)
Very Strange Issues :+ vs :- (locked)Snixx4N (2009)
BlitzMax 135 Up!marksibly63Imphenzia (2009)
Virtual resolution BMax1.35 and aspect ratio ?Armitage 198210Armitage 1982 (2009)
DX9 Device ProblemsCyBeRGoth1CyBeRGoth (2009)
Pure BliitzMax 3D Engines / LibsDifference3Difference (2009)
Another WTF.....DH10Evil Roy Ferguson (2009)
NotJur7ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Determining Graphics DriverTaskMaster3TaskMaster (2009)
freeprocess & Mac OS command linematibee3matibee (2009)
Blitzmax Open Projectspacerat62_Skully (2009)
Sound issue with Blitzmax 1.35 (locked)zambani1zambani (2009)
Copy from array to bankDH2DH (2009)
Changing Graphics Driverstherevills8therevills (2009)
can some help me conver this snipped please?NoOdle3NoOdle (2009)
Brucey - FreeImage Mod Update?sswift1sswift (2009)
Wierd bug...Arowx13Arowx (2009)
Latest MinGW Version?popcade2Brucey (2009)
GLSL effects on 2D?Brazilian Joe31CyBeRGoth (2009)
A Simple, Clean, File Packer.Vagary Labs8xlsior (2009)
AWC in developmentCharrua5Charrua (2009)
Problems with large JPG PicturesMidimaster18ImaginaryHuman (2009)
virtual res + borders = mousey problemSnixx10Snixx (2009)
Blitzmax coder for paid projects wanted.Kemi47sebas76 (2009)
Tile-based game + screen scalingMineth98Grey Alien (2009)
Timing method for casual game?Snixx6Snixx (2009)
Zelda Heart System (locked)Chroma190Guy Fawkes (2009)
Milliseconds since 1970 FunctionRetimer5GfK (2009)
XBox 360 supportJoshK10JoshK (2009)
A bit about LUASanctus8Tommo (2009)
Integer bTree Implementationbeanage12xlsior (2009)
resize to fit any resolution?Snixx2Muttley (2009)
Images & Pixmaps - simple explanation pleasemulawa127mulawa1 (2009)
Referencing FunctionsWilliam Drescher8N (2009)
Rendering messed up after fullscreen minimizedbeanage6beanage (2009)
Byte Ptr To Objectbeanage8beanage (2009)
BlitzMax 134 now available!marksibly54jkrankie (2009)
Framework woes...DH9DH (2009)
ManyMouseMrTAToad5xlsior (2009) exe from within another one..Naughty Alien10Nate the Great (2009)
BLIde printable PDF manual available for freeziggy2Tri|Ga|De (2009)
Interrupt with no DebugStop definedbeanage8plash (2009)
TileMax - OpenSource_Skully5Armitage 1982 (2009)
help with threadingMook3Mook (2009)
Byte Ptr Varbeanage6N (2009)
bad lookingCharrua13Charrua (2009)
bad refs:obj=$5d2400 refs=$7ffffae9beanage11jsp (2009)
Producing a Crash Report?Gabriel5Gabriel (2009)
Join the DevTeam!marksibly22Czar Flavius (2009)
Fixed rate logic with Box2d ?Armitage 19825Armitage 1982 (2009)
Ploting Vector FilesNigel Brown12Brucey (2009)
How do you deal with scaling and zooming?Imphenzia44ImaginaryHuman (2009)
What is a [String]?beanage13CS_TBL (2009)
Magic Particles wrapper. Need help!Proger7Proger (2009)
Is this possible?Chroma5Scienthsine (2009)
What 3D Engine for BMax? (again)Danny31byo (2009)
Building modules on Windows 7JoshK5JoshK (2009)
New BLIde Plus version availableziggy131ziggy (2009)
planning out a physics engineNate the Great5ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Embed a flash .swf file?MGE12slenkar (2009)
Objects as parameters in functions..Czar Flavius4Gabriel (2009)
Should I use BlitzMax for my degree project?Czar Flavius11dynaman (2009)
Weird slowdown_JIM5_JIM (2009)
Redirecting Print()JoshK12ziggy (2009)
Intercepting runtime errorsJoshK4Brucey (2009)
Scaled FullscreenChroma2_Skully (2009)
Alternative for weak references?Aek24Aek (2009)
ResizePixmap too chunky, FreeImage crashing...ima7476ima747 (2009)
TList.Remove() method uses overridable compareMuttley10Muttley (2009)
BLIde 64-bit app?Tachyon6ziggy (2009)
Command to draw a rectangular area of an image_Skully17MoriartyL (2009)
Quadrilateral InterpolationJoshK10BlitzSupport (2009)
Need Help Building Modules on Window 7 64Tachyon4The Caffeine Kid (2009)
Executables wont work anymore ??slenkar1slenkar (2009)
How to cast to an extended type and access field?ImaginaryHuman15Jesse (2009)
Transitions via greyscale - very slow on Macmulawa14degac (2009)
Sound System_Skully2Ked (2009)
MaxMod2 - Playing XM files on MacOSXRatchet17REDi (2009)
Are TImages loaded into VRAM or system memory?Russell4Brucey (2009)
2 dimesnional array - sorting single row?Amon7Russell (2009)
Socket problemSanctus13Brucey (2009)
DX9 moduleGfK12SLotman (2009)
Problems with soundWilliam Drescher7theHand (2009)
OpenAl Problem on Mac OsX 10.5 Is it a bug?Midimaster1Midimaster (2009)
Eval strings to commands?orgos8beanage (2009)
OpenGL Oddities (1.34)Tachyon11Tachyon (2009)
What is your favorite identifier reference char?beanage12beanage (2009)
Collision pointGfK13GaryV (2009)
ModMax2 Module Problems with ZipstreamVomitOnLino2REDi (2009)
MagicCam 0: MagicCamOpen: Not an allowed process!tagoror3tagoror (2009)
Modules problem...orgos7orgos (2009)
Function wrapping?Oddball4TaskMaster (2009)
Hex maps....GfK11GfK (2009)
How to calculate "darkness" of a colour?Chalky13_Skully (2009)
MyBytePtr [ 1 ]beanage5beanage (2009)
just compile in debug mode and then play sound?slenkar5slenkar (2009)
maximum memoryBlitzProg19xlsior (2009)
Projection matrix - DX7 or DX9?GfK15_Skully (2009)
TrackIR BMX module available?Flexman1Flexman (2009)
Live Shading difficultiesBlitzProg6ImaginaryHuman (2009)
DXERROR err=UNKNOWN:-2147467259 16389 (locked)GfK1GfK (2009)
..Sound lib..sort of..Naughty Alien7Tommo (2009)
uh, Math bug?Retimer9Retimer (2009)
Faster than Inverse Square Rootcol17xlsior (2009)
Programmatically Moving the Mouse?UnderwoodNullium3UnderwoodNullium (2009)
Threading restrictions on graphics libraryjpavel3GfK (2009)
Check if Object is IntThareh7Thareh (2009)
Module symbol name clashjpavel3jpavel (2009)
Drawing to multiple monitorsBugZilla8ImaginaryHuman (2009)
BNetEx sending packetsVolker1Volker (2009)
BMX Software Protector. LATEST NEWS!!!Kev38RifRaf (2009)
SavePixmapPNG BlurryArmitage 19826Armitage 1982 (2009)
Linux joysticks...jkrankie8theHand (2009)
Realistic Polygon Collision Detection and ResponseNate the Great10Nate the Great (2009)
FreeAudio bugziggy6ziggy (2009)
MaxIDE 1.34 Now Available (Features Localization)SebHoll53degac (2009)
how to make a diablo 1 like engine irrlichtK@li20Scienthsine (2009)
Audio channelsziggy7ziggy (2009)
My app is suspending and it's killing meKed5Mark Tiffany (2009)
My old stuff...Kanati1Kanati (2009)
Monitor Refresh Rate Questionmulawa166ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Alias missing?fredborg6ziggy (2009)
Help with Type Extendscol13Scienthsine (2009)
New BLIde Plus 00.09.82-A avaiableziggy89Retimer (2009)
Access to tImage Vertices?CyBeRGoth12Jesse (2009)
Mark! GNet Question!Ked3Ked (2009)
Vector maths in lighting tutorialspacerat8spacerat (2009)
How to compile your own modsWarren2markcw (2009)
Debugstop from IDE?Drackbolt4Drackbolt (2009)
multiple definition of `__bb_random_random'Czar Flavius8ziggy (2009)
Vectors vs Arraysspacerat8Jesse (2009)
NetHack source... BlitzMax?Hezkore2GW (2009)
Any known bugs in TMap since 1.30?Gabriel14Czar Flavius (2009)
Game crash under VistaArmitage 19828Armitage 1982 (2009)
Ninfa3D (Lite) 1.0f availableIan Thompson10Panno (2009)
Why is this so slow?Pineapple12_JIM (2009)
Does BMax have multithreading yet?Scienthsine9Scienthsine (2009)
axe.v8skidracer9xlsior (2009)
Is there any before flip hook?ziggy2ziggy (2009)
New logger module availableMuttley1Muttley (2009)
Possible to Grab the Call Stack?Macguffin4Macguffin (2009)
A GUI for a strategy gameCzar Flavius17Brucey (2009)
Deleting an ORBE that is pushed into the DOOREn9292Who was John Galt? (2009)
MS Garbage Collector issue?!Grisu5skidracer (2009)
Get FileDate?Grisu4degac (2009)
Raknet using all the processor?Sanctus5Sanctus (2009)
iPhone support?Nikko28skidracer (2009)
Older Basic Languages TO BlitzmaxShortwind18Czar Flavius (2009)
Events and Hooks HelpWilliam Drescher2_JIM (2009)
Issues on importing C++beanage8beanage (2009)
wxctb serial communicationShambler4Shambler (2009)
Please help with circle -> rotated rect coll funcRobert Cummings5Warpy (2009)
..whats wrong here..Naughty Alien4Naughty Alien (2009)
BlitzMax C interfacejpavel2grable (2009)
memcopy problem..NoOdle5NoOdle (2009)
can somebody try thisJesse4_Skully (2009)
Problems with the ImageCollision functionEn9292ImaginaryHuman (2009)
ReadFile problem...degac4degac (2009)
Tlists and Inheritance_Skully4dmaz (2009)
Desperately need help coding Obstacle AvoidanceBugZilla11Nate the Great (2009)
Position based dynamics (Physics)Warpy14Nate the Great (2009)
Delete from array?Drekinn15JoshK (2009)
OptimizingJoshK1JoshK (2009)
arduinojhocking5jhocking (2009)
Get rotation from a vector?elcoo6elcoo (2009)
How to creat Tstream from String?orgos9Flemmonk (2009)
HostName(0)siread13Arowx (2009)
Paid job - GUI programmer (locked)JoshK1JoshK (2009)
Blitz's Event SystemMacguffin5Macguffin (2009)
Console Game EmulationWilliam Drescher20theHand (2009)
Import problem_JIM11matibee (2009)
BlitzMAX coder 0.3Arowx1Arowx (2009)
pub.freeprocess helpwmaass6wmaass (2009)
Lua classJoshK1JoshK (2009)
Properties on classes...ziggy37TaskMaster (2009)
Sounds on the flyPengwin5Perturbatio (2009)
Event Suspend Bug? - Please Test (locked)therevills1therevills (2009)
Hex Based Grid Help ...mic_pringle8Ian Thompson (2009)
Default audio drivermarksibly17TaskMaster (2009)
Unicode Apptitletschaef16tschaef1 (2009)
Programming LanguageAzathoth18beanage (2009)
Will there be a manual?poet43beanage (2009)
Fire and forget programmingEOF11TaskMaster (2009)
Set ICQ status text and icon via app?Grisu6Grisu (2009)
First real use of multithreadingJoshK8JoshK (2009)
game guiKanati35Fry Crayola (2009)
Moving a sprite to a pre-determined locationChroma5sswift (2009)
What fonts are getting loaded?beanage2GfK (2009)
Bitmap Fonts - Speed up Trimming?AndrewT13AndrewT (2009)
get age from day, month, year,slenkar6slenkar (2009)
runtime error: double freeWarner5Warner (2009)
BlitzMax And Snow Leopard ...mic_pringle36Brucey (2009)
Object scopePengwin3Pengwin (2009)
SuperStrict Declaration_Skully11Brucey (2009)
Engine 3D - N3XTDSzafirek17Szafirek (2009)
ViewPortsTaskMaster15TaskMaster (2009)
Ludum Dare competition shopping list...Arowx6Arowx (2009)
ReadString exception freezes app?Andres3Andres (2009)
Linux 132 rc1 now upmarksibly40yzzm (2009)
Anyone has any issues with Max crashing on 64 bitsswift11sswift (2009)
WIKIScaremonger20Scaremonger (2009)
SVG Viewer (Win32)Brucey6Brucey (2009)
what about this?allos1allos (2009)
Koriolis zipstream incbin and password - helpTaskMaster3TaskMaster (2009)
incbin a directoryTaskMaster4GfK (2009)
inpout32.dllAndres10Andres (2009)
Windows vista / 7 Tip and tweaksPete Carter3Pete Carter (2009)
MaxIDE Docs rebuild - Error reading from streamCorum5Corum (2009)
Image.gifFantomKite9Brucey (2009)
Reflection getting shared parts of a classziggy6ziggy (2009)
GC does not work how I thought it didGfK6GfK (2009)
List all available parallel ports?Andres1Andres (2009)
BnetExDrackbolt14Drackbolt (2009)
executing external commands...orgos8orgos (2009)
Pixmaps?Pete Carter12Pete Carter (2009)
Confused about Lua and BmaxRobb5Robb (2009)
Smoothing out jumpy valueswmaass5wmaass (2009)
New BLIde Plus update with getters and setters!ziggy66byo (2009)
Reading Streams, Catching Exceptions, Can you?Rhodesy6Otus (2009)
Mode7 Emulation ...mic_pringle4mic_pringle (2009)
Xar file format and Cairo module compatibility?Arowx1Arowx (2009)
Plugins and Program ExtentionsCASO27CASO (2009)
Problem with ImportGoodjee10matibee (2009)
Getting the ID of processor or HD?orgos1orgos (2009)
How to use a DLL?BlitzProg6Mahan (2009)
Aborting thread?orgos4ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Is there a way to check if an app was created....Arowx4Arowx (2009)
Definitive Newton mod?matibee1matibee (2009)
Flag an instance "dirty" on field-change?Mahan11Mahan (2009)
MaxLUA help_JIM1_JIM (2009)
Build modules unavailable?orgos5orgos (2009)
Threading performance hitsiread23_Skully (2009)
2D beat and up algorithm??Joestick4MGE (2009)
Zip A Folderwmaass2wmaass (2009)
Anyone had issues with large fonts in Windows 7?sswift5ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Download a File from the InternetWilliam Drescher8BlitzSupport (2009)
Syncing Modules?Kanati5Kanati (2009)
Getting local ip address?orgos3orgos (2009)
IDE with string highlighting for the dislexic...Arowx11Ian Thompson (2009)
Limit FPS for retro port ...mic_pringle5Fry Crayola (2009)
..Bmax and scientific use...Naughty Alien10Floyd (2009)
Gnet(Enet) only for UDP?DreamLoader7GW (2009)
Lua_PushLightUserData - Intentionally Sending Nil?Gabriel3Gabriel (2009)
#define equivalent_JIM19_JIM (2009)
Is there a central list of all Modules?Arowx3plash (2009)
Physics based multiplayer (networked game)Nate the Great13Nate the Great (2009)
Object handle and referencezambani6N (2009)
Detecting the second instance of a program.levelord11Grey Alien (2009)
Lua ... which ??mic_pringle8mic_pringle (2009)
Threading and Processors?BLaBZ9QuickSilva (2009)
Loading progress...orgos8orgos (2009)
Larger Games?BLaBZ8Arowx (2009)
Need Math Help - Sliding on a LineAndrewT4AndrewT (2009)
Is 'freq' a hidden keyword?JoJo4ziggy (2009)
How to prevent tearing?Nate the Great26MGE (2009)
Bug at loadingFantomKite5GfK (2009)
Same code, different speeds.sswift14Mahan (2009)
Torch Light Effecttherevills9matibee (2009)
Moving array data with a DLL. [Help]GW5GW (2009)
Bank and array speed testsswift34N (2009)
The story behind Private and Public?Tibit13Htbaa (2009)
Copying array 2x slower than CopyBank?sswift5Evil Roy Ferguson (2009)
to get input from both joysticksNate the Great13Nate the Great (2009)
Yet another maxmod threadREDi40GfK (2009)
grid based physics optimization = weird results...Nate the Great23Nate the Great (2009)
Framework not working with d3d9 module?joncom20006joncom2000 (2009)
I have an idea...warcrest5warcrest (2009)
byte ptr --> byte Array and 16bit StringsTibit10Brucey (2009)
mplayer / FreeProcess / LinuxYeshu7771Yeshu777 (2009)
Need Help with LuaDuckstab[o]14Duckstab[o] (2009)
..Type data freeing..Naughty Alien8_Skully (2009)
Making TileMax into a Mod_Skully19_Skully (2009)
is blitzmax ever going to get a better threaded gcNate the Great8Zethrax (2009)
Draw Nth rootbeanage7beanage (2009)
UCI Protocol Programming for chess gamesCraig H. Nisbet2Brucey (2009)
Lua to BlitzMax conversion.Thareh4Thareh (2009)
Reflection Case Sensitivitybeanage5beanage (2009)
Is external C code slower ?Armitage 19826Nate the Great (2009)
e-008 in floatsReda Borchardt7Reda Borchardt (2009)
..string to integer/float..Naughty Alien4Naughty Alien (2009)
TitleBar IconFantomKite7FantomKite (2009)
and editor that makes editors?Nate the Great6Nate the Great (2009)
BlitzMax (Linux) Video PlaybackYeshu7771Yeshu777 (2009)
draw text inside panelKeith Gilbert4sswift (2009)
&#1048;&#1082;&#1086;&#1085;&#1082;&#1080;FantomKite4markcw (2009)
apply an alpha map?Nate the Great6Nate the Great (2009)
New Version - Ninfa3D Lite V10E For BlitzMaxIan Thompson15SabataRH (2009)
iconFantomKite3ziggy (2009)
64-bitJoshK26xlsior (2009)
Contemplating on this ...beanage8Jim Teeuwen (2009)
Please expose hdc value of gl graphics driverJoshK3Flemmonk (2009)
How should I go about doing this?Arabia12Arabia (2009)
BlitzMax coder 0.2 ....Arowx18Tachyon (2009)
Reading .XLS filedegac9degac (2009)
Reflection questionJoshK2N (2009)
Window closingFantomKite4nawi (2009)
Garbage collecting questionnawi3nawi (2009)
Set the C++ Default Include folder in code?Gabriel12Brucey (2009)
recursive directory search - help plzslenkar6slenkar (2009)
Tweaks from indiepathSnixx2markcw (2009)
DrawTexturedPoly Concave and convexe solution ?Armitage 19823Armitage 1982 (2009)
Flash ( .swf ) In Blitzmax?CyBeRGoth2_JIM (2009)
Graphics contexts_JIM11_JIM (2009)
4 bytes to blitzmax intRetimer3Floyd (2009)
Would this work?beanage4Azathoth (2009)
Can a Mac user run this and post a screenshot? (locked)sswift1sswift (2009)
Interfacing with the OS. HELP!!beanage10beanage (2009)
ExecFile with Arguments?Chroma43beanage (2009)
Which Port to choose?beanage10beanage (2009)
Pixmap DrawlineRedspark5ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Is it possible to display normal mapped objects?sswift15sswift (2009)
treeView + gman zip modDaY3DaY (2009)
Scripting System_Skully22N (2009)
joystick - linuxpeltazoid2jkrankie (2009)
brightness and gamma correction?orgos3ImaginaryHuman (2009)
win 98 or linux?slenkar20slenkar (2009)
How should I handle shortcuts on the mac?sswift15N (2009)
fetching computer color qualityJohnsprogram10Johnsprogram (2009)
Internet GNet ConnectionRimmsy10Drackbolt (2009)
Max2d bottle neck for caustic 2d effectArmitage 198213TaskMaster (2009)
beam weaponsCruis.In7hub (2009)
Unhandled memory exception error.sswift22sswift (2009)
Opposite of '|'?JoshK11JoshK (2009)
I need a code example.Pineapple5Pineapple (2009)
Brucey: LibTcod.mod (locked)Shortwind1Shortwind (2009)
Why do you have to lock banks but not pixmaps?sswift5Gabriel (2009)
GNet QuestionChroma2Chroma (2009)
linux version -cant create temporary directory (locked)slenkar1slenkar (2009)
linux maxgui compile error (locked)slenkar1slenkar (2009)
FIrst multi-threaded appJoshK5Chroma (2009)
Let;s talk about scenegraphsJoshK31Chroma (2009)
Starting processes or Shell ScriptsPantheon4Pantheon (2009)
3d Math problemCraig H. Nisbet8Craig H. Nisbet (2009)
Modules for manipulating and Recording Audio?Amon4jkrankie (2009)
[ENHANCEMENT] Provide CPU information/controlBrazilian Joe13Brazilian Joe (2009)
Issue 0.1 of BlitzMax Coder is online...Arowx51ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Transform hexadecimal value into a string? (FMod)Grisu9Grisu (2009)
BLitzMax - Improvements (Marks interview)EOF44Brazilian Joe (2009)
MaxIDE Image ViewerKed1Ked (2009)
LoadImageFontPineapple4Ked (2009)
Sound delay?Chroma19therevills (2009)
Legend of Zelda: LTTP Effect?Ked18Guy Fawkes (2009)
How can I get the WM_INPUT event?sswift3sswift (2009)
Inaccurate floating/double numbersJohnsprogram35Blueapples (2009)
Converting an object to a float array?ImaginaryHuman5Gabriel (2009)
Extracting a file from a zipRhodesy3Rhodesy (2009)
Keydown not working in windowed mode on vistachimaera2chimaera (2009)
Where can I find Blitzmax keywords?Alessandro6plash (2009) magazine submissions?Arowx24Arowx (2009)
Can you verify this LoadImageFont problem.Chroma8xlsior (2009)
The word "Current" is highlighting in the IDE now.Chroma7Brucey (2009)
Line collision on a gridDrakim9Kistjes (2009)
A little problem_JIM15Brucey (2009)
What would be the best way to simulate a Union?sswift5sswift (2009)
Squirrel scripting language wrapper moduleHelios42N (2009)
Problem With Ninfa Enginesniper_boy1473jkrankie (2009)
Ninfa3D Engine for BlitzMaxIan Thompson29sniper_boy147 (2009)
Odd issue with pixmapsPineapple10Arabia (2009)
Pesky Ints!Skorne5xlsior (2009)
Capture Backbuffer?Yahfree9orgos (2009)
Why doesn't pub.win32 show up in help?sswift5Brucey (2009)
What does "win32" in quotes at the end of a funct-sswift2SebHoll (2009)
Is it possible to use DirectInput in Blitzmax?sswift1sswift (2009)
BlitzMax Magazine?Arowx24Arowx (2009)
My bank hates me!Pineapple3ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Never declare a type in a function!JoshK15Wiebo (2009)
WritePixel questionPineapple3ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Read & Assign specific bits in a bytePineapple8Pineapple (2009)
BlitzMax is great because...Brucey45Pete Carter (2009)
Saving MoviesSSS3GfK (2009)
a threshold filter anyone?Nate the Great10Nate the Great (2009)
Handle/Rotation using single surface AnimImagesFry Crayola2Fry Crayola (2009)
MIDI helpAsh_UK5Damien Sturdy (2009)
Balanced load for threads?ImaginaryHuman4ziggy (2009)
Physics help!Ked12_Skully (2009)
Using shifting for multiplication and divisionplash8ImaginaryHuman (2009)
2d polygon collisions maths... headacheNate the Great11Nate the Great (2009)
chiken invader beamhub15hub (2009)
More Lua functionalityJoshK4JoshK (2009)
Possible Approaches for Fogging a Game MapMacguffin5Nate the Great (2009)
Non-GCed typesJoshK15N (2009)
Projectile Trajectory EquationArabia10Arabia (2009)
Collision help! (possibly image-heavy)Ked9Ked (2009)
Way to determine content-type of a file?Htbaa5Htbaa (2009)
Audio signal processingAsh_UK1Ash_UK (2009)
Combining 2D OpenGL and 3D OpenGLReda Borchardt3slenkar (2009)
Call webservice form BlitzMaxKeith Gilbert12Reda Borchardt (2009)
Weird issue with modulesReda Borchardt8Reda Borchardt (2009)
Grabbing image with Alpha ChannelMauft6Mauft (2009)
BaH SQLite + Database ModuleReda Borchardt8DavidDC (2009)
Debugging problem...pilgrim9pilgrim (2009)
Any1 got FreeImage working with BlitzMax on a Macsswift4sswift (2009)
Referencing type in a variableMauft2beanage (2009)
how to create a matriced terrinK@li11K@li (2009)
Vector 2d type..matibee10plash (2009)
Colour transitionsiread6Thareh (2009)
Importing C/C++ filescloned5plash (2009)
reflection/bounce formula helpAndres7Andres (2009)
Splines or curvesJoshK5JoshK (2009)
Channel scopesiread2plash (2009)
Leadwerks Publisher 1.4JoshK2Who was John Galt? (2009)
FileTime() speedJoshK5JoshK (2009)
Quick build option?JoshK2ziggy (2009)
Multiple keyboard devices detection (win32)Digital Anime1Digital Anime (2009)
Optimized TList ?Armitage 19825Armitage 1982 (2009)
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Resolution and window size ...mic_pringle7ImaginaryHuman (2009)
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Optimization Help (Pixmaps etc)...mic_pringle26matibee (2009)
Reflection: an array's methods and length fieldWarpy3Warpy (2009)
Upgraded to OSX10.5 and now IDE crashsesGrey Alien12Grey Alien (2009)
Creating an image without drawing anything.Thareh11Mr. Write Errors Man (2009)
lower$ and Upper$ only english based?Space Fractal11Space Fractal (2009)
Destructorjkrankie7jkrankie (2009)
pub.lua example?JoshK34JoshK (2009)
Black lines when drawing tiled images.nawi18nawi (2009)
A couple of questions about MaxGUI... (locked)Alessandro1Alessandro (2009)
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A coding conundrum - weighted randoms?GfK18matibee (2009)
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BlitzMax Automated Benchmarking SuiteBrucey4Armitage 1982 (2009)
MystLukasha8xlsior (2009)
Threading using the Actor Model...Arowx3Arowx (2009)
Use of Condition VariablesImaginaryHuman3ImaginaryHuman (2009)
hrdnutz timing coders229ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Fun with FluidsBrucey20Snixx (2009)
ThisThread() ?ImaginaryHuman3ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Strange JoyX and JoyY results..Docster8Docster (2009)
Burning starsiread2wmaass (2009)
finding functions by reflection?Warpy3Warpy (2009)
Microphone inputQuickSilva6* (2009)
Object to pointer and back ... ?AndyGFX5AndyGFX (2009)
BRL: Small IDE RequestQuickSilva9plash (2009)
Is "Not" bitwise, or boolean?sswift13SculptureOfSoul (2009)
module.psdef?JoshK6JoshK (2009)
Compiling in Ubuntu 9.04?zcbeaton4zcbeaton (2009)
..list sort issue..Naughty Alien6ImaginaryHuman (2009)
MaxIDE - Community Edition - 2.00b4 (locked)Mark Tiffany197SebHoll (2009)
Cross-Compiling with BlitzMaxBrucey12Mark Tiffany (2009)
Can reflection do this?EOF3Arowx (2009)
TCStandardIO - non-blocking I/O cross platformAlessandro3Alessandro (2009)
Zune HD DevelopmentCartman11Gabriel (2009)
Only now do you understand the true powerJoshK4Jake L. (2009)
Events and event handlers.. pros and consJim Teeuwen1Jim Teeuwen (2009)
Koriolis Zipstream: Memory Leak? Test please.Grisu1Grisu (2009)
Covered area of convex/concave shapeSnixx5TaskMaster (2009)
Multiple identifiersMarmoth4Marmoth (2009)
memory managementxeemo3xeemo (2009)
Lua-Reflection bugJoshK5JoshK (2009)
Screen scaling on the flyMineth10Ryan Burnside (2009)
Optimization idea_JIM21ImaginaryHuman (2009)
DRM wrappers and BlitzMax crashing.levelord23plash (2009)
sounds/graphics "container" files?XxGuardianKnightxX11levelord (2009)
Making blur effect?orgos9smilertoo (2009)
BRL.MaxLuars225JoshK (2009)
COM dllsDocster5Docster (2009)
Keylogger and Screen capture in BLide...Arowx12ziggy (2009)
How work the | operator on passed parameters?orgos3orgos (2009)
timing of events with save gameslenkar4slenkar (2009)
A little win32 testing please :-)Brucey40Mark Tiffany (2009)
Two mouse detection?orgos6DavidDC (2009)
MPacker : Packer for blitzmaxFilax47nkertes (2009)
harness the GPU!Nate the Great9beanage (2009)
Textured Poly / Star Wars Scrollersswift9Mr. Write Errors Man (2009)
Accidental Infinite RecursionDavidDC10Nate the Great (2009)
Remote Debugging TestBrucey13Beaker (2009)
BlitzMax V132 for Windows and MacIntel now up!marksibly141Playniax (2009)
one file mods or multi file mods?Nate the Great10Nate the Great (2009)
Shake a image from codeSanctus2EOF (2009)
Safely call unpredictable instancesArmitage 19829TommyH (2009)
Reading image information without LoadImageBlitzSupport10BlitzSupport (2009)
php socket communication helpJoshK6TartanTangerine (was Indiepath) (2009)
SUPERSTICT vs STRICT - Optimum code differences?EOF10BlitzSupport (2009)
Isometric 3D tile game? (Final Fantasy Tactics)SofaKng5Dabhand (2009)
list remove objectJur10Kurator (2009)
DirectX 9 Driver (*Updated*)DStastny43Tommo (2009)
Cast from object array to object and then backWarpy6Otus (2009)
Mouse control sucks when using "pointer precision"sswift11xlsior (2009)
Where's the list of event constants?sswift1sswift (2009)
Blitzmax competitionPharmhaus7Pharmhaus (2009)
OO Game Design ...Arowx9Patch (2009)
BLIde 00.09.77-A Available!ziggy84ziggy (2009)
fluid dynamics?Nate the Great5Nate the Great (2009)
Fastest way to copy one image into another?elcoo8ImaginaryHuman (2009)
BlitzMax V1.33 release candidates now up!marksibly41Ian Thompson (2009)
DX9 driver crashGW4DStastny (2009)
BlitzMax IDEs OverviewAbrexxes47N (2009)
Koriolis zipstream broken by 1.33?Tachyon9Tachyon (2009)
Registering Windows keys => Linux and MacArmitage 198217Brucey (2009)
Is there any memory stream I can load images from?ziggy11Brucey (2009)
Threading - how to do this?GfK21ziggy (2009)
HTTPStream through a proxy, continuedJoshK1JoshK (2009)
undefined reference to `bbGCStackTop'?JoshK11DStastny (2009)
UDPKed8TaskMaster (2009)
Zlib unable to decompress a gzip .gz file....?Arowx5deps (2009)
Leadwerks Publisher for BlitzMaxJoshK26JoshK (2009)
Display Website in Graphics Displaylukehedman6lukehedman (2009)
tutorial for scaling and interpolation algorithmsMindWorm1MindWorm (2009)
How to store a function name in a file or DefData?Riva3Riva (2009)
TV3D advanced collisionVolker13Volker (2009)
TV3D - Troubles with CTVDeviceInfokenshin7DreamLoader (2009)
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Textured Poly in DirectX?CyBeRGoth4Warpy (2009)
Full screen bloom?Uncle4ImaginaryHuman (2009)
BlitzMax & PhidgetsKistjes24wmaass (2009)
Fullscreen single buffer graphicsZolyx12ImaginaryHuman (2009)
setMemBit error: membit already setHtbaa5Htbaa (2009)
Is there any scaling method to resize with samplinD4NM4N9D4NM4N (2009)
OpenURL in different window?ubergeek6ubergeek (2009)
Collision Detection Ideas...Arowx6ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Function vs. Method ?Lindsay7josk (2009)
HTTPGet with username/password?JoshK1JoshK (2009)
D3D7 Gradient_JIM3_JIM (2009)
Blitzmax to make Nintendo DS homebrew?Mathieu A4xlsior (2009)
Threading is great! but is it great for physics?Nate the Great21MGE (2009)
Japanese Keyboard inputGrey Alien5Dreamora (2009)
BlitzMax fullscreen on Mac - question.Brucey3Qube (2009)
Proper structureNaughty Alien8JoshK (2009)
SetZipStreamPassword suggestionJoshK1JoshK (2009)
Flow Update 1.05 ReleasedAdrianT3ziggy (2009)
Smooth tile scrolling.hub39hub (2009)
Linux app without X dependency?C64Retro4C64Retro (2009)
Can you help with High sprite count optimisations?Arowx14ImaginaryHuman (2009)
can't solve function balance problemwoolybuger5EOF (2009)
xmlrpc.mod 1.0 RC1Htbaa1Htbaa (2009)
Basic unicode help?Tachyon5Grey Alien (2009)
Any zipengine mod use AES-256 encryption?Tachyon1Tachyon (2009)
Email From BlitzMaxGlenn Dodd5Glenn Dodd (2009)
Mysterious type syntax errorPineapple12Pineapple (2009)
Vista question! (locked)marksibly36* (2009)
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Could BlitzMax create iPhone Apps?Arowx15ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Doing LD 14 and I've hit a problem with lists...Arowx12Arowx (2009)
MT GC speedJoshK5ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Creating a countdown clock, quick question...Arowx2xlsior (2009)
bottlenecks and optimizationNate the Great24Nate the Great (2009)
Threading and pollingGfK2ImaginaryHuman (2009)
BlitzMax latest version?Tachyon11GaryV (2009)
type cpp struct pointer problemcanbedeleted5canbedeleted (2009)
Platform game collision_JIM9_JIM (2009)
Callback problem which is impossible to solveLordChaos26LordChaos (2009)
Application controlled anti-alias settingKistjes4ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Groundhog day only with Import and Include!Arowx3Arowx (2009)
Solution to MilliSecs integer wrap?BlitzSupport25Grey Alien (2009)
Calculate 1D Gaussian Kernel?Gabriel4Gabriel (2009)
XML-RPC Interactive GUIHtbaa2Htbaa (2009)
DX9 test - please try it out!SLotman50Mauft (2009)
Reflection and functions?Htbaa3Htbaa (2009)
Cross platform equivalient to the sleep command?ziggy3ziggy (2009)
Cleaning up Pub.StdCmarksibly2Htbaa (2009)
import error (import must appear at top of file)Nate the Great5Nate the Great (2009)
Threads and EventsBORNtobeNAMELESS3BORNtobeNAMELESS (2009)
Horde3D Moduleseyhajin17seyhajin (2009)
Physics + threading = Headache! suggestions welcomNate the Great7Nate the Great (2009)
Free alternatives for MaxMod?christian22322REDi (2009)
Resizing image with subsampling?Arowx8Arowx (2009)
Thick outlines for spriteFantomKite10FantomKite (2009)
Vista weirdness...marksibly17TomToad (2009)
get system console text?slenkar3slenkar (2009)
re-center a meshima7473ima747 (2009)
Strange Behavior Threaded TSoundFirstdeathmaker1Firstdeathmaker (2009)
SIGNAL 10Tricky5Tricky (2009)
Question to BLIde free and plus usersziggy23xlsior (2009)
rotating a pixmap with alpha by 90 degreesRobert Cummings5Robert Cummings (2009)
Minimum requirementsTricky15ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Accessing Windows Audio Mixer?Uncle1Uncle (2009)
BRL: BMax IDE icon support requestQuickSilva20N (2009)
New BLIde BETA available for everyoneziggy63Tommo (2009)
Packing imagesRobert Cummings6Robert Cummings (2009)
Sending Null Object Pointers to DLLGabriel6Gabriel (2009)
Bug or no? Reflection looses track of dervied typeUSNavyFish5USNavyFish (2009)
Dx9 Driver and Mouse LagDStastny10Arowx (2009)
MaxIDE 1.32 sourcepopcade1popcade (2009)
Max2d Dx9 Driver 1.32 Compatible ModDStastny20DStastny (2009)
A Tlist extensionJesse11Jesse (2009)
Saving Unicode FilesGrey Alien7degac (2009)
ack no class!marksibly12Raph (2009)
Where's BlitzMax 1.32 for Linux? (locked)zcbeaton1zcbeaton (2009)
wxglmax2d not compiling under 1.32Pete Rigz2Pete Rigz (2009)
MaxIDE Build options question*11* (2009)
Optimizing image operations_JIM13_JIM (2009)
Very confused: Images are shown white in Canvasexplosive6xlsior (2009)
Sprite ConversionNigel Brown5Nigel Brown (2009)
Accessing a Field by using Object reference ?Armitage 19825Armitage 1982 (2009)
How to init a func pointer array?BladeRunner9ImaginaryHuman (2009)
circular reference and Freeing TypeArmitage 19824Armitage 1982 (2009)
createprocess issues on linuxpeltazoid4peltazoid (2009)
Handling primitive types as objectsLordChaos2ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Optimizing Loops and garbage collectionAdamRedwoods8AdamRedwoods (2009)
long and integerJesse18xlsior (2009)
DirectX 9 Driver UpdateDStastny11jsp (2009)
MacOS Coders!marksibly8Me.32 (2009)
Is this normal? (locked)Tricky1Tricky (2009)
functions? good or bad (locked)B1B (2009)
Truevision3D and WxMaxVolker3Volker (2009)
File requester code produces "bad refs" errorJoshK8JoshK (2009)
Proxy HTTPStreamFactoryJoshK1JoshK (2009)
Aiming Accurately at Moving TargetsSpaceTW13Vilu (2009)
Next update bug fix requestplash1plash (2009)
rolling screenNigel Brown12Nigel Brown (2009)
AMD athlon slow?dmaz22Pete Carter (2009)
desactivate incbin clause inside a bmax filehub6hub (2009)
ipairs in LUAslenkar9slenkar (2009)
Memory problem with maxmod ?DreamLoader5REDi (2009)
Full screen on Power PC is clipped!Grey Alien2Grey Alien (2009)
Latest bmax versionhub3hub (2009)
BlitzMax Threads!marksibly48C64 (2009)
Networking HelpBig Tree Studios1Big Tree Studios (2009)
multithreadingJohnsprogram4Johnsprogram (2009)
blitz max great language but slower than expected?Nate the Great51Nate the Great (2009)
SQL Server module for Blitzmax - Announcementbyo9byo (2009)
FontMachine probssiread5xlsior (2009)
Best driverSLotman1SLotman (2009)
Changing the fixed ratesiread3siread (2009)
Speed improvement : MASKBLEND or ALPHABLEND ?Armitage 19827ImaginaryHuman (2009)
BLitzmax - LUA ?slenkar31slenkar (2009)
passing blitzmax object to LUA?slenkar11N (2009)
Text To Speech in B3DCrinkle4plash (2009)
Maybe a dumb question but I'll ask anywayTricky9Tricky (2009)
Moving a 3D object along it's own axesSanctus3Sanctus (2009)
How to get width of text?orgos3orgos (2009)
DX9 driver problemSLotman37DStastny (2009)
2d tile lightingDiablo4Arowx (2009)
need verlet-rect collisions or verlet-polyNate the Great8Nate the Great (2009)
Latest MaxIDE Buildsimonh5Floyd (2009)
Ptr Ptr Ptr .. variablesplash9plash (2009)
Heavy use of Cos, SinJBR12Vilu (2009)
Calling BMax functions from Cmonotonic7Brucey (2009)
Overloading methods?orgos5orgos (2009)
BaH.DBMySQLSnixx4Retimer (2009)
Flow 3d Released!FantomKite5FantomKite (2009)
Function pointer by name?pilgrim3ImaginaryHuman (2009)
socket conection via proxy ?Paul "Taiphoz"4klepto2 (2009)
Problem using modules.orgos6orgos (2009)
Please help test OpenAL bugGrey Alien2GfK (2009)
I need a very big open source projectziggy5ziggy (2009)
Question about user modulesQuickSilva21xlsior (2009)
BlitzMax sound testBrucey19Russell (2009)
.a linking (with Mono)plash3plash (2009)
360 Controller with rumble?Snixx14Htbaa (2009)
Get an Object from Linked ListFantomKite5FantomKite (2009)
Graphics Adventure type movementQuickSilva14Grey Alien (2009)
PF_I16JoshK4ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Does anyone want to take over wiki?JoshK2Warpy (2009)
Plasma codeDavidDC1DavidDC (2009)
Gnet Bug, Please i need a running Fix !!C644Drackbolt (2009)
New BLIde version 0.9.65 availableziggy74TaskMaster (2009)
Debugging from command line.AarbronBeast2AarbronBeast (2009)
Unhandled memory exception in first 3D app!SkyCube2SkyCube (2009)
Shrinking large imagesMordax_Praetorian12Gabriel (2009)
is the SVN version of bmax offline?Jesse29Winni (2009)
BMax and databasesSkyCube2Perturbatio (2009)
how to get blitzmax to work on macCLS54Winni (2009)
Vertex/image shading (in 2d, based on faked 3d..)plash15plash (2009)
First BMax B3dSDK app!SkyCube6SkyCube (2009)
BNetEx TCP streams limited?Volker5Volker (2009)
Bitwise operators and conditionsMineth6ImaginaryHuman (2009)
F1 status bar help does not show commentsCanardian2Nigel Brown (2009)
Mini Ludum Dare this weekend!Arowx1Arowx (2009)
How is BMax on OSX 10.3.9?Grey Alien9Grey Alien (2009)
Purple Border on Image - Why?therevills24Grey Alien (2009)
TStream and Bmax MMO project (using http)gameproducer5gameproducer (2009)
MinGWIsaac P13Compt-Man (2009)
similar to b3d getkey()Spacechimp6Spacechimp (2009)
Dll crashs the Blitzcc.exeC641C64 (2009)
Send a string to BMX created DllC645C64 (2009)
WritePixelDavidDC6ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Which 3d Engine?Raz5Raz (2009)
URL to run applicationRetimer6Gabriel (2009)
gman.zipengine bugJoshK21JoshK (2009)
Object storage 'framework' using SQLiteArowx10Arowx (2009)
Cyclic Prevention...Arowx10Arowx (2009)
EasyRak (RakNet Wrapper)Retimer11Retimer (2009)
PrintSF and SFormatdmaz1dmaz (2009)
max2d.UnlockImage is .. blank?plash5Tommo (2009)
Tiny jitter in window mode solution?QuickSilva3Grey Alien (2009)
Determine what to draw in an isometric mapplash12AramusM (2009)
Riddle Me This... (Arrays & Banks Quirk?)thalamus4Jesse (2009)
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Why does Blitzmax fail to load in some wav files?Grey Alien15GaryV (2009)
D3D9 driver?Tachyon11DStastny (2009)
read a text file online?slenkar3slenkar (2009)
Moving the camera aroundJBR1JBR (2009)
function and methodszambani24Arowx (2009)
Blitzmax App Aborts restartzambani1zambani (2009)
Drawing one image onto anotherGfK15GfK (2009)
Permission to nuke TDataType?marksibly28d-bug (2009)
Severe memory leak with OpenAL sound driverGrey Alien13Grey Alien (2009)
DataBasesFBEpyon5Winni (2009)
Purebasic DLL with strings as parametersbyo6Zethrax (2009)
Living Fluid Particles. One last step to takeDubious Drewski8plash (2009)
Plugins?Retimer5xlsior (2009)
MaxMod2 betaREDi73GfK (2009)
Titlebarless Graphics()TwoCorin51712Retimer (2009)
GNet message objects do not have a _peer valueBlueapples3C64 (2009)
use blitzmaxGUI for game launcher?slenkar3dmaz (2009)
Nice looking imagefonts?Warpy7Grey Alien (2009)
OpenGL and ThreadsStu_ovine8JoshK (2009)
Memory Leaks - Causes?thalamus5Grey Alien (2009)
ID3v2 help :)Thareh3Thareh (2009)
Transparent part of spriteFantomKite10FantomKite (2009)
Make My Own ModJayjay6Brucey (2009)
Launch background process?xlsior2Brucey (2009)
Threaded vs Non ThreadedJBR9ziggy (2009)
missile command...splaq2InvisibleKid (2009)
Time cost of simple function/method callsplash11Brucey (2009)
Bounching ballDocster7Docster (2009)
Draw string and right to left textRobb12Brucey (2009)
Custom and standard cursorsplash8plash (2009)
The dangers of automatic GC modeJoshK38REDi (2009)
Screenshot of Windows?kronholm8GfK (2009)
Glossy pixmapsTwoCorin5172Perturbatio (2009)
Detect Os language?orgos5Retimer (2009)
How clone objects?orgos4orgos (2009)
DLLs, callbacks, and the GC that loves themJoshK8pushedx (2009)
Print a Valentines card on LinuxCzar Flavius5Arowx (2009)
arrow key menuB11B (2009)
Modified bmk.exe?Azathoth3Azathoth (2009)
Synchsafe IntegerThareh7Thareh (2009)
JV-ODE and modelsFantomKite3FantomKite (2009)
Full Screen can sometimes mess up the DesktopGrey Alien8InvisibleKid (2009)
.Trader35648Trader3564 (2009)
Backwards list enumerationplash30plash (2009)
Code archivesmarkcw5jsp (2009)
Window Minimise / Maximise - Detection?thalamus3markcw (2009)
File TimesOtus4Brucey (2009)
need help with missle code pleaseInvisibleKid9InvisibleKid (2009)
Gradients?Thareh6daaan (2009)
I would never give up GCJoshK8ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Unicode support arrives (in SVN)Brucey19Brucey (2009)
Speech Synthesizer in BlitzRico11skidracer (2009)
Oldschool fire effect from processingTWH5Arowx (2009) or irrKlang Module ?Armitage 198211Armitage 1982 (2009)
Import different DLL's depending on Debug/Release?Gabriel7Gabriel (2009)
Uhm.. What just happened?plash3plash (2009)
need help converting C codeGillissie9Yan (2009)
Select & Try..Catch block syntax limitationsplash11plash (2009)
How do you know if a stack overflow occurs?Damien Sturdy4Damien Sturdy (2009)
Blide Import C file undefined referenceArmitage 198210Armitage 1982 (2009)
Monitor crash?Josepho10GfK (2009)
GNet questionsGillissie7Gillissie (2009)
Cannot build MaxIDEQuickSilva22Brucey (2009)
maxmod2 - read channel possible?Panno3Panno (2009)
Algorithm to Add new link to a LineArmitage 19823Armitage 1982 (2009)
Flow 3D Ogre wrapperRobb30Dreamora (2009)
TListMacSven7Perturbatio (2009)
Write To BlitzMax DebugLog From A DLL?Gabriel8Gabriel (2009)
Random Namesmothmanbr5Ginger Tea (2009)
External Strings and the GCGabriel4Gabriel (2009)
XP Focus Bug with Full ScreenGrey Alien10MGE (2009)
Problem switching apps when full-screen game is...Grey Alien6Grey Alien (2009)
Fixed Rate Logic and Tweeningplash99dmaz (2009)
Get Window Handle in OpenGL (and on Mac)Grey Alien13Grey Alien (2009)
FASM module buildingTeraBit7TeraBit (2009)
Change value of string in a list?Russell15Russell (2009)
Decomposing a 4x4 3D matrixDifference7gman (2009)
So...which audio driver for XP and Vista?MGE16Grey Alien (2009)
Shortest difference between two quaternionsJoshK5JoshK (2009)
Checking for collisions in a single listQuickSilva14Philip7 (2009)
Problems with letterboxing and grabimagechristian22316ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Bmax 3d engine alternative..Naughty Alien6Naughty Alien (2009)
Destroy an ObjectEole7Eole (2009)
Debug Problemsmothmanbr15mothmanbr (2009)
Sound problems with SVN maxsiread13siread (2009)
A nice network libDreamLoader10RepeatUntil (2009)
osx screensavers with blizmaxImaginaryHuman7ImaginaryHuman (2009)
DLL equivalent on a Mac?JoshK18ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Tiled RPG-like gameKamaShin29rs22 (2009)
BNetEx-About Tcpstream.flush()DreamLoader2Derron (2009)
How to catch extern Memory Exception?Difference3Difference (2009)
ggTray WrapperKed3xlsior (2009)
mac & input devices...Taron3Taron (2009)
Mp3 playback in the fewest steps?Dubious Drewski33SLotman (2009)
BlitzMax And Unicode IO - Question.Brucey19Brucey (2009)
Destructible terrainSpaceAce32SpaceAce (2009)
Multi threading?Azaratur3Azaratur (2009)
m3d pipelineskidracer8Difference (2009)
GetElementsByType()Kistjes7Kistjes (2009)
Oi! Why is "Build Modules" grayed out?Dubious Drewski10GaryV (2009)
Letting the user create a portable ExeDubious Drewski6plash (2009)
Threads and PerformanceOtus11Space_guy (2009)
INIFileHandler ModuleMuttley23MGE (2009)
Extra VRAM required for Filtered and MipMappedGrey Alien10ImaginaryHuman (2009)
Listen to global keystrokes?C64Retro1C64Retro (2009)
"program to big to fit in memory"Grey Alien10Brucey (2009)
Requesting Help: Smooth Keyframe Interpolation AlgWill7Will (2009)
How to write image to file?orgos2orgos (2009)
BmFont moduleFilax5Wiering (2009)
MinGW/FASM Version for current BMax ?popcade2GfK (2009)
time of day helpslenkar6tonyg (2009)
Editable Listbox with Drag and Dropdanielos4danielos (2009)
Special Effects Programming JobTrader356421Trader3564 (2009)
setlinewidth and glmax2djkrankie3Tommo (2009)
Sum of digitsjsp5jsp (2009)
Is Fmod 3.75 cross-platform compatible?Grisu2Bremer (2009)
Can't compile C files in VistaJoshK9AdrianT (2009)
IDE Error messageBremer3Bremer (2009)
MinGW-5.1.3 installer crashes in VistaJoshK10Brucey (2009)
BlitzMax wiki now available at www.blitzmax.orgJoshK68JoshK (2009)
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Any sign of a bmax3d beta?smilertoo4plash (2008)
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Create ProcessBertrand14Brucey (2008)
Anyone using the module?Oddball6Oddball (2008)
"feed" blitzmax a new opengl or DirectX context.?Damien Sturdy5ImaginaryHuman (2008)
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Launching Executables Via MaxMakepool6TaskMaster (2008)
Windows Vista Game Explorer?Gabriel2GaryV (2008)
BNetEx authors, how to contact?!Trader356413Vertex (2008)
.tar.gz in Blitzmax?xlsior4Brucey (2008)
Joystick disconected = huge slowdown !Armitage 198216Ginger Tea (2008)
Maxgui.mod fails to buildAlternativeRealities19Brucey (2008)
TSocket, TSocketStream (source code)Trader35644Trader3564 (2008)
DXERROR err=UNKNOWN:-2147024809 87sswift5sswift (2008)
Delete & ReferencesOtus2ziggy (2008)
[OSX] AppArgs not working when compiling GUI App?Ratchet3Ratchet (2008)
Collision detection and responseUnderwoodNullium3UnderwoodNullium (2008)
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Am I missing something?Yahfree8Yahfree (2008)
Why is drawrect/drawline so much slower than ...Grey Alien29tonyg (2008)
Resource manager module (threaded as well!)_JIM12Czar Flavius (2008)
Interfaces for BlitzMaxOtus3Otus (2008)
Plimus LicensingTachyon2Brucey (2008)
2d doughnutzambani8SSS (2008)
Alright, I think it's time...Ked2Grey Alien (2008)
Method overwrites or callbacks... how to?Trader356411Trader3564 (2008)
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Other way to draw text using font size?orgos5orgos (2008)
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Abstract Methods... pop quizBrucey10Grey Alien (2008)
Direct3D overlayingplash2plash (2008)
Doe MaxIde ConcatenationBanshee25big10p (2008)
zip supportslenkar5slenkar (2008)
Don't see diference when use loadImageFontorgos5orgos (2008)
Need help with BYTESTrader356418Jesse (2008)
Problems with miniB3D (locked)ChaosCoder1ChaosCoder (2008)
Eclipse IDE with BMaxjohnnyfreak10Banshee (2008)
audio equaliserjkrankie18jkrankie (2008)
Cross-CompilerStenley13Koriolis (2008)
Textured PolygonDex7Armitage 1982 (2008)
Alpha on alpha calculationTaron4Taron (2008)
BlitzMax with 3Impact?Hotshot200510gman (2008)
Tiled maps DRAWIMAGE and 3D? whats best?Trader356414tonyg (2008)
screen doesn't redraw when cpu in control!kaiserpc14kaiserpc (2008)
BlitzMax supporting Threads?Trader356431Trader3564 (2008)
Guitar Hero World Tour Drums for PC/MacRatchet1Ratchet (2008)
2d Terrainzambani10InvisibleKid (2008)
how do I use my DLL in BMax?Gillissie20Gillissie (2008)
Any way to check if any key was pressed?orgos10orgos (2008)
How do I get rid of the delay when my program endssswift21Muttley (2008)
INTERESTING review on Networking LIBSTrader35644plash (2008)
Can you pass variables to Method New() ?Dubious Drewski5Grey Alien (2008)
If you are making a DLL that uses other DLLsJoshK2JoshK (2008)
Leadwerks Engine Evaluation Kit now availableJoshK68JoshK (2008)
Solid color rendering issue in GLsswift2plash (2008)
List.AddLast() and List.AddFirst() Different?Gabriel22dmaz (2008)
2d balls smacking togetherYahfree12Jesse (2008)
Decode AVI frames to texturesjp226Brucey (2008)
Any way I can improve on this?Pete Rigz1Pete Rigz (2008)
BMX Quick Play Trial TestKev18MGE (2008)
Streaming AudioGfK20GfK (2008)
vas.csg CSG mod for Bmax (WIP Release)Leon Drake13JA2 (2008)
expected behaviour or bug?Russell3Czar Flavius (2008)
Inserting Null into a TMap causes random crashesJoshK6plash (2008)
need some math help pleaseInvisibleKid14Tachyon (2008)
BlitzMax UDP Library for use MMORPGTrader356421Trader3564 (2008)
Threading queryGfK22GfK (2008)
Power hungry dreamer... OpenCL?Arowx3* (2008)
Irrlicht and SmoothEventReceiverplash3plash (2008)
Can anyone upload (or email me) defringe.exe pleasGrey Alien13Derron (2008)
Idiot's guide to the SVN version of BlitzmaxGfK5xlsior (2008)
LUA and Blitzmaxkronholm7itsdanreed (2008)
programming practice: composition (aggregation)?gameproducer15z80jim (2008)
create ship partsslenkar5Czar Flavius (2008)
TV3D Wrapper StatusGabriel4markcw (2008)
Using the Projection Matrix to zoom in on a screenGrey Alien27GfK (2008)
how to get first object in the list?gameproducer5gameproducer (2008)
Clipboard on MacWarner3Warner (2008)
New BLIde Plus 0.9.63-A availableziggy18ziggy (2008)
simple user input dialoggman2Brucey (2008)
bah.cairo text examples hangsCDifference9Difference (2008)
Lua: Binding a function with optional parametersGabriel3Gabriel (2008)
Writing text to a pixmap*10tonyg (2008)
"official" status of creating .dll/.soRozek2ziggy (2008)
Could we have a built-in Repr$() method?Warpy12Brucey (2008)
MaGNet - GNet extension.Mahan7Mahan (2008)
how to draw 2D shapesB6Grey Alien (2008)
(good) networking (UDP) libs/code for BMax?gameproducer25Foolish (2008)
getting the last item in a linked ListGillissie3Gillissie (2008)
undefined reference when linkingandre722Brucey (2008)
memory leakGillissie8Brucey (2008)
Is it possible to use this DLL with Blitzmax?andre723andre72 (2008)
Int + String in one UDP Message - Byte Ptr Prob?Manromen12Manromen (2008)
Are Double Pointers for Objects possible?AlexO4tonyg (2008)
TGadget Not Found/MaxGUI Installed?bookworm994tonyg (2008)
BMax is good enought?orgos22verfum (2008)
Image Processing?Sanctus7iprice (2008)
Embedding Flash exes into BMax?Grey Alien13Difference (2008)
Assign this to somethingskn314skn3 (2008)
Grid-based Game DesignTorrente10Arowx (2008)
Returning a local variable created with Newahobbit6ahobbit (2008)
Object Comparingverfum34Arowx (2008)
Objectverfum5verfum (2008)
Looking for some testersDStastny29TeaVirus (2008)
how to use DLL in BMX ?K@li13Dabhand (2008)
I need to create some windows..Azaratur11jsp (2008)
Mode 7, How to do it properly?Drakim28Drakim (2008)
Why is this?jkrankie2H&K (2008)
Unrar DLL ?Filax1Filax (2008)
programming practice: where do you manage lists?gameproducer20Jim Teeuwen (2008)
Get map key for valueslenkar3Gabriel (2008)
Flickr APIpmc9pmc (2008)
Removing a file from a zipplash5plash (2008)
Tortoise SVN - No goEOF4GfK (2008)
Difference between 'strict' and 'superstrict' modegameproducer5gameproducer (2008)
Which 2d physics library?Retimer16Oddball (2008)
AXE Mods - what are they?GfK11EOF (2008)
Tv3dSabataRH3gameproducer (2008)
GrabImage problemJesse3Jesse (2008)
Distance between a point and a lineima7473ima747 (2008)
BMax Vista compiling problemQuickSilva12* (2008)
Flip not waiting for Vertical BlankRico11TomToad (2008)
DrawPoly with concave areasima7475ima747 (2008)
Create an image on a blank canvasAlternativeRealities4tonyg (2008)
SeedRnd problemsdmaz6dmaz (2008)
[OSX only?] how to fetch data from system_()?explosive2plash (2008)
File Sync problemzambani4zambani (2008)
How to encrypt asset files? (models/textures)gameproducer7gameproducer (2008)
File Attributezambani4zambani (2008)
BlitxMax IDE Features ...mic_pringle14ziggy (2008)
Return Status Codepha3z4plash (2008)
Looking for a good particle engineTachyon6Yahfree (2008)
Threaded BlitzMax!marksibly155foosh (2008)
New Star Soccer 4 has been released!siread9mongia2 (2008)
pantson.Theora v2.1PantsOn15plash (2008)
how to convert this vba code to bmx ?K@li2plash (2008)
Eee pc 701smilertoo11GaryV (2008)
Blitzmax 2D Sprite Render BenchmarkMGE85Taron (2008)
BLIde stable release 0.9.58-A availableziggy110ziggy (2008)
How to create trails?smilertoo4tonyg (2008)
BlitzMax UDP/TCP Hole Punchingjtfrench2Retimer (2008)
Civilization Type Map ...mic_pringle5Taron (2008)
Some handy non-MaxGui event codeGrey Alien8plash (2008)
Simple feature request....Russell7Russell (2008)
Sending filesckob15tonyg (2008)
Fast Bloom?Ked13tonyg (2008)
Single Target Targetingtes4p00ner4tes4p00ner (2008)
shufflelist()?slenkar3tonyg (2008)
Draw image flippedplash6MGE (2008)
A newline in DrawText?zcbeaton7Warpy (2008)
How to get the NAME of the out-of-bounds array...Russell5Russell (2008)
Regular expressionsWarpy3Warpy (2008)
problems compiling irrklang using code in ubuntuFirstdeathmaker6Firstdeathmaker (2008)
Executing a block of data as an application?Retimer8Retimer (2008)
DrawLine problemMogwins7Mogwins (2008)
Webcam captureWilliam Drescher5William Drescher (2008)
Why doesn't SuperStrict throw an error if...plash26plash (2008)
Cornu/ClothoidLAB[au]11LAB[au] (2008)
arrays as variablesWarpy13big10p (2008)
Irrklang & Incbin / loading from streamFirstdeathmaker4plash (2008)
Image fonts - Will not change(??)EOF5EOF (2008)
How to read radio stream info?Grisu10Grisu (2008)
Can I add lists together?Arowx17big10p (2008)
DirectDraw Max2D Driver?Ked11TomToad (2008)
Realtime sound sample manipulationDifference13Difference (2008)
TMapsGfK55CS_TBL (2008)
BlitzMax Online Manual - tad bit buggy..plash4plash (2008)
Windows MaxMod2 testREDi36REDi (2008)
Steinberg's VST sdkplash2ziggy (2008)
Common Vector OperationsArmitage 198210Yahfree (2008)
PlaySound and CueSound confusionGfK9Grey Alien (2008)
Move Object in TListima7475ima747 (2008)
Did I miss the memo?plash7tonyg (2008)
Create infinite sized RamStream?plash5Perturbatio (2008)
Problems with windows lock and loadimageJosepho26MGE (2008)
Extern function definition (BASS-Lib Call)maverick6915maverick69 (2008)
B3D Pipeline Source Codepha3z4GfK (2008)
Checking online for current versionsiread4Brucey (2008)
Multiplatform Random Number ConsistancyRexRhino31ImaginaryHuman (2008)
cod2doc for BlitzMaxboomboom2Htbaa (2008)
Higher order programmingWarpy2johnnyfreak (2008)
TLists Reporting Incorrect Counts?Gabriel15Stu_ovine (2008)
Could you please test my Mac version...Arowx4Arowx (2008)
Get Your Armadillo/Software Passport Functionsgellyware7siread (2008)
console programjohnnyfreak4johnnyfreak (2008)
Conio module (WIN32)grable25impixi (2008)
Managing multiple threads with `local variables`ImaginaryHuman10ImaginaryHuman (2008)
ReadLong()?Yan5Yan (2008)
Suggested addition for BRL.Blitz MemCompare()JoshK7JoshK (2008)
Tortoise SVN Quick QuestionQuickSilva7QuickSilva (2008)
Wishlist (my go?)tonyg26Dex (2008)
Should images be loaded in types?QuickSilva9dmaz (2008)
Setting Types in CVertex7Vertex (2008)
changing directory (on http server) using streamsGavin Beard1Gavin Beard (2008)
Incbin data. How?iprice11TaskMaster (2008)
Delete "unknown" menudanielos8danielos (2008)
Looking for a solution to a drawing dilemmaSpaceAce6SpaceAce (2008)
Any games that use MaxGUI for windowed mode?QuickSilva15QuickSilva (2008)
FilteredImage render ProblemArmitage 19822Armitage 1982 (2008)
Getting window position/size of a processVolker1Volker (2008)
Arrgh! how to relocate and debug exe....???Arowx3Arowx (2008)
How to add a Windowicon + Center Window? (again)Grisu43Taron (2008)
Altering a Built in FunctiionRico16tonyg (2008)
sound.samples not 16 bit - PLEASE HELP!Taron14Taron (2008)
Playing NSF FilesQuickSilva28Hotcakes (2008)
Farseer phyics collision info?slenkar2AlexO (2008)
Pixmap saturating/hueplash9ImaginaryHuman (2008)
failing MOUSE EVENTS suggest the end...Taron9Taron (2008)
time_ adding extra timeKev2Brucey (2008)
BNetEx UDP reliabilityplash10xlsior (2008)
need interpolation algorithm... not cosinedmaz11dmaz (2008)
AppArgs problemWilliam Drescher8plash (2008)
Get Ogg / Wma metadata ?danielos1danielos (2008)
Building Modules ProblemJeremy Alessi5Hotcakes (2008)
Running two copies of same threaded exe....Regular K12Hotcakes (2008)
Anaglyph testdeps11Taron (2008)
Write in a file then remove it.Azaratur11TaskMaster (2008)
Images with 'wavy sine effect'Mineth16Grisu (2008)
read PDF meta data? ... author, title,...danielos2Warpy (2008)
How does Try/Catch work?Russell13Russell (2008)
MaxMod Streaming ChannelPlaying() incorrect...Arowx4REDi (2008)
Are destructors called when the application ends?JoshK4ziggy (2008)
B3D -> Max ConversionJeremy Alessi12Jeremy Alessi (2008)
Project Studio and Bah.modsSnixx14Matthew Smith (2008)
Converting to Mac but confused...Arowx13Sledge (2008)
Direct Sample Manipulation!!! Oh Yeah!RexRhino5Taron (2008)
Way to speed up the loading of game music?Arowx22Arowx (2008)
Win32 : Turn off the second monitorFilax1Filax (2008)
Activex/COM/COM+/ADObyo1byo (2008)
OpenGL tile map morphingplash4plash (2008)
New BLIde Update 0.9.58-cziggy38Htbaa (2008)
UDP questionsJoshK21Scaremonger (2008)
Draw transparents Polygons without artefactArmitage 19826xMicky (2008)
Catch me up?Sean Doherty26GfK (2008)
Event Hooks - capturing all events?ImaginaryHuman6ImaginaryHuman (2008)
Compile Error: Identifier CreateThread not found?JoJo10JoJo (2008)
Blitzmax for Pandorasmilertoo5iprice (2008)
Voronoi diagram from Delaunay TrianglesMacguffin3Macguffin (2008)
Game server listJoshK15JoshK (2008)
Leadwerks Publisher 1.2JoshK1JoshK (2008)
New BLIde Plus BETA availableziggy14Dreamora (2008)
Blitzmax threading examples threadskn39skn3 (2008)
How to use Threads in BlitzMAX?TomToad33skn3 (2008)
One instance of BMax suggestionQuickSilva16Mahan (2008)
New Samples SuggestionQuickSilva14K@li (2008)
draw weapon sight coneslenkar7slenkar (2008)
Possible bug with OpenGL ScreenshotsGrey Alien14Grey Alien (2008)
batched point sprites benchmarkdmaz20dmaz (2008)
A Star movement test problemBugZilla2BugZilla (2008)
angle help pleaseslenkar8Warpy (2008)
Help?! :)Docster10Docster (2008)
Distance between POINT and LINEEOF4EOF (2008)
Feature i would like to happen for BlitzMaxAndrew Mann216xMicky (2008)
Anyone use Leadworks?BugZilla1BugZilla (2008)
What the..plash4plash (2008)
Is there a simple way to test a DX9 driver in BMaxGrey Alien31DStastny (2008)
BLIde advanced documenter?QuickSilva5QuickSilva (2008)
Little win32 graphics gui testBrucey30plash (2008)
AlphaBlend not working?Drekinn3Drekinn (2008)
Having a problem with collision layers?GfK3GfK (2008)
Strange problem with movement codeBugZilla8Floyd (2008)
Multi-Touch support for Blitzmax!Scaremonger11Yahfree (2008)
Detect Window Maximize eventGfK11Brucey (2008)
Another request for DX9 supportGrey Alien7Grey Alien (2008)
Scene Transitions? (wipes, dissolves, fx, etc..)MGE4Warpy (2008)
Rebounding of any angleEOF8Yahfree (2008)
2D Vector funYahfree3Yahfree (2008)
How to draw a crosshair?zcbeaton5klepto2 (2008)
Error compiling just about Windows / 1.30Blueapples13Brucey (2008)
IncbinGfK5GfK (2008)
SLL?Blueapples6Otus (2008)
Seeking Audio ModuleMauft4plash (2008)
Realistic physics values (Farseer)Leto5AlexO (2008)
Remote socket of UDP client?slenkar2AlexO (2008)
slow drawingslenkar47Retimer (2008)
BCS BLIde plugin for BriskVirtualMachineziggy10ziggy (2008)
Maxmod online music streamingDrackbolt5Drackbolt (2008)
Use collideimage etc. without graphicsJank3Mauft (2008)
Wrapper for C++ listScaremonger1Scaremonger (2008)
Thread Board (locked)H&K1H&K (2008)
About Multi-Dimensional Arrays...Tani5Tani (2008)
Drawing to an imagebufferHotcakes13Hotcakes (2008)
will we ever get multi threading in BlitzMax? (locked)*129SebHoll (2008)
Interfacing with C++ ClassesScaremonger11Scaremonger (2008)
Redeclaring data members in extended typesHtbaa18Grey Alien (2008)
Way to get Active Window Handle?Grey Alien12Grey Alien (2008)
BlitzMax DLLsziggy6ziggy (2008)
Vista and OpenGLTricky8Tricky (2008)
GCSuspend()JoshK7GfK (2008)
Grabbing primary desktop on dual monitor systemsGfK13Volker (2008)
How to make a calendar ?K@li8plash (2008)
ClientWidth help from other OS's (locked)Ked1Ked (2008)
Interfacing with C(++)Otus3Brucey (2008)
LoadImageFont and fullscreendanvari1danvari (2008)
Pitch, Yaw, and RollPineapple3Pineapple (2008)
Wrapping Tutorial?Ked7Scaremonger (2008)
HandleFromObject - HandleToObject ?ImaginaryHuman14plash (2008)
Serializing objectsOremLK32Grey Alien (2008)
IDE Copy/Paste into Find Dialog...Grey Alien3Grey Alien (2008)
axe.modrs223Yan (2008)
FTP a directoryDabhand4Brucey (2008)
Threads and CoresBrucey44Brucey (2008)
BlitzMax VSTi DLLjp225Nikko (2008)
Tlists containing different typesnecky6Kurator (2008)
slowdownjkrankie5Grey Alien (2008)
Setting up Wallpaper on a MacPingus4daaan (2008)
GC trickJoshK5MGE (2008)
Please do thisJoshK82Chroma (2008)
What's the lowest spec PC you've.....GfK20GfK (2008)
Exit Select block?Steffenk16CS_TBL (2008)
How do I download AXE modules now?JoshK9JoshK (2008)
Clickable interfaceCzar Flavius21Jesse (2008)
Desktop backgroundGfK16plash (2008)
To TileImage or Not To TileImagetherevills17therevills (2008)
How can I use Indiepath's ProjMatrix mod w/1.24?SofaKng45Grey Alien (2008)
SavepixmapPNG - broken? (locked)Sonic1Sonic (2008)
Collision system bug??GfK3Jesse (2008)
DrawText: Arabic Unicode troublesSpace Fractal1Space Fractal (2008)
From ram to vramVinceA18ImaginaryHuman (2008)
Window iconJosepho2Josepho (2008)
Blide websiteCzar Flavius4Czar Flavius (2008)
Mac: Ctrl+Left button not detected as Right buttonGrey Alien5Grey Alien (2008)
Plase test thisziggy6ziggy (2008)
BNetEx, UDP send and receive on the same computerLAB[au]8Winni (2008)
Multiple Source File Questionpeltazoid5Brucey (2008)
how to break through the firewall?slenkar6jhans0n (2008)
full class name using reflection?ziggy4plash (2008)
An annotated version of the BlitzMax manual.Ian Thompson14degac (2008)
Exception Handlingpeltazoid13grable (2008)
Curious things about classesziggy5ziggy (2008)
[iB3D] Improved MaxGUI Sample, resizing feature !Linaxys1Linaxys (2008)
No Key Repeat on cursor keysGrey Alien5Grey Alien (2008)
Calculating Point on ovalTomToad5TomToad (2008)
MultithreadingKing Dave17JoshK (2008)
Using Self and Super for FieldsDirtBikeDude6Grey Alien (2008)
HTTP Calls and stuffGrey Alien14Grey Alien (2008)
ZipEngine on MacOS Xdegac1degac (2008)
TMaps (locked)GfK1GfK (2008)
How to create threads in windownikolai17Ian Thompson (2008)
Randomising the chance that something will appearGrey Alien16Grey Alien (2008)
Object with data member that contains SelfHtbaa9Htbaa (2008)
Texture Size confirmationGrey Alien41Yan (2008)
Can I Allow Bass to Run It's Own Update Thread?Gabriel3Gabriel (2008)
Recording Audio?CASO5CASO (2008)
Getting a string from standardioplash4plash (2008)
Taking the Next StepTwoCorin51713Yahfree (2008)
Sharp thruster trailsYahfree13Yahfree (2008)
User input in multilanguagechristian2231christian223 (2008)
axe.luascript helpRetimer6Gabriel (2008)
Just a little fun..plash2Retimer (2008)
Mingw problem on vistaTriforce Guardian23GfK (2008)
FileType yielding incorrect valuesDrekinn8Drekinn (2008)
Official Request: DX9 Support for Max2DMGE15DStastny (2008)
Strange behavior with custom types arraysTME2Who was John Galt? (2008)
Interface?Tricky3Tricky (2008)
What's the opposite of "|"?JoshK13Grey Alien (2008)
Accessing audio pcm data?jp225Nikko (2008)
Some minor difficultiesPineapple1Pineapple (2008)
How to access a Flash SDK in Blitzmax?Grey Alien3Grey Alien (2008)
Bitmap font code?slenkar14Grey Alien (2008)
Displaying In Game Messages?MGE11Grey Alien (2008)
A* alternatives?slenkar13Gillissie (2008)
Anybody need a good programmer?CoderLaureate8markcw (2008)
DirectX 10 in BlitzMaxJoshK10ChristianK (2008)
Copy the Desktop?William Drescher8William Drescher (2008)
B3D style scaling windowQuickSilva9QuickSilva (2008)
Canvas-Based CodeAreaKed1Ked (2008)
Hitting key on canvas: sound "NotAllowed" playedexplosive2William Drescher (2008)
How can I create this effect?Drakim16sswift (2008)
Compiling Mac-version on PCFantomKite9FantomKite (2008)
Imposible!: duplicate identifierchristian2234Russell (2008)
boolean data typezambani4zambani (2008)
Voxel SpaceMacSven2impixi (2008)
Rounded cornerRaz5Raz (2008)
Gamepad and ScreensaverJohnsprogram9Yan (2008)
Duplicate SingletonsMacguffin7Muttley (2008)
Keyboard layout independent inputLordChaos1LordChaos (2008)
Alpha Buffer with MaxGUI CanvasPete Rigz3Pete Rigz (2008)
PPC Linux support?*8Winni (2008)
modifying image on backbufferlotonah5MGE (2008)
SetUV for OpenGL ?Stu_ovine13Stu_ovine (2008)
Array sorting 101Tachyon12jsp (2008)
Import Vs Includezambani11ziggy (2008)
faster text?slenkar4slenkar (2008)
Yay!! more random crashing!plash11plash (2008)
IGlass Studio - GUI Editor for IGlassseyhajin73Nikko (2008)
Problem with Etna and highscores.Sokurah5Sokurah (2008)
string format (??) confusionplash13plash (2008)
Mac Book ProLukasha3Lukasha (2008)
SSE, GCC, and other BMK optionsJoshK5Otus (2008)
Project Studio auto complete available?QuickSilva11QuickSilva (2008)
Catching BMK output messagesJoshK2JoshK (2008)
How do I set the output file for BMK?JoshK2JoshK (2008)
Calling Javascript functionsplash11plash (2008)
Problems loading libraries on MacOSFirstdeathmaker3Firstdeathmaker (2008)
Abstract and finalziggy13ziggy (2008)
Is the SmartStrip function still around?plash1plash (2008)
LAN File TransferingKed5Ked (2008)
wxMax v1.00 testers please (win32)Brucey1Brucey (2008)
Q's for Blide Plus UsersMGE20MGE (2008)
SetLineWidthRetimer3Retimer (2008)
problems with brucey's irrKlang and irrKlangAudioFirstdeathmaker13Firstdeathmaker (2008)
BMX 1.26: Center graphics window by default?Grisu21therevills (2008)
Accessing HID with BlitzMax?DarkCorner1DarkCorner (2008)
Height Field Fluids simulationArmitage 19829Armitage 1982 (2008)
On Windows - Why Use OpenGL?MGE28smilertoo (2008)
pantson.Theora v2.0PantsOn16PantsOn (2008)
comments regarding Mark's worklog ideasGillissie2ziggy (2008)
Help with building a moduleWilliam Drescher5Otus (2008)
Handling ErrorsWilliam Drescher8Zeke (2008)
Win32 - registrydegac4degac (2008)
Blitz3D + Sprite Candy > BlitzMax? (and other q's)SofaKng5Bremer (2008)
Making my game work with different window sizes.QuickSilva5QuickSilva (2008)
Drawing on the desktop?Retimer6Yahfree (2008)
BLIde and Project Studio Highlighting QuestionQuickSilva10QuickSilva (2008)
Particles systemArmitage 198237Grey Alien (2008)
BlitzMax page links to demo 1.12JoshK2SebHoll (2008)
MaxIDE stopped opening filesJoshK4plash (2008)
DLL Function Pointers Declared With "win32"SebHoll5JoshK (2008)
Provinces from SquaresMacguffin4Macguffin (2008)
Flocking or Swarm AlgorithmsSean Doherty52Filax (2008)
memory usage problemsSchragnasher4tonyg (2008)
Directoryfactory Help?MacSven1MacSven (2008)
Sin degree's to radiansDougUK10Bremer (2008)
Adding a moduleCzar Flavius15Muttley (2008)
New BLIde open beta availableziggy42ziggy (2008)
Loadanimimageslenkar1slenkar (2008)
Need help with code snippet using trig.JoJo10sswift (2008)
Interfacing with C++, random errorsHtbaa7Htbaa (2008)
SHL/SHR/ROL/RORGfK7_33 (2008)
C++ dll and blitzmaxplash7Azathoth (2008)
Cross-platform keyboard copy/pasteTachyon11Tachyon (2008)
MessageBox - OK / ABORTTibit4Kistjes (2008)
Paid jobJoshK2MGE (2008)
Limiting CPU usageRetimer3Retimer (2008)
Pub.ColDet is now availablegman16JoshK (2008)
Megaman style scrollingQuickSilva11QuickSilva (2008)
Object requestsJoshK7JoshK (2008)
String to integer casting problemJur3Jur (2008)
OSX 10.5 Sound IssueGrey Alien3Grey Alien (2008)
Need help with ball bouncing around on the screen.JoJo2Kurator (2008)
Having problems calculating "bounce-angles"Sokurah7Grey Alien (2008)
stuck on building an unusual moduleplash3plash (2008)
Mousewheel for zoomGfK5Grey Alien (2008)
BlitzMax v1.30 Linux IDE (New Test Build) (locked)SebHoll1SebHoll (2008)
Compile errortaumel6taumel (2008)
Can't see Type's Globals when debuggingGrey Alien8Czar Flavius (2008)
BMax 1.30 Icon problemQuickSilva3QuickSilva (2008)
Audio Input and ProcessingWilliam Drescher1William Drescher (2008)
TBitmapFontGrey Alien30AndyGFX (2008)
No way to tell if an integer is nullplash11Czar Flavius (2008)
BlitzMax 1.30 is up.Macguffin1Macguffin (2008)
Primitives in TMapsMacguffin11JoshK (2008)
Embedding Ruby in BlitzMax?Redspark6Redspark (2008)
Blizmax still does not center windows on creationRobert Cummings15ImaginaryHuman (2008)
Newton physics and vehicle - howto?AndyGFX2plash (2008)
Single copy of BlitzMax programMik1e24Mik1e (2008)
Bullet PhysicsZeke3plash (2008)
TGA files - upside down?!iprice4iprice (2008)
OpenCVScaremonger2Brucey (2008)
TCP Socket ConnectionKed8Winni (2008)
Streaming an .ogg fileChroma3Vertex (2008)
VisualMaxBlueapples4Blueapples (2008)
MP3 Decoder QuestionKed37Ked (2008)
Oh My Bugs!!Chroma5Macguffin (2008)
window linksJesse4Jesse (2008)
Functions with variable-length argument listsmaverick697Perturbatio (2008)
RequestFile + chosen nameiprice3iprice (2008)
help with logicjkrankie4Perturbatio (2008)
Info on streamsJoshK6BlitzSupport (2008)
Fast InvSqrt in MaxKnotz35UByte (2008)
Leadworks JoshDStastny14DStastny (2008)
axe.mod and subversionRozek7Macguffin (2008)
InvSqrt()JoshK1JoshK (2008)
How to scale and rotate the "camera" ?Robert Cummings18Robert Cummings (2008)
Beware the GC (locked)Otus1Otus (2008)
Properties for BlitzMaxOtus4Czar Flavius (2008)
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Draw on titlebar?xlsior2grable (2008)
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Basic Block PhysicsRico4Rico (2008)
Ten Pin Bowling - 2D Pin PhysicsMatt Vinyl6deps (2008)
strange pixmap/image issue?Xip3Xip (2008)
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G15SabataRH4SabataRH (2008)
I HATE TO BREAK THE PARTY UP - butpuki26plash (2008)
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N root Function?Arowx3Arowx (2008)
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Extended Types and Create()Macguffin4Arowx (2008)
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Window Maximized?xlsior4xlsior (2008)
Vertical angle from normalJoshK4JoshK (2008)
My game won't run under Vista - any tips?John Pickford28Dreamora (2008)
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Problem with Recursion in my program?Rico14Rico (2008)
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RC4 Encryption (byte ptr's)plash4plash (2008)
multiplayer -- what?InvisibleKid6Rimmsy (2008)
TPixmap.pixels.size ??plash4tonyg (2008)
What is the bmk option for "Build as GUI lib"?JoshK2grable (2008)
Simple Polygon Swept collsion DetectionRico5Rico (2008)
Freeing Audio ChannelTachyon2tonyg (2008)
TStreamReadException?*27* (2008)
Location based on rotationYahfree3Yahfree (2008)
List sort ?Filax15Foolish (2008)
global images?unazebra13MGE (2008)
Labyrinth generator?taumel8taumel (2008)
compiled executable not workingEnigmaticGames19tonyg (2008)
Large Integer ArithmeticOtus7Perturbatio (2008)
Custom Compare() method causes problems...Kistjes9Paposo (2008)
Creating modulesYahfree20Yahfree (2008)
Sound modulestonyg3Russell (2008)
Drawing a text with standard windows fonts?Sanctus5Sanctus (2008)
Setalpha by distance traveledYahfree12MGE (2008)
Variable type in function callKistjes9Czar Flavius (2008)
STDIN Blocking- Why does it wait for CR?Damien Sturdy5Damien Sturdy (2008)
RTT for 1.26tonyg28tonyg (2008)
2d lanscape generator Blitz3d to BMAXDREAM4DREAM (2008)
OpenFile() Bug or misunderstanding?TomToad3Koriolis (2008)
Interesting Graphics Techniquesthalamus6ImaginaryHuman (2008)
Getting drivesWilliam Drescher3SebHoll (2008)
Saving data X platformsiread2Dreamora (2008)
Scrolling an Imagez80jim10Digital Anime (2008)
Maths3DJoshK12JoshK (2008)
Null default float parameters?JoshK8Azathoth (2008)
string array to listslenkar11Macguffin (2008)
trying to extract a sliceslenkar3slenkar (2008)
Turntable Camera Controljmin1jmin (2008)
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Faster ImagesCollide for larger objects please!Rico15Robert Cummings (2008)
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Dll Detach function?JoshK8DStastny (2008)
Private Functionsjmin1jmin (2008)
Creating MAX ScreensaverUncle Ho21MGE (2008)
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Initialise a Const ArrayGrey Alien5Grey Alien (2008)
NVidia.nvDXT moduleJoshK30Gabriel (2008)
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Question for MarkDStastny6Blueapples (2008)
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Play tracker tunesKristoDJ3KristoDJ (2008)
BLIde 0.9.42 RC1 availableziggy69Armitage 1982 (2008)
ClockVinceA1VinceA (2008)
Bass Module?Gabriel14xlsior (2008)
grabpixmap and save with alphaPete Rigz11Pete Rigz (2008)
expTablefredborg10fredborg (2008)
array of game elementszambani6Paposo (2008)
BlitzMax types and dllsJoshK4JoshK (2008)
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Audio - Master PitchRetimer12ImaginaryHuman (2008)
FARSEER Physics EngineArmitage 198216Armitage 1982 (2008)
Debugger error - scope stack underflowWho was John Galt?25Who was John Galt? (2008)
Request File - default positionplash4grable (2008)
Prediction and anglesnawi7nawi (2008)
Singleton : Fields vs Globalstonyg13Damien Sturdy (2008)
IDE ScriptingBlueapples44Scaremonger (2008)
Calculate force of impactsiread7siread (2008)
TCPSocketjohnnyfreak5xlsior (2008)
Class extension (dot syntax for new methods)Blueapples37Blueapples (2008)
API CallsWilliam Drescher5Azathoth (2008)
Type Comparison Through Functions Possible?HrdNutz4plash (2008)
Requestfile (locked)MacSven1MacSven (2008)
Anyone else looking at Collada?JoshK11JoshK (2008)
Function overloading*39Russell (2008)
Can't convert from 'Float Array' to 'Float Array'?JoshK4plash (2008)
Optimising Particles - Pooling etc.Grey Alien84JoshK (2008)
Simple d3d9 sample does not work in BMaxRone4Rone (2008)
What is the average casual game platform?Arowx20Dreamora (2008)
Dynamic Vertex BuffersHrdNutz4HrdNutz (2008)
clearing Gadget variable values?Andres3Andres (2008)
reload tImages at runtimez4g09z4g0 (2008)
Tiling techniquetin2tonyg (2008)
Iterators / generatorsWarpy3TomToad (2008)
point's in zVinceA3VinceA (2008)
Negative Millisecs()Brucey8sswift (2008)
Eschalon lights?tonyg7Schragnasher (2008)
Game to BrowserTachyon14Dreamora (2008)
animated image questiontin7TomToad (2008)
Evaluating pointer valuesgameshastra5Dreamora (2008)
2D 'Side on' Water Ripple EffectMatt Vinyl3Matt Vinyl (2008)
Accessing field in parent object ?ninomojo3ninomojo (2008)
life status bartin7Derron (2008)
BlitzMax and SkypeGhizzo18Ghizzo (2008)
Setting reflection metadata at run-timeDavidDC8DavidDC (2008)
drawploy : how does it work ?QuietBloke5QuietBloke (2008)
Better Linking?Gabriel15slenkar (2008)
A/B testing functionsGrey Alien5Grey Alien (2008)
PrintingFoolish3Foolish (2008)
Lua and IntelMac?TheSin4robw (2008)
To the Users of FMOD...CASO6Sveinung (2008)
Terrain Heightmap routines?JoshK4impixi (2008)
Flashlight Effectmothmanbr3xlsior (2008)
Converting VariablesTachyon7Muttley (2008)
What is the reason for this error?xMicky8xMicky (2008)
Pure DOS compatable?Johnsprogram29* (2008)
How to grab the backbuffer *with* alphaGW26ImaginaryHuman (2008)
ReadLine Problemsfoosh3GfK (2008)
C++ interface questionJoshK6Czar Flavius (2008)
Whats wrong with windowsD4NM4N13D4NM4N (2008)
Getting UsernameGlenn Dodd8Brucey (2008)
TGame or not?tonyg6Schragnasher (2008)
I want to drag an item from a treeview to a canvasJoshK9JoshK (2008)
drawpixmaptextLeon Drake1Leon Drake (2008)
Preprocessing BCCgrable5grable (2008)
Get current method name?DavidDC7tonyg (2008)
Application Error...degac4Perturbatio (2008)
Which is most optimised?Grey Alien18AlexO (2008)
Intersection between two 3D linesJoshK1JoshK (2008)
anti aliasunazebra12JoshK (2008)
Getting Type NamesDirtBikeDude6DirtBikeDude (2008)
Can anybody helpVinceA5VinceA (2008)
Round Brush ToolFBEpyon5FBEpyon (2008)
Complex user accessRetimer1Retimer (2008)
Declaring variables mid-function changes resultsJoshK35Floyd (2008)
Expression of type string array cannot be invokedslenkar5slenkar (2008)
Convert This To B3D,PlzLink5Link (2008)
Streaming sound with bass.dll?Who was John Galt?5Who was John Galt? (2008)
rotating a vector?Craig H. Nisbet22sswift (2008)
AlignToVector()JoshK3JoshK (2008)
Turning a matrix locallyJoshK4JoshK (2008)
vector math questionsCraig H. Nisbet5Warpy (2008)
200byteDemoChallenge!Chris C145degac (2008)
BRL.vec, BRL.matrixJoshK35JoshK (2008)
incbin xml files?slenkar7Brucey (2008)
Please test performanceziggy14Uber Jase (2008)
Multitexturing (Image Included)FBEpyon8tonyg (2008)
PowerPC Mac FMod compile requestZolyx1Zolyx (2008)
Clicking on an imagezambani10tonyg (2008)
line crossing another lineCraig H. Nisbet4EOF (2008)
Opinions on object oriented programmingImaginaryHuman127JoshK (2008)
Weighted Randomnesssiread5Floyd (2008)
Printingmatty474Brucey (2008)
Setcolormask problemSanctus10tonyg (2008)
ASN.1 libraryBlueapples1Blueapples (2008)
Tweening + Delay on high FPSTrader356422HrdNutz (2008)
Fixed Steps and TweeningHrdNutz55HrdNutz (2008)
printing text, simple questionz80jim12z80jim (2008)
Understanding Blitz Memory ThreadSean Doherty25GfK (2008)
TList Local scopetin6Schragnasher (2008)
GNet sample code?Diordna7tonyg (2008)
Getting the OpenGL context?Damien Sturdy11Dreamora (2008)
a Pathfinder, ClearList() problemAndres1Andres (2008)
Raycaster Competitiondaaan24daaan (2008)
transfer data between objectsPeter6Dreamora (2008)
4 code/command questionsChugs409Chugs40 (2008)
FryGUI CPU usagematty473matty47 (2008) echo commandKev6Kev (2008)
arrays as parametersGhost Dancer3Ghost Dancer (2008)
BMax IDE strange problemQuickSilva4QuickSilva (2008)
Swift Sprite System Infosswift19tdman (2008)
Linking Objects FieldFBEpyon5Dreamora (2008)
Fast way to rotate screen 180 degrees?Digital Anime16Digital Anime (2008)
Z in xyzuv[]tonyg11Dreamora (2008)
brainpop- Cast to and from a pointerDamien Sturdy16Dreamora (2008)
Textured polygon in D3DIon5Ion (2008)
Audio VU MeterDigital Anime2Digital Anime (2008)
Gnet.Sync() problem with Flip(0)Scaremonger3Scaremonger (2008)
GUIDziggy16Scaremonger (2008)
How do you keep the digits to right of decimal?JoJo11JoJo (2008)
drawimagerect and viewportSchragnasher4Dreamora (2008)
Is there any code that parses the Graphic Mode?JoJo5JoJo (2008)
problem with type usagez80jim27z80jim (2008)
ppc app runs on Intel -weirdGrey Alien13JazzieB (2008)
Gadgets Z OrderDredPirateRoberts19LordChaos (2008)
how to do some processing at set time intervalsRobo17Dreamora (2008)
Dealing out cardsz80jim9TwoCorin517 (2008)
Diablo Inventory, so far, with bug :(verfum2Dreamora (2008)
XML Modules (locked)Brucey1Brucey (2008)
Done It! Shared Data on Windows Vista in code!Grey Alien38Midnight (2008)
loadimagefontslenkar12slenkar (2008)
Injecting Drag/Drop message.Thareh4Dreamora (2008)
Made anything interesting with Reflection?grable14Brucey (2008)
Emulator in Blitzmax?remz50degac (2008)
Crash problemgameshastra32Dreamora (2008)
help with a list of numbers.ckob8ckob (2008)
GDI and DIBSTomToad3plash (2008)
Dump to AVIverfum2TomToad (2008)
Having trouble with adding images to TList?JoJo3JoJo (2008)
perfect streaming music decisionJohnsprogram8Johnsprogram (2008)
Problem with Cnavases and ImagesSanctus2ImaginaryHuman (2008)
Layerszambani8Twitchfactor (2008)
frygui designerplash1plash (2008)
{attribute}?JoshK5Dreamora (2008)
Waitevent() error?Retimer11Dreamora (2008)
event handlerSchragnasher6Dreamora (2008)
Images and PixmapsRussell12remz (2008)
Zooming smoothlyTomToad4TomToad (2008)
Math.min and Math.maxzambani13Michael Reitzenstein (2008)
TBank, autosize or what?Trader356410ImaginaryHuman (2008)
2D collisions, passing throughverfum18nino (2008)
Idea for event based thread supportBlueapples11Blueapples (2008)
Cant build 1/3 of the modules ?!Trader35644Dreamora (2008)
where did the raknet thread go?smilertoo3smilertoo (2008)
Anyone got any code to access a file bit-by-bit?Damien Sturdy6Damien Sturdy (2008)
Grab BackBuffer d3d7max2dfredborg5tonyg (2008)
Difference BlendRetimer6tonyg (2008)
Load/Save As Requester for Max2DTomToad4tonyg (2008)
dynamic multi-dim arraysPantsOn4Perturbatio (2008)
Optimazion issues... Whats with BlitzMax?!Trader356449Dreamora (2008)
Listen with openALKistjes24jhocking (2008)
Using the same function in an extended typeDirtBikeDude3Paposo (2008)
I'm having problems updating values in TList.JoJo3JoJo (2008)
Post your minigamenawi10nawi (2008)
Drawing, and saving... how?Trader356417Trader3564 (2008)
How can I import this header file?JoshK5JoshK (2008)
CreateDirTwoCorin5173TwoCorin517 (2008)
Escape Sequences File I/OTwoCorin5173TwoCorin517 (2008)
ICO file formatziggy20ziggy (2008)
PhysLite accelerate-deAccelerateverfum2Oddball (2008)
IGlass multiline text control?ozak4Trader3564 (2008)
Scrolling breaks at 0,0 origin!Trader356418Trader3564 (2008)
New BLIde BETA version available.ziggy40Trader3564 (2008)
Playing videos in fullscreenBugZilla12PantsOn (2008)
BlitzMax dll executing a C++ function pointerJoshK2Azathoth (2008)
Drawimage masking?kronholm13ImaginaryHuman (2008)
8dir collisiondetection with tweening?!Trader35647tonyg (2008)
Question about TList.Reverse Command.JoJo12tonyg (2008)
Keydown*15* (2008)
OptimizationTwoCorin51742Retimer (2008)
LoadImage("http::coolitloadsawebsite...Trader35645Yan (2008)
CurrentDate on non-English systems?Grey Alien16GfK (2008)
Sockets, pull the plugTrader356419Dreamora (2008)
Rotation problemziggy11ziggy (2008)
UDP Networking Basics (questions)ImaginaryHuman17ImaginaryHuman (2008)
Problem calculation points in pentagonSokurah6Sokurah (2008)
Pay for RPG wheater effectsTrader35641Trader3564 (2008)
Declare as local, really needed?Trader356437ImaginaryHuman (2008)
Image order.Trader35648ImaginaryHuman (2008)
2D Image PerspectiveRedspark9Warpy (2008)
~Things like thisJoshK5LeeFbx (2008)
tower defense type game AIckob6ckob (2008)
MMORPGTrader356468Zethrax (2008)
LUA mod missing in 1.28Trader35649Dreamora (2008)
letters appear as squares (locked)Najdorf41marksibly (2008)
Registry questionKed6Ked (2008)
Can anybody try this little sample (windows)ziggy10ziggy (2008)
Crash on read *.gif?!Trader35649Raph (2008)
RequestFIleJesse3Jesse (2008)
Type Callback functionsTrader35644Trader3564 (2008)
Blitzmax for scientific aplicationsNaughty Alien8Czar Flavius (2008)
Windows GUI moduleYahfree7Dreamora (2008)
OpenALAudio stalls out as a dllJoshK2JoshK (2008)
COM port - LinuxYeshu7779plash (2008)
Invisable CollisionsTrader35648computercoder (2008)
Adding new string to array?Trader35648Trader3564 (2008)
Easiest way to drawn an image on another?Grey Alien30Trader3564 (2008)
serial portallos13Nigel Brown (2008)
COM1 port accessckob12Brucey (2008)
programming buttonsSchragnasher5Schragnasher (2008)
Buffer quetsion?!Trader356410Trader3564 (2008)
Local player:TPlayer = players:TList.Last:TPlayer?Trader35643Trader3564 (2008)
Tilesets & RPG mapsTrader356429Trader3564 (2008)
C++ equivellant to if <> Selfverfum6verfum (2008)
Networks behind NATImaginaryHuman12Blueapples (2008)
TList : AddLast etc...Filax13Jake L. (2008)
How to make isometricK@li8K@li (2008)
Difference between two quaternions?JoshK1JoshK (2008)
Vector sliding/bouncingJake L.4Jake L. (2008)
Letterbox code + Alien Space Beetles Testsswift99Grey Alien (2008)
Colorizing a specific area on the screen.Trader356419Derron (2008)
Point / Matrix multiplicationJoshK9Damien Sturdy (2008)
Fast way to copy a class?kronholm5kronholm (2008)
How does Blitz3D choose bone weightings?JoshK3JoshK (2008)
Need some BlitzMax testers for my engineJoshK4Chroma (2008)
1 dimensional array to act like a 2d one?Craig H. Nisbet34Michael Reitzenstein (2008)
suggestions for improvementJason Coggins113Space Fractal (2008)
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Leopard issuesWinni22Grey Alien (2007)
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Shared Data on VistaGrey Alien24Grey Alien (2007)
Function name parameterMoraldi4Picklesworth (2007)
Get debug info from exe?Who was John Galt?4Gabriel (2007)
reflections - modules which may disable it?Derron9Derron (2007)
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Sound problem on Vista Enterprise EditionTachyon5Tachyon (2007)
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Web Server ClassMarkAM9Brucey (2007)
Centre a window on the Mac?Grey Alien6Grey Alien (2007)
How to make a pointer to an array of structures?!!Grey Alien15Grey Alien (2007)
Importing a C++ function problemsGrey Alien11Grey Alien (2007)
freeprocess priorityNigel Brown6Nigel Brown (2007)
Convert a string into a null-terminated string?Grey Alien17Grey Alien (2007)
Rand() NOT work in Vista? (locked)Space Fractal31marksibly (2007)
Maybe I'm going about this wrong...Grey Alien8Grey Alien (2007)
Externs and Byte PtrGrey Alien5Grey Alien (2007)
Testing incoming port ?Filax1Filax (2007)
What does = "GetEnvironmentVariableA@12" mean?Grey Alien6Grey Alien (2007)
Externs other than "win32"Grey Alien8Grey Alien (2007)
Drag and DropFilax4Filax (2007)
Passing objects between BlitzMax and C++Yog4skidracer (2007)
Unable to compile on MACgameshastra3gameshastra (2007)
Leadwerks Engine SDK 1.14 releaseJoshK27Dreamora (2007)
FAO: TonyG re: CEGrey Alien6MGE (2007)
Lexing with ScintillaBrucey1Brucey (2007)
LoadDir Problem ?Filax5Filax (2007)
Artificial Intelligence in Football ...mic_pringle16mic_pringle (2007)
Includes anywhereJoshK8FlameDuck (2007)
Enhanced SetClsColorJake L.11Jake L. (2007)
BlitzMax ModulesMacSven18MacSven (2007)
BBstyle DrawImageRecttonyg5Grey Alien (2007)
Scaled pixmapstonyg4ImaginaryHuman (2007)
V1.26 Getting the Docs examples backGrey Alien10pls (2007)
TCP sockets in the works.Kev3Kev (2007)
Unfilled/filled shapestonyg5tonyg (2007)
Some more drawing commands for CEGrey Alien1Grey Alien (2007)
PolledInput with a blank user created windowDamien Sturdy5Damien Sturdy (2007)
Very new to BMax: I need help here with DLL'sbytecode7711tonyg (2007)
Line Antialias.tonyg8Grey Alien (2007)
What kind of engine do you want?JoshK27Dreamora (2007)
Convert from byte ptr to object?JoshK7Brucey (2007)
Using "Framework" correctlyDavidDC7H&K (2007)
SocketsJeroen16Filax (2007)
AbstractStream updateJoshK1JoshK (2007)
gah! How to clip rotated rectangles.Grey Alien41Bremer (2007)
Get Lua Output from StdIO?Gabriel4Gabriel (2007)
Compute bytes per seconds ?Filax7Filax (2007)
Tint the screenSnixx4JazzieB (2007)
Truevision3D tutorials?Zenn Lee3Zenn Lee (2007)
K-NetLib a great network libraryFilax40panton (2007)
screen shake effectckob5Grey Alien (2007)
Stream.WriteBytes ?Filax2Filax (2007)
Stream file over internet ?Filax2Dreamora (2007)
build errorsGlenn Dodd15dmaz (2007)
V1.26 documentation anomalyGrey Alien5Grey Alien (2007)
Create is now keyword coloured in the IDEGrey Alien7Grey Alien (2007)
100 framework sales! I'm giving away a FREE copy!Grey Alien13Grey Alien (2007)
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How to detect mouse out of window?anawiki7Grey Alien (2007)
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OpenAL, do I need a dll?Grey Alien13siread (2007)
invalid file name charsGrey Alien8jhans0n (2007)
Point in Polygonracingspider3racingspider (2007)
Console InputThareh5Thareh (2007)
Opening url, exe, and folder.Curtastic4Curtastic (2007)
Sort Int ArrayGrey Alien5Grey Alien (2007)
SSE Speed TestTeraBit30degac (2007)
Compact MinGW installer with NSIS Sourcepopcade3FlameDuck (2007)
Sort me out with reflection docs?Who was John Galt?5Who was John Galt? (2007)
.EXE icon...Yahfree25JazzieB (2007)
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My attempt at an input function for console apps..plash5Brucey (2007)
Getting dll function exports (win32)fredborg6N (2007)
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cpu multi-core , dual-coreCronos16ziggy (2007)
Texture splatting?Mr. Write Errors Man3Mr. Write Errors Man (2007)
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How to get small fonts looking goodGrey Alien20Grey Alien (2007)
MinGW, Floats, 3impact and BlitzMax?Amon4Amon (2007)
Fast way to find the lowest set bit in a mask?ImaginaryHuman5ImaginaryHuman (2007)
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Is Max slowerH&K43Grisu (2007)
Swift Sprite System for BlitzMax now available!sswift120sswift (2007)
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Word Wrap FunctionTorrente1Torrente (2007)
[Max2D] DirectX and RenderTargetsChristianK4smilertoo (2007)
WishlistJoshK54degac (2007)
redimensioning (clearing) an arrayD4NM4N3D4NM4N (2007)
Does TNet still work?Glen1Glen (2007)
Printing A Word DocumentGhizzo3Dabz (2007)
2^x = ?DavidDC8xlsior (2007)
Use less resource while waitingandre726ziggy (2007)
array functions with typeBlitzProg2H&K (2007)
Delta timing and tile scrollinghub38ImaginaryHuman (2007)
Theora movie playback (the story so far)PantsOn3North (2007)
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