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DX 7 normal mapping using DX6 theoryNotAGamer5NotAGamer (2016)
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Hardwireddna1dna (2016)
way to get and to edit the firmware of a device ?RemiD5RemiD (2016)
how do you really do damage?NotAGamer6H&K (2016)
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F1 2014 and Windows 8.1Chalky6xlsior (2016)
Gaming / Work PC BuildGabriel11therevills (2016)
way/tool to automatically set mp3 title + artistnaRemiD4Kryzon (2016)
File Explorer not workingJBR10JBR (2016)
AlbaLynx.dll where I find the library ?Yue6Rick Nasher (2016)
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Hi, looking for AlbaLynx?Alis John7Yue (2016)
UHD vs UHD Premium TV?Gabriel11Ian Thompson (2016)
Demos Xors3DYue2Yue (2016)
blitz3d or xord3d game networking tutorial?NotAGamer1NotAGamer (2016)
which it the fastest and most effective way?NotAGamer7NotAGamer (2016)
concerns about physicalYue3Yue (2016)
Trying to remember a freeware Blitz2D ball gameZethrax1Zethrax (2016)
HLSL shader tutorials ?NotAGamer3Gabriel (2016)
Internet not connecting properly and other problemMatty2Matty (2016)
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Free 3d models web sites?Yue2Zethrax (2016)
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Share it with me please :)NotAGamer2Matty (2016)
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Setting up IDeaL with Blitz3DRustyKristi3RustyKristi (2016)
Links to downloadddqod2Danilo (2016)
where I can upload my video games?Santiworld2Dabhand (2016)
What to do with notused quads in a one surface perRemiD4RemiD (2016)
highlight 3d object on mouse over?NotAGamer3Zethrax (2016)
Looking for B3D/BMX code formatting tool/editorRustyKristi3RustyKristi (2016)
break a float in several parts to be able to analyRemiD2RemiD (2016)
how to exit a double for next loop ?RemiD46RemiD (2016)
The DX10/11 blitz.. helpNotAGamer2xlsior (2016)
animated characters body parts going through wallsRemiD20Matty (2016)
Please help with my implementation of inputStreamBlitzplotter2Blitzplotter (2016)
[SOLVED] LZH [lh1 method] Extractor (Windows)Chalky1Chalky (2016)
Forcing Mouse Clicks?Omnicode3Omnicode (2016)
math problem related to 3dline and 3dtriangle inteRemiD8Kryzon (2016)
[SOLVED] Need some tips on optimizing collisionsRustyKristi41Guy Fawkes (2016)
CPU UsageBlitzMan5Grisu (2016)
Exporting a Blitz3D rendered scene to a 3D printerBlitzplotter3Blitzplotter (2016)
[SOLVED] How to properly export .X files?RustyKristi3RustyKristi (2016)
precise and fast blur of a 1024x768 image/textureRemiD8RemiD (2016)
Blitz3D's MediaView app nogo in Win10(solved)Rick Nasher4Rick Nasher (2016)
OpenGL fails on MS Surface Pro 4Derron5Derron (2016)
[Solved] Merging multiple UV/Textures into oneRustyKristi8RemiD (2016)
Plugin Blender B3D?Yue22RemiD (2016)
DBO to B3D converterRustyKristi15RustyKristi (2016)
Win7 - Force Single Instance (not programming)Chalky3Derron (2016)
Minimum number of bits to hold a value +Log base-nTomToad4Kryzon (2016)
Windows 10?CuteNCreamy4CuteNCreamy (2016)
Turning off auto region checking in a web browser(tu) ENAY2RemiD (2016)
Intersecting triangles impact on rendering ?RemiD9RemiD (2016)
separate splits increase the rendering time ?RemiD6RemiD (2016)
How do I add things to Code Archives?darkhog6Floyd (2016)
BlitzMax and commercial usagedarkhog8LT (2015)
Scrolling down on websitesfox958718Bobysait (2015)
Is this a sign my desktop lcd screen is dying?Matty9TomToad (2015)
French, Spanish and Arabic speakers (German laterMatty19Brucey (2015)
creating animation : poseframes emptyframesRemiD7Matty (2015)
Dragging files onto an exefox958719fox95871 (2015)
It's that time againsmilertoo6Floyd (2015)
Finding 'x' in a triangleKryzon11AdamStrange (2015)
algorithm to reduce the number of vertices/trianglRemiD10RemiD (2015)
wifiJBR3Derron (2015)
Dreaded not Responding message (even when ok)Matty8Blitzplotter (2015)
add blood on adjacent texels/triangles of a ...RemiD3RemiD (2015)
[SOLVED] Fixing UV scaling on random scaled meshesRustyKristi9RustyKristi (2015)
gile[s] sample scenes?JaviCervera3JaviCervera (2015)
Generate this type of normal map for 3d Models?RustyKristi35RustyKristi (2015)
accurate 2d collisions ?RemiD7angros47 (2015)
BB v1.24 (2D Blitz Basic 2002) in Windows 10?c h i e f y9RustyKristi (2015)
New Website Sanity CheckGabriel6Gabriel (2015)
Corel transparencies X7Yue5Yue (2015)
Can't add code to the forum?Krischan3markcw (2015)
Blitz Basic with Windows 10, hiccup running BB (locked)c h i e f y1c h i e f y (2015)
IPAD?Hotshot20053AdamStrange (2015)
Atari ST plugHotshot20053Hotshot2005 (2015)
Gtk+ on WindowsDabhand1Dabhand (2015)
windows 7 spyware?markcw5Grisu (2015)
"dynamic" nodes and links ?RemiD4RemiD (2015)
Browser in Windows 10Yue3Zethrax (2015)
Reading from Extend Sat Hard drive?Hotshot200511Brucey (2015)
how to redraw the content of a windowRemiD29Danny (2015)
How do I make a bitmap in GraphicsGale?Rooster3Rooster (2015)
video codec audio codec for fast recordingRemiD10big10p (2015)
Where download Tree[d] [Fix]Yue4Rick Nasher (2015)
How to prevent Android default web browser alterinMatty13Matty (2015)
usb ? does it work ?Matty5Matty (2015)
Windows 7 migrationYue11Rick Nasher (2015)
Shared memory for data transferHeliotrope13Heliotrope (2015)
Advice on bluetooth adapters for PC (win7 64bit)Matty6Grisu (2015)
identify too long directory names and file namesRemiD6RemiD (2015)
Audio design queryMatty1Matty (2015)
Can't find old "Tom Speed" DLLs?Guy Fawkes29RemiD (2015)
Would appreciate some feedback (again)PhotonTom23Kryzon (2015)
PC BSODShambler14virtlands (2015)
Network : Tracking large amount of objectsRifRaf10* (2015)
General design queryMatty2PhotonTom (2015)
What tool to create Youtube vids of your game?Rick Nasher7Matty (2015)
Questions About PhysicsYue15Yue (2015)
Name changePhotonTom9Steve Elliott (2015)
AMD Laptop?Hotshot20053xlsior (2015)
A way to detect if an OS has the C:/user/appdata/Blitzplotter26Blitzplotter (2015)
Engine (code) SafetySteve Elliott4Steve Elliott (2015)
How to make "voice recognition software" ?NotAGamer12Guy Fawkes (2015)
permissions problem - websiteMatty1Matty (2015)
determine the xzdirection from a xyznormalRemiD3RemiD (2015)
add a length to all values of a 3d vectorRemiD4Matty (2015)
Unity 3DEn92944Ravl (2015)
How to produce this blur effect?NotAGamer5Yasha (2015)
What is wrong with this picture?ShadowTurtle5BlitzSupport (2015)
Code printing in colour.Makis4Makis (2015)
Freeware FLV to AVI converter?big10p9big10p (2015)
Help with font code?Guy Fawkes20GfK (2015)
Help! graphics card doesnt accept new drivers!NotAGamer6NotAGamer (2015)
Graphic design adviceXerra6Xerra (2015)
HTTP Redirection_PJ_3_PJ_ (2015)
latest blitz3d documentationNotAGamer3RemiD (2015)
Attempting to load a b3d entity from a bankBlitzplotter6Blitzplotter (2015)
Any experience with amazon cloud services?Matty5Matty (2015)
how to calculate the pwidth pheight (in pixels) ofRemiD9big10p (2015)
custom animation system with poses for 3d meshesRemiD1RemiD (2015)
find out old email addressMatty5Matty (2015)
Do you know some 3d games that ...NotAGamer5Gabriel (2015)
My friends considering a new laptop - is Windows 7Blitzplotter16RemiD (2015)
Problem with returningGuy Fawkes8Matty (2015)
Graphics card BudgetHotshot200511Hotshot2005 (2015)
Coordination of development process - tips?Matty8Matty (2015)
Curious problemMatty4Matty (2015)
Question about server load.Matty6Matty (2015)
Would appreciate some feedbackPhotonTom15Derron (2015)
anyone have chaosedit?AdamStrange1AdamStrange (2015)
Hosting and Database AdviceMatty6videz (2015)
USB Wireless donger?Hotshot200524Guy Fawkes (2015)
Once a texture is loaded, can it be 'compiled'....Blitzplotter28Blitzplotter (2015)
HSLS GLSL CGYue17Brucey (2015)
How do I post my 3D Blitz project on my websiteEn92914En929 (2015)
Directory that I could remove, is Virus?Yue9Makis (2015)
Designing my Own Website?Hotshot20059steve_ancell (2015)
Phone browser problemMatty3RemiD (2015)
Kinect 2.0 - Windows 8.1 Pro - not working right?Guy Fawkes24skidracer (2015)
Website problemMatty14Matty (2015)
Blender 3D vs AutoCad 3D MaxEn9298Yasha (2015)
27 inch monitorJBR13Hotshot2005 (2015)
[Solved] Need testers that have Win7 installed.Grisu17Grisu (2015)
BLIde and code foldingAdam Novagen4Adam Novagen (2015)
For Next CounterYue11Zethrax (2015)
Texture is messing upTrigger10002videz (2015)
appropriate volume of sounds ?RemiD11Zethrax (2015)
Name this genre?Yasha5_PJ_ (2015)
I want to buy a tablet.Yue9Yue (2014)
What is this effect, and how to make it ?RemiD4big10p (2014)
ide IDeal for Blitz3D error download web.Yue6virtlands (2014)
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Help ragdollYue1Yue (2014)
Company ignores request for updateDoggie10TomToad (2014)
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OpenAL died?Yue8Brucey (2014)
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Subversion client for OSX?GfK3Derron (2014)
Question on motherboardsDodo5Calibrator (2014)
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Zooming the Mandelbrot setMarcell5markcw (2014)
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Maximum size of a scene and float accuracy problemRemiD11RemiD (2014)
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What is a garbage collector?Yue5Yasha (2014)
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What is a constructor in C #?Yue8feeble1 (2014)
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Free ISO creator anywhere?Tricky6dawlane (2014)
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Web libs Blitz3DYue5markcw (2014)
Debugging to an external .txt file ?RemiD7degac (2014)
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Finding a Position Within an Imagefeeble17feeble1 (2014)
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Long loading time under MacOS when multithreadingRavl15AdamStrange (2014)
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XML editor?GfK3GfK (2014)
Monitor picture quality questionbig10p6Calibrator (2014)
Lotus particle system.Yue15RemiD (2014)
Help to put brush mesh.Yue21RemiD (2014)
is it possible to mirror computer image?Hardcoal6Hardcoal (2014)
Hey, what the hell is Jitter?Yue8Yue (2014)
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Tire marks on the ground?Yue10Yue (2014)
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Texture for robot?Yue13Yue (2014)
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Team work.Yue4virtlands (2013)
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dying drive or usb enclosure?Ginger Tea6* (2013)
Another email addressJBR8Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2013)
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SQL queries?Hotshot20057Guy Fawkes (2013)
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Printers, and ink.GfK16GfK (2013)
Anybody an XML expert?GfK6GfK (2013)
Word 2013 - help with tables/cellsGfK2GfK (2013)
Remake for TheWayOfTheExplodingFistII from C64Hardcoal3GfK (2013)
Help find program.Yue3Yue (2013)
using blitz3d IDE.EXE for "other" languagesRifRaf12virtlands (2013)
Finally going to upgrade from XPRifRaf34Blitzplotter (2013)
Paid Job: Seeking recursion expertAarbronBeast16virtlands (2013)
New language after BlitzMaxJur7* (2013)
Exception_Access_Violation (locked)PhotonTom1PhotonTom (2013)
Video frame editorfox9587114fox95871 (2013)
Helping out Neighbor - 3 toasted ComputersImperium8Imperium (2013)
PVR which goes from Scart to USB?Gabriel4Gabriel (2013)
Blitz3D mouse touch screen errorDoggie4Doggie (2013)
A test with Windows 8 pleaseRemiD1RemiD (2013)
Batch file : Manage Local Hard Disk (RAMDRIVE)Imperium6xlsior (2013)
Load ServerYue4Derron (2013)
How to open a created game without using Blitz?needfulart13Blitzplotter (2013)
How Do I hide a console in blitzmaxMainsworthy2Mainsworthy (2013)
Motherboard SwappingImperium9Imperium (2013)
Monitor calibration?GfK9xlsior (2013)
I need some accounting softwareGfK5GfK (2013)
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Discover why LoadMesh is failing to load .b3d fileBlitzplotter4big10p (2013)
Boot.ini XPYue4xlsior (2013)
PCI/PCI-E Extenders - Tech Savy OnlyImperium25Imperium (2013)
Help on computerYue6Imperium (2013)
keypress freezes or slows down programsAvestheFox12Imperium (2013)
What can I use spare SSDs for?GfK10xlsior (2013)
CPU power connector on motherboardRifRaf12RifRaf (2013)
Can't find the editor for Infamous 2 on PS3Doggie4Gabriel (2013)
Setting up RAM in BIOSGfK17GfK (2013)
XBox 360 Questionxlsior10xlsior (2013)
Raising money for SSAFA (locked)GfK7simonh (2013)
What's the role of an engine?Yasha5Gabriel (2013)
Minor Navigation issue - Can you fix?Imperium4Imperium (2013)
windows 8 freezes Blitz when no speakers ?jfk EO-1111013Imperium (2013)
Is Acronis TrueImage still the daddy?GfK12xlsior (2013)
Computer asks me what OS to boot...GfK10(tu) ENAY (2013)
Purebasic - Learning how to loop functionsGuy Fawkes10Ginger Tea (2013)
Continuing a source fileHardcoal7Hardcoal (2013)
Help Windows 8Yue6Imperium (2013)
A program to make animations framesYue9Ginger Tea (2013)
Someone needs a model?Yue1Yue (2013)
Ubee router 2600 HelpYue8Yue (2013)
Any chance to contact MikhailV from Fastlibs?N_Gnom4N_Gnom (2013)
Help with test server.Yue11Yue (2013)
AviFil32 Issuejfk EO-111101jfk EO-11110 (2013)
How to know if a vertex need to be duplicated or nRemiD11RemiD (2013)
Free video capture?big10p9ima747 (2013)
Creating a Media CentreSteve Elliott25Steve Elliott (2013)
2 Questions about Copyrightsjfk EO-1111010xlsior (2013)
Using Unity3d like Blitz3dRemiD9* (2013)
Visual Studio debugging experts...col4col (2013) browsing issuejfk EO-111106jfk EO-11110 (2013)
BSOD - Stop: 0x000000F4GfK21GaryV (2013)
Need natively english speaking personjfk EO-1111025virtlands (2013)
Recommend me a GPU for ~150 ($200)GfK6Ginger Tea (2013)
[PLEASE HELP] Should I get Blitz3D?JoeDude3627Yue (2013)
Internet Speed Test.Yue5CGV (2013)
Here's a good one: Windows Explorer Clicks SlowGabriel6Gabriel (2013)
Voice Editing SoftwareGabriel8jfk EO-11110 (2013)
DVD on Galaxy Tab?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)12ottykool (2013)
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Question for Mint usersGaryV5GaryV (2013)
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my video editor for androidjfk EO-1111018RemiD (2013)
3d formulasHardcoal11Kryzon (2013)
The old Alpha channelBlitzplotter7Blitzplotter (2013)
Problem trying to benchmarkYasha14Imperium (2013)
Opening Google Earth within a browserBlitzplotter10_PJ_ (2013)
Is there an app or service that does this ?-=Darkheart=-6-=Darkheart=- (2013)
Optimum build PCScaremonger11Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2013)
The GPL Licensecol7col (2013)
Web Traffic ControlYue3Yue (2013)
Jony Ive Redesigns Thingsazrak11GaryV (2013)
PRP: Some translation help needed...Grisu5Scaremonger (2013)
wget not getting whole files sometimesMatty5skidracer (2013)
Lang design: shared members and inheritanceziggy3ziggy (2013)
How does google do it?Matty4Matty (2013)
Wireless network bridge. Maybe?GfK16xlsior (2013)
3Impact?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)9Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2013)
Problem with trees.Yue12Gabriel (2013)
How would you call a static class?ziggy6D4NM4N (2013)
Flow3D Help DocumentationYue3Yue (2013)
Please recommend good blender tutorialsBlitzplotter26Blitzplotter (2013)
connecting via USBNate the Great5xlsior (2013)
combine Java code with C++ code?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)5D4NM4N (2013)
extract the raw text data from htmlviewPlayniax2Derron (2013)
Help me (test change res and mode windows)Yue3Yue (2013)
Fave languages - and why?Steve Elliott21Ringo (2013)
Dedicated Server Setup?Gabriel6Gabriel (2013)
Pay Pal?Hotshot20055xlsior (2013)
PHP / SQL Question: Returning array in functionGuy Fawkes2Derron (2013)
Ref counting and Mark and sweepziggy6Yasha (2013)
Bank Account canceledYue12Ginger Tea (2013)
What is the name of a not uniformly scaled cube ?RemiD11D4NM4N (2013)
Time-limited demo for Mac?JoshK13D4NM4N (2013)
Is Xors3D worth it?Oiduts Studios10MadJack (2013)
Recording from microphone using BlitzBASSMark Judd1Mark Judd (2013)
Slow down time when doing an action ?RemiD3RemiD (2013)
Properly designing a game?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)12virtlands (2013)
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Breakable walls deformable walls ?RemiD6* (2013)
HDTV's and PC's any real problems?Ginger Tea24Ginger Tea (2013)
Dropbox ImagesSteve Elliott3Steve Elliott (2013)
Part# for PS3 disk drive?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)13TaskMaster (2013)
UDP: prevent flood of a port with several packetsRemiD12-=Darkheart=- (2013)
Laptop with Windows 98 SEYue26* (2013)
root tablet and overclockCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)7D4NM4N (2013)
windows 8 tabletMalachi9GfK (2013)
Is it legal to rerelease opensource?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)9D4NM4N (2013)
Just unboxed a surface rtD4NM4N12D4NM4N (2013)
How to update some elements of a GUIRemiD7RemiD (2013)
Android TabletsJBR16D4NM4N (2013)
Good site to find freelance artists for gamesziggy13Derron (2013)
External RAID enclosureGfK4xlsior (2013)
L3DT How to do Lava?Guy Fawkes6Guy Fawkes (2013)
Turning 3D model's colors into texture(s)?Guy Fawkes7Guy Fawkes (2013)
A question for UK employers (are there any here?)GfK10Ringo (2013)
Searching for a BlitzMax game with source codeqim2GW (2013)
BLIde feature requestTaskMaster12Derron (2013)
upgraded RAM and no difference?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)14ima747 (2013)
C++, GUI, on the Pi...Dabhand13Steve Elliott (2013)
Max GUI Text ColorSteve Elliott1Steve Elliott (2013)
Immigrating to CanadaYue23skidracer (2013)
General question about "continue" vs "nested ifs"Matty14RemiD (2013)
What are the correct terms for these effects?Yasha8Kryzon (2013)
Anyone made a low poly B3D Heart ?Blitzplotter7D4NM4N (2013)
Code Line Separator...?Mr. Goober3Mr. Goober (2013)
Problems with static (Computer)Yue36Yue (2013)
Java Bug/VirusEn92913ima747 (2013)
Ooops I broke my CMD window! (XP)matibee4D4NM4N (2013)
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I retrieve my password FastLibs ...Yue1Yue (2013)
Wordpress Hosting? (With Stones!)Gabriel4Who was John Galt? (2013)
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account problems: perhaps its just me...AdamRedwoods2Pengwin (2013)
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Free & Modern BASIC dialect with DirectX 9.0c ?Vampire36Vampire (2013)
3d vectors calculation help pleaseRemiD3RemiD (2013)
Android SDK with NetBeans?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)7Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2013)
Elite: DangerousArmitage 19823Armitage 1982 (2013)
Free Game Music (And other resources)Retimer12Retimer (2012)
How to update a link between 2 nodes when a door..RemiD7RemiD (2012)
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Causes which can damage the walls of a buildingRemiD8RemiD (2012)
Ads for HTML5 game?SLotman7Derron (2012)
Reading CPU usagePlayniax2dawlane (2012)
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Brightness, Contrast and temperature display.Yue5xlsior (2012)
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platform game: How to detect if I am in-the-airVampire12Vampire (2012)
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Chrome Books, what's the point?Ginger Tea12Ginger Tea (2012)
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Parallax sample imagesziggy7Kryzon (2012)
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[UK] British Telecom suckGfK21Amon (2012)
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Dancing skeletons Sprites?Hotshot200510Ginger Tea (2012)
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Multi switch statement with single variable?(tu) ENAY5(tu) ENAY (2012)
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Networking RC4 Encryption. Somthing better?Richard Betson1Richard Betson (2012)
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Where would you sell your games?DRH6Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
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flash like tool with HTML5 output?Pax5Pax (2012)
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Reinstall XP on Latitude D510 Please Help MeCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)32Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
Password on router and false charges????Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)18SystemError51 (2012)
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Front USB panel?GfK6GfK (2012)
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2d/3d math help (differential calculus)..matibee4matibee (2012)
Free ftp host that allows zip-files?Grisu6Grisu (2012)
Voxels. How to use them efficiently?SystemError5114DrDeath (2012)
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Fonts Size?Hotshot20057Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
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iPod headphones?GfK16ima747 (2012)
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JavaScript Game Programming site like this oneEn9298En929 (2012)
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Grandtheft Auto style map(tu) ENAY8(tu) ENAY (2012)
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developmentYue13iprice (2012)
is using OSX in a VM illegal?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)19D4NM4N (2012)
Data Sychronization Options For a Small Business.WERDNA10Ross C (2012)
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Blitz compatibility Win98 SE Pentium IIICaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)53Yasha (2012)
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Graphics card dead?Ross C6Ross C (2012)
Some feedback for the language I'm designingziggy5ziggy (2012)
Any safe program to download .torrent?Happy Sammy13Happy Sammy (2012)
High Poly Sculptris Model Reduse polycount?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)1Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
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Installing Ubuntu Dell Inspiron N5110 Certified???Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)3Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
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GT 9800 EE 1G DR3 vs HD 4670 1G DR3Yue11Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
GRaceful way to exit a B3D applicationBlitzplotter8Blitzplotter (2012)
What are the ^ and | symbols on the keyboard?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)10Pengwin (2012)
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Stopping a WD Green HD Going to sleep?Amon8xlsior (2012)
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Where to Get Cider?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)8Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
BlitzMax for the Absolute beginner Kindle Source?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)2xlsior (2012)
Any free modelers that can export b3d?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)9D4NM4N (2012)
Application design semantics(?)matibee5matibee (2012)
Receiving Networkpackets in VirtualBoxDerron2xlsior (2012)
PHP get divs from HTML codeArska6Derron (2012)
Operators priority when designing a language?ziggy21ziggy (2012)
Remote access? Programs running on their ownDoggie17Doggie (2012)
GNU license newbie question...Pierrou7D4NM4N (2012)
Desktop PC?Hotshot20055xlsior (2012)
ATI accelerator cards?Yue2xlsior (2012)
Free EXE packers?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)12matibee (2012)
Dangers of overclocking graphics card?Yue6Yue (2012)
GTA V my computer new =)Yue10Blitzplotter (2012)
Non looping languages a mystery to me.ando39ando (2012)
Active Links for Max3D module?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)5Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
Process tree mem usage calculation (.net related)ziggy1ziggy (2012)
I cant get onto the B3D beginners area forum so...Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)9Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
temperature dataYue1Yue (2012)
Alternative to Adobe Flash?GfK6SLotman (2012)
Help with gitziggy7_PJ_ (2012)
Need help with translation.Tri|Ga|De11Tri|Ga|De (2012)
searchnu searchquBlitzplotter6Kryzon (2012)
Free GUI GIT Clinet for Windows?Amon3Amon (2012)
Help Gile [s] 2Yue2Yue (2012)
GFX Card or CPU (Game Speed)Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)5Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
What is Bryce 7 PLE?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)2Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
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Windows 7 SMB connecting with NAS Drivenrasool7ima747 (2012)
computer tips.Yue3Htbaa (2012)
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Annosoft vs FaceFX?Gabriel1Gabriel (2012)
Something Similar to Torque Engine 4 MacCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)12Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
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Setting up Ogre3d with Code::Blocks ?????Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)2D4NM4N (2012)
Free Alternative to T.ED Pro?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)11Hotshot2005 (2012)
Converting OBJ to 3DS or XCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)16Warner (2012)
Upgraded to a 320gb PS3 Slim - How do I..."Amon6* (2012)
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Krylars Book - program 2d gamesscribbla12slenkar (2012)
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changing url names on the flyPax1Pax (2012)
Fast Game Engine for DevC++Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)14Steve Elliott (2012)
Anyone recursively check a directory's files for..Blitzplotter3xlsior (2012)
How Would I Create Something Like This?WERDNA7WERDNA (2012), new content request...Dabhand6GaryV (2012)
recommended books to learn linux shell?Pax4Pax (2012)
Place to sell App Game Kit licenseBossti13D4NM4N (2012)
Programs for Producing musicNate the Great6steve_ancell (2012)
wireless adapter for Sony Bluray playerGfK2xlsior (2012)
TGC forum problem?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)11okee (2012)
Merchandise Site...Dabhand5Ginger Tea (2012)
Alternative to Cam Studio?Blitzplotter2Dodo (2012)
3D Verlet PhysicsChroma6Nate the Great (2012)
Unity3D?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)9RemiD (2012)
How to display an image on the screen when...RemiD1RemiD (2012)
Learning a new language?Kryzon13Nike (2012)
please help with sqlite queryPax3Pax (2012)
What does "Clone" do in JAVA?(tu) ENAY4Yasha (2012)
HP G60 Overheat problem.Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)22Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
RDP connection alive after disconnectShagwana2xlsior (2012)
Is Microsoft Office 2010 Starter free?Happy Sammy10Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
Link Doxygen Reference to F1 under MV C++Armitage 19821Armitage 1982 (2011)
Random PHP Question(tu) ENAY11Perturbatio (2011)
Refresh UserLibs Definitions? Windows 7 x64Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)1Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
Blitz Max - A product for beginners?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)8okee (2011)
Animating an object in fragMOTION?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)1Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
Antivirus Crashes my laptop!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)3Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
Anybody ever used SoftwarePassport?GfK3GfK (2011)
HTML ElementJoshK5Kryzon (2011)
How to sell Blitz3D license?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)12Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
Why can i not remove the battery from my mac?D4NM4N15D4NM4N (2011)
External USB2.0 Hard DrivesJBR11xlsior (2011)
World3d & FastExt now not compatibles ?Vignoli6Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
Alexa Premium Listing - Worth it?Retimer1Retimer (2011)
Microsoft games nolonger work in my laptop?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)28Zethrax (2011)
Cartoon Concept Artist SoughtGabriel7Jur (2011)
Compiling XCode for an Ipad on the Mac(tu) ENAY4D4NM4N (2011)
How hard can it be?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)8D4NM4N (2011)
Got given an iPad today.D4NM4N21D4NM4N (2011)
Can someone sponsor me some bubbles?Amon9xlsior (2011)
Is there a Max3D Module?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)5Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
How do I lock out unwanted coders from my website?WERDNA41WERDNA (2011)
Okay, finished my software, now how to sell it?Blitzplotter17Blitzplotter (2011)
Stop Windows 7 from limiting the width of a windowZethrax10Zethrax (2011)
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Digital SLR cameras. Canon 450D good?EOF27TartanTangerine (was Indiepath) (2010)
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WebcamsJBR6Canardian (2010)
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Good Documentation Creator?Uncle18ShadowTurtle (2010)
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