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Initial Setup and adding mods(help)?Rick Nasher4Rick Nasher (June)
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Bank IMG Help!Caton3skidracer (April)
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scripting?Caton3Caton (March)
array resizing issueAshes4Ashes (March)
Default building file using MaxIDEFoppy3Foppy (March)
how do you read a return key?Juiceter9Juiceter (March)
basic questionAshes9Ashes (March)
Some useful tips for starting blitzmaxJuiceter2Juiceter (March)
Elementary image rotation by 90 degrees?tobykurk5tobykurk (March)
CollideImage very slowAshes3Ashes (February)
"cannot find -lwinpthread" error at linking timeRalighón14Ralighón (2017)
Instal MinGW?Yue39Derron (2017)
Blitzmax & Linux Mint 64BitSmokingAce22112Derron (2017)
The IDE stops working when I try to add fonts in Ubuntu 16.04 (stop loading) (locked)rickychus1rickychus (2017)
Help requested with numbers of more than ten digits into strings.tobykurk10Derron (2016)
Where download OpenB3d For Blitzmax?Yue4Derron (2016)
Can't get any fmod implementations to work =( (locked)coffeedotbean1coffeedotbean (2016)
Beginners - Start Here (locked)Zethrax1Zethrax (2016)
Build different version?MOBii3Derron (2016)
Doing my swede inBlitzMan3BlitzMan (2016)
Exe Game.DebugYue3FireballStarfish (2016)
it's code not Work [Solved ]Yue4Yue (2016)
Help, .b3d file...Nikola180116Nikola1801 (2016)
Object TLIst is destroyed by itself?Yue7Yue (2016)
Change caption dialog Confirm?Yue4Yue (2016)
point 'n' click adventure pathfinding?JustLuke16RustyKristi (2016)
Can't start BlitzMaxecb2472skidracer (2016)
drawing a closed polygoneHardcoal10Hardcoal (2016)
rect in poly collisionsjkrankie6Hardcoal (2016)
GUI qn - panels and canvasses in a single windowJuiceter2Juiceter (2016)
what does "!" mean here?CloseToPerfect8TomToad (2016)
Local number:Int[,]Yue5Hardcoal (2016)
AppTitle$="Umm..."Chroma20Predsel (2016)
Error when building anything in BlitzMaxberserk6berserk (2016)
How to tell if Capslock is onWill6Prym (2016)
Helpful Hints for Newbie BlitzMax UsersMacguffin22Bobysait (2016)
App Crash on resolution changeHardcoal4Derron (2016)
Saving a .png that is bigger than the screenJuiceter4Juiceter (2016)
The Purpose of Delay In a LoopHardcoal9H&K (2016)
Desktop AddressHardcoal5Hardcoal (2016)
Blide & console output questionGaldy5Galdy (2016)
Help with Animations for KeyHit?danielbritt9556Kryzon (2016)
Ignore this Cannot deletedanielbritt951danielbritt95 (2016)
I'm going mad here!JBR11Kryzon (2016)
Help here please.Yue7Henri (2016)
desktop Screen resolution change?Juiceter30grable (2016)
MaxGUI Child gadgets (Menu)_PJ_3Midimaster (2016)
Empty Type objects_PJ_9_PJ_ (2016)
Fast grabimageJuiceter7Juiceter (2016)
How to hide FPS info in full screen mode ?dominique956danielbritt95 (2016)
help with a shooting game.Greetlock3Greetlock (2016)
Environment Variables_PJ_2Henri (2016)
Handling anim imagesAshes3Ashes (2016)
Non-MaxGUI Resizable window?bizzlebazreese4Kryzon (2016)
Best way to load or import alot of images/anims?bizzlebazreese8Midimaster (2016)
Help with reading strings from filesRooster5Rooster (2016)
Standardio: clearing the console outputbyo17Brucey (2016)
blitzmax ng hide boarders help!Caton2col (2016)
Xors3D helpJBR6Hardcoal (2016)
fix muh drawimage code plzmeems8meems (2016)
Type Int or TGadgetYue3TomToad (2016)
Blitzmax bz2 feature?Caton2xlsior (2016)
TileImage ignores SetScaleJBR3JBR (2016)
Astron And Python And Blitz3d?Caton5Caton (2016)
Blitz3d x64 Support?Caton2xlsior (2016)
PLEASE HELP!!! Don't know how to create serverCaton2xlsior (2016)
getting started on server code? - need help!Caton1Caton (2016)
code need help working!Caton1Caton (2016)
help with video code?Caton16Caton (2016)
cmd options on blitz program?Caton4xlsior (2016)
d3d 9 in blitzmax?Caton6col (2016)
CreateThreadHardcoal4Hardcoal (2016)
Models in a random field ?Yue2Trinosis (2016)
Mutext?Yue15col (2016)
[Solved]Help installing mod AlvaLynxYue2Hardcoal (2016)
QuestionYue4Fielder (2016)
Please help!DRG314Fielder (2016)
DrawImage/useing array data refrence bug/ErrorRedWizzard9RedWizzard (2016)
Separate a mixed TypeMOBii4Derron (2016)
Are Links in Textarea possibile ?Dan5Dan (2016)
DrawImage using Array refrence bug/ErrorRedWizzard1RedWizzard (2016)
Curiosity usage Memory BlitzMaxYue6xlsior (2016)
Try Catch?Yue6Kryzon (2016)
IDE for BlitzMax Free?Yue6Yue (2016)
threads and modules error.Yue3Yue (2016)
Error using method module.Yue8Yue (2016)
CRT effect\shader ?coffeedotbean6Kryzon (2016)
working on two screensHardcoal12Hardcoal (2016)
Eachin loop with array and modifying that arrayPakz3Pakz (2016)
the purpose of sendmessage to an object..Hardcoal13Hardcoal (2016)
Padding Me On The Headdw8177Kryzon (2016)
Blitzmax game window whit menus and tools editorRedWizzard4RedWizzard (2016)
Graphics flip drawing helpRedWizzard8Derron (2016)
3D based guiHardcoal7Hardcoal (2016)
Moving Businessdw81713Brucey (2016)
Finding Local Ip within Blitzmax on OSXcps7cps (2016)
Detecting Operating Systemscps11cps (2016)
How can i display cpu effort..?Hardcoal10Hardcoal (2016)
will paypal 20$ for helpTaytot2Cocopino (2016)
How to detect the operating systemcps2cps (2016)
Things ive never used so far in BlitzmaxHardcoal5TomToad (2016)
Broken!Caton12Xerra (2016)
Random Exception Error when Writing a Filesweet_kungfuman8sweet_kungfuman (2016)
[Solved] Color Pick on ImageRustyKristi7markcw (2016)
I Saw It The First Timedw8176dw817 (2016)
Canvas Problemcps2cps (2016)
Blurry Concept (Source Included)dw8173dw817 (2016)
How to input in different languages?christian2235Kryzon (2016)
Trying to find color value at pixel locationBlitzMan9dw817 (2016)
Multiplayer NetworkingB46cps (2016)
RecursivityCasaber7Casaber (2016)
Animation?Polarix5grable (2016)
Need help with TypeRustyKristi15RustyKristi (2016)
what is g++ error?ThePict11dawlane (2016)
Arrow Errordw81715dw817 (2016)
DrawRect outlined..Hardcoal15Hardcoal (2016)
How do you make a button?Polarix3BlitzMan (2016)
Alpha Maledw8174dw817 (2016)
Ghost In The Machinedw8179dw817 (2016)
ERROR!Caton18Cocopino (2016)
Sounds Good To Medw81720Midimaster (2016)
Reality Checkdw8175dw817 (2016)
What's The Point ?dw81710dw817 (2016)
Mid Life Crisis (locked)dw8171dw817 (2016)
Would this multithread well?JBR39JBR (2016)
what does this mean (locked)spear301spear30 (2016)
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Caton15Derron (2016)
ViewPort UsageGrimGary3Floyd (2016)
HELP ERROR FILE!!!Caton6Floyd (2016)
Command Line in blitzmax?Caton4dw817 (2016)
Installing on LinuxRooster24Derron (2016)
image vs pixmapmeems3Kryzon (2016)
VLC in full screenCaton7Henri (2016)
Work with programmers?Caton13dw817 (2016)
define file error!!!Caton2Brucey (2016)
Help with List field in a typeokee6okee (2016)
EventQueue - Drag'n'DropDan10Dan (2016)
The Lektordw8175dw817 (2016)
Swinging My Bucket (Source Included)dw81713dw817 (2016)
Open Source Tile based gamejulias019dw817 (2016)
Malfunction - Malfunctiondw81733Derron (2016)
Get Real !dw81742Derron (2016)
Sprite Animation Problemshepherd16dw817 (2016)
I'll Take A Copydw8173dw817 (2016)
The Error Of My Waysdw81728LT (2016)
printing the "£" pound signJuiceter10dw817 (2016)
Project Organisationjulias011dw817 (2016)
LoadByteArray:Byte[]JBR11xlsior (2016)
How to get alpha value from ReadPixelRooster14dw817 (2016)
Temporary Insanitydw81717dw817 (2016)
Good looking definition?Casaber19dw817 (2016)
Help!ScottieDawg4Hotshot2005 (2016)
Going Through Some Changesdw81712dw817 (2016)
String Stressdw81710dw817 (2016)
ImagesCollide problemRooster9dw817 (2016)
faster way to add data[x] to a stringPanno3Panno (2016)
The Black Slatedw81717dw817 (2016)
Sidesigndw81718skidracer (2016)
Solved-Import vs Framework?Use Framework AssistantRustyKristi12RustyKristi (2016)
SetScale?Hotshot200510coffeedotbean (2016)
[Solved] TSound not found (Linux)RustyKristi12dw817 (2016)
A Begginer's First Code - Tank FightersIan Caio12Ian Caio (2016)
Don't Tread On Medw8178dw817 (2016)
Hold Itdw8173dw817 (2016)
goto labels inside functionsRustyKristi10dw817 (2016)
Players start positionBlitzMan18BlitzMan (2016)
SeekFile equivalentRooster3Rooster (2016)
How do I speed a game up as it progresses?brian7020dw817 (2016)
KeyDown with Select/case?Galdy11Bobysait (2016)
any trace of virus in this source code?mooney126mooney12 (2016)
Can someone explain Var?Endive7Derron (2015)
[Solved] How can I free() the real children?MOBii5MOBii (2015)
Mouse cursor collision with image?Galdy3Galdy (2015)
Display changes after save asDaemon1Daemon (2015)
Being SneakyJBR3JBR (2015)
Watch Moviesblicek2markcw (2015)
Float GridHezkore6Kryzon (2015)
How do I change Graphics window title after...darkhog9degac (2015)
Never mind.vbmark1vbmark (2015)
Blurry pixelsdarkhog4coffeedotbean (2015)
Getting Exception Access Violation errorvbmark3vbmark (2015)
BlitzMax Companion - install everything you needdegac62dw817 (2015)
Delay = Sleep?Casaber4Casaber (2015)
Match-3 related algorithms?darkhog3degac (2015)
TilEd support for Blitzmax?darkhog1darkhog (2015)
Extern?Yue2col (2015)
For Until?Yue4therevills (2015)
not working!Caton21Brucey (2015)
What is a callback function ?Yue4John G (2015)
Help with Array.Yue8Bobysait (2015)
dds?Caton4Brucey (2015)
How do you draw on textures?Kimor24RupeB (2015)
Unable to create 3d scene (locked)JBR1JBR (2015)
BlitzMax options extendibility?RupeB14RupeB (2015)
BlitzMax options extendibilityRupeB2Bobysait (2015)
help with showgadget()Juiceter3degac (2015)
Help with MaskImage() in Windows 7PoliteProgrammer25xlsior (2015)
Blitzmaxhh20159coffeedotbean (2015)
Import interdependent types help!tobykurk5Derron (2015)
set orientation or just merocketdude7863TomToad (2015)
Programming Game of life - Slow graphicsIcemanX10col (2015)
initializing a float variabletechnospy2technospy (2015)
space shooter no displaytechnospy8Brucey (2015)
Global variables are Empty.. Why?kolpingwerkhamster12Midimaster (2015)
Public and Private on Typesvinians7Bobysait (2015)
sizeMinusHeaderYue5TomToad (2015)
Error ArrayYue5Yue (2015)
Launcher BlitzMax on Linux FedoraYue8Yue (2015)
VarYue4Yue (2015)
My Classic 2D-Tile-Map-EditorSidAntic25col (2015)
Looking for info onTMax2dGraphicsDaemon4markcw (2015)
Licenses and .exe Distribution Question (BMax)Matrix4Matrix (2015)
Parameters in the method that is called NewYue3ziggy (2015)
Advantages of Blitzmax over Blitzplus?Dan6018Juiceter (2015)
polymorphismYue2degac (2015)
Virtual?Brucey5Wiebo (2015)
ExtendsYue2grable (2015)
Change caption on Dialog? - ConfirmYue3Yue (2015)
How close a window with the escape key?Yue6Kryzon (2015)
Function vs Method on Types.Yue5Derron (2015)
"Null" dead ObjectYue17Yue (2015)
PointersYue5ziggy (2015)
abstractionYue7markcw (2015)
Public - Private.Yue6Brucey (2015)
Escape Characters and Chr()_PJ_2TomToad (2015)
For Each on BlitzMax?Yue4degac (2015)
Learning BlitzMax, QuestionYue3Yue (2015)
Types B3DYue5Yue (2015)
grabimageJuiceter2Juiceter (2015)
The best way to preserve the backbuffer?Juiceter7Juiceter (2015)
horizontal Shoot em up in Object OrientedHotshot20059Brucey (2015)
Drawing a vector arrowTakis7610Scaremonger (2015)
Largest image sizeJBR5TomToad (2015)
BlitzMax Quick Command Reference?Matrix5Matrix (2015)
Blitzmax slows down on random computersweet_kungfuman7sweet_kungfuman (2015)
Textfield not writeableHeliotrope6col (2015)
1200X1024,32 graphics setting?gerald5gerald (2015)
Function Code Works DifferantRedWizzard6RedWizzard (2015)
BlitzMax in Atom Editorsendelbros2markcw (2015)
wtf??ErikT3ErikT (2015)
How to create an arrow with images?Takis761Takis76 (2015)
How incbin function is working?Takis768Takis76 (2015)
Question about zipstream and utf8Takis762Takis76 (2015)
Fixed rate logic question - Dewitterscoffeedotbean4H&K (2015)
Question about breaking a nested loopTakis7610coffeedotbean (2015)
Weird drawing problem.Galdy18Galdy (2015)
[MaxGui] Textfield for password input?Grisu9degac (2015)
Issue loading files several folders deepcoffeedotbean7coffeedotbean (2015)
Map issue (coming from MonkeyX)coffeedotbean3coffeedotbean (2015)
SnowHotshot20052Brucey (2015)
How to change AppTitle on run time.Takis765GW (2015)
CollisionsJBR2JBR (2015)
drawline with imageblicek10blicek (2015)
Information on BMax's build system?ReconditePhreak5ReconditePhreak (2015)
Unsure what this syntax is doingReconditePhreak6ReconditePhreak (2015)
Where is 'SaveImage'JBR5grable (2015)
How to improve this in Bmax.RifRaf3RifRaf (2015)
Low resolution, but fullscreen modeRifRaf3RifRaf (2015)
Silly question about listsJBR5Yasha (2015)
Fonts with Blitz MaxAD5Floyd (2015)
Creating Sound EffectsBill2463zoqfotpik (2015)
GrabImageJBR8Derron (2015)
Is this allowedJBR3zoqfotpik (2015)
BlitzMax Mac OS IDEHezkore4zoqfotpik (2015)
getting the string of line from ifsogui textbox...Takis765Takis76 (2015)
Am I using this array right?Adam Novagen3Adam Novagen (2015)
Recognizing a mouse Dragged file onto a blitzmaxHardcoal21Hardcoal (2015)
Array questionJBR5JBR (2015)
How to send a chr(14) or backspace to a stringTakis763Takis76 (2015)
Graphic design adviceXerra7Takis76 (2015)
Trap the mouse pointer...Takis766Kryzon (2015)
Drawing a filled 'T' shape using DrawPolyGreenVertical4GreenVertical (2015)
Splash Screen with masked imageSloan5Xerra (2015)
Reading the number in the decimal placeCandlestoneDave8AdamStrange (2015)
MaxIDE stopped workingtobykurk15grable (2015)
TYPES and ARRAYSMr Biscuit7Mr Biscuit (2015)
Basic Platformer ExampleChroma5Mr Biscuit (2015)
Playing a video file with blitzmax?Takis764Takis76 (2015)
3d Game Programming In BlitzMax ?Th3Professional3Zethrax (2015)
Bring the application window in front...Takis768Takis76 (2015)
Question about GetPoolChannel issuesTakis767Derron (2015)
Any HowTo Sign and Pack for the Mac App Store? (locked)netmin_m1netmin_m (2015)
DegreesJBR6JBR (2015)
Images and PixmapsJBR7GfK (2015)
Showing only 2 digits of a floating variableTakis7611Takis76 (2015)
Missing identifieremperor423Brucey (2015)
2D Particle effects - Rain , Snow and FogTakis767Takis76 (2015)
What is the point of 'SetRotation()'JBR3JBR (2015)
Strange error. Doesn't appear in release mode...Takis7631Derron (2015)
Decimal problemEren2Zethrax (2015)
Any ideas how to create random LabyrinthsTakis7610Takis76 (2015)
Defdata within a function and returning variablesXerra2Yasha (2015)
Merry ChristmasMOBii11Grisu (2014)
GadgetCopy()?CASO6c h i e f y (2014)
Question about Lists (AGAIN)Takis763Takis76 (2014)
Make 2 version of same codeMOBii10MOBii (2014)
Programming Items To be used Blitz3DKillsgaurd4Amanda Dearheart (2014)
Stuck and need helpBill24620Bill246 (2014)
Resizing PixmapsMarcell10zoqfotpik (2014)
Creating an in game GUI from scratch...Takis7636Derron (2014)
How to Calculate the distance of a sound source?Takis7610Takis76 (2014)
resolutionblicek3blicek (2014)
zeke.luajit2 to work in tdm-gcc-4.8.1-3.exeMOBii1MOBii (2014)
Maps vs ListsFerret3Ferret (2014)
Scintilla Building ErrorMOBii3MOBii (2014)
Lua Mod clarificationMOBii3MOBii (2014)
HOWTO pass BlitzMax Hook to Lua?MOBii1MOBii (2014)
WindowMenu(MyWin)MOBii4GfK (2014)
Should I Buy Blitzmax?wongojack23zoqfotpik (2014)
Colours Splitting?Hotshot20055GfK (2014)
Attempt to access field or method of Null objectMOBii4GfK (2014)
Can I catch Print before the Console?MOBii7Henri (2014)
Pirate Gamekantuno3PhotonTom (2014)
KeyHit/KeyDown in/to a Lua scriptMOBii1MOBii (2014)
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How do you swap Arrays?Kedumba3Kedumba (2014)
Change charsetMOBii3MOBii (2014)
Is it OK to release Debug builds to the public?codermax7H&K (2014)
Add BlitzMAX on slant.coMOBii5Kryzon (2014)
audio :: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION :: SolvedMOBii8MOBii (2014)
dbmysql.mod :: test_01.bmxMOBii12MOBii (2014)
Creating a Self-Extracting Linux Apptime-killer-games4dawlane (2014)
Chose Return Type? is it possible?MOBii8MOBii (2014)
Problem decide BlitzMax or Monkey XMOBii7MOBii (2014)
Create dynamic variables/StringsMOBii6MOBii (2014)
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Does BlitzMax support C# language ?Omer5H&K (2014)
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User manualdegac1degac (2014)
Mask ColorLukasha8TomToad (2014)
Blitz3D Lesson4 ErrorJillinger4Jillinger (2014)
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Simple PingWMSteadman9WMSteadman (2014)
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Select/case questionGaldy3Galdy (2014)
Arrays using longhand in other data typesMr. Goober5Yan (2014)
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TStack typeyossi4yossi (2014)
blitzmax jobsyossi4yossi (2014)
Issue with assigning variableRhodes6GfK (2014)
GCCollectyossi7Grisu (2014)
windword modeyossi3yossi (2014)
refresh rate settingyossi6yossi (2014)
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threaded buildyossi3yossi (2014)
GCMemAlloced() questionGaldy8Gabriel (2014)
array of arraysyossi3yossi (2014)
the sample of astar_demo.bmxyossi4Floyd (2014)
pointersyossi7ImaginaryHuman (2014)
Nearest-Neighbor Scaling (2x)Mr. Goober3Mr. Goober (2014)
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strict and superstrictyossi4dawlane (2014)
IDE WoesGhost Dancer11Ghost Dancer (2014)
hiDBlade5Grisu (2014)
Array for images vers type instances for images. QGaldy5Derron (2014)
the ideyossi15Xerra (2014)
include and importyossi8yossi (2014)
method and functionyossi6Derron (2014)
debugging problem in graphics modeyossi7yossi (2014)
debuggingyossi3yossi (2014)
the astar demo sample programyossi4yossi (2014)
About mouse wheel or mouseZ()Takis763Derron (2014)
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New line in a stringXerra3Xerra (2014)
Publishing a gameLukasha8GfK (2014)
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Freesound Command?Kippykip9Kippykip (2013)
Copy image command?Kippykip14Kippykip (2013)
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code won't run from 1.49.16 (1.48) compiler?gerald6gerald (2013)
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BlitzMax and 3DTakis767Takis76 (2013)
Can not build Modules on mac MiniTAS6* (2013)
Tile Map Rendering routinejuankprada18juankprada (2013)
DrawImage and VBOjuankprada10AdamStrange (2013)
Greater than, or less than, but no less than?ARCHE7YPE3GfK (2013)
Very noob question...Takis7611Takis76 (2013)
Encrypt and Unencrypt a text fileTakis7611BLaBZ (2013)
Numbered List Of Wheeled Power Ball NumbersJoshPo11JoshPo (2013)
PrivateHardcoal3Hardcoal (2013)
recognizing dragged fileHardcoal5Hardcoal (2013)
Compiling on MacArabia19Arabia (2013)
Error reading from stream On LoadTextHardcoal2Hardcoal (2013)
Basic FrameworkHardcoal14Hardcoal (2013)
Terminating a Type from the insideHardcoal13Who was John Galt? (2013)
Using zip engine how to? (VS Koriolis' zip mod)Takis761Takis76 (2013)
Add an multidimensional array to a listTakis763Takis76 (2013)
Continues printHardcoal4Hardcoal (2013)
Adjusting display routines for screen sizesXerra3ImaginaryHuman (2013)
Play SID files in the simplest way.Schwang23Xerra (2013)
Game speed deteriorates over timeArabia17SLotman (2013)
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BlitzMax: No GUI Font on Ubuntu Linux 12.04Lourdes 8353Lourdes 835 (2013)
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Coding Convention/Programming StyleBLaBZ3ImaginaryHuman (2010)
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Windows install guide?pls4ziggy (2008)
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SortList Compare function?ima7478Brucey (2008)
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Advise for a DarkBasic Pro and Playbasic user?G-Lyst12Hotshot2005 (2008)
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List info in the Help?Gillissie3Gillissie (2008)
IDE with intellisense?G-Lyst6gameproducer (2008)
common string functions in BMAX?Gillissie6TomToad (2008)
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Community IDErod541rod54 (2008)
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Adding standard datatypes to a TListmonotonic4Dreamora (2008)
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EndGraphics...Reactor9Paposo (2008)
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Types drawtext method always displays 0!kaiserpc6kaiserpc (2008)
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Working with strings and replaciment.Ryan Burnside18Jesse (2008)
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Using Playstation DualShock pads in Blitz?Rico3Rico (2008)
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Animated GIFs - How to Seperate?Rico4Rico (2008)
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Finding Width/Height of Textpo3po (2008)
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Required Modules?Retimer5Retimer (2008)
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Object To Custom Type?Rixarn4ziggy (2008)
Streaming, EAX capable Audio driver.tonyg1tonyg (2008)
pointer to different typesJur4Dreamora (2008)
Full installation availabilityArmor Nick2Mark Tiffany (2008)
Breaking a loop early.Ryan Burnside5Zethrax (2008)
BM Precompiler?Retimer14Czar Flavius (2008)
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Reflection and name().tonyg18Dreamora (2008)
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_system on mac?Warner5Manromen (2008)
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string lengthDREAM7REDi (2008)
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what would be the eqivalent of thsi blitz3d to bliDREAM5Dreamora (2008)
Torque datablock equivalent?amaranth6Dreamora (2008)
2d array as a type objectDREAM10DREAM (2008)
Resizing 2d ArraysAnt4DREAM (2008)
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Alternate IDEQuickSilva9QuickSilva (2008)
Complex input checking.Ryan Burnside6Ryan Burnside (2008)
Line continuation?VP4Bremer (2008)
Overiding methods help neededQuickSilva3Czar Flavius (2008)
adding color picker to old programLeeFbx2grable (2008)
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is there something like entitycolor?Craig H. Nisbet10Yan (2007)
Booleans?Craig H. Nisbet9Koriolis (2007)
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SetMaskColor ?Craig H. Nisbet5JazzieB (2007)
fundamental design questionDrakim28Drakim (2007)
PixMap?Craig H. Nisbet5Craig H. Nisbet (2007)
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+=Craig H. Nisbet6ImaginaryHuman (2007)
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where is it?Craig H. Nisbet4Craig H. Nisbet (2007)
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2D and 3D within the same interfaceRedspark8Redspark (2007)
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3ds file with two separate toMax ellens2tonyg (2007)
Leadwerks EngineMortiis7Mortiis (2007)
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generic type assignment?Craig H. Nisbet5Craig H. Nisbet (2007)
TImage Highlighted?QuickSilva5QuickSilva (2007)
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Delete?Craig H. Nisbet9Jesse (2007)
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TFieldCraig H. Nisbet4Craig H. Nisbet (2007)
Failed loading maps when more than 10?Amon7Amon (2007)
Setting ResolutionJason Coggins7JazzieB (2007)
Code example for saving and loading text data?Craig H. Nisbet5xlsior (2007)
So are there any docs for Blitz MaxCraig H. Nisbet5Robert Cummings (2007)
Can GameNet support hundreds of players?Apollonius24Bremer (2007)
Streams?Craig H. Nisbet2tonyg (2007)
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Bmx call-by-value, cant update TList objectspappavis4Czar Flavius (2007)
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Absolute Beginners book - not a good start!Tobo2tonyg (2007)
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INGAME database?DCI11Gnasher (2007)
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Which blitz product is best for me?DCI12sswift (2007)
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Any chance of a networking code example?smilertoo2tonyg (2007)
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Comma seperated numberAD9JazzieB (2007)
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OS apps on Mac with BlitzMax..?BachFire8BachFire (2007)
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Spritesfoosh8Czar Flavius (2007)
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Rotate to follow playerMatt8TomToad (2007)
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Function name in variablegameshastra4grable (2007)
access a TSound with TStream ?xMicky1xMicky (2007)
Class in a Class Memory ExceptionAeronux4SculptureOfSoul (2007)
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Questions I have with PPC/INTEL maccoffeedotbean2anawiki (2007)
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Getting the first or last object in a listpo4po (2007)
Editor file formatRetroRusty3N (2007)
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formula to set jump heights?coffeedotbean4Who was John Galt? (2007)
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force GCCollect, good practice?kimgar31ziggy (2007)
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Local / Global Variables - Why?Matt Vinyl9Otus (2007)
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Dynamic 2D ArrayCzar Flavius4Czar Flavius (2007)
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space shooter collision detectionPragun21impixi (2007)
Compile a Linux app with Windows Blitzmax (locked)TaskMaster1TaskMaster (2007)
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drawrect and it being solid?DREAM8rdodson41 (2007)
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chosing a 3D engine at runtime - how?Rozek14Damien Sturdy (2007)
SAS mod error or not?JohnK10JohnK (2007)
Simple timing problemParadoX4Grey Alien (2007)
Data from FileCzar Flavius4Damien Sturdy (2007)
Non-fill Draw ShapesCzar Flavius13Scaremonger (2007)
any idea about error?JohnK23JohnK (2007)
Strategy Game Unit StatsCzar Flavius10Czar Flavius (2007)
[maxGUI] treeview.setTarget?kimgar3kimgar (2007)
generic 3D API?Rozek7deps (2007)
is it possible to...Dax Trajero2Arowx (2007)
Catch?doswelk18watusimoto (2007)
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Before purchaseGord6bradford6 (2007)
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SuperStrict mode?Otus5Otus (2007)
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2D Beatemup Zordering? Think Final FightAmon7Matty (2007)
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Variable errorDirtBikeDude4DirtBikeDude (2007)
Sprite Angle in Ai Behaviors modJohnK3JohnK (2007)
Any way to change array dimension?kronholm12CS_TBL (2007)
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?Win32_or_LinuxRozek10Rozek (2007)
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Flat Assembler 1.67.5 has been released!Grisu1Grisu (2006)
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Debugging, stacktrace outputpappavis2klepto2 (2006)
Multiple canvases. How?Amon2ImaginaryHuman (2006)
lauch an executable programhub9ImaginaryHuman (2006)
Adding texturesSin of Nature2ImaginaryHuman (2006)
How to use the forumPit-le-rouge7Blitzer101 (2006)
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Creating Lists, How many ways?Amon5Grey Alien (2006)
Simple PhysicsEric10Eric (2006)
memory allocated never going down?Regular K2Grisu (2006)
Does type casting workH&K23Dreamora (2006)
Max GUI: Can a canvas be resized dynamically?Leo Santos12Beaker (2006)
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memory errors caused bu loopingRyan Burnside11FlameDuck (2006)
Object DeleteH&K10Chris C (2006)
So where is the actual collisionEric3ImaginaryHuman (2006)
Simple question on MaxGUIkronholm9ImaginaryHuman (2006)
Value of Null?Blitzer10140Blitzer101 (2006)
Unhandled Exception: CreateSurface failed.sswift10sswift (2006)
Hey Mark!sswift1sswift (2006)
Multiple Line commandsH&K3H&K (2006)
SQLite and UmlautRené7Dreamora (2006)
Unhandled Exceptiondrnmr2drnmr (2006)
Buttonsdrnmr2drnmr (2006)
Playing videos in BlitzMaxBugZilla3Chris C (2006)
Hertz to MilliH&K9H&K (2006)
no more mingw installation instructionsziggy2N (2006)
Where to get Prower Builder or Project X?Boiled Sweets2TartanTangerine (was Indiepath) (2006)
N00b Question about drawing on images.Grey Alien15Grey Alien (2006)
type : copy an occurencehub6Dreamora (2006)
Midhandle cause blurred image!Grey Alien11Grey Alien (2006)
Why dioes TChannel appear to have no code?sswift9Grey Alien (2006)
Detect if OpenGL is present/works?Grey Alien13Grey Alien (2006)
I don't suppose there's a way to extend types...sswift11FlameDuck (2006)
Move two windows (MaxGui)wedoe5wedoe (2006)
Standardizing mouse sensitivity?kronholm2ImaginaryHuman (2006)
String Pointers?Gabriel9Gabriel (2006)
Finding out the length of an OGG file?Grisu1Grisu (2006)
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StringsJosepho4Josepho (2006)
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Collision detection, projectile hits anything?pappavis5ImaginaryHuman (2006)
Convert a string character to Byte?Grey Alien9Grey Alien (2006)
Functions/Methods & Return-ing DataBlitzer10110Blitzer101 (2006)
Is TMap documented at ALL?Gabriel10FlameDuck (2006)
What is the point of extending types?sswift49FlameDuck (2006)
Object "Instancing"Gabriel5FlameDuck (2006)
Convert TIconStrip to Image or Pixmap?Grisu10Yan (2006)
Determine length of line between two pointskronholm14bradford6 (2006)
Mouse aim, image rotation?ckob2assari (2006)
compile with pixjulianbury2Dreamora (2006)
Multidimensional Array help?lotonah4Perturbatio (2006)
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bbdoc commands.Haramanai2Dreamora (2006)
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Macintosh 320x240??cbmeeks4ImaginaryHuman (2006)
ArtistsFerret6Ferret (2006)
Tlist and integersassari2WendellM (2006)
Best way to split up image into smaller pieces?Grisu8Grisu (2006)
As good as ID3DXSprite??cbmeeks18ImaginaryHuman (2006)
Method compare. Why it behaves like that?Takuan10Oddball (2006)
[MaxGui] Delete TreeviewItemsKernle 32DLL_22assari (2006)
Window in WindowMacSven2TomToad (2006)
String to Char Array function, anyone?pappavis6TomToad (2006)
"GLGraphicsDriver failed to set display mode"errorBukky8FlameDuck (2006)
Dynamically resizing the game window?Bukky7Bukky (2006)
Constructors and Inheritanceassari6Nelvin (2006)
Must I use DrawPoly to draw a non-filled rect?Russell11ImaginaryHuman (2006)
Do TGadgets have SetGadgetText, etc?Russell5tonyg (2006)
Delaying Main loop and Timer until media is loadedAmon3Grey Alien (2006)
Global Variable Speed up/downH&K12FlameDuck (2006)
How to pre-select a tab (maxgui)Robert Cummings5Grisu (2006)
BlitzMax versus TGB (Torque Game Builder)Greg Squire10Dreamora (2006)
View/Scroll/Zoom mouse coordinatesBooticus1Booticus (2006)
return from Function not working?lotonah8Brucey (2006)
Anyone using BMax to write a Fantasy RPG?puki2FlameDuck (2006)
Setting WallpaperBlitzer1014Blitzer101 (2006)
CreateListBox multiple selection possible ?GC-Martijn6Diablo (2006)
Can I change default behaviour of SetColor?Russell3Russell (2006)
[MAXGUI] Keyboard shortcutsRussell1Russell (2006)
[MaxGUI] Setting the maximum window sizekenshin7kenshin (2006)
[MAXGUI] Combobox with default text?Grisu4SebHoll (2006)
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When I'm Done With B3DIKG24Brendane (2006)
inheritance problemjkrankie10Grey Alien (2006)
Avoiding using globals..po11po (2006)
pixmap trouble...degac7taxlerendiosk (2006)
@BRL: axe - HowtoJake L.4Haramanai (2006)
Gadget Alignment Problemkenshin2kenshin (2006)
binary arithmaticGhost Dancer23ImaginaryHuman (2006)
Scancodes (independant from keyboard type)Marmoth7ImaginaryHuman (2006)
String to int and int to sting conversionDr. Wildrick7Yan (2006)
[MAXGUI] Popmenu inside textarea possibleGrisu3Grisu (2006)
[MAXGUI] Download files over internet?Grisu12Grisu (2006)
Mask color for collisions?Uber-nerd2skidracer (2006)
Get ref to current objectLosButcher4Dreamora (2006)
Pixmap manipulation and code optimisationGrisu10Grisu (2006)
Problem with timer.Haramanai7FlameDuck (2006)
Packing images into a data file?Boiled Sweets13Grisu (2006)
Makeing instances and updating them.Ryan Burnside9Eric (2006)
Saving Objects To A Filez80jim6grable (2006)
Lists & sortdegac2Dreamora (2006)
Fonts in MaxGUIAzathoth2Azathoth (2006)
Convert String to Float?Grisu1Grisu (2006)
Memory problemFerret19Ferret (2006)
re-install demoHesham5TomToad (2006)
Canvas and Grabpixmap. How?Takuan6Takuan (2006)
[MAXGUI] Listbox: Always select full row?Grisu1Grisu (2006)
1.18 pointersanawiki23H&K (2006)
I can't find my error in this...Ryan Burnside6Chris C (2006)
Mouse movement woesZolyx3Zolyx (2006)
boundires helpgrimx2Chris C (2006)
scrolling (how??)grimx6grimx (2006)
Downloadgrimx5grimx (2006)
[MAXGUI] TextArea manipulation possible?Grisu10Grisu (2006)
LCD MonitorEric22Eric (2006)
All drawing commands?Ryan Burnside7ImaginaryHuman (2006)
graphics cardsjkrankie3jkrankie (2006)
Illustrator File Format (locked)Ant1Ant (2006)
Save Image?Grey Alien8Grey Alien (2006)
[MAXGUI] Sub-menu example?Grisu9Grisu (2006)
maxgui : mouse enter inside a textfieldhub6Chris C (2006)
SetGraphicsBoiled Sweets14Robert Cummings (2006)
Loadanimimage using square sourcesNorth3North (2006)
Mappy mod questionsFerret5RepeatUntil (2006)
gcc 3.4 (locked)TrickyRic1TrickyRic (2006)
Compiling GUI app from bmkIbmurai6Yan (2006)
[MAXGUI] How to make a "Voting Box"?Grisu23Grisu (2006)
Error with Function VarICE TRUCK3ICE TRUCK (2006)
typesdrnmr16drnmr (2006)
'Default' ObjectKrayzBlu12KrayzBlu (2006)
Trouble with PixmapsMordax_Praetorian9Mordax_Praetorian (2006)
Replacing a color?jhans0n17Mordax_Praetorian (2006)
listboxczoran9czoran (2006)
how do you convert degrees to radians?Matt McFarland5Matty (2006)
polygon collisionBremer9Bremer (2006)
maxgui : treeview : list nodeshub7hub (2006)
Hello from new user!czoran11czoran (2006)
Fly-like movement?po3po (2006)
crackly distorted soundsjkrankie6Mark Tiffany (2006)
array of type variable?Arminia6TomToad (2006)
maxgui treeview : get the parent nodehub4hub (2006)
backbuffer and pixmapformatGrey Alien10Grey Alien (2006)
How to bring an image to frontOxcom3Oxcom (2006)
OO Inheritance Questionjhans0n3jhans0n (2006)
BlitzMax + DarkSDK?flim12N (2006)
Main game loop measure = 10 mshub12Dreamora (2006)
Label problemsGrey Alien9Xerra (2006)
PointEntity() in BMaxFerret2Diablo (2006)
Reading/Writing Config (INIfiles)Blitzer1016Blitzer101 (2006)
question on methods and more...djdee3djdee (2006)
TCP stream hangs?LAB[au]7LAB[au] (2006)
A* beginner tutorialFerret4Ferret (2006)
code highlightingCS_TBL3CS_TBL (2006)
collisions optimizationhub14hub (2006)
Inheriting a Global variable - One for all?Gabriel5tonyg (2006)
MaxGUI QuestionsMatt McFarland6Matt McFarland (2006)
More Realistic JumpW10Grey Alien (2006)
Playing MusicKemi13FlameDuck (2006)
Positioning a window on startupAnt6Xerra (2006)
Alphabet sort(tu) ENAY11FlameDuck (2006)
Can you call a function via its name in a string?GamerTheHut6FlameDuck (2006)
quick sprite hackChris C1Chris C (2006)
possible to make expandable arrays/listsGamerTheHut6Dreamora (2006)
Does Alt Tab destroy dynamic graphics?Grey Alien8Grey Alien (2006)
File selector directoryXerra3Xerra (2006)
File RequestersXerra4tonyg (2006)
how to code 'Scramble' missileshub12sswift (2006)
Drawing lines of text... simpel stuff.. helpApollonius27Apollonius (2006)
Font Width?Grey Alien12Grey Alien (2006)
OpenGL for Macs?Grey Alien8Grey Alien (2006)
Where can I see more TSound source?Grey Alien8Grey Alien (2006)
Unfilled rectangle.Grey Alien8N (2006)
Changing Gadget PositionBlitzer1014Blitzer101 (2006)
CollideRect docs wrong?Grey Alien7Grey Alien (2006)
Full Screen/Windowed ModeGrey Alien12Grisu (2006)
SetTextAreaText not resetting gadget...Grisu2Grisu (2006)
the "Eval" functionMadMunky3MadMunky (2006)
windows fontsGrey Alien5Grey Alien (2006)
Longs and bitwise stuff.VP3ImaginaryHuman (2006)
Help me with fading text...Apollonius14Apollonius (2006)
Understanding cos & sinMatt McFarland3Scott Shaver (2006)
Quick guide to getting BMax working on PCLinuxOS (locked)Ricardo_C1Ricardo_C (2006)
IDE mousewheel speedGrey Alien1Grey Alien (2006)
Stitching Images Together and Extracting SubImageCarl S.7ImaginaryHuman (2006)
Insert a line into text filetonyg3tonyg (2006)
testing... what's wrong with this?Apollonius25Dreamora (2006)
Drag and Drop without MaxGUICarl S.1Carl S. (2006)
DOS Text color changingTriforce Guardian4popcade (2006)
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some max OO help please.Grey Alien12Grey Alien (2006)
GNet: How to use the appended object?Dreamora1Dreamora (2006)
Methods and TypesSebHoll3SebHoll (2006)
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2d vector rasterization and transformationsSillyPutty6CoderLaureate (2006)
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Typeing a text lineGamerTheHut5tonyg (2006)
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Background Colour of Windows in MaxGUI?3Ddoofus63Ddoofus (2006)
Release, flushmem and other things that go bump inDr. Wildrick7Dr. Wildrick (2006)
Conditional StepsQweeg4Qweeg (2006)
GRAPHICS command misbehavingIan Lett4Ian Lett (2006)
Runs in Debug but not in ReleaseEric23Eric (2006)
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How to Implement types in a game.Moogles6Moogles (2006)
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Weird aliasing with PNG files(?)Bukky8Bukky (2006)
OOP Guide.tonyg3Booticus (2006)
OOP Interfacesz80jim15z80jim (2006)
LOTS of Icons and ListboxesGrisu10Grisu (2006)
Cant Load File with "_" in it?Moogles27Moogles (2006)
BlitzMax for animation application?daytwa3xlsior (2006)
Alpha and rotation simultaneouslyAnt4Dreamora (2006)
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Making Animations Run the right speed.Moogles10Moogles (2006)
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Methods with same name as Max functions?sswift6sswift (2006)
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Output WindowAnt4Ant (2006)
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GNet Objects existing before connectionWill3Will (2006)
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Type calling other types methods/functionsAnt4Who was John Galt? (2006)
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Import QuestionAnt9Ant (2006)
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Exit Function QuestionAnt3Ant (2006)
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GetLastInListMatt McFarland13BlackSp1der (2005)
Networking UDPckob1ckob (2005)
trig and angles in the computer world?mudcat3EOF (2005)
Setting "Graphics 800,600,0" in 32 Bit?Grisu3Grisu (2005)
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can type effect main program globals?mudcat8gman (2005)
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Transparencymudcat4mudcat (2005)
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Function Left$( str$,n )?mudcat6klepto2 (2005)
Trig and Invert questionAnt4Ant (2005)
don't understand Tlinkhub7degac (2005)
align my ship along the splinehub4hub (2005)
another list questionmudcat3mudcat (2005)
beginner list questionmudcat6Who was John Galt? (2005)
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now a beginer TYPE questionmudcat13Perturbatio (2005)
image garbledCS_TBL3CS_TBL (2005)
Slicing listsArowx4Perturbatio (2005)
API's hWND and Query()'s hWND???SebHoll6SebHoll (2005)
DesktopMouseX/Y?taxlerendiosk8taxlerendiosk (2005)
ReadPixel and PNG issuesAnt4Ant (2005)
Does support Chinese?GuoQiang8Dreamora (2005)
Function GetImageFont:TImageFont()mudcat3mudcat (2005)
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Objects and relationshipsAnt2Chris C (2005)
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Could you help me to undestand my error !hub11Azathoth (2005)
Memory Access Violation in release but not DebugGabriel1Gabriel (2005)
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White on a toolbar icon always is transparent...Chroma4Chroma (2005)
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calling an object that doesn't existmudcat6mudcat (2005)
Image Mask?Hotshot20056JazzieB (2005)
can you call a function from a method?mudcat4mudcat (2005)
Help with TImage and TPixmapStorm81915Dreamora (2005)
can you use a createimage image for collide?mudcat2mudcat (2005)
Close WindowBanshee3Banshee (2005)
Random number generatorChroma2Scott Shaver (2005)
getting directoriesGavin Beard5Gavin Beard (2005)
Keeping Focus Within a Small WindowGabriel5Gabriel (2005)
Unsigned var in CChroma3Yan (2005)
Possible to pass an array to a function?Chroma12Azathoth (2005)
local myInt:integer=myString$ ?Banshee10Perturbatio (2005)
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Accessing Computers NameAnt2Ant (2005)
Max DocumentationMakepool20po (2005)
Reference to "Parent"adrian256adrian25 (2005)
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DLL function with examples form delphi and VBSnader6Snader (2005)
strict questionmudcat3mudcat (2005)
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Menu (2005)
BlitzMax with Win32 APISebHoll1SebHoll (2005)
n00b-questions ^_^CS_TBL16EOF (2005)
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Releasing LoadImage memory under MAX 1.14Sin of Nature11tonyg (2005)
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GCMemAlloced()Ant3Ant (2005)
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how will Managed DirectX will affect Blitzmax?matthews_306matthews_30 (2005)
Check if drive is HDD possible?Grisu7JazzieB (2005)
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resize gadget in containerSmokey1Smokey (2005)
PixMaps and ImagesBerbank5Berbank (2005)
Maskblend Vs Alphablendtonyg10tonyg (2005)
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Setting D3D7Max2DDriver() with bmx 1.14?Grisu3Grisu (2005)
Update a timer while wait_event is waiting?Chroma7FlameDuck (2005)
Forward declaring TypesBrendane4FlameDuck (2005)
GetWindowModuleFileName and EnumWindows Being OddGabriel3Gabriel (2005)
Crackly soundsjkrankie6skidracer (2005)
Declaring Win32 stuff for Bmax?Gabriel10Gabriel (2005)
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1.14: Compile Error: Unable to convert from 'TImagDannyD10DannyD (2005)
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D3D7Max2DDriver()Proger9Proger (2005)
best way to represent data?slenkar9taxlerendiosk (2005)
Unicode HelpAnt1Ant (2005)
FlushmemAnt6Ant (2005)
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Problem with my enemyLillpeter4FlameDuck (2005)
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Debugger on Mac OS XKrayzBlu1KrayzBlu (2005)
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'Type' QuestionAnt4Ant (2005)
'Expression of type 'Int Array' cannot be invoked'Ant3Ant (2005)
Prevent 2 copies of the same executaable.pangyan7Robert Cummings (2005)
Position the tank in X , Y?Hotshot20053klepto2 (2005)
what does build gui app do in the ide?Robert Cummings4Banshee (2005)
[MaxGUI] Windows...degac1degac (2005)
Resource HackerGameScrubs10QuickSilva (2005)
eventcodesCS_TBL17CS_TBL (2005)
[MaxGUI] Return valuedegac4CS_TBL (2005)
Multiple Methods in a Single lineChroma10rdodson41 (2005)
Need help with []Chroma5rdodson41 (2005)
EachInBanshee16Banshee (2005)
MaxGui Errorsczerbiak7Perturbatio (2005)
Change Window/Taskbar Icon using hardcoded one?Grisu16Grisu (2005)
MouseSpeedflying willy25Pudsy (2005)
Is there typeof in BlitzMax?Jolinah6Koriolis (2005)
SaveString()po5po (2005)
are two strings the same?jkrankie15jkrankie (2005)
[demo version] String->Double?Blaine4FlameDuck (2005)
How do I open an Internet browser window?pangyan5taxlerendiosk (2005)
window modalSmokey5REDi (2005)
Creating ExecutablesFantomias4FlameDuck (2005)
How to switch graphics modesHrdNutz2FlameDuck (2005)
FormatTextAreaText (MaxGUI)po4po (2005)
TList.Clear - do I have to worry about anything?anawiki3tonyg (2005)
how to check if any key was pressedanawiki9anawiki (2005)
event...ID,source,data,Extra...confusementJeroen3Jeroen (2005)
JoyHit(tu) ENAY6GameScrubs (2005)
types and making modulesBremer3Bremer (2005)
[MaxGUI] SetGadget... (locked)degac1degac (2005)
FormatTextAreaTextSmokey3EOF (2005)
Setbuffer where did it go?Makepool15TartanTangerine (was Indiepath) (2005)
change individual colour of an image to anothersupermeerkat6Eikon (2005)
imagescollide2slenkar8slenkar (2005)
Creating an array of stringsGhost Dancer5Ghost Dancer (2005)
Exclude data when compiling?Lillpeter13Ferminho (2005)
That 16x16 icon on title bars? (MaxGUI)po3po (2005)
bbdoc : how to define a new keyword ?Red4Red (2005)
SavePixmapJPG - When?-Svensken-8Space_guy (2005)
GadgetHidden() problems. (locked)TeaVirus1TeaVirus (2005)
Problems with BM under linuxInsane Games8Insane Games (2005)
TextField1Filter InfoSmokey7taxlerendiosk (2005)
writing to a .txt file onlinejkrankie6skn3 (2005)
MaxGUI menu over a canvasIdiot4Idiot (2005)
GUI Sample Codethalamus8xlsior (2005)
GUI - horizontal underline?EOF9EOF (2005)
Don't understand Lists and...xMicky4FlameDuck (2005)
Can you put multiple sound files into one channel?Matt McFarland4Grey Alien (2005)
Network MessagingMarkT3MarkT (2005)
Event_KeydownSmokey2Perturbatio (2005)
newbie ? on Fliprod542Grey Alien (2005)
Code Post -Request-.Amon3Shagwana (2005)
PopupWindowMenuSmokey5Takuan (2005)
Window GUISmokey4Smokey (2005)
Size of the exe file?techjunkie17Hotcakes (2005)
BMX1.12: Center Window in windowed mode?Grisu11Grisu (2005)
Passing an instances name as a variableLordfire5Warpy (2005)
Alphablend/Lightblendrockford3rockford (2005)
exit more than one loopRobert Cummings3Robert Cummings (2005)
Where is FlushMem ?rod545rod54 (2005)
HScrollbar in TreeViewklepto21klepto2 (2005)
Don't understand where value begins..Amon4Eikon (2005)
Is this useful?Chroma9Hotcakes (2005)
Some MaxGUI beginner questionsTibit7Hotcakes (2005)
MouseXSpeedChroma2Chroma (2005)
Web BrowserEric4Eric (2005)
How are you guys loading models (aka Just Shoot MeChroma4Chroma (2005)
Parameters to constructorSillyPutty14Koriolis (2005)
Calling Graphics twiceGrey Alien11Grey Alien (2005)
MaxGUI: submenu/canvas problem..Takuan6Takuan (2005)
Simple listboxessupermeerkat4supermeerkat (2005)
Custom pointer image frame lag?Zolyx9Grey Alien (2005)
Just checking(tu) ENAY7(tu) ENAY (2005)
Need debug info...Dubious Drewski15Hotcakes (2005)
ModulesKrayzBlu5eni (2005)
Creating a GL context with Bmax 1.12Bremer1Bremer (2005)
Star Fighter Max - full BMax code and mediaNeuro16Neuro (2005)
MaxGUI: Closing a window...bregors5bregors (2005)
Why rebuild modules?Lordfire4Robert (2005)
Var keywordtonyg3tonyg (2005)
Escape Character in bmx?Rimmsy5Rimmsy (2005)
Adding a character to a stringAnt6Perturbatio (2005)
DrawOval, with less fillingDubious Drewski11Dubious Drewski (2005)
Xcode 2.2?matt!9Fetze (2005)
Quick BlitzMax QuestionsDrey3Hotcakes (2005)
Turning whatever's on the screen into an imageMatt McFarland10RiK (2005)
Type Dependenciesz80jim10FlameDuck (2005)
Any good code sites?NoBoDo3NoBoDo (2005)
How would you mirror a bezier curveMatt McFarland3Matt McFarland (2005)
Using Type Methods problem.Lordfire7Hotcakes (2005)
Total Max newbie questionGrey Alien17Hotcakes (2005)
Beziers, following them..Matt McFarland10Matt McFarland (2005)
Extern "User32" failsGrey Alien3Grey Alien (2005)
How to anti-alias text onto background?Grey Alien16Grey Alien (2005)
pongpo6po (2005)
setcolorsupermeerkat4ImaginaryHuman (2005)
What´s wrong with this crappy loopLillpeter9Perturbatio (2005)
BlitzGLAnt11Ant (2005)
Error 1000KrayzBlu15Perturbatio (2005)
Updating enemysLillpeter3Rimmsy (2005)
Methods and OOPAnt10Ant (2005)
Insert Before/AfterMattVonFat3EOF (2005)
Preloading graphicsLillpeter9Hotcakes (2005)
Modifying StringsKrayzBlu4Beaker (2005)
Animated texturesMoraldi7Moraldi (2005)
Export String to Clipboard on WindowsMatt McFarland3Matt McFarland (2005)
Error when switching to graphics modeTLM12Diablo (2005)
Implement Type function elsewhere?Grey Alien7FlameDuck (2005)
Circle Collisions(tu) ENAY6Tom Darby (2005)
Wraparound playfieldsDrekinn13Drekinn (2005)
How do I install the BMax Linux version?Sveinung10Retro (2005)
Basic Football Manager?Hotshot20055Hotshot2005 (2005)
Arrays vs ListsLillpeter14Dubious Drewski (2005)
Money formatting?Rimmsy4Rimmsy (2005)
printing colored sdrnmr15drnmr (2005)
Print Scrn keyGhost Dancer8Perturbatio (2005)
Current file and line number.Lomat4Ferminho (2005)
File format not recognizedNoBoDo9Hotcakes (2005)
Can someone help with this code :(Ash_UK7Ash_UK (2005)
Send To Printer(tu) ENAY9(tu) ENAY (2005)
Angles-Rotation-Limits?Amon18ImaginaryHuman (2005)
user defined keysjkrankie6Perturbatio (2005)
BliotzMax needs some advancements (locked)Matt McFarland1Matt McFarland (2005)
including text files in built appsjkrankie6jkrankie (2005)
Array Of DIFFERENT types(tu) ENAY14TomToad (2005)
Pixmap and Blend modes.tonyg23ImaginaryHuman (2005)
Bouncing ballAsh_UK4Ash_UK (2005)
Problem Creating Arrayssczerbiak3sczerbiak (2005)
Burst Effect?Amon7PetBom (2005)
Creating a path for objects to followMatt McFarland9TomToad (2005)
Toc Tac ToeAsh_UK4Who was John Galt? (2005)
Function outside loop effecting rotation speed!! ?Amon5Amon (2005)
When Two Objects CollideMatt McFarland8Dreamora (2005)
Synchronizing ModulesTLM4TLM (2005)
Code in BMaxsplinux9splinux (2005)
Integer MemoryDubious Drewski6Who was John Galt? (2005)
My null image a simple problemDubious Drewski5Dubious Drewski (2005)
Grabbing key pressesDrekinn7Perturbatio (2005)
Someone walk me thru the vertical blank refresh ?Dax Trajero10ImaginaryHuman (2005)
playing .mid, .mp3? how?PatrickS22ziggy (2005)
Physics Tutorial NeededMatt McFarland13Matt McFarland (2005)
Sorting a TypeDubious Drewski6Dubious Drewski (2005)
b3d after command in bmax?Robert Cummings38Yan (2005)
CollideImage Function?SSS39tonyg (2005)
Trouble with eof...Dubious Drewski12tonyg (2005)
Do Arrays use more memory than single variables?Leiden27Leiden (2005)
convert "42" to 42Dubious Drewski4Dubious Drewski (2005)
Noise soundziggy4ziggy (2005)
Why? Keep getting "Cant find interface" errorsSin of Nature18Sin of Nature (2005)
Importing codeFry Crayola5PGF (2005)
sprite/game ui ?RktMan1RktMan (2005)
Linux (locked)twistedcube1twistedcube (2005)
Err... ToString help plzIbmurai3rdodson41 (2005)
Decimals numbers not possible?Neuro6Neuro (2005)
I need help w/ drawing on images - well...drawingmongoose6433mongoose643 (2005)
RoundingGhost Dancer11rdodson41 (2005)
BlitzMax Demo for LinuxRagman10FlameDuck (2005)
HDC & HWND...MrCredo2ImaginaryHuman (2005)
DLLs?Kuron3Kuron (2005)
Module build : All hell broke looseHotcakes1Hotcakes (2005)
How do I use TMap?Telemental5gman (2005)
Build Modules and Rebuild All Modules greyed outpuki6Hotcakes (2005)
Unfathomably slow... Any help/ideas?Abazek6ImaginaryHuman (2005)
Blitz Max runs massively slowLeon Brown35Neuro (2005)
Get and Set in the same method?Gabriel14Who was John Galt? (2005)
AbstractMadMax9Ferminho (2005)
Can "Return" return more than 1 variable?Dubious Drewski8Tom Darby (2005)
Ceiling and FloorDubious Drewski3Dubious Drewski (2005)
Drawing Lines Correctly - with SetLineWidth?TartanTangerine (was Indiepath)5TartanTangerine (was Indiepath) (2005)
Getting a users home directoryLomat3xlsior (2005)
Print (123 and 4)JBR3JBR (2005)
Using Extends/InheritanceGhost Dancer4Ghost Dancer (2005)
Inputting numbers?3Ddoofus203Ddoofus (2005)
global arraysJBR1JBR (2005)
Something eats my memorydeps5deps (2005)
New to ProgrammingUniquekind15Gabriel (2005)
undocumented language featureRed25degac (2005)
determining an objects type?peltazoid6peltazoid (2005)
Global Functions not visible to Extended TypesGabriel13Dreamora (2005)
type questionCS_TBL6kyoryu (2005)
Access to function with the same name as methodWayward12Mark Tiffany (2005)
ReadLine and special character like accentSmokey5ziggy (2005)
Problem 'Type'Smokey2WendellM (2005)
Importing/Using external c++ sourceDannyD3Cajun17 (2005)
TList Next and Prev Item ?GregBUG7Beaker (2005)
cannot find -lstdc++ errorsczerbiak4Mark Tiffany (2005)
TList memory managementGregBUG6GregBUG (2005)
Biggest moron in the world, but...Cloak7Cloak (2005)
(Something*) SomethingElseHaramanai2Who was John Galt? (2005)
compiling problem with freetype.mod ?Smokey1Smokey (2005)
GNet: Aaah zombies!deps2deps (2005)
writing to mem using pointerSammy4Tom (2005)
Imported Pictures Look BadKrayzBlu5ImaginaryHuman (2005)
help needed with strange code bug.Amon_old5FlameDuck (2005)
Passing alot of variables to a function...Dubious Drewski14kyoryu (2005)
collision help!!!Amon_old13deps (2005)
Extended Types and Global ListsGabriel26Gabriel (2005)
linux and bmax (locked)D4NM4N1D4NM4N (2005)
Random background musicQweeg5DannyD (2005)
Buying maxD4NM4N4D4NM4N (2005)
Sine and Cosine are rebelling!Dubious Drewski4Dubious Drewski (2005)
MAX v Blitz2D: SpeedMakepool19stevious (2005)
Can functions return strings?Lordfire5Red Ocktober (2005)
Multiple MapsSlohand2GW (2005)
Problem with DrawOvalQweeg2tonyg (2005)
Can BMax do 3D?Lorenzo4Red Ocktober (2005)
Angle Between Two Points ?GregBUG8FlameDuck (2005)
Basic rounding functionMr. Ell'3Mr. Ell' (2005)
wrap angle?Qweeg11Sashnil (2005)
how to make an isometric background?matthews_304Who was John Galt? (2005)
Database Options?Gabriel3LarsG (2005)
what type for file input ?DannyD2WendellM (2005)
Run CommandGehhilfe4DannyD (2005)
Graphics refresh - best practise?Qweeg7QuietBloke (2005)
Import 'c' code and linking DLL'sRktMan6Mystik (2005)
Buying BlitzMaxMarkAM8Makepool (2005)
Scancodes -> ASCII(tu) ENAY5(tu) ENAY (2005)
Irrlciht Wrapper Bug?Jan_2gman (2005)
Arrays as function parametersKrayzBlu4KrayzBlu (2005)
Streaming OGGs?Ferminho11Ferminho (2005)
Internal functions and methodsTopdecker3Neuro (2005)
More Strings(tu) ENAY6Tom (2005)
MilliSecs : How do I count secondsDannyD16* (2005)
Scrolling land and collision detection...Opinions?Dubious Drewski16Dubious Drewski (2005)
Too dumb to do the mathsQweeg7Qweeg (2005)
Object always facing the player?Neuro6wildboar (2005)
Max network gamesLeon Brown3Tibit (2005)
Multiplayer and UDPGehhilfe7Tibit (2005)
incbin fontBig_Dave12Retro (2005)
Deleteing objectsScott Williams4Hotcakes (2005)
Super.New()bregors4bregors (2005)
Mouse click on imageQweeg8Sarge (2005)
"Synching Mods?"Kuron6JazzieB (2005)
Concepts behind Field, new, method, abstract, etcDubious Drewski4FlameDuck (2005)
tutor 9 NeheAkat3Akat (2005)
SetHandleGhost Dancer6Ghost Dancer (2005)
ReadString nonsense(tu) ENAY16skidracer (2005)
Out of interest: Blitz2D/3D to Max ports.GA4Warren (2005)
Help: Implementing Wave's FPS and DeltaTimeWarpZone11Tibit (2005)
Video layers: I want more control.Dubious Drewski9Hotcakes (2005)
Image StripsEric3RiK (2005)
Padding with ZerosEric5JazzieB (2005)
HelpScott Williams4Scott Shaver (2005)
Rand() is not Randomizing...KrayzBlu11Warren (2005)
Help: Sprite Type: Tying graphics to instances?WarpZone15QuietBloke (2005)
Default HertzShambler13Hotcakes (2005)
Fullscreen doesnt draw?Will4Tom Darby (2005)
BlitzMax GuiCodeD16CodeD (2005)
RGB->32bit argb valueOldtimefun2Oddball (2005)
how fast to 1 Billion ?rod5462WendellM (2005)
rotating blocks?Amon_old2tonyg (2005)
How much system ram is present?Shagwana4(tu) ENAY (2005)
Help: Function to load pngs from a list...WarpZone5tonyg (2005)
Sampling pixels...Dubious Drewski3ImaginaryHuman (2005)
Question about Types and Resourcesbregors4bregors (2005)
Referencing Globals in imported functions.bregors16bregors (2005)
UserlibsWho was John Galt?6Dreamora (2005)
Forward declarationIbmurai16Ibmurai (2005)
is there any way to auto-indent?WarpZone9WarpZone (2005)
Max2D and GL DrawingHaramanai1Haramanai (2005)
daft 2d graphics questionQuietBloke10QuietBloke (2005)
Savebuffer HellJMS45GB4FlameDuck (2005)
Type fieldsGhost Dancer5Ghost Dancer (2005)
Is this a bug?GW3GW (2005)
Howto convert UTF8 To ISO-8859-1 ?Difference3Difference (2005)
gg.IrrBMAXDirtBikeDude7gman (2005)
Curious questionRegular K8Gabriel (2005)
TList(tu) ENAY5(tu) ENAY (2005)
I got BLitzMax now :)Hotshot20059Grisu (2005)
Garbage Collection Checklist?Gabriel5Gabriel (2005)
Custom Type questionTopdecker4Topdecker (2005)
Raster Bar in BlitzMax?Hotshot20053FlameDuck (2005)
BlitzMax Sound Support?Hotshot20059Hotshot2005 (2005)
Problem with Mod commandFry Crayola11Dreamora (2005)
Are the official docs availableMonkeyBone9SillyPutty (2005)
Reading a pixelnawi7xMicky (2005)
Memory Management - Clean Sound From MemoryMcFox20Cartman (2005)
_Self_._Field_Curtastic3Curtastic (2005)
Flow of control questionDannyD8bradford6 (2005)
Local variables and If./then/elsetonyg11Beaker (2005)
tilemap problemKernle 32DLL_24Kernle 32DLL_2 (2005)
Question about ObjectsSensenwerk3FlameDuck (2005)
Eclipse IDERetroRusty9FlameDuck (2005)
Built In Sorting?fredborg4RiK (2005)
GUID?REDi4REDi (2005)
Collision LayersTopdecker4Dreamora (2005)
Problems width Frameworksczerbiak5sczerbiak (2005)
Typical "Identifier not found" with class variableAdam Bossy6Difference (2005)
If Else-questionMindfield5kenshin (2005)
mkdir failedjonmiles5jonmiles (2005)
ExecFileProger5Gabriel (2005)
Converts Int to Type?Curtastic2Dreamora (2005)
Do B3D users get upgrade to BlitzMax??Blitz1235Who was John Galt? (2005)
Is there a penalty for calling millisecs()?Gabriel5FlameDuck (2005)
Return horizontally an imageProgi19843Progi1984 (2005)
a few questions about a tilemap and a cameradelbar11delbar (2005)
Blitz Plus compatibilityLeon Brown4Shagwana (2005)
Images and... pointers?Curtastic1Curtastic (2005)
INVERTBLEND is it usefull for 2D game ?Red10ImaginaryHuman (2005)
Tetris like Source for Bmax?matthews_303Xip (2005)
Default driver for Max2dpangyan11Dreamora (2005)
2D games and applications?mikelandzelo14Hotcakes (2005)
display state managementRktMan2FlameDuck (2005)
question about Type global initializers...fredborg5Curtastic (2005)
url:OBJECT instead of url:STRINGRed4Red (2005)
Writing to an Incbin'ed fileGabriel8Tom Darby (2005)
Help index gone missing.tonyg2tonyg (2005)
How is type casting done?JonasL4JonasL (2005)
Mesh won't display, please help..FBEpyon2ImaginaryHuman (2005)
Types confuse me in MAXFBEpyon6FBEpyon (2005)
no getImageHandle?koekjesbaby2fredborg (2005)
Got a simple game you want multiplayer in?Tibit4Tibit (2005)
What is the target audience?Gillissie6Who was John Galt? (2005)
Smooth Scrolling??FBEpyon8DH (2005)
Crash when passing array using VARNeil Harris1Neil Harris (2005)
sizeOf tImage returns 0Jay Kyburz5Jay Kyburz (2005)
Telling what type something isWill8Will (2005)
When you load an image, where is it?Gabriel3Gabriel (2005)
Filtering TilesFBEpyon3FBEpyon (2005)
BlitzMAX IDEMakepool42RiK (2005)
requestfile crashes when displaying a tooltip...koekjesbaby3Perturbatio (2005)
writefile??FBEpyon5Booticus (2005)
Superb IDE - IndeIDE!:)Xip3Xip (2005)
:/ Modual BuildingDaY3DaY (2005)
Having a problem with SetRotationdelbar8delbar (2005)
how to check keyhit for - and =Robert Cummings3Robert Cummings (2005)
DrawRect fix for DXMax2D??FBEpyon3* (2005)
Tutorial: Returning Objects from CollideImage()Tom2LarsG (2005)
blitzmax ready for commercial games?Spot-Nothing9Mr. Write Errors Man (2005)
Rooter or not Rooter ...Red4Rambo_Bill (2005)
Mousex() and MouseY() not trackingSashnil4Sashnil (2005)
Pass a command to Linux terminalAkat1Akat (2005)
Zelda FSA graphicsFBEpyon1FBEpyon (2005)
Tstream questionsckob8gman (2005)
help with input routinespeltazoid2peltazoid (2005)
Gnet and its use... need help :pMcFox2Will (2005)
Vectorballs Part OneMacSven6MacSven (2005)
New in v1.10?HappyCat4HappyCat (2005)
Extends problemGrovesy8The r0nin (2005)
Surviving Multiple Unhandled Memory Exceptions?WendellM1WendellM (2005)
Audio: the basicstaxlerendiosk1taxlerendiosk (2005)
Compile Error: Labels must appear before a loopTrickyRic8TrickyRic (2005)
Delete type - best method?coffeedotbean4Yan (2005)
abstract method with an optinally parametersimi6simi (2005)
Please explain the extended parameters of graphicsRobert Cummings7FlameDuck (2005)
Graphics failureRobert Cummings13Dreamora (2005)
Music in BMax@rtur22coffeedotbean (2005)
Module Reference Updates?Corporate Dog4FlameDuck (2005)
mousemove() appears to be asynchronousTrickyRic8TrickyRic (2005)
Global Initializers Must Be Constant?Gabriel6Gabriel (2005)
Synchronizing modules off lineragtag4Grisu (2005)
need help on a bullet coding using a bitmap imagedelbar11SillyPutty (2005)
Cannot load font from TBankStreambregors1bregors (2005)
setalpha*8ImaginaryHuman (2005)
Editable text for MUD?Drekinn4ashmantle (2005)
Comparing user typeslonnieh6Rimmsy (2005)
object command ?ckob15Yan (2005)
Input when using an Intsmokingkipper5bradford6 (2005)
getmouse() and getkey() alternatives.TrickyRic11TrickyRic (2005)
creating a string out of a string and intsmokingkipper3smokingkipper (2005)
VAREric10Azathoth (2005)
Drawling lines gradually queryDannyD3DannyD (2005)
How to play MP3 files?Grisu8bradford6 (2005)
VectorballsMacSven1MacSven (2005)
Moving an object up or down a type listRobert Cummings5Dreamora (2005)
.debug.exeTricky3Tricky (2005)
handleimage?koekjesbaby3koekjesbaby (2005)
Starting 2 programs via IDE?Takuan9Takuan (2005)
Reading the backspace key.CoderLaureate7tonyg (2005)
Which is ClosestEric6Who was John Galt? (2005)
problems with blitzmax BLIdeRobert Cummings6ziggy (2005)
Set Sound PitchSimon S4Simon S (2005)
problems with windowed modesRobert Cummings3Bot Builder (2005)
C:/Program Files/BlitzMax/bin/ld.exe: cannot findRobert Cummings3Robert Cummings (2005)
GUI/Particle/Map Editorstonyg4tonyg (2005)
Playing a movie at constant frame ratedario2ImaginaryHuman (2005)
update graphic card for BmaxRed8WendellM (2005)
Module for Mpeg, AVI and MP3Mirko6ImaginaryHuman (2005)
What are you working on?Will25Cajun17 (2005)
Another object questionbstripp4bstripp (2005)
next pc to maximize blitz max :)rod547jhague (2005)
Problems with lightingPowerPC6032PowerPC603 (2005)
TListsTachyon4LarsG (2005)
Colormap mode?dario4ImaginaryHuman (2005)
White looks dull?pangyan7Perturbatio (2005)
pc has .exe - Mac has ???sting8Tom Darby (2005)
DrawRect without fill?Steve Elliott17RiK (2005)
File writing(tu) ENAY6kenshin (2005)
Create Object with nameGrovesy3bradford6 (2005)
User Defined types By Ref ?Ziltch7semar (2005)
3D module for Max coming?dragoniv5ashmantle (2005)
Creating a list in a type (OOP)The r0nin3The r0nin (2005)
Step expression must be constant?koekjesbaby7dmoc (2005)
Object confusionbstripp3bstripp (2005)
DrawPixmap questionTachyon6Tachyon (2005)
Gnet... Sending a valueMcFox1McFox (2005)
Print + Input: Bug or What am I doing wrong?Sensenwerk3Sensenwerk (2005)
executablesdalaware5McFox (2005)
neat way to append text to fileJay Kyburz6Jay Kyburz (2005)
Trouble accessing field within a typepangyan3pangyan (2005)
Drawpolytonyg5tonyg (2005)
What type of object is this?DH17DH (2005)
Passing lists from a functionbstripp3bstripp (2005)
TList inside objectJeroen3Jeroen (2005)
Gnet, a couple of questionspeltazoid2Takuan (2005)
Different ObjectsGrovesy6The r0nin (2005)
imagebufferquestionPanno2Dreamora (2005)
A first attempt with BMax - Feedback Appreciatedbubbz9bubbz (2005)
TimingRetroRusty11Dreamora (2005)
API declaring and Extern statement questionssemar8Sarge (2005)
Interacting ObjectsGrovesy13Dreamora (2005)
glPolygonMode(GL_BACK,GL_FILL) problem ?McFox6tonyg (2005)
Simple math questionSky0092klepto2 (2005)
Xor ?McFox3McFox (2005)
ListsDH8Rimmsy (2005)
RS232DeadHead2Perturbatio (2005)
What are these function used for ?McFox3McFox (2005)
wow... fast....DH8Dreamora (2005)
Testing For CollisionsEric4taxlerendiosk (2005)
Why doesnt this work?DH12Bot Builder (2005)
Windows system functions with callbackMirko3Mirko (2005)
Trying to load a masked imagebstripp4JazzieB (2005)
Question about Zlib (legal)DH3DH (2005)
Scope of Types and Variables?The r0nin3The r0nin (2005)
BlitzMax Demo_Skully12FlameDuck (2005)
Font commandsjulianbury4julianbury (2005)
Getting a TGLImageFrame from a TImageGabriel5Dreamora (2005)
Syncing modules through an authenticating proxypopey10popey (2005)
Blitz Max and Ogre3Dronbravo2Dreamora (2005)
Accessing a field of an object from a Linked ListMcFox2Bot Builder (2005)
GNet 2 Player Pongregaa4DannyD (2005)
Problem using CreateProcessMirko5Mirko (2005)
Difference between a method and a functionbstripp6Dreamora (2005)
Same Method being called twiceGabriel15Jay Kyburz (2005)
Hopefully a quick and easy maths problem...bubbz7bubbz (2005)
Improving Types in this CodeDuckstab[o]13Sweenie (2005)
BMAX compatibility with various OSX versions?salric8Dreamora (2005)
DLL problemrod543rod54 (2005)
Alpha maps? (2d question)DH10DH (2005)
Data statements(tu) ENAY10ImaginaryHuman (2005)
Light sourceGrovesy18ImaginaryHuman (2005)
Keeping Track of InstancesGrovesy6Eric (2005)
Any easier way to make an array of a type?Mr. Write Errors Man3Duckstab[o] (2005)
How to override a create function?Arowx6Arowx (2005)
HTTP Stream SessionIDRambo_Bill11Rambo_Bill (2005)
When will we know videoram available?ImaginaryHuman1ImaginaryHuman (2005)
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