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Get menu hotkey?JoshK1JoshK (2012)
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WindowEx - handles toolbars, menus, and iconsJoshK3JoshK (2012)
Only three mouse buttons?Gabriel8Impi (2012)
How many hooks can/should you use?NoOdle7JoshK (2012)
Audio Visualisation - How to make it look fancier?Grisu4Kryzon (2011)
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Icon toolbar size question...*5* (2011)
get label text width/heightskn312skn3 (2011)
Store tons of small pixmaps in ram for later use?Grisu6skn3 (2011)
Help, anyone know how to solve notify() event bug?skn36skn3 (2011)
temporarily prevent any gadget painting?skn37skn3 (2011)
win32: disable/enable gadget repaintingskn31skn3 (2011)
maxgui suprised me today (EVENT_MOUSEUP on slider)skn31skn3 (2011)
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Making important windows like notify, confirm?BlitzProg6BlitzProg (2011)
Canvas draw speedblackwater4ziggy (2011)
Native Browser WindowDezzo5Dezzo (2010)
Mouse positioning a canvas in real-time?Richard Betson7Richard Betson (2010)
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Handle windows font scale?ima74713John G (2010)
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Setgraphicsdriver DX7 fast DX9 slow.Richard Betson1Richard Betson (2010)
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MapEngine (MacOS X only)MacSven6MacSven (2010)
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problem linking a a mac Tiger programJesse3Jesse (2010)
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..SelectedGadgetItems Alien4CASO (2010) to set window with sliders..Naughty Alien4jsp (2010)
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[X]-button on tab to close it?Crovean3jsp (2010)
Tool Window in Taskbarxmlspy3jsp (2010)
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OpenGL canvas bigger than screen windows?ima7478Kryzon (2010)
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[GUI Builder] Logic Gui Professional 5.3 is outjsp3Grisu (2010)
module based MaxGUI Property GridWiebo6Blitzplotter (2010)
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SetGadgetColor() - restore to original state?wmaass3Wiebo (2010)
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Detect minimize window event?Grisu3jsp (2010)
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"Wake up" a minimzed window from taskbar?Grisu3Grisu (2010)
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Button PixmapsGhost Dancer16Ghost Dancer (2010)
Detect when splitter movedrs225rs22 (2010)
Multiple monitor GraphicmodesMacSven1MacSven (2010)
FreeTreeviewNode() ???????????????Pipes3Pipes (2010)
SetGadgetLayoutAngus1Angus (2010)
Logic Gui Professional Version 5.2 releasedjsp14jsp (2010)
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MaxGUI v1.33 RC1 is here!SebHoll30SebHoll (2009)
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GadgetIconMacSven2Brucey (2009)
detect when minimized?slenkar3slenkar (2009)
Splitter Gadget Not Availablekenshin7kenshin (2009)
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Textarea detect cursor movementslenkar9slenkar (2009)
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Changing window styles at runtime possible?QuickSilva4QuickSilva (2009)
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Canvas as child of tabberslenkar4slenkar (2008)
mouse events??slenkar4slenkar (2008)
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Textarea updatezambani12zambani (2008)
multi-languge support?slenkar8Brucey (2008)
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Timer Event Prioritymaverick694maverick69 (2008)
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Line Numbers?gweedo7674degac (2008)
Textarea without scrollbarsplash10Grisu (2008)
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Full Screen Support?freshmeat6Brucey (2008)
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Scintilla Module?Ked14xlsior (2008)
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Window size by applicationMacSven4SebHoll (2008)
GSI example (locked)JoshK1JoshK (2008)
EVENT_GADGETPAINT prevents update?remz3SebHoll (2008)
Ctrl modifier for menus makes key stickJoshK3Dreamora (2008)
axe.win32maxgui version 28 releasedskidracer73xlsior (2008)
First ProjectGord3Gord (2008)
how to check ctrl+another keyhub5JoshK (2008)
ComboBox item widthGhost Dancer6Ghost Dancer (2008)
Gadget background ColorTAS4Blueapples (2008)
How to create greyed out submenus?T-Light11Bobysait (2008)
SelectedGadgetItemTextplash2Bobysait (2008)
TextFieldText to TextFieldText to buttonMaximilianPs3jsp (2008)
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Disable "CTRL-C" for certain textareas?Grisu5Grisu (2008)
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Overwriting on ListboxesTwoCorin5177Dreamora (2008)
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Resize window Selection Rectangle?Leon Drake7tonyg (2008)
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Moving window glitchyRetimer6Retimer (2008)
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Select EventSource() for Panels ?SpaceTime6MacSven (2008)
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Runtime removing menu and status bar(Hiding)LAB[au]9remz (2007)
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canvas creating events?PantsOn3PantsOn (2007)
Word selection in MaxIDEremz2remz (2007)
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Image Width/Height?CopperCircle3CopperCircle (2007)
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Gui and non English languagesMoraldi17Grisu (2007)
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