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any books recommended to make learning easierdubbsta5hub (2016)
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Is it ok to install Monkey X Studio many times?BigPhil2DruggedBunny (2016)
multi-dimension arrays ?Boulderdash4Gerry Quinn (2016)
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Top down rotating racer viewports?Pixel_Outlaw7Gerry Quinn (2016)
RPG Project (Update)BradMangham4Shinkiro1 (2016)
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how do you keep objects relative with rotation?RedGTurtlepa4Gerry Quinn (2016)
where is the GLFW3 monkey *window declared?RedGTurtlepa3RedGTurtlepa (2016)
atan2 and X Y issuesAshmoor5Ashmoor (2016)
random generator issueAshmoor16Ashmoor (2016)
What is max size for Mojo2 frames Image import?RedGTurtlepa3Gerry Quinn (2016)
Ethics on MIT license use for libs? (not binary)RedGTurtlepa7RedGTurtlepa (2016)
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Understanding Isometrics from scratch?RedGTurtlepa14bitJericho (2016)
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Mojo2 html5 not working outside of monkeyPakz4Shinkiro1 (2016)
It will be or there is a Gui On MonkeyX??FaSaSoftware4tiresius (2016)
Is It Possible to Retrieve Data From An Url ?FaSaSoftware5FaSaSoftware (2016)
Textarea gadget with monkeyx. Is that possible?Pakz5Gerry Quinn (2016)
launch applicationhub8hub (2016)
Mini3D for 3D Web gamesEn9292abakobo (2016)
How to reduce a global list to 0 ?MonkeyPlotter3Gerry Quinn (2016)
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Trying to upload 3D Mesh/objectsEn92928En929 (2016)
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Which is better optimize Pygame or Monkey (Mojo1)?RedGTurtlepa5alege (2016)
Saving values as metadata and expanding arraysRedGTurtlepa7RedGTurtlepa (2016)
"New()" Inheritance questionLeo Santos4Gerry Quinn (2016)
load/save custom file & file browserabakobo2abakobo (2016)
Can you 'include' files in Monkey inlineMonkeyPlotter5tiresius (2016)
Memory violation access. Inheritance?Panz0r6Gerry Quinn (2016)
regex challengehub3hub (2016)
what is Cls mean?luren3dawlane (2016)
can GetPixels&Img.WritePixels do Dynamic Pixels?RedGTurtlepa6Gerry Quinn (2016)
Anyone know of a good Monkeydoc viewer?RedGTurtlepa2ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2016)
image filtering with html5 again!abakobo3abakobo (2016)
Functions keep throwing find overload errors?Finalfantasiser3Finalfantasiser (2016)
jungle ide questionAshmoor25rIKmAN (2016)
Ignore me..Paul - Taiphoz3Paul - Taiphoz (2016)
3D objects/extensionsEn9294ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2016)
How does monkey preform with stressful rendering?RedGTurtlepa16nullterm (2016)
Help with a codeArmoured3Armoured (2016)
Ready to Delve into 3D ProgrammingEn92937EdzUp (2016)
Concave Polygonmalublu2malublu (2016)
PortabilityEn9295Gerry Quinn (2016)
lists and eachin questionsAshmoor6Gerry Quinn (2016)
I keep wondering why should I keep using monkey.doug30ElectricBoogaloo (2016)
"new" ? not sure what it doesdubbsta14dubbsta (2016)
Returning two valuesratking8Gerry Quinn (2016)
compiling error .net issue?Ashmoor2Ashmoor (2016)
Memory Access ViolationEn92911En929 (2016)
Font file for mojo2 font classhub10DiTransfers (2016)
code for studying purposes?dubbsta5Qube (2016)
ExportingRoss3dawlane (2016)
Steam Integrationstdio952Nobuyuki (2016)
Millisecs since year xxxx/1900Arabia10Arabia (2016)
Solved: failed to build anrdoid target...matchem6DiTransfers (2016)
Creating sounds from scratchLeo Santos3Leo Santos (2016)
Iterate through a list and process the strings....MonkeyPlotter8MonkeyPlotter (2016)
Online Multiplayer in Monkey X?potato8potato (2016)
Doubts before buyingUlisses7Ulisses (2016)
Monkey Game Development: Beginner's Guidepatbou7MikeHart (2015)
Why should classname <> monkeyfile namemalublu5malublu (2015)
Example of using the Method 'Contains'MonkeyPlotter5MonkeyPlotter (2015)
Console reports using MonkeyXPro79e/bin/transcc_..MonkeyPlotter12MonkeyPlotter (2015)
Can you call a B3D executable from Monkey?MonkeyPlotter1MonkeyPlotter (2015)
Hello Monkey world!Holt18Holt (2015)
GetR, GetG, GetB and GetAlpha functions?Pakz3Pakz (2015)
pyro and timelinefx- Monkey Runtime Errormuruba4muruba (2015)
FTPhub3skid (2015)
Wall following problems.Pakz4Pakz (2015)
Try catch blockSensei4Nobuyuki (2015)
Free an arrayhub14ziggy (2015)
resize image and save ithub1hub (2015)
filetype alternative for http checkhub5hub (2015)
Monkey for creating a C++ DLL?amando6amando (2015)
damage statusRell11MikeHart (2015)
Jungle IDE FontMachine?Twonty2ziggy (2015)
Compatible with Overlap2D?malublu12Samah (2015)
enabling keyboard on html5abakobo7Yeshu777 (2015)
IRC ChannelJhiaxuss11bitJericho (2015)
Circle AnimationDuke872Duke87 (2015)
mojo2 - DrawImageRectdegac1degac (2015)
birthday cool code.hub6hub (2015)
What is the best (simplest) Tile-Map Engine?GarBenjamin32GarBenjamin (2015)
Andriod Phone wont connect in debug modeBoulderdash8Boulderdash (2015)
Color CodingEn9294rIKmAN (2015)
How do I get to Firefox instead of Google Chrome?Hotshot9julesd (2015)
How easy to read and write from file on AndroidMonkeyPlotter6Steve Ancell (2015)
If I want to use FILESTREAM do I need to use cpp..MonkeyPlotter1MonkeyPlotter (2015)
So... how do I get rid of that console for html?GarBenjamin6GarBenjamin (2015)
Playmusic end trackhub4hub (2015)
Networking in Monkey?Yevoc2ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2015)
good starting point ?GC-Martijn4Pharmhaus (2015)
Need Game Examples and HELPRell13Rell (2015)
WebGLMaxPower3Pierrou (2015)
mix up array items.hub6bitJericho (2015)
Monkey-X Pro vs. open sourceMonoDesire10Gerry Quinn (2015)
Some help for code structurehub21hub (2015)
How do I create a transparent rectangleEn9293En929 (2015)
Get supported Screen Resolutions?Duke875therevills (2015)
How to get the current date or timePhil75Duke87 (2015)
set some images to nullhub3hub (2015)
Identifier 'ObjectEnumerator' not foundAim8Aim (2015)
monkey notify ;-)hub5hub (2015)
Mojo 2 : only scale an image.hub5hub (2015)
dual full screen apps in windowsGary Leeds4ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2015)
Implementing the Components-Pattern in monkey-xHero6Hero (2015)
What is up with mojo2 SetColor(r,g,b)?Hero6MikeHart (2015)
How to avoid ClassName.ClassNameHero7Gerry Quinn (2015)
Interface member not declared, why no error?Hero5bitJericho (2015)
Worlds / viewports / coordinate systems etcTop7Playniax (2015)
Load image from memoryHero6SLotman (2015)
Memory Access ExceptionHero5Hero (2015)
Random Number Generator on diff. targetsHero3Hero (2015)
Using Mojo2 Readpixels and WritepixelsPierrou7Pierrou (2015)
how to change monkey icon, appli namehub2therevills (2015)
Using mojo2Hero3Hero (2015)
Console Application ("C++ Tool"), WaitKey, KeyWaitHero4bitJericho (2015)
Lite RPGRell8Pakz (2015)
Help Monkey-X Studio configuration MAKE not foundHero12Hero (2015)
Monkey, Mojo, Pyro, ...AnotherMike16AnotherMike (2015)
Resizing an HTML5 window.Farflame2Danilo (2015)
percentage position into a device screen.hub2hub (2015)
MySQL databases?Farflame10Farflame (2015)
Array error only with debug modehub5hub (2015)
Earth BoundRell4Pakz (2015)
Ini file libraryhub3hub (2015)
Diddy threading driving me madRaudius3Samah (2015)
DrawImage not obeying SetAlpha?MonoDesire9MonoDesire (2015)
Standalone buildRaudius9Raudius (2015)
Question on garbage collectionMonoDesire6MonoDesire (2015)
Is Monkey-X a good choice for a beginner?mejon5Gerry Quinn (2015)
Don't understand setAlphamuruba4therevills (2015)
Retrieve an item from a StringListMonoDesire10MonoDesire (2015)
A couple of Monkey X questions.mejon4mejon (2015)
TcpStream receiving flipped int bytesRaudius6ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2015)
HELP!!! Error : Type 'CGameEngine' not foundGuest2ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2015)
Upgrade to new versioncgrossi15cgrossi (2015)
Identifier 'SetDeviceWindow' not foundcgrossi14MikeHart (2015)
With Monkey2 - what is Monkey1's future?muruba14Playniax (2015)
Still no database tools?Xyle12golomp (2015)
How does Scale() work?Hezkore9Derron (2015)
Where to find Smalltime Outlaws tutorial files?Scid4golomp (2015)
Mac OS X's (10.10.x) Monkey setup. Full Xcode?vsh_3vsh_ (2015)
Commercial License?RedGTurtlepa4ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2015)
HTML5 pauses always when unfocused...ElRageO7Nobuyuki (2015)
Multiple screen resolutionsmuruba12Soap (2015)
Erm... Why does this code work?Michiel3Michiel (2015)
Invert progress barElRageO5ElRageO (2015)
Wild Card/ syntax for loading multiple imagesElRageO3Gerry Quinn (2015)
Thinking about moving to Monkey for 2DRukiri6EdzUp (2015)
Drawimage memory acess error.ElRageO8ElRageO (2015)
IOS Target build ??ElRageO3ElRageO (2015)
New.. wondering how to start a...Daz11Duke87 (2015)
Hashes / Dictionaries / LookupsKieryn3Kieryn (2015)
A lesson in setting the config files properlyEdzUp1EdzUp (2015)
Linux: Monkey (the binary file) not running...Derron7dawlane (2015)
Anything wrong with ATan ?Duke878Gerry Quinn (2015)
Microphone input possible?merich5merich (2015)
Show YouTube video in-app?TVCruelty3TVCruelty (2015)
Complete game tutorialSpriteAttack11dubbsta (2015)
MonkeyX install ?Pals10Pals (2015)
Invalid Registration code / Unable to Update IDE1goto12ziggy (2015)
List how does Find:Node<T> ( value:T ) works ??GC-Martijn8Gerry Quinn (2015)
Jungle GUI events not working?narcea7narcea (2015)
Collision detection OOPvic6vic (2015)
mem/speed use Height() or save/use height once.GC-Martijn3therevills (2015)
Image.Handle / SetHandle is not like photoshopGC-Martijn4GC-Martijn (2015)
help, why wont my image render?dubbsta7golomp (2015)
Proper way to retrieve nested objects in BRL.JsonbitJericho3muddy_shoes (2015)
How to set up many classes?Pakz7Pakz (2015)
Multiple dim arrays (more then two) and lengthPakz10ziggy (2015)
class extended method sharing thing ;)GC-Martijn3GC-Martijn (2015)
Return Self - What does that do?Pakz13Samah (2015)
vector movement question, movement don't stopGC-Martijn13Jesse (2015)
ReadPixels/WritePixels on iPadTVCruelty13Pakz (2015)
Am I stupid? iOS on PC? Setting up Monkey X Studioakimis25akimis (2015)
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Line seperator. (Shorter lines)Pakz3Pakz (2015)
Platform Game ExampleEn9296vic (2015)
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Audio Streams...Taron7Taron (2015)
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Obfuscate in game data?Xyle7Xyle (2015)
Including source code ? (Solved)golomp7MikeHart (2015)
GetDate() doesn't give millisecs()?Xyle7impixi (2015)
OSX builds for 10.10 when I'm at 10.9CurryKitten5CurryKitten (2015)
^ character, what is that in Monkey?Pakz15Jesse (2015)
Accessing the Native CamerablueFire2Gerry Quinn (2015)
Encrypt Data from Monkey to WebServer?Xyle4Xyle (2015)
PlayMusic() .ogg file locationblueFire4blueFire (2015)
GetEnv() TroublesblueFire7impixi (2015)
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Image frame outside surfaceBaxt3r5Steve Ancell (2015)
[Solved] Writepixels argb() method not workingPakz7Pakz (2015)
Where to play sound and musicpit7Gerry Quinn (2014)
Location of saved built filesblueFire2Gerry Quinn (2014)
IgnitionX Forums?Xyle3Xyle (2014)
Preprocessork.o.g.2ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2014)
Multiple object listRazmonger10Razmonger (2014)
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Bigger than Float ?golomp11golomp (2014)
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HTML5, can I change screen size?Farflame4ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2014)
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Global list of objects inside class.Farflame12Gerry Quinn (2014)
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Bluetooth support?Irvau1Irvau (2014)
Abstract keywordCaptain Sullivan3Captain Sullivan (2014)
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Tiled Backgrounds?Spinal8Salmakis (2014)
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