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Did this ever get finished? Does anyone have a copy of it from all those years?Matty1Matty (March)
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Ryzen - anyone going to jump ship?coffeedotbean27xlsior (March)
It's possible to create a forkof Blitzmax?Fielder30Yan (March)
Small Foldable Keyboards and Mobile PhonesSteve Elliott3Steve Elliott (March)
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40!Matty37(tu) ENAY (2017)
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Sony April Fools?(tu) ENAY17(tu) ENAY (2017)
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X-COM: UFO Defense for freeGrisu2Makis (2017)
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How good is your computer? (locked)Polarix1Polarix (2017)
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French people here? I'd need a translationXaron18Derron (2017)
How Times Change - Data Capture Vs ParanoiaMatty15Hotcakes (2017)
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Biological Programming (Andrew Hessel/futorology)Pakz9Blitzplotter (2017)
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Code is BeautifulMatty9Steve Elliott (2017)
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AMD Vega. Doom at 4k 60+ FPS Ultra settings.Richard Betson6coffeedotbean (2017)
Rodents found on Mars?JoshK70xlsior (2017)
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$89.00 Pinebook. Open source hardware.Richard Betson1Richard Betson (2017)
Secure Summerskidracer1skidracer (2017)
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AirWar & SFB with Large Ship Icons and Auto FacingMainsworthy35Mainsworthy (2017)
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Viva Amiga documentary.Floyd6GregH (2016)
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How do you get over the emotional disgust re:freeMatty34Blitzplotter (2016)
My new 3D PrinterRifRaf35Derron (2016)
PSVR will hit mass market before others, says GfKHotcakes22Hotcakes (2016)