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skidracer(Posted April) [#1]
I suppose I could change the date stamp on the Santa porn so it wasn't in the Gallery's most recent but someone somewhere must have done something cool in blitz/monkey over the weekend?

Pakz(Posted April) [#2]
I just posted some sprites on the art forum here. I do not think I have posted any monkey games on this site yet. I usually post my monkey games on socoder or the monkey site itself. I stil see this as a blitz basic kind of site.

I will post my latest monkeyx game thing in the showcase. Is the screenshot section for monkey games also?

Matty(Posted April) [#3]
I wrote something which I put in the code archives a few days ago - it is a world map generation piece of software...written in blitzplus...but it's not a full game, it is just something for the code archives....not sure if you would want that on the gallery? If you do let me know and I'll submit it. The app I turned it into was written in java (for Android) so probably shouldn't go on the gallery.

skidracer(Posted April) [#4]
Matty, the gallery is ideally for blitz3d / blitzmax projects only.

Pakz, the monkey question is a good one. I personally would say yes.

I am going to write something in Blitz3D myself if the situation persists.

therevills(Posted April) [#5]
Our new game should be finished this month... so I'll post some screenies soon!

Blitzplotter(Posted May) [#6]
I've some imagery created from my most recent outing on my tredder, it was a fairly big hill. I'd like to create a track from the pillars stunt car racer sequence, a while off yet though :)

grindalf(Posted May) [#7]
I've uploaded one of my current project. Will try and upload a couple more over the next week

skidracer(Posted May) [#8]
Hurrah! Thank you grindalf, Grimoire Of Worlds is looking great.

Matty(Posted May) [#9]
Yes it looks fantastic.

skidracer(Posted May) [#10]
Our new game should be finished this month... so I'll post some screenies soon!

For the gallery, please submit only the best single image.