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xlsior(Posted May) [#1]
There's a brand new Amiga X5000 on the market:

Hotshot2005(Posted May) [#2]
Too much moneys and you better off waiting A1222 which coming out in October !

Rick Nasher(Posted May) [#3]
I luv to see these machines and still hang on to my A1200 + SDcard HDD, but I really don't understand why and how a new Amiga based on PowerPC could be viable or what the purpose would be other than being nostalgic. Hardware wise it's irrelevant and software wise there's virtually nothing new, nor enough interest in the general public to have software companies create new stuff for such a machine(imho).

Isn't this a bit wasting money. time and resources?

GfK(Posted May) [#4]
Definitely too much moneys. I'm all for nostalgia, but Amiga stopped being relevant about twenty years ago.

Spend your money on a proper PC.

coffeedotbean(Posted May) [#5]
Unless it all in the keyboard like the 500,500+,600,1200 I have no interest in a "new" Amiga. Still the best computing era for me, I had 5 of those disks boxes with the see-thru lid that you could lock that held 100 disks, each was full of magazine cover disks, copied games, sexy poker games and that I cleverly miss-labels as "tools" disks. And at one point probably about 3 feet of magazines. I'd give anything to get all that back.

dawlane(Posted May) [#6]
I think if I'm going to go all new nostalgia, I will start with the ZX Spectrum Next. It surpassed it's kickstarter goal and I forgot to check up on it's progress and didn't back it. I think that re-inventing the Amiga as a PowerPC will be as successful as Commodores attempt at bringing the breadbox 64 back to life a few years back. People are not really prepared to pay a ridiculous amount of money for what is basically a repackaged PC in a new case and load with a fancy OS that hasn't got much going for it in software in a Microsoft/Apple dominated world. If anything they would spend it on obtaining and maintaining real hardware of the era.

Rick Nasher(Posted May) [#7]
The new Amiga's have nothing new or groundbreaking to offer.

You're better off with a Raspberry Pi for *that* actually fills a need, like the C64 and in some areas the Amiga(mainly aud/vid+memory and storage, hw hackability not so much) did back in the days.

It's cheap, small, powerful, low power consumption, hackable, extendible, 1001 possibilities. Any kid with a soldering iron and bit of coding skill can build some cool home automation/robotic thingy.

Grisu(Posted May) [#8]
Well I'm also for nostalgia, but not with this pricetag.

The Raspberry Pi is said to be great for rebuilding an older system. But you need time, the right parts and software. That's where things get complicated.

degac(Posted May) [#9]
This is a work for gravediggers.

Honestly, the hardware (that made great Amiga) is no more a key-feature and now it's not so great.

Software? There's nothing special anymore (I remember LightWave at the time!)

OS: they lost the train many years ago. It was a RTOS, they *should* invest on it, not on the hardware. But, who cares nowadays?

ps: I just see the price... no way even for retro-gaming!

Floyd(Posted May) [#10]
This is the sort of thing I would buy if I had so much money that $2000 could be an impulse purchase. That is a very unlikely scenario.

GfK(Posted May) [#11]
I had 5 of those disks boxes with the see-thru lid that you could lock that held 100 disks

Think we all had those, with the pointless locks cos you could just pop the lid off its hinges and remove it completely. :D

EdzUp MkII(Posted May) [#12]
everyone now turns to emulation these days and with the Pi it's even easier :)

MichaelUK(Posted May) [#13]
Crazy money for a computer with no future, they missed the boat by about 20 years.

Hotshot2005(Posted May) [#14]
There is

MIST FPGA(it can run 8bit and 16bit emulators such Amiga n ST!) 190
ZX UNO(run most 8bit emulators) cost? 65
Raspberry pi 3(on what EdzUp MKII say) 30


installed emulators for free on desktop pc.

ImaginaryHuman(Posted May) [#15]
It seems sort of a fun concept but you really gotta be thinking in terms of an enthusiast who has money to spare and really, really wants it. It's catering to the die-hard fans. It doesn't really have any mass-market future. The custom chip is interesting, but ... 32-bit? Like hello, let's be 64-bit already. It's basically a big toy.

(tu) ENAY(Posted May) [#16]
I'd love an Amiga-Mini though, bit like how the NES was.