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Polarix(Posted March) [#1]
I know that I started around 1 or 2 years ago.

Playniax(Posted March) [#2]
I started a LONG time ago and I just can't stop it... Why? No idea...

grindalf(Posted March) [#3]
I started with YaBasic on the ps2 way back in aprox 2003

steve_ancell(Posted March) [#4]
Donkey's years ago, back in the Amstrad CPC days.

Blitzplotter(Posted March) [#5]
Too long ago.... Zx spectrum days

Matty(Posted March) [#6]
I was in primary school, probably 10 or 11 years old in 1987/1988 - often buying Usborne computing books with program listings in them. We got our first Ibm PC XT in 1988 which came with nothing but Dos and GWBASIC on it (and eventually Word Perfect)....so to give me something to do I made my own games...

cps(Posted March) [#7]
Age 18, 1975 on a huge trolley mounted calculator I think it ran either COBOL or FORTRAN (it was long time ago) and had no storage.
You typed your programme in at the start of the day, ran your data through it and repeated this the next time you needed to process some data.
Handy for processing large amounts of data through complex equations and an absolute pain in the neck. But compared to working the data through equations by hand, a lot quicker and more reliable. Have fun cps

Neuro(Posted March) [#8]
Believe it or not....i actually first learned to code on this :

It was already an ancient device by the time I found it tucked away way back in the closet of my parent's bedroom while I was snooping around. Needless to say, everything about it still worked when I plugged it into the TV (had to turn the volume all the way down since it was nothing but static). That manual that came along with it was how I first learned. It said to type this :

10 Print "Hello World"

And right after it said "Congratulation! You just wrote your first program." I was a bit confused on what the hell that meant. But it was the start of something that I actually do now for a living...ugh...

I still have that exact manual somewhere now in my house....I should go look it up...yeah....

BlitzSupport(Posted March) [#9]
About 1986/87... yikes.

dynaman(Posted March) [#10]
Late seventies, saw duck hunt on a TRS-80 Model 1 at the Radio Shack on the way home. Friend of mine got one and we did some work on that (and the store manager was nice and let me use the store's too). Bought my own VIC-20 a few years later.

(tu) ENAY(Posted March) [#11]
Amstrad CPC464 in 1984 or so. Seems like a different lifetime ago now....

xlsior(Posted March) [#12]
1988, in GW-Basic on one of these:

AdamStrange(Posted March) [#13]
one of these:

dawlane(Posted March) [#14]
On a Sinclair ZX81 (aka Timex 1000 in the US) when they where still brand new.

Fielder(Posted March) [#15]
Commodore Vic 20... a lot of time ago.

Chalky(Posted March) [#16]
1985 (might have been '84) - Yamaha CX5M (MSX Basic). Still have it today - as well as a lot of stuff I wrote back then thanks to a Toshiba HXF101 disk drive (which cost a whopping 349!).

Flanker(Posted March) [#17]
Interesting, I don't know any of the machine you posted :)

In 2000, in high school when I was 15, my older brother teached me basic langage on Casio graph 65 color :

I programmed little games to share with friend, tools to cheat in class and even a chat beetween two calculator connected by wire. Later we had a computer at home and I discovered Darkbasic, and then Blitzbasic, the best one !

EOF(Posted March) [#18]
At the time of the Zx81 release too.

This cheap little beast was the starting point and I loved the whole "you can program this little device and make it perform as you wish".

Ian Thompson(Posted March) [#19]
Kinda learned a bit with the schools...

But really cut my teeth with this..

Polarix(Posted March) [#20]
Woah, I wish i learned to program earlier now.

Henri(Posted March) [#21]
My first ever real programming was done in Amiga with the likes of Amos and BlitzBasic. All the while I started reading books about assembler and C coding.


andy_mc(Posted March) [#22]
Amstrad CPC 464 basic when I was 7, back in 1987.

Fernhout(Posted March) [#23]
My first PC was a TRS80 Model 1 level 1 later upgraded to Level2.
After that i did worked for a company that was busy to bring the automation to the factories. I did learn to develope from very big PLC blockes to Siemens S7. And Safty block porogramming.

This was a way differen kind of programmingen. Very liniare programming so never took the time to learn the real basic.

Last 4 years i discoverd BB again and start learning to use it.

Because of a freak accident i lose a part of my thinking and memory so programming is stil my vaforite but its hard for me to remember all the command every day.