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EOF(Posted February) [#1]

Steve Elliott(Posted February) [#2]
I agree that hardware and software has become hugely over-complicated, and therefore less fun to code...Code what is fun instead.

Naughty Alien(Posted February) [#3]
..im playing with Xenko system currently (open source), and it is very pleasing and easy to use..initially, massive download needed held me back but i finally decided to go, and its so far, very nice thing to play with..


angros47(Posted March) [#4]
I wonder how hard would be to integrate OpenB3D in SmallBASIC

Blitzplotter(Posted March) [#5]
Being 'allowed to if ... end if or if .. fi, sweet ;)

Steve Elliott(Posted March) [#6]
BASIC, with a bit of Action! Syntax :)

popcade(Posted March) [#7]
QB64 is my current favorite, it's a bit too oldskool tho.