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MadJack(Posted March) [#1]

A new Biowarr game used to be a shoe-in for me as a purchase but after the fluff and nonsense that was Flagon Age:Supposition and now the tepid reviews for Mass Erect: Andronicus, I'll think I'll pass.

Back to Total Warr: Room 2 Emperor edition for me.

(tu) ENAY(Posted March) [#2]
Any good? I've heard it's very buggy and generally terrible.

Blitzplotter(Posted March) [#3]
My list of gaming 'to do s' gets longer.... Think I managed 60% of Mass effect 1, 15% of Mass Effect 2 - and we (migt) even have Mass Effect 3 - or is that Andromeda?

Can't fault you on going back to Total War series - you can't beat some mass battle carnage - might have a play myself this weekend.

MadJack(Posted March) [#4]
Incidentally, get your special, limited edition 'my face is tired' mugs from here:

coffeedotbean(Posted March) [#5]
its a buggy mess, I stopped playing 4 hours in as an event did not trigger so I could not continue, I am waiting for the first patch before I start over. I posted two videos of 2 bugs I had

Grisu(Posted March) [#6]
From the reviews it's not worth a buy.
Might get the final version with all dlcs and on a discount sale.

Ian Thompson(Posted March) [#7]
They renamed part of EA Quebec to Bioware to associate the Bioware name with it, it's nothing to do with Bioware unfortunately. Typical E.A. :P