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Ian Thompson(Posted March) [#1]
Totally mad, very dangerous but also super-cool...

Rick Nasher(Posted March) [#2]
Pretty cool and moves are looking surprisingly much like the Iron Man.

A very gutsy dude too. A lot more dangerous then the Flyboard guy, for he's above water instead of concrete.
(of which I first thought it was a hoax, but actually is a real thing- apparently he's banned from flying in France)

But... tomorrow is April 1st so that makes me wonder a bit again.

Ian Thompson(Posted March) [#3]
That hover-board looks fantastic too. Both of these inventions seem to be made possible by these new tiny jet turbines. Amazing stuff!

(tu) ENAY(Posted April) [#4]
I saw one of these in Japan in Odaiba a few years (or at least it was very similiar indeed) I thought it looked awesome, but sadly the guy using lost control and fell face first in the water and had to be taken to hospital.
Super cool, but seemingly very dangerous indeed.

Blitzplotter(Posted April) [#5]
This British inventor is inspirational, Just hope he devises some airbags for his suit soon.