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stayne(Posted May) [#1]
Waaaaaay over my head but this is awesome.

degac(Posted May) [#2]
Damn, incredible!
No more animation! Some sort of 'AI' to mimic a real movement! Great!

MichaelUK(Posted May) [#3]
That looks totally awesome.

Matty(Posted May) [#4]
2:36 is amazing-where he steadies himself with his hand

Yue(Posted May) [#5]
Is incredible.

Hardcoal(Posted May) [#6]
Much better than Pac-Man

Rooster(Posted May) [#7]
I hope I can figure out how to do this some day.
Do you guys think Star Citizen will use something like this?

Matty(Posted May) [#8]
@Rooster - does anyone still follow that bottomless pit/money sink of Star Citizen? Seems to have gone off the radar.....

Rooster(Posted May) [#9]
It's alive and well as far as I can tell.