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Matty(Posted 2017) [#1]
This might be a personal question but....

How many of us who identify as 'coders/geeks/IT people' also are on the heavier side of things when it comes to their weight?

I'm overweight - 104kg (although that is coming down considerably in the last 4 weeks...was 112...eating very healthy and small portions until I get down to my standard weight of 80kg hopefully by October this year)

I know from experience that having an interest in computers means that I exercise less than I ought to and am sitting down a lot.

In 2005 I weighed 80kg and was healthy going for runs every second night...then I bought a laptop and was glued to the screen every night after work and all exercise ceased and I ballooned out to over 120kg by 2010.

andy_mc(Posted 2017) [#2]
I'm 36 years old and 82kg at 6 foot tall.

I have gained weight in the past, but cutting out all refined sugar keeps the weight down, I also go running twice a week.

I've a devops engineer by day so spend most of my time sat at a computer.

Blitzplotter(Posted 2017) [#3]
I'm overweight - 104kg (although that is coming down considerably in the last 4 weeks...was 112...eating very healthy and small portions until I get down to my standard weight of 80kg hopefully by October this year)

Dunno if you're in the UK Matty, but my wife (hence our whole family) has been gaining the advantage of main meals from Slimming World - great tasting varied food for a small fee and a slice of effort.

My coding thing has coincided with motivating my ass outa the house. Used to do a lot of running but knee trouble has changed my main aerobic exercise to cycling. Was 15.5 stone about 6 months ago, hovering around 14.5 stone now. My job is more physical than it used to be (avionics instead of software release manager). I try to limit what I eat during the day and (almost) have what I want in the evenings.

We also got a dog about 18 months ago - a great reason for the whole family to go walking together.

Matty(Posted 2017) [#4]
Thanks Blitzplotter....I'm in Australia but we have similar pre prepared meal systems I've used one before and reduced my weight to a good level..I simply wasn't prepared for when I came off that diet and returned to bad habits...I've found a good system now where I prepare my own food (healthy) and am losing weight at about a rate of 1.5kg a week...but yeah seeing your gps app you've been building for a while makes me think you're quite active which is great.

Blitzplotter(Posted 2017) [#5]
I prepare my own food (healthy) and am losing weight at about a rate of 1.5kg a week...but yeah seeing your gps app you've been building for a while makes me think you're quite active which is great.

A rate of 1.5Kg a week is great, yeah I do like to keep active. We got a new 55" 4K telly last night, I marvelled at Alice in Wonderland's HD ness in BLue Ray mode... but then I dragged my backside out on my bike into the inky blackness of a british February night for a cheeky 10 miles on my bike - indicated by the red 'runner' in the screenshot below. I've an aspiration to maybe do Roller Derby this year... although I'm closer to 50 than forty years old now so I feel as though times running out ;)

I'd normally resize this... it'll have to wait as I've gotta get my brekkie on before popping out to the old grindstone - which is a cheeky 60 mile round trip away ;)

CodeGit(Posted 2017) [#6]
I am 6ft and weigh 90kg and have been this weight for many years. I fly paragliders competitively and have to keep within a certain weight range for my glider. In flight, my all up weight is 110kg which includes my naked body weight, clothing, helmet, instruments, harness, reserve parachute and the physical weight of the glider (4kg). My glider has a top end "in flight" max weight of 115kg so gaining weight is an absolute NO-NO for me. I cut out sugar, starch and salt (SSS) and I find I lose weight and then have to binge to get back within my 90kg body weight. I also exercise quite a lot climbing mountains with 20kg kit on my back.

So.... if you want to lose weight, cut out sugar, starch and salt (SSS) and do some moderate exercise. It absolutely works for me. :) Basically it means (SSS) and eat moderate portions of red meat/chicken and veggies.

P.S Forgot to mention I am in IT and sit on my bum most of the day at work.

Steve Elliott(Posted 2017) [#7]
No I've always been slim to average, but I've always kept active as well as being interested in computers.

It goes back to my childhood in the 80's. Always out playing football, riding bikes, swimming etc - and playing games on my ZX Spectrum.

So I would advise starting some exercise, as well as watching what you eat. Start with moderate exercise and gradually build up.

As far as food consumption goes, there is plenty of nutritional advice out there, with organisations like Weight Watchers for expert advice. I would say follow their systems, but don't beat yourself up if you slip-up. Everybody likes a treat now and again :)

Naughty Alien(Posted 2017) [#8]
..i do not eat meat at all (very very VERY rare), but i consume ton of fruits and vegetables... 190cm/87kg ..running 21km/week(treadmill) keeping this routine and so far no issues at all and i cant remember when i was sick really (fewer or cold doesnt count)..

RemiD(Posted 2017) [#9]
I am rather fit (i train 1hour a week with my body weight and with external weights, and i walk/run or use the stairs when i have to go somewhere not too far, but since i have a small constitution (1m70cm 64kg) i am rather weak compared to my ancestors)...

I avoid all foods containing refined high concentrated fiberless sugar (in almost all industrial/artisanal foods nowadays... (harmful for the teeth and for the bones and for blood pressure, and thus harmful for the sight, for the kidneys, for the liver, for the brain...)), and also concentrated fats like oils or butter or lard.
There are still many "base" foods to eat and to mix, so no problem.

Neuro(Posted 2017) [#10]
Being a former US Marine, i "know" how to keep in shape. However, a couple years after serving I ballooned up to 230lbs (104kg) which is not good considering i'm only 5'8 (1.7m) due to enjoying the civilian life a bit too much. Everyone was shocked to see how much of a fatass pillsbury doughboy i've became. It was one day when i was walking back from McDonalds with a co-worker (who's also quite the tub himself) and realized how out of breath we were when we got to the elevator carrying our super-sized doubled quarter pounder meals. I made the effort to change then.

I began working out again and managed to dropped back down to a slim 151lbs (68kg) in 8months. And once again, people were shocked to see my sudden transformation and wondered how i did it.

But that was years ago. Now i'm actually much more fit/healthy now. I workout roughly 5 days a week. 3 days of weight lifting/body building type stuff. 2 days of hard interval running, and 1 day of rucking. Now I'm 165lb (74.8kg), and my doctor and fellow gym rats love me (not sure if thats a good thing or not).

Steve Elliott(Posted 2017) [#11]
Eats a HUGE char grilled, medium cooked Ribeye Steak, dripping in flavour in-front of NA.

The steak knife carves through it like a hot knife through butter. The vegetables and sauce compliment the meal, and add-up to a delicious taste experience ;)

Puts my Ribeye on the grill...

Playniax(Posted 2017) [#12]
45 year of age but in fairly good shape. Active 'martial artist' since I was 8 with some gaps here and there. Did weigth lifting for a while but I got to big for my taste. Working on the computer I do lying down on my stomach to spare my back. But I am nerdy at heart...

virtlands(Posted 2017) [#13]


xlsior(Posted 2017) [#14]
273lbs / 124kg / 19.5 stone -- but 6'7" / 2.01m to make up for it.

/used to be 170lbs @ 6'7" 23 years ago...
//could stand to lose a few

Blitzplotter(Posted 2017) [#15]
I've found removing alcohol altogether from my diet (but its a drink I hear you say...) has helped immensely. It takes about 3 weeks to get the effects of alcohol out of your system, its great not pondering over what booze to in the end make myself feel crap with the following day. I can also eat what the hell I like now with my exercise regime ;)

So I pretty much....

Eat the above, you know you want to. ;)

I'm ex-military myself, but reckon I'm 2 stones lighter than when I left 5 years ago. Currently half way to a 100 press-ups challenge I've set myself, I can see press-ups 51 to 100 being difficult to achieve though ;) Working on a more accurate 'power meter' within my GUI which'll use Newtons Force - Mass x Acceleration. Off to watch a slice of this later today:

So, a slice of coding in Blitz mixed up with food and exercise goes a long way ;)

MadJack(Posted 2017) [#16]
Urban hiking every second day or so for me (I go for longish walks in town).
Good old man Logan exercise.