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therevills(Posted 2017) [#1]
For me the best VR experience has been Star Wars Battlefield X-Wing VR demo and the RE:7 demo...

The London Heist was pretty good too.

My MIL placed the underwater shark cage one and I didnt tell her about the shark! LOL :)

smilertoo(Posted 2017) [#2]
All i've tried is cardboard and gearvr, obviously gearvr is better..gunjack is fun but there's not much to it.

xlsior(Posted 2017) [#3]
I got a vive, and it's very nice.

Favorites so far are probably Kittypocalypse (tower defense game), and some of Valve's he lab" mini games (Longbow, and Slingshot)

Doom 3 BFG for roomscale VR looks nice, but is a bit nausea-inducing due to the walking mechanism.

Derron(Posted 2017) [#4]
Played the RE:7 demo on a PS4 when visiting a buddy. Also some "Batman" thing.

Hmm, he was a bit disappointed that I wasn't shocked in any moment. The problem of knowing how "horror movies" try to shock.
Graphically I think it was way too pixelated. Dunno if the "PS4 pro" will do better (he talked about it - and that he already ordered one because of some better anti-aliasing at the polygon borders).

Hmm, so for me it was just a "rail shooter" with some unrealistic looking "zombies". They looked not unreal because of some "uncanny valley" but because of their "CGI quality". They looked artificial / puppet-like.
This really destroyed the whole VR experience for me.

It wasn't that much the low resolution (I would compare it to a "next gen" N64) but really things which just look odd: like sitting on a chair, hands cuffed. Looking to the left you see a shoulder "peeking to somewhere" - obviously not yours. A psychopath is holding a knife in front of you - trying to cut the plastic cuffs with it does not work. Why?

When driving that lorry-thing I felt that "up and down" made me think of "falling and raising" a bit ... not much, but it worked. As the speed of the waggon was high, the low resolution and "dull" graphics did not gain much attention, there just was not that much time to look at it. When then moving slow (the portion in which you were able to shood that clothing-puppets) I used the time to look a bit at the environment. You knew that on the left and right things will happen and you concentrated on how lights were used. Using darkness is a cheap effect to raise "excitement/suspense" - but not if you are used to it.

In Batman I tried to throw ninja throwing stars at my butler - did not work. Why? I tried to "not hit" the target but still hit it (to ease difficulty I think).

So without having tried more than this - and a cardboard solution on a windows phone (mine do not have gyroscopes in it) with a similar experience (!) I think all of these devices are rather equally good or bad - it just depends on what you play.

If the games would really allow things you want to try, then of course interaction and immersion will be better - until then they are not able to soak you up into their world.


xlsior(Posted 2017) [#5]
Graphically I think it was way too pixelated. Dunno if the "PS4 pro" will do better (he talked about it - and that he already ordered one because of some better anti-aliasing at the polygon borders).

Of of the three main ones (PS4 VR, HTC Vive, Occulus Rift), the playstation VR is the weakest of the three on all fronts: It has the lowest resolution, smallest field of view, and weighs the most.

Most importantly: For a fluid, immersive experience you really need a sustained 90fps framerate, and the PS4 simply isn't powerful enough to continuously provide that in most games (without dialing down the graphics a few years) -- even the PS4 Pro is weaker than most nice gaming PC's.

On the plus side, it's cheaper than the others and it 'just works' since it's a console.

A nice thing that the Vive has is the built-in outward facing camera: In roomscale, you have a 'chaperone' grid appear when you get too close to the wall, to keep you from walking into things. You can enable the camera so it shows a edge detection camera view beyond the grid wall, so even if you're in a game you can for instance see where your desk and water bottle are, and accurately reach for it without having to take the headset off. (If you pull up the menu it shows a real live webcam view attached to your virtual controller)


Derron(Posted 2017) [#6]
Your comparison chart does not reveal so much better hardware specs for the others. So a <10% more pixels-amount does not say that one is pixelated and the others not.

What I got apparent was, that on the outside things got "blurred" - maybe because I wear glasses or maybe they want to increase FPS by decreasing details/processing.

Also: during that one game I got two guns - but they were not oriented similar to the "move controllers" - so it looked (when holding your hands as if aiming a "in front of you" target) as if your ankles were broken and your hands rotated by 60.
Such things totally get you out of the VR immersion.

@ processing power
Yes I assume so too, that the PC is way more powerful and - if spent enough money - will surely show better graphics than a console. Honestly I never was a fan of consoles except for the < SNES era - and maybe the WII because of its way of arising interest even for older people (WII Sports).

Weight of the HMD wasn't so bad as you were able to fine-adjust the way it is fixed on your head (make it tighter here and less tight there).

Audio (in-ear) was good enough to hear things but ways way below what my home theater sound setup (old fashioned 5.1) is able to do.

Yes I saw such screenshots before but for me it honestly is just to expensive for a "let me try it out" toy.
Last time _I_ bought such a toy was with the PS (I got it gifted - including mod chip - from a mod chip seller for advertising their shop on my webpage at that time). It was the "eye toy 2" and it already worked well even with the bad graphics of that time. I bought a cheap one so it did not hurt.
Nowerdays toys are still too expensive for "average joe" to toy with it.


Hotcakes(Posted 2017) [#7]
By far my favourite VR experience has been Until Dawn Rush of Blood. Love it to death. Ha ha ha.

JoshK(Posted 2017) [#8]
The Lab and Nvidia Funhouse (Vive). You actually get force feedback in the controllers and it feels like you are hitting objects.

Hotcakes(Posted 2017) [#9]
the playstation VR is the weakest of the three on all fronts:

That's simply not true.

It has the lowest resolution,

It has the lowest resolution, but it has the highest subpixel count, owing to the panels used - Rift/Vive have only 2 subpixels per pixel (essentially mobile phone displays), the PSVR uses a full RPG panel. Lower resolution itself only really affects draw distance, but the proper RGB panel provides a more vibrant/colour balanced picture overall. Also, this particular type of panel has practically zero screen door effect (instead suffering a mura defect).

weighs the most.

It technically weighs the most, but its superior ergonomic design makes it feel lighter than the others. There is no squashing of the face and cheek muscles and the weight distribution is balanced between the forehead and back of head instead of being front heavy.

The PSVRs biggest drawback is its tracking quality. Criticising it on anything else is either subjective (ie the points above) or flat out incorrect.

RifRaf(Posted 2017) [#10]
I had the vive but sold it because of the poor software lineup, may jump back in this year if any appealing titles get released.

VR is pretty cool but its a chore to get into the headset , start the game and play for 20 minutes. I got to the point I would not play just because of the physical work of getting into the game. For me this involved moving a few chairs every time I played as well. If you love wave shooters VR is the bees knees.

therevills(Posted 2017) [#11]
VR is pretty cool but its a chore to get into the headset

That's another reason why we got the PSVR, just plug and play :)

like sitting on a chair, hands cuffed

Sounds like the Kitchen demo, which is okay... but the better demo is the RE7: Beginning Hour demo where you can actually move around the house. I actually found it spooky and when I played I actually rotated my actual body to move around and not used the right stick for rotation.

By far my favourite VR experience has been Until Dawn Rush of Blood.

Yeah, thats pretty cool... its great with the Move controllers.

I do find with the PSVR there is a sweet spot to get the image clear in the middle, once its there its good unless I look not in the center...

xlsior(Posted 2017) [#12]
That's simply not true.

I have a vive myself, but one of my coworkers owns a Vive, Occulus and PS VR -- if you see them side-by-side, the PS one really doesn't look as good as either of the others.

Don't get me wrong -- it's still nice, but its visuals don't beat either of the other two.

Hotcakes(Posted 2017) [#13]
And it costs half to a quarter as much to get set up with it. What else would you expect?

I do find with the PSVR there is a sweet spot to get the image clear in the middle

That's pretty much a universal for all VR right now owing to the lenses used. They're working on retina tracking that fixes that issue, but that won't be coming in at a consumer price point any time soon, I don't think. The effect might be worsened a little on PSVR due to rendering techniques that leaves the edges less well rendered in order to give more computation time to the center.

Neuro(Posted 2017) [#14]
I only have the DK2 so i'm pretty familiar with that one. Tried out the Oculus Cv1 at the store and its definitely a major improvement over the DK2. Also got to play around with the Vive at the same store and optics are about the same as the Oculus....though i hear there's a bit more clarity quality with the Oculus...can't really compare from the short experience so far. However, you can't beat the room scale VR and the Vive does have superior tracking. I ordered the Vive and should be getting this friday (yay!). As for the PSVR....haven't tried it. Will probably just straight up buy it whenever it becomes available again. But from consistent reviews so far, I keep hearing its not up to par with the Vive or Oculus but it's definitely a great entry point into VR.

Currently, my best VR experience is the Blocks demo while using Leap Motion.