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EOF(Posted April) [#1]
Here's another bit of a fun tool from Google. With the help of AI it attempts to recognize your doodle and suggest the closet matching art.

Rick Nasher(Posted April) [#2]

Matty(Posted April) [#3]
Oh...I tried it...your description made me think that it would try and suggest the closest matching 'real world piece of art' from its huge collection of google images....

So I drew a wavy looking person with open mouth and wide eyes and expected it to suggest 'the scream' by munch but instead I got a bunch of line drawing suggestions....

still nice program.

Blitzplotter(Posted April) [#4]
JIM, that is a gobsmackingly awesome slice of UI AI, nice find ;)

Rick Nasher(Posted April) [#5]
Hehehe, it indeed doesn't recognize Edvard Munch's masterpiece. Missed opportunity.