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Mainsworthy(Posted 2016) [#1]
AirWar & SFB with Large Ship Icons and Auto Facing when ships move

if you ever played the boardgame star fleet battles you will have an idea of what this is, it has A.I. and HotSeat play

Derron(Posted 2016) [#2]
It is a showcase subforum... So imho you should at least include a screenshot of the game here. I ignore all your last games as I got tired from clicking additional links to see how it looks.


Mainsworthy(Posted 2016) [#3]
as always Derron the voice of improvement & advancement and development. My games are on a proper games site with images I simply don't have the time to market them any further.

AdamStrange(Posted 2017) [#4]
mmmm. I think that Derron is correct. you should post a screenshot. it takes 30 seconds to add the link?

I simply don't have the time to market them any further

What you are really saying here is "I don't give a crap, either about the product, or us (the potential helpers/users)." Worse it says "I don't have any faith in what i'm making, so you shouldn't either?"

Mainsworthy(Posted 2017) [#5]
All I do is create, I give my games freely to anyone, the site I have them on is one link to 40 games with screenshots, if I programed one game you looked at it.

I don't like the pressure I'm receiving for just sharing my work, I don't think I will return.

Brucey(Posted 2017) [#6]
Mainsworthy, although AdamStrange is somewhat harsh, you should realise that programmers are generally lazy sods who baulk at the thought of having to go to the effort of clicking on a link just to find out a bit more about something.
You may have noticed previously of other Showcase posts in the past that contain only a link, that they tend to receive the same criticism.
Whether it is justified or not, it appears to be the way it is around here.

Have fun coding :-)

AdamStrange(Posted 2017) [#7]
I'm not sure I was harsh - mearly being helpful. Most of the time there are suggestions on how to make your concepts into something more than just simple simulations with virtually no game attached.

It's called being constructive. You have some excellent concepts - not games, not apps, concepts which could be made into very interesting games with a little care and thought about presentation, etc

Most of a game is in how it is presented, the polish, the sparkle, etc. It's that iridescent something that grabs your attention first - that flashy looking something. If the game is crap, then it's dumped. if you can't get that initial attention then it never even gets loaded in the first place.

Just because something is free doesn't mean it should be a shoddy product or worse hardly any product at all. all that really does is generate more sounds of barrels being scraped.

I don't like the pressure I'm receiving for just sharing my work, I don't think I will return.

Wah! Pram, bathwater, etc. You are intelligent. share something good for a change and not just substandard graphics and minimal gameplay! You are and can do far better. Have some faith and trust in your abilities...

RemiD(Posted 2017) [#8]
double post!

RemiD(Posted 2017) [#9]

share something good for a change and not just substandard graphics and minimal gameplay!

i was not here, and such trolly sentence has been written, how can this be ?! :P
(to be honest it was a bit harsh...)

cps(Posted 2017) [#10]
As someone who has received the same criticism in the past (for far less shinny product) may I suggest you continue to do your thing, others can simply walk on if not to their taste.
You should have seen the finger pointing and giggling when I first aired my flute playing, I still air my flute and they still laugh but so what.. Have fun cps

RemiD(Posted 2017) [#11]
If you voluntarily create a thread about your game, in a showcase section of a programming/graphics forum, frequented mostly by game developers, expect some criticism (especially if you post one "new" game a week...) ;)

Mainsworthy(Posted 2017) [#12]
Showcase : Show off your latest projects here. it dosnt say graphics . and I wasn't getting criticized for my work, I was being told what to do with it(not pleasantly). it seems people are bored clicking on my new game links for screenshots of a game, well that suggests that making lots of software is wrong., but if I made one game they would not be bored clicking links. as far as I'm concerened the software is on a good site with screenshots and easy download.

RemiD(Posted 2017) [#13]
video games are about gameplay, graphics and sounds... but you do what you want, each his own tastes.

Derron(Posted 2017) [#14]
So imho you should at least include a screenshot of the game here.

"should" is no demand, "imho" is also describing that it is _my_ opinion and now "all people say" thing.

If you do not want to advertise your game here (which screenshots do more than one-liner-descriptions and a weblink) and _imho_ you could stop it and just have a "my games" thread in which you post a new reply once you "finished"/uploaded a new game/prototype.

PS: I wonder why this was moved to "technical discourse" rather staying in "showcase".


RemiD(Posted 2017) [#15]
self moderation ! \o/

Mainsworthy(Posted 2017) [#16]
If blitz dosnt provide online image storage, surly its upto the poster what he posts, and why should I have one thread rather than one for each project, am I different from everyone else , if blitz had image storage I would post images, but to force me to have an external image account is rediculass.

I'm bleeting on, ofcourse I know an image is better, and I know you guys would rather see an image, but one click and your on the page with info and images suggests I'm not the lazy one.

Its also become an issue having over 40 apps, the screenshots and updates need to be at one location , as its becoming tedius to update 40 screens and update screens, if I was a one project guy maybe your advise would stand.

Derron(Posted 2017) [#17]
Ahh because it is tedious for you, it is better to make it tedious for all others.

I rather trust one page (in this case which then just imports an image rather than going to another website which might do further ad tracking / cookies / adware or whatever - you cannot control what is done there (I know, you cannot control what images will be displayed here then too).

I do not know much about the URIs of the image on - I assume they are static (so the url does not change later on). In that case:
- right click on a image on your project
- select "copy image url"
- go to your post/thread here and do a {img -right-click-and-"paste"}
- finished.

@ one thread for your games
Like written: in the case of you not wanting to advertise your games here, you better just have one thread in which you can post and post and post without arousing further interest.
If you want to get feedback here, to find new players, ... then of course it is up to you to create a new thread for each game - but then you should really consider listening to the few users replying in your threads here.
And yes, I know you listened very often - if it was about the game itself.

Let's see if that image url stays valid for a while or not.

PS: In my forum I do not allow image uploads too. It is a security thing (vulnerabilities in spoofed or manipulated images). And of course also a matter of legal issues (hosting a "disney cartoon image" is something different than "linking" to one - except in Germany which just made webmasters liable for linked content - and linked content on linked content ...)


iprice(Posted 2017) [#18]
Mainsworthy - you've spent more time whinging about not showing your game than it would have taken to actually link to images on your site.

Why spend months writing a game (whether it's free or not) and then not bother to market it by not showing images at the very least?

Matty(Posted 2017) [#19]
There is a fine line with constructive criticism. It can be valuable but even the best intentioned and most reasonable and valid criticism will bruise the ego a little. The danger of criticism is it can discourage creative types such as mainsworthy from continuing creating. People learn and improve at different rates. If we look at another forum member, Xilvan he totally ignores all criticism positive and negative and just goes about his work blithely ignoring everything. However not everyone is like that. Most of us do want praise if we are honest rather than negative feedback. On Derrons side his criticism is perfectly valid. On mainsworthys side - it is better that he continues creating and learning from the experience....a thick skin can be helpful at times as a creator.

Mainsworthy(Posted 2017) [#20]
Derron you've created a monster, I did not know you could do that, I thought I needed an online image account to post them, duh I'm not normaly interested in such things so I never looked into it

I'm so sorry, you guys were right, but you should not assume that I had the knowledge to post a link if I never have before. Derron did right by explaining, wow I'm an internet image monster now :) I can see why you guys were annoyed that I would not paste a link, but I just did not know it was possible.

Mainsworthy(Posted 2017) [#21]

no dought the simple art will annoy someone :)

Mainsworthy(Posted 2017) [#22]
Derron, I'm going to sound dumb again, but I thought you was a Mod, I was not aware it was your site, I'm honoured to receive advice from you thanks.

AdamStrange(Posted 2017) [#23]
I have nothing to say. ;p
Oooh, wait...
I like the hex grid, but... if the planes are aligned to this grid, why are do some of them sort of sit centered in a hex, and others sorta sitting on the edge lines?

Just wondering?

Mainsworthy(Posted 2017) [#24]
yes I already fixed that, the screenshot is old. :)

Mainsworthy(Posted 2017) [#25]

Adam I'm not doing nothing, I was improving this app before the AirWar modules, it takes time to do all of them

Mainsworthy(Posted 2017) [#26]

and I just made an editable menu system for any set of apps, so been busy, but I will get to the plains

Derron(Posted 2017) [#27]
I not a moderatpr here nor is it my site. I just wrote that in my forum image uploads are not allowed _too_.

Glad you got it working (image linking).

PS: these hex gamea are a good example why a generic asset "repo" on your harddisc would help. There is plenty of stuff shared (gfx wise) between all of those games.

You copy paste or reuse existing code for many things...why not doing it for gfx (buttons etc) too. It also has the benefit of a re-recognition by players being aware of other games of you.

@ matty
Good words. I prefer constructive criticism ..and only here and there a "praise". People writing in our forum about TVTower often start with stating how fjne it is and how thankful they are. Sure it is nice to read...but it does sound less "good" the more you read such posts. The criticism on the other hand leads to improvement of the game for all. For now nobody wrote harsh things, demanding but still "nice words". Maybe writing in your mother tongue helps a bit in that regard.


Mainsworthy(Posted 2017) [#28]
good advice. don't really think much about what I do with gfx and code, I just doit, what worries me if I do it the easy way, I will be less hungry and lazy work wise, I seem to do lots of stuff, so changing things could go two ways. but its likely to go in the right direction.

@ yes thanks Matty, posts don't put me off, I just felt the posts were to strong.

Mainsworthy(Posted 2017) [#29]
"PS: these hex gamea are a good example why a generic asset "repo" on your harddisc would help" ??

Ive been so wrong about stuff on here, I have to ask! I rip gfx out of my game zips and put them in new games, so what exactly are you suggesting?

Derron(Posted 2017) [#30]
Something like what you do. But more saying: do some better looking gfx and reuse that.

It does not need more energy to copy an image or some code. So the key is to improve the base you copy all the time.


AdamStrange(Posted 2017) [#31]
as Derron said ;)
tip of the day.
colors and drawing images with different colors
if you take an image (lets say a white number 1) and draw it with the color white - you get the image drawn you expect (pure rgb color white).
if you draw it with color red. you will now get only the red portion showng.

Here's a graphic for you to show this:

Along the top are the colors and down the side are the images - a white 1, a grey stair, a bang and a grey skull thing.

lets assume that I wanted all of the graphics in all those colors, I would need to draw 7 x 4 different images.


just the four images, and draw them with different colors when needed. less images means less work, and now you have a concept of reusing graphics in any color you want.

Your hex game has both red and orange planes - probably as different graphics. if you wanted a highlighted version, you would then need to draw that version.
Using this version you could have one (white) version and just set a different color when you want a different plane color.
You could then add a third game player with a different color of plane with no additional work for you.
Highlight the current plane by flashing a different color, etc

white and light greys work best.
if you have a red box (image) and draw it with color green. you would get black! - there is no green in red.
similary, the darker the color you use, the darker the image will be. so drawing a white 1 with color black will draw a black 1.

Derron(Posted 2017) [#32]
Drawing with adjustec "setcolor" does not remove unset colors. It "tints* whatever is drawn.

So this is why you need to have the sprites in a light gray tone - it just allows the most variations. A nearly black image stays nearly black as you cannot increasy brightness as easy. But drawing a nearly white one with "setcolor 50,50,50" will darken it properly.

My Dig-framework contains code to colorize only gray parts of an image. This allows for easier team colors. Of course you could also have a base sprite plus a colorizeable overlay.

With reusing sprites i was talking about interface gfx or hex tile borders. In most cases only units and texts change. Maybe a textbox more is added...but in general things are pretty constant. This means they could share code...and theming/assets.


Mainsworthy(Posted 2017) [#33]
thankyou both, I am absorbing now, with belief you guys are right, and I have a mangled point of view sometimes, I'm learning my lessons. I like this.

AdamStrange(Posted 2017) [#34]
I thought it better to give a more constructive and visual approach ;)

Mainsworthy(Posted 2017) [#35]
I know I'm not the easest student Adam ,