Is it not funny how there are an infinite number of points between 2 points

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JBR(Posted April) [#1]
(not all integers)

Matty(Posted April) [#2]
Don't see why?

Zethrax(Posted April) [#3]
@JBR - I suspect it's made a lot funnier by whatever it is that you're snorting or smoking.

(tu) ENAY(Posted April) [#4]

MadJack(Posted April) [#5]
It is indeed not funny.

But say you had a 100x100 pixel image with 16 gradations of grey.
This is low resolution but still good enough for faces to be recognizable.

If you generated every possible permutation of pixels within this 100x100 grid, the vast majority of images would be incomprehensible static but you would also have the faces of everyone who's ever lived, is alive or will live. of course you'd also have every possible permutation of faces recognizable within a 100x100x16 color frame. And every frame of every film or television series made.

With an average write speed of 500mb/s, we can generate 512000/15 which is ~34000 images per second. It would take one machine running 24/7 for 1.59 10^12018 years to generate those images. To generate it in our lifetime, it would take a cool 2.65 10^12016 machines 60 years to complete.

gpete(Posted April) [#6]
the only computer reliable enough to last that long is the Commodore 64 and well, this will require a more sedate computation speed. So actual millenia's of computation will be greater.

Matty(Posted April) [#7]
There's your get cracking on the others MadJack!!!

MadJack(Posted April) [#8]

I know they made a lot of C64's back in the day but 2.65 10^12016 machines? Also I think a problem would be each C64 attaining some sort of rudimentary self awareness after tens of thousands of years and asking itself why it was doing this and then deciding to load Civ1 instead.

A number of pictures would also have labels that correctly named the face. The problem is somehow finding these images. Like that guy pictured. That's Gerald.

TomToad(Posted April) [#9]
Sometimes numbers can seem irrational. Probably because there are infinitely more irrational numbers than rational.

skidracer(Posted April) [#10]
To load Civ1 the 64 would need a remote connection to the Amiga next to it, and to play some way to interface to the mouse port, and perhaps a 1 bit audio digitiser so it can hear what it's doing.