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skidracer(Posted 2017) [#1]
After several years of being an AWS customer my first pause for concern was this morning's email from Amazon.

We have important news about your account (AWS Account ID: ********). EC2 has detected degradation of the underlying hardware hosting your Amazon EC2 instance (instance-ID: i-52fc646f) in the ap-southeast-2 region. Due to this degradation, your instance could already be unreachable. After 2017-02-13 20:00 UTC your instance, which has an EBS volume as the root device, will be stopped.

I will go and start it again now.

[update] The instance is now stuck in Stopping state


No this site is NOT hosted with AWS

andy_mc(Posted 2017) [#2]
good to know, I'm working with Azure with my company right now, we're considering EC2 but haven't tried it yet.

Derron(Posted 2017) [#3]
Maybe it is better to censor your AWS ID (and instance ID) as it exposes information ... thinking of phishing.

Had to restart my server out of the sudden ... did not respond via ssh nor internal connection. Think one of the processes hogged the system - even reboot (nice one) took 20 minutes.
Am glad to not have paid for AWS/EC2/... as it would be a bit more expensive with processes creating a "100% cpu load until reboot".

Regardless of your issues with AWS I think these products/services are pretty "complex" and "powerful" things and with the sheer "huge" amount of hardware devices they run I assume problems just "must" happen from time to time.


skidracer(Posted 2017) [#4]
Oops, thanks Ron.

I am glad it happened as after 2 years of 24/7 reliable service I had begin to think backup / redundancy planning was not required. It is.