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Stevie G(Posted June) [#1]
I've read a few topics on this. What are you're thoughts on the best solution?

1. Simply warn users that they may be asked to install directplay.dll for win10?
2. Include the directplay.dll with the game. Is this even possible? How would I ensure Blitz picks it up rather than prompt an install?
3. Wait until someone makes a new build without the directplay features?

Advice appreciated.


dawlane(Posted June) [#2]
When you run a Windows application, the system will search for the required DLLs where the actual executable resides first before it goes looking in the system path variable. The thing you would have to be aware of is if the DLL its self requires any additional libraries.

grindalf(Posted June) [#3]
I'm very interested in this topic. And would love to know if anyone can try it and see how it goes(All my computers already have directplay on them)

Yue(Posted June) [#4]
Hi, I have tried, he has copied the library in the folder for the game, so the user is not asked in windows 10 to activate the feature of DPlay. This seems more comfortable to me than to be activating things that I think are unnecessary and uncomfortable.

The library located in System32 is just copying it to the game directory, and will not ask users for that feature.

xlsior(Posted June) [#5]
If you launch a B3D game on modern windows that never had run one before, windows will automatically pop up a box saying that the game requires DirectPlay, and give you an OK button to automatically download & install it.

IIRC microsoft doesn't permit you to distribute the DLL along with your game all by itself, unless you bundle the entire DirectX redisitributable package, although I doubt they really care enough to make you stop.

Stevie G(Posted June) [#6]
I don't have win10 on any of my machines to check this. So just sticking a copy of the 'dplayx.dll' beside the .exe will work then?

Yue(Posted June) [#7]
@Stevie G

When you perform the backup you have not puck the user directly install that disabled in Windows. 10.

grindalf(Posted June) [#8]
The solution is to just grab a copy of Blitz3D NG. that does not request DirectPlay to be installed unless you use a net command

xlsior(Posted June) [#9]
Doesn't B3D NG have an external dependency to fmod instead?

Hotcakes(Posted June) [#10]
In order to avoid potential licensing issues in bundling the dll, would it not be possible perhaps to run a shell program that 'requires' DPlay during installation, that way the user would be less wary of strange things running on their machine and more likely to let the automatic Windows prompt do its thing?

(tu) ENAY(Posted June) [#11]
Perhaps I'm late to the party. But why do we have to worry about directplay.dll in Win10. Did B3D somehow break in Windows 10 or is directplay some networking thing?

dawlane(Posted June) [#12]
@EnAY: Is' a network library.. If I remember, the last version of this was in DirectX 8.1.

EdzUp MkII(Posted June) [#13]
I submitted a "developer incident" to Microsoft to see if it is OK if we bundle the files with sold game/apps this hopefully with clarify it for all of us.