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AdamStrange(Posted March) [#1]
How come the search function on the forum has been disabled? Anyone know?

Xaron(Posted March) [#2]
It's been ages ago. And at some point someone said they work on it to enable it again...

xlsior(Posted March) [#3]
In the mean time, you can search through Google by adding the following to your Google search:


AdamStrange(Posted March) [#4]
thanks for that ;)

Maybe it would be a good idea to remove search from the site then?

(tu) ENAY(Posted March) [#5]
It's a legend at this point, as long as I cam remember. That using google search has been better and faster then the bb search feature.

Derron(Posted March) [#6]
Google search has no access to restricted forums (forums for users of a specific brl-product).

Search had been disabled for security reasons and was not re-enabled since then.


Naughty Alien(Posted March) [#7]
..legend says that, search function is omitted because, only the strongest and bravest one, will find a way to the answers and knowledge they are searching for, if they are persistent enough.. :)

AdamStrange(Posted March) [#8]
Search had been disabled for security reasons

how come?

Derron(Posted March) [#9]
There was a thread about site changes here in the forums. Use the forum search for further information.

Basically it was about the _potentially_ not properly escaped user input.


Kryzon(Posted March) [#10]
google search has been better and faster then the bb search feature.

It only finds out what is indexed, which is not everything. For a specific term by a specific user, the built-in forum search is always better.

The problem is not only that the search is disabled.
The problem is that you're only told this once you've filled in the search terms, set the options and clicked the "Search" button. Then you get that "the search is disabled" message.

When clicking the search link it should already lead you to that "the search is disabled" message so that you wouldn't waste time.

Dan(Posted March) [#11]
What Kryzon said is right.

But the clicking on the search button could, as well, be redirected directly to google site using the term which appears in the 'search for' edit box.
The name of the 'search' and 'search new' button can be renamed to "search with google' and 'search with google in new window'.
in that way the search functionality would still be there, without the need of the extra notice that the forum search function is disabled.
This notice can be written on the search page directly, and if people do not wish to use google for search, then they can leave it.

The other input boxes can be disabled.

Rick Nasher(Posted March) [#12]
Blitz Basic is now Fort Knox?
What on earth is on this site/server that we are so afraid that someone might misuse it?
Isn't the cure worse than the actual disease?

Derron(Posted March) [#13]
Access to your browser (cookies.,. Doing things on accounts you are logged in).

As soon as you can indirectly access the db you can manipulate data. Amd most often data is only sanitized during input not output. So you could manipulate html output leading to loading content which does drive-by-infections (mostly of course for Windows users).


Rick Nasher(Posted March) [#14]
Ah well.. what's the use of sitting on a pile of coins(in this case code) if can't spent(use) it for afraid to get robbed/mugged?

Life is a risk in itself, just use multiple 'fences', different accounts for damage control.

cps(Posted March) [#15]
Whatever the reason not having a search facility on either the forums or code archives, is a bind. I imagine people taking their first steps in Blitz programing are going to find it harder, I know I would have. Have fun cps

skidracer(Posted March) [#16]
I have made the archives publicly visible so they can now be indexed by google and friends.

Hopefully the site based search features will be improved soon.