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EdzUp MkII(Posted May) [#1]
would it be possible to have a gateway app for blitz programs that blitzmax connects to with ipv4 and sends commands to the app to connect and then send data through.

Something like:
Connected to and sends CONNECT with a ipv6 address.
once it's connected to the other end it works as a bridge the max program sends data to the app which sends it to the server.

Would this be viable, thoughts

xlsior(Posted May) [#2]
Should be possible, yes...

(Iirc Brucey did say he might look at ipv6 at some point, a while back)

EdzUp MkII(Posted May) [#3]
ah would be amazing as a inbuilt thing and the only thing which blitz needs :)

xlsior(Posted May) [#4]
Here's what Brucey wrote a year ago, Re: IPv6: "I started work on adding support to it in NG's modules... "

Haven't heard anything since though, don't know if he's still working on it, or if he's given up.

EdzUp MkII(Posted May) [#5]
very interesting read and one of the things that would put NG on the map. If ipv6 support was made possible one way or other it would really be a big draw and was one of the reasons I looked at other languages as I see more and more stuff requiring it.

I will however look at NG more and see what's possible using that :)