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Matty(Posted 2017) [#1]
Hi folks,

I keep coming back to a design for a game - I've never gotten past the pen and paper design phase (the reward for effort curve is too displeasing) - basically it is a sci fi space 4x game that plays itself and the user simply interacts now and then - kind of like an 'idle' game.

What I imagine is the game plays out exploration, battle and so on with a number of AI players of which one is the one the human player belongs to....the human player every now and then gets asked a question that affects the direction of the AI such as militaristic nature, economic stance, political questions, tech research foci and so on - and the game simply responds by carrying out those it is more something you just watch as it grows and proceeds on its own....this is something I've thought about for a bit...but I've never bothered to actually create it....

space battles, exploration would all take place in the single screen at a far out zoom level although potentially the player could zoom in on a region by touching/clicking the screen.

That's the design I keep coming back to but have never built....

Do you have one?

EdzUp MkII(Posted 2017) [#2]
Star flight type games I keep coming back to and coding more than anything else :)

grindalf(Posted 2017) [#3]
Procedurally generated rpg.
My current project the Grimoire of Worlds is not my first or second attempt at making one, Its just my best attempt :P

In actual fact I'm not sure how many times I have attempted to make a procedurally generated rpg

Pakz(Posted 2017) [#4]
I bought a book not so long ago. It is called "Mastering Libgdx game development" In it it teaches you how to program a 2D RPG game. The language is not from blitz research but that should not be a big problem.

What usually holds me back is being able to finish something. Having a guide and checklist of what to do next. The book has the design!

I want to one day make the game featured in this book.

Civilization 1 and 2 style games I keep working my way towards also.

shaun freeman(Posted 2017) [#5]
Starship Command on the BBC - its nme AI was pretty neat...

Aviator By Legend Geoff Crammond - still for me the most amazing sim I ever played - Wrote a very basic 3d world using line vectors in Blitmax ( never got zclipping working properly but used RungeKutta ODE to create basic flight model (programming game physics book by Grant Palmer!)

At least plane took off at correct speed ;)

Blitzplotter(Posted 2017) [#6]
I started a 3D space Invaders in Blitz3D with deforming terrain as the aliens bombs contacted it... its dragging me back again ;)

Playniax(Posted 2017) [#7]
I have a prototype of a game that is already 6 or 7 years old. I keep going back to it and make changes to it and I think it can be a major hit. Problem was that me and my gfx artist didn't agree what style the gfx needed to be but he finally agreed to just make the damn thing so I hope to have it finished this year.

SabataRH(Posted 2017) [#8]
Your post reminds me a little bit of Tower Defense games.. Or some of them anyways... once the towers are built theres really nothing more to do other than sit back and watch the game play out.. which for some reason is extremely addicting gameplay to me so I could see your idea taking off really well.

Steve Elliott(Posted 2017) [#9]
I have always come back to a game theme close to my heart, but somebody else made it! So I'm happy. I could never have made it on my own anyway.

Matty(Posted 2017) [#10]
Thanks SabataRH...I might have to get around to making it then one day.....