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Matty(Posted May) [#1]
Hi folks,

I've put the fantasy sprites I created on this web can download them if you like them.

Rooster and I have already been making use of them in a game we've been working on in the other thread...

I'm planning on putting a bunch of different sprites there....sooo....if you are interested in fantasy character sprites (not animated) - list a bunch of descriptions/names/ideas below and I will look into creating them over the next few weeks.


Matty(Posted May) [#2]
Oh also:

I'm starting work on a simple javascript game engine - really simple -as a learning exercise for anyone who wants to learn a bit of javascript game development for the web.

On the link below is a set of links to some javascript, a html page as text which uses the graphics on the page for a sample demo which is also shown.

I'm going to update it as I go and comment it much more heavily to make it obvious what everything does.


Link Updated

Why0Why(Posted May) [#3]
Thanks for posting.

Matty(Posted May) [#4]
New sprite:

MichaelUK(Posted May) [#5]
I do like the style :)

Matty(Posted May) [#6]
Thanks MichaelUK - I'm hoping people find them useful and am hoping to make more and more of them. Sci fi as well.

Matty(Posted May) [#7]

Rooster(Posted May) [#8]
Ooo, shiny. :P

The top one makes me think of the "Five nights at Freddy's" stuff I keep seeing tbh.

Kryzon(Posted May) [#9]
Wow, these are really good.

MichaelUK(Posted May) [#10]
Keep up the great work you are doing Matty.

Matty(Posted May) [#11]

Matty(Posted May) [#12]
All so far in one atlas....

Matty(Posted May) [#13]

Another one...they just keep coming...hope you can use them I certainly will

one more:

and another

one more before bed...

RemiD(Posted May) [#14]
You definitely have found a unique graphics style which looks quite good.

So how do you manage to draw with the right proportions and a convincing posture ? Do you use existing photos/drawings ?

Matty(Posted May) [#15]
I use fantasy drawings from google images as a reference and sometimes change the pose slightly, give different equipment and hair styles. I'm getting better over time. I also draw the images much larger and then downsample them. I enjoy drawing each one.

I dont think they're the right style or consistent quality to sell as a pack but I hope they are useful for people whether as placeholders or hobby game dev sprites.

RemiD(Posted May) [#16]
what is good is that you already have variety of characters/beasts and this is usually appreciated by players (different environments, different creatures, different armors, different weapons, different items, ...)

coffeedotbean(Posted May) [#17]
well "Fantasy" that.

Wish I could draw, it's no fair, I imagine awesome things in my brain hole but my hand refuses.

Pakz(Posted May) [#18]
Have you tried adding more shine to the images? They seem a little flat. I like graphics that have those light effects on them. They still look good now though.

Matty(Posted May) [#19]
Pakz - I will look into it.
Coffee dot bean - thanks, however Ive been practicing for a year, you can see the progression here: and - there's a definite improvement over time.

Matty(Posted June) [#20]

RemiD(Posted June) [#21]
if you think about it, if you do one drawing of a character/creature each day, at the end of one year you have 364 !
Take a look at this game :
It uses "static"/"rigid" (=non animated) characters/creatures and the result is quite good imo.

Matty(Posted June) [#22]
Haha that game looks like my one:

Thanks....iI'll continue adding regularly and might release as a content pack somewhere once I have a hundred or more..

RemiD(Posted June) [#23]
Yes it looks like you have (or he has) bought the same assets pack. :P