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tiresius(Posted April) [#1]
Grant is awesome I have always liked his demos and stuff but nothing bothers me more than forced sound on a webpage.... and that's what I get when I go to now. Can the monkey program be replaced with a screenshot?

Blitzplotter(Posted April) [#2]
I was wondering what the sound was as I navigated away from the home page, its not that bad though - how about turning your speakers down?

Sorry if that sounds a bit flippant. Happy Sunday ;)

Trinosis(Posted April) [#3]
Have to agree with tiresius.

xlsior(Posted April) [#4]
It does sound spammy, auto-playing videos are generally a bad idea.

Kryzon(Posted April) [#5]
Ideally this should be handled at the browser level, right? An option to stop HTML5 from autoplaying. I know some already have such a thing, but it's not consistent.

On the app side, it would be very tasteful to add a feature to Monkey to allow your app to start as a static image with a "Please click to run" message.
Clicking on it would be the hint that the user wants to actually run it, so after this action you're free to do music, sound etc.

degac(Posted April) [#6]
Question: what about change the source/app to start 'mute' ?

TBH I would use something like that to add a 'titlebar' to the page...

AdamStrange(Posted April) [#7]
It's a good lesson to learn from Flash and why it was hated. It was abused with lots of sound and moving things that people just don't like.

Best approach would be to have some pics and a link.

One last thing to mull over. Whilst it may or not be a good demo of html - it incredibly CPU heavy!

Naughty Alien(Posted April) [#8]
1 word..


Matty(Posted April) [#9]
I mainly browse this page from my phone or from my work PC so didn't notice the sound until the weekend when I used my home PC for was a bit of a surprise and it causes the pc to halt briefly while loading the page and seems to redirect the page further down which is a mild annoyance.

skidracer(Posted April) [#10]
Apologies all, will know for next time regarding sound. Removed until issue resolved.

Naughty Alien, what are you calling ugly?

Did you interact with the app?

tiresius(Posted May) [#11]
I like monkey stuff plugged into websites to show it off of course, just the forced sound. :(
Thanks for changing it skidracer

Naughty Alien(Posted May) [#12]

..nahh..i was referring to sound effect which used to volume up every time i access homepage..hehe..