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JoshK(Posted May) [#1]
where can I download the php script part of gnet?

markcw(Posted May) [#2]
It's in the toolbox

And there's a tutorial

And a chat client in Bmx

JoshK(Posted May) [#3]
Thanks. This script does not work with newer versions of PHP. It is unable to add info to the database.

Can anyone update this for PHP 7?

BlitzSupport(Posted May) [#4]
Derron posted a version a couple of years back, actually in response to a request from you!

Seems to be about making things a little more secure using PDO instead of the older system i forget the name of. Don't know if it addresses your database/PHP7 problems, though...


JoshK(Posted May) [#5]
Same problem, can't save to database.

skidracer(Posted May) [#6]
Sounds like you need a database. Which implies users, credentials, permissions, schemas and wotnots.

JoshK(Posted May) [#7]
I added the database already. It works. I looked at error_log and both versions give a lot of PHP errors. It looks like PHP has changed significantly since this was written.

skidracer(Posted May) [#8]
It's 100 lines of php, how hard could it be to fix it up and get it running?

TBH I expected a little more nouse from a former BlitzMax user :)

Duplicate thread.