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JoshK(Posted June) [#1]
Inspired by the ease of use of Blitz3D, and the versatility of game engines like Quake, Leadwerks Game Engine gives you everything you need to build 3D games for the PC. Originally developed in BlitzMax, the current version 4 uses a visual editor written in BlitzMax, and an engine written purely in C++. In fact, Leadwerks Game Engine is the highest-grossing BlitzMax-made product in the world!

Leadwerks uses Lua script and C++ for programming. Lua uses a BASIC syntax similar to Blitz, and C++ provides all the power you will ever need. Our new documentation system provides a powerful searchable database of commands, with hundreds of code examples, just like the Blitz documentation does:

Leadwerks Software has been iterating on the same product since 2006. The one time I took a wrong turn into mobile, I quickly changed course and refocused on the platform that matters...the PC! The company is making money consistently and going strong, with over 20,000 paid users (not free downloads), and major clients including Lockheed-Martin, Northrop Grumman, Epic Games, the British Royal Navy, and NASA.

The development of Leadwerks Game Engine 5 has been announced, which doubles-down on ease of use, PC gaming, and VR support:

If you want a development system that's easy to use, with a Blitz-like syntax, consider trying Leadwerks Game Engine. As a developer who also happens to have an MBA, I have strong marketing and business instincts, and understand that it takes more than just a great product to build a strong ecosystem.

If you'd like to snag Leadwerks at a special reduced price for Blitz customers, drop me an email and just include a link to your Blitz profile.

This is the end of an era, but it doesn't have to be the end! It was a privilege to be a part of this community!

GW(Posted June) [#2]
You ever gonna make a blitzmax api? ;)

I have Leadwerks, I kinda like it. But the api is waaay too restricted.
So much so that out of 20k users, I don't know that anyone has ever made a successful commercial game in it. (perhaps 'rogue system')
Before you abandon version 4, open up the api so your users can really make stuff. Those 20k people probably wont be coming back for v5.

JoshK(Posted June) [#3]
Games on Steam:

And a lot more:

The Winter Games Tournament saw the release of 18 new mini-games, made in just 30 days:

And the Summer Games Tournament is coming soon, along with the release of version 4.4 which adds easy-to-use networking, inverse kinematics, and the new Leadwerks GUI system.

Yue(Posted June) [#4]
I have embarked with Leadwerks, a new beginning. A good product for a good price. Recommended.


GW(Posted June) [#5]
Notice that I used the phrase 'successful commercial game'. Except for maybe rogue system, none of those links apply.

LE is like the polar opposite of b3d.
B3D has a very flexible engine, very terrible renderer, no marketing.
With LE it's very resticted api, great renderer and very successful marketing.

I'm not knocking LE. Like I said, I like it. But imo, most users hit a wall because the engine is too resticted and give up.
I'd like to see LE get more popular, but marketing won't take it all the way. The LE forums are a bit of a graveyard of unanswered questions by people who hit the wall. One day your gonna need to access the terrain system, or the vegetation, or the path mesh or the lighting or something else the game needs and you end up stuck waiting on someone
on the forums to help that'll never come. Contrast that to B3D where just about every kind of programming topic generated a helpful discussion and creative ideas.
Anyway, I'm not dissing LE, I'm just hoping it opens up a little before it's abandoned for version 5.

JoshK(Posted June) [#6]
Thanks for the feedback. It is true that there is a line I draw between documented features that are guaranteed to work in a certain way, and stuff that exists in the C++ headers that may change in the future. The design of Leadwerks 4 is pretty well lock-in, with the exception of a few classes that can still be exposed in the documentation (like terrain). Hopefully Leadwerks 5 will provide more flexibility for you. The new editor is being written in pure C++ with Lua integration, which allows plugins to be created, to extend its functionality and modify its behavior.

Naughty Alien(Posted June) [#7]

Notice that I used the phrase 'successful commercial game'. Except for maybe rogue system, none of those links apply.

..Hoodwink was quite a good financial success for me (its done with LE2.x)..unfortunately, i have stopped using LE after that..

Yue(Posted June) [#8]
@Naughty Alien

This Working You?


Naughty Alien(Posted June) [#9]
@ Yue

Yes..I have remastered episode you see (EP1) with different engine and finished remaining 2 episodes (need to test 3rd one)..

As for LE (im talking about version 2.3), i have deployed about 20 simulator systems rigged with it and they still running (including platform/controller i designed with it)..i loved that tiny engine, but now, all you can see is bloated engines..sick..

Yue(Posted June) [#10]
Woo!, Nice Trailer Game. :)

Yue(Posted June) [#11]
Is there an engine version compatible with an old card?

JoshK(Posted June) [#12]
Yue, Leadwerks uses OpenGL 4.0. This will run on all hardware being sold for a few years now, including integrated graphics.