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Matty(Posted 2017) [#1]
Hey folks.....I thought it would be interesting to see a list of people's games they've created over the years - finished and unfinished...I had a spare moment at work so put together a list of all the games, year and platform I have built since I started programming......

Let's see yours:

Alien Survival 2016 (android)
Don't Harm the Putty Cats 2014 (android)
Golden Sword 2011 (android/web)
Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 2016 (android)
Reality is Insanity 2016 (android/web)
Star Dancer (full, lite, paid and free) 2015 (android)
Star Battle Conquest 2016 (android)
Star Pilot X 2016 (android)
Whack Abbott and Co 2014 (android)
Sunken Dwellers of Gorgoth 2014 (web)
The Serpent King 2010 (pc)
Ultimate Dungeon Bash 2010 (pc)
Dungeons of Yore 2008 (pc)
Deeper Dungeons 2008 (pc)
Blood and Plunder 2 2008 (pc)
Blood and Plunder - Goblin Head Go Squish Squish 2005 (pc)
DropZone 2006 (pc)
Space Blast 2008 (pc)
Lockdown Necrosis - Zombies (with work) 2011 (100k downloads)(android)
TacStar (for work) 2011 (android)
TacStar Deluxe (for work) 2011 (android)
Blastoids (for work) 2011 (android)
Flames of Vengeance (for work) 2011 (android)
Warring Realms (for work) 2011 (android/web)
Horde Slayer 1,2 & 3 2007,2008,2009 (pc)
Generic Battle System 2004 (pc)
Graverobber 2004 (pc)
Eat 1994 (pc)
Full Moon Combat 2015 (web)
WizArena 2015 (web)
Battle Guardians 2016 (android)
Saddam Hussein vs George Bush 2002 (pc)
Saddam Hussein Bombing Run 2002 (pc)
Monash Chemical Engineering Design Game 2003 (pc)
Space Shoot Em Up (1996) (pc)
Dunelike RTS (1995) (pc)
Top Down Shooters (numerous 2002/2003/2004) (pc)
Real Time Multiplayer Fantasy Battle (2003) (pc)
Swarm (multiplayer tactical game 2004/2005) (pc)
Unfinished dungeon games (many, 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009) (pc)
High school and primary school text adventures and mini arcade games
1988-1994 (many) (pc)
Adventure Construction Set adventures 1988,1989,1990 (pc)
Star Craft Mods/Scripted Maps 1998,1999,2000 (pc)
Freespace Mods/Scripted Maps/Star Wars Conversion 2000,2001 (pc)

MadJack(Posted 2017) [#2]
Unnamed dungeon game circa 1986 (Vic 20)
Tank Universal 2008 (PC)
Farm Sim educational game 2012 (PC)
Tank Universal 2 early access 2016 (PC)

BTW: big update to TU2 just out;

(please forgive the pimpage)

Naughty Alien(Posted 2017) [#3]
-Hidden Dawn /all 3D media done, missing some animations and sound-voiceovers/
-Hoodwink 1 (Published, currently remastering it with same engine HW2 and HW3 uses)
-Hoodwink 2 (Completed, not published yet)
-Hoodwink 3 (Completed, not published yet)
-Ora (WIP at 2D concept and scriptwriting stage)

All listed games listed are 3D point and click adventures.

coffeedotbean(Posted 2017) [#4]
Completed games (that I recall)

Push'em (2003 Blitz basic)
Tweaky Tweak (2004 Blitz Basic) link
Jimmy Sokoban (2005 Blitz Plus) link
Jimmy Mines (2005 Blitz Plus)
Jimmy Jingles (2005 like Jimmy mines but xmas themed) link
BloxMania (2005 Blitz Plus)
BloxFall (2005 BlitzPlus)
BloxFall 2 (2006 Blitz Max)
Stones of Egypt (2006 Blitz Max) link
Santas Workshop (2009 Blitz Max) link
Santas Workshop (2012 Monkey Mobile) link
Perry Penguin (2013 Monkey Mobile) link
Dice Master (2013 Monkey HTML5) link
Treasure traps (2014 Monkey Mobile) link
Lunar Escape (2016 Blitz Max) link
Pangemic (2016 Blitz Max) link
Elfventure (2016 Blitz Max) link

Xaron(Posted 2017) [#5]
Mine can be found here:

9 so far, all mobile games, and all made with Monkey X, beside my submarine game which was made with Unity.

Matty(Posted 2017) [#6]
@Naughty Alien - where can I buy a copy of Hoodwink?

Xerra(Posted 2017) [#7]
This thread made me think a bit so I decided to start putting names and other info on games I've worked on since 1982. Worlds worst memory so will take a while and be vastly incomplete, but it's an interesting diversion as I've never thought to do something like that before.

Naughty Alien(Posted 2017) [#8]
It will be available on Steam, after 1st one is remastered..then each episode will be released every 4th month..i have had some issues in development, but im going back to it soon as im back from Sydney..

Matty(Posted 2017) [#9]
Okay....hope you announce it here (whether or not it is blitz made) as I'd like to play it.

cps(Posted 2017) [#10]
Hnefatafl (The Viking Game). PC only (source=Blitz Max)
Tri-Tactics. PC only (source=Blitz Max)
Both are played between two cpu's and require an internet connection, but can be played over a Lan (they use the Gnet lobby). Others plus Mac versions coming soon...
Go to and choose 'Win Programs' from the options on the left of screen. Full source code provided (and a screenshot Wow!) Any feedback appreciated.

K(Posted 2017) [#11]
Jumping the Rift*
Arnie Fella#
Convoie Tourne-sol

*:near release but destroyed due to exploding NAND chip :(

andy_mc(Posted 2017) [#12]
Space Invaders 2017 (Android) (130,000 downloads)
Orchard Crush (Android)
Piggy Bank Toss (Android)
Twin Stick Space Shooter (Android)
Fruit Drop (PC)
Space Invaders (PC)
Bomber (PC)
Space Blaster 2007 (PC)

work in progress:
Invaders Deluxe (Android)
Grenade! (Android) Pc port
Endless Runner(Android)
Super space blaster (Android)
Tank Attack (Android)
Alien Breed clone (Android)

There's more information at my website here: