How many PCs without proper OpenGL support currently?

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popcade(Posted March) [#1]
This may be a silly question, but it seems Intel did some improvement on it's OpenGL support since HD2000 and up, except some old chips that no-longer supported (In that case they still work with Angle, but somehow slow).

NVIDIA and AMD are having OpenGL support for a long while, so I'll skip those.

Back to the day BlitzMax just out, many office PCs does not have OpenGL support at all, and now the place I worked in, every PC, even the lowest class Pentium G3XXX series can run OpenGL 4.0, or yo can grab a cheap $30 video card to deal it.

Is it really important to have a DX9/11 support now?

GW(Posted March) [#2]
I've never seen missing openGL support in the wild for the last 15+years. It's urban legend.

xlsior(Posted March) [#3]
Pretty much any machine nowadays will do OpenGL, but 10 years ago OpenGL speed was absolutely atrocious on many of the embedded Intel video adapters, especially on many of the low-end laptops. On top of that, some drivers would lie about their capabilities so when queried by software they claimed it would support certain functionality, but would crash or do unexpected things when you actually tried to use it.

Since then Intel got their act together a little better, and it's not nearly as much of an issue. Don't really have any numbers for you, though.