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EOF(Posted 2017) [#1]

grable(Posted 2017) [#2]
Im with you buddy! The movie scenes is what i remember (or mis-remember, depending on who you ask) best.
There is also the that singing and dancing scene with tom cruise, i forget the movie name, i think its his first?

All of these i remember as they should be, before the Mandela Effect.

The theories that could cause this are very opposing too, some say its the merging of close enough universes, following the multi-verse theory.
Others claim time travel, and say cern is up to no good, though this assumes a linear timeline, opposing the multi-verse theory.
Or its the universe as a simulation, in which our "handlers" changed something and glitched the system.
There is also the idea of all digital data being altered to make us think this is real, though that would not account for the physical changes to something like a DVD.

Or we are all just going crazy, i dont know :p

In any case its very interesting!

Floyd(Posted 2017) [#3]
The shared memories are somehow a result of all the shared experiences of internet, television, movies etc. The details are a mystery.

Memories are malleable and being sure of them doesn't make them any better. Juries have traditionally considered eye witness testimony to be the best form of evidence when it is really just about the worst.

I once had a vivid demonstration of changing memories. This concerned an apartment I had many years ago. I would walk to a nearby grocery store, a park to play tennis and to college classes. I had often thought about the direction I was headed when doing these things. Then I finally had a look with Google Earth. Not only were the memories wrong they were actually impossible, contradicting each other.

RemiD(Posted 2017) [#4]
I have no idea what you are talking about. :|

grable(Posted 2017) [#5]
Its all over youtube, many hours to watch! hehe

Personally my bet is on merging of multiple universes or that large groups of people have jumped between them, mainly because ive seen and experienced "the multi-verse" through many trips. So much so i dont think one lands the same place one takes off ;)

Neuro(Posted 2017) [#6]
The whole "Luke, I am your father thing" i knew about and always wondered why people keep on quoting that line. However, the whole "Hello, Clarice" line from Silence of the Lambs is news to me...i actually still believe he said that in the movie...gonna have to watch it again now...

c0Zm1c(Posted 2017) [#7]
It's just people misremembering or misquoting things, sometimes deliberately so ("you know, Ellie, we really are the last of us") and that permeates our culture. I don't think there's anything mysterious about it. I imagine a lot of people who think Vader says "Luke, I am your father" have probably never seen the film.

dynaman(Posted 2017) [#8]
The "No" vs "Luke" bit is an easy one - by saying it as "Luke" instead of no it sums out the whole conversation they were having.

Same with "Beam me up Scotty"

Henri(Posted 2017) [#9]
Recalling of memory is a reconstruction of imperfectly recorded data fragments. It never comes out just right.


grable(Posted 2017) [#10]
Sure, memory is fickle. But for so many to have the exact same things they mis-remember is a bit weird imo.
Now, im not saying all the examples on youtube are real, but some may be.

In fact, if they are all just mis-remembering, its a pretty far reaching thing. For example, im re-watching Warehouse 13 right now, and in it one of the characters say: I think WE are going to need a bigger boat. A reference to Jaws.
And there is countless examples of this, where people draw something from memory and put it to film or physical objects, dont you think they would check before hand? At least some of them?

And i can CLEARLY remember the above james bond movie, where the girl HAS BRACES. I guess il have to hunt down some old physical copy to make doubly sure ;)

Henri(Posted 2017) [#11]
Some likely candidates that can be the cause of this effect:



Ps. There is an old Chinese saying: What you seek is what you'll find :-)

RemiD(Posted 2017) [#12]
It is probably just because some people misunderstand/distort/makeup events/sentences and then repeat it and others repeat it, you can observe this on different topics, for example with religions, you can read/hear repeated most likely distorted/madeup events/sentences...
Or for wars, there are bad guys vs good guys (whereas it is often not that simple), and distoreted/madeup events (what happened in world war 2!) just to strengthen an ideology...

Even some guys here believed that updateworld() was an essential function required to position/rotate/translate/turn/move entities in the world, and it was repeated, again and again, until everyone was doing it without a good valid reason. (the famous updateworld() written just before renderworld(), that you can see in many codes here...)

Nothing surprising about it... You don't need to have fantasy multiverses.

EOF(Posted 2017) [#13]

coffeedotbean(Posted 2017) [#14]
I don't think the Berenstain Bears were thing in the UK but this a fun video.

Berenstein or Berenstain you decide.

search: berenstain conspiracy theory

Skip to 11m mark if you're not bothered about the game reviews though they lend credence to the last 9m.

EOF(Posted 2017) [#15]

grable(Posted 2017) [#16]
Nice one :) Didnt know AVG still did videos. Funny guy hehe
Though i have never seen Berenstein Bears in my life, dont think they are a thing up here in Norway. So couldnt say about this one.

@Jim Brown
Yes, thats the one. I remember sunglasses too. Actually that scene just looks off to me now.

I went in to this Mandela Effect thinking it was all bullshit, but even i had to scream at the screen when i saw some of the "originals".
A few is a fluke, several is a coincident, many and it starts to smell fishy :p

Rick Nasher(Posted 2017) [#17]
It's just the brain doing simplification: a certain sentence actually describes the entire scene and it's also more in line with the emotion behind things so more efficient. The brain is not always storing facts: a lot of times it's storing an experience.

There's, and I'm going to take a risk here being accused of sexism, in general a more stronger emotion effect in women then in men, which can easily be observed when you ever had an argument with a girlfriend and then dragging up an event in the past: they can come up with 'facts' which you can't disprove for they actually believe it happened like that for sure, unless you can cleverly come up with records to disprove it.
(I did couple of times.. 'fun'- they'll hate your guts and you still don't win lol).

steve_ancell(Posted 2017) [#18]
It was me, I've been messing with time. I went back to 1985, sneaked into Doc Brown's lab, and shoved 21.1 gigawatts straight up his flux capacitor. :p

And that my friends is why he has crazy eyes and his hair is such a mess.

xlsior(Posted 2017) [#19]
It was me, I've been messing with time. I went back to 1985, sneaked into Doc Brown's lab, and shoved 21.1 gigawatts straight up his flux capacitor. :p

And that my friends is why he has crazy eyes and his hair is such a mess.

That's because you massively overloaded it, it only takes 1.21 Gigawatts.

iprice(Posted 2017) [#20]
1.21 Gigawatts?!!

steve_ancell(Posted 2017) [#21]
it only takes 1.21 Gigawatts

OOPS!... I could have sworn it was 21.1 gigawatts straight up his flux hole, must be the Mandela effect kicking in again! ;)

EOF(Posted 2017) [#22]

Floyd(Posted 2017) [#23]
Most of these Mandela Effect examples don't seem to apply to me, probably because I am so unobservant about mundane matters.

If asked about the color of Tony the Tiger's nose I wouldn't have the slightest idea and I've seen him thousands of times. I'm pretty sure he had a nose but only because I would have noticed if he didn't.

I do have a vivid memory of his voice, also notable from the song You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.

grable(Posted 2017) [#24]
Your not the only one! Ive never seen a blue nose on that guy, and i lived on that suff as a kid ;)
Though there might be country differences i dont know about...

steve_ancell(Posted 2017) [#25]
I just searched Tony The Tiger 1960; it showed a black nose, blue nose, grey nose, red nose. Will we ever get to the bottom of this?, f***noze!

steve_ancell(Posted 2017) [#26]
I did send away for Tony's Trans-Am from one of the offers back in the day; it disappeared after I got into computers, along with all my other redundant toys when I gave them to various kids on the estate. Not sure if that Trans-Am would have had any collector value, it was still in it's box when I offloaded it.

grable(Posted 2017) [#27]
Hehe, i dunno. Its mostly the movie ones that i really remember. The logos for example i cant be sure of.
There is the Coca Cola logo with the little notch between the words, which i dont remember, even though i drink it almost every day. But i must admit i never paid that close attention to it. So cant be sure.
Also the Ford logo i dont remember having the squiggly, but again not something i paid that much attention too.

steve_ancell(Posted 2017) [#28]
Here's on of those model Trans Am, the quality is a bit cheesy though.

EOF(Posted 2017) [#29]

Cocopino(Posted 2017) [#30]
The Frosties tiger does indeed have a blue nose - I have a box at home right now.
I would have guessed red that but it's the way your brain works. Irrelevant details are forgotten quickly and instead just get replaced by a "most likely" option. Your brain plays tricks on you all the time, like trying to create a face in scribblings/lines or coloring in black and white pictures.

Like this one:

Your brain is a wonderful thing, but it is not to be trusted ;)

RemiD(Posted 2017) [#31]
When you want to buy a new car, you are first looking for the model that you like, then suddenly, when you are driving, you start to notice these cars all around you, does this mean that there are suddenly more cars of this model in the world or just that you started to notice them because this becomes one of your interest/priority...

EOF(Posted 2017) [#32]

grable(Posted 2017) [#33]
Indeed. The breadth of the thing also lends credence to it.
If it really was memory related more people should have had different things they remember. Girl had no teeth. Girl had golden teeth. Girl never smiled. What girl? etc.

Matty(Posted 2017) [#34]
The ford without the squiggle looks wrong to me. And I'd always known the star wars quote correctly becaus3 i used to recite the script internally as a teenager on the long journey (hour and a half) to school each day (I'd watched it over and over).

The others like moonraker I've never seen. And ice never seen that beeakfast cereal before...gah...looks horribly sweet for breakfast.

Ginger Tea(Posted 2017) [#35]
I've got a ford logo blu tacked to my door (found it walking home once 7 or more years ago) it's got a squiggle, but TBH it's the first time I looked at it even though I see it every time I leave my room.

There are a few Star Wars ones, but TBH, Uncle George has reworked that movie so many times it might just be you have stronger memories of a VHS pan and scan than the blu ray special edition. I know I've seen the SE on DVD like once maybe twice.

I don't think I've ever heard the movie say Luke, just No.

Think about it, when you are talking one on one with someone, do you say their name half way through a conversation.

"Dave do you remember this?" or just "Do you remember this?" ?

The toys that say Luke I am your father probably do not have the actual movie recordings, but a redub (perhaps not even JEJ's voice) and if the toys were movie accurate it might sound daft hearing "No, I am your father" and people going "No, I am your father." can lack context vs the misquoted Luke line.

There was another one I saw a few days ago about 3PO's silver leg, various things showed two golden legs and TBH, I never paid any attention to him to ever notice the mismatch till around the prequels, specifically ep2 when he got it.

The toys were always uniformly golden as it was cheaper to just use one paint, Marvel comics might mis-colour both yellow by accident, perhaps doing it so often that they just abandoned accuracy if they ever got it right in the first place.

The on rail shooter shown in his video shows two golden legs, but again, released long after the original trilogy and maybe before the prequels, people might have forgotten about or even noticed his grey leg and remembered him having all gold like the toy.

IDK if the Moonraker girl had braces, last time I saw it was early 90's on VHS, so no "you can see IBM's logo in the 1080 edition of 2001" even if she had braces, I thought they fell for each other cos she was cute in her own way and she thought he was hunky or something. Basically they made each other tingle in their underwear.

The only Mandela effect I can say I might have experienced was hearing about Stephen Hawkins death almost a decade ago, but that might have been me hearing a news report that was later rectified and I never followed it up, all I know is I said to someone or posted it here, that I heard he was dead, told no he isn't then some time later walked past him along Kings Parade after leaving the Eagle.