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Ian Thompson(Posted March) [#1]

Looks real nice, well done Mark

therevills(Posted March) [#2]
And a terrain demo:

Blitzplotter(Posted March) [#3]
Impressive stuff ;)

Ian Thompson(Posted March) [#4]
Good to see the terrain engine in(and with a physics mesh), it's amazing how fast he is putting the 3D engine together!

Playniax(Posted March) [#5]
it's amazing how fast he is putting the 3D engine together

This is the strangest thing with Mark. When he starts something he is very fast. Like he already did the work and is just copying and pasting stuff together.

popcade(Posted March) [#6]
Maybe he is re-engineering Max3D and take parts from B3D.. or adopt another engine like Urho3D etc, I don't know, but Mark can always put them together well.

Steve Elliott(Posted March) [#7]

This is the strangest thing with Mark.

I would substitute strangest, for frustrating :)

Naughty Alien(Posted March) [#8]
..I used to be a believer...

Rick Nasher(Posted March) [#9]
Then to thing we were all waiting for this to happen for like a decade or so?
Happy to see this going though.
Perhaps we can finally kick Unity and make 3d games running on phones, consoles and PC's at ease.

degac(Posted March) [#10]
I still dont' understand why Mark don't use some plugin to post his tweets automatically on his wordpress blog!
Not so important I know, but not everyone knows (or follows him) on Twitter.
(I'm a so lazy person so I would like to maximize my efforts: type (or post) in one place and replicate (automatically) everywhere!)

Ian Thompson(Posted April) [#11]

Rick Nasher(Posted April) [#12]
Yesss. Only thing I hope is that all that will be as easy to use as in Blitz3d, for otherwise were looking at just another Unity+C#(bweeak) look a like language.

degac(Posted April) [#13]
I would like to see some 'commands' of this things :) !
Mark wrote that the engine will be 'as Blitz3d'... but see is believe!

Blitzplotter(Posted April) [#14]
Sweet, Sweet 3D water ;)

Ian Thompson(Posted April) [#15]
Shadows! Well done Mark, the mans a machine!

EDIT: just noticed that this has already posted, oh well...

Hardcoal(Posted April) [#16]
this engine is for??

Rick Nasher(Posted April) [#17]
Monkey2. People here are hoping for it also to become available for Blitz3d/Max.

At the same time some good people are also working on Blitz3D NG and BlitzMax NG, which is quite complex endeavor.
Now I personally think it would really be much easier and beneficial to put a BlitzBasic-ified layer over Monkey2+the new 3d engine(once Mark is done with it).

degac(Posted April) [#18]
Well, I don't want rain on the party, but (for what I know/read) MX2 3D is written in MX2 language, using of course its syntax & features (lambda for example): I have not idea if a porting from MX2 to Bmx NG will be easy or not

Rick Nasher(Posted April) [#19]
I'm not familiar enough with MX2, but I thought of it as a lower level language, or at least one that permits the usage of lower level approach. That in turn should allow for easy conversion?

Ian Thompson(Posted June) [#20]


skidracer(Posted June) [#21]
Monkey Duck Turtles!!!

I am so excited that Mojo3D is so close to release for monkey2.

Ian Thompson(Posted June) [#22]
Looks like the animated mesh may be self shadowing too. :D

Totally stoked for MX2 now too. It's been very impressive to watch Mark blow through the 3D engine development so quickly.

Also really looking forward to having a peek at the final 3D API as well, Blitz3D had such an extremely elegant API design for it's time.