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Naughty Alien(Posted May) [#1]
..hi guys..i haven't done much on this field so i would love to hear about suggestions regarding tools to be used for web browser /database applications...something simple to install and use without tons of SDK's or whatever, but yet, powerful..what that would be? Please instruct.

xlsior(Posted May) [#2]
What are you hoping to accomplish?

Creating an actual browser itself, or an interactive website, or ...?
You posting is a bit ambiguous.

Naughty Alien(Posted May) [#3]
..my apology..i have designed some hardware which talks HART protocol and its talking to Emerson DVC6200 Digital Valve controller used in oil and gas industry. So, results of processing done by my hardware i want to read (my hardware will be internet available) and save in to a database captured data. Application accessing my hardware, must work within any existing web browser. Application will have usual gadgets, buttons, checkboxes and so on, and will process analytics from my hardware including storing it in to a database (MySQL)..

kfprimm(Posted May) [#4]
These days, I typically use Ruby on Rails for all my work. It supports the major database vendors. If the front end is even slightly dynamic, I will use AngularJS or ReactJS to build that side of it.

What protocol is your hardware exposing network-side? Obviously, it needs to be HTTP, but I would suggest you package the data as JSON. I've been using json.hpp for my NG project lately and it's quite nice to work with. (I assume your stuff is C++.)

Naughty Alien(Posted May) [#5]
..hardware device is http-TCPIP..each device(it will be many) will act as a server so, web app will access it, read data, store it in to database and later, at user request, database will be accessed in order to create some analytics, print report, etc..thats basically what it does..so, im not sure what to use for web browser app side of things that is simple to use and it supports major database vendors..

degac(Posted May) [#6]
So basically you don't need a web application. You need to connect to the device (via TCP/IP protocol) to read/download data (maybe at determinated time).
Then you can upload somewhere else (a local server, another remote server etc)

I think you need different applications for different goals/tasks.

kfprimm(Posted May) [#7]
I wouldn't say a web app isn't strictly needed.

NA, I assume you want a web app for easy of deployment? Where did you plan on hosting the web app? If it's a local install, I would write a background service that runs on the machine, aggregates the data, and then inserts it into the database. Then, your web front end is only responsible for pulling & displaying the data.

I wouldn't want to rely on the web app to process the actual data. Since you're web server will ultimately have to proxy any data from the browser into the database, you're better off just having a dedicated process handle it.

Naughty Alien(Posted May) [#8]
..web browser app is requirement by Petronas/Shell..hosting will be provided by them, on their own server space..so, yes, it should be back end which accessing all hardware units, storing captured data, in to database, and web browser app will be used to access data and see whatever they want to see..

Brucey(Posted May) [#9]
There's loads of stuff out there that can do what you want. Everyone is likely to post their personal preference though, which I suppose might help.

I'd personally opt for something Java based for the backend, like Vertx, which is a fast, scalable, asynchronous framework. You could have a REST based service there doing whatever. Your frontend could then be pretty flexible.
I've recently been doing some AngularJS-based single-page-apps on top of vertx which integrates really well together. If you want "live" pages, it has some nice add-ons for live events, where I've had on-page data updating as other users have changed things.
That's just one framework.

There's loads. PHP can be pretty handy too these days, although I've found database integration easier with Java...

The world's your oyster.

Naughty Alien(Posted May) [#10]
..interesting choices..im playing with this one since yesterday, as i do feel more comfortable with C++ (Java as well)..


..so far its very straightforward and i have no problems with it..anyone used it before ?

Matty(Posted May) [#11]
My experience on web apps is with php and postgresql/mysql databases.

I use them a fair amount for both work and hobby.

I don't know enough about your other options to know whether they are better or worse but in terms of ease of use - php is very easy to code in and to talk to a backend database.

For example - most of my Android games use java to call a http request to a php script on my webspace which then in turn talks to a database via postgresql or mysql. The return value from the http request can then be parsed and analysed easily.

Packaging data in json format is good - although because I know the content type and it is purely myself maintaining the code I use my own format (pipe and colon separated data - like a csv but with two different delimiters)