F.T.L Postmortem: Designing Without a Pitch

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coffeedotbean(Posted 2017) [#1]
A year old but nice to see how the designers brought FLT to life.


Xaron(Posted 2017) [#2]
Thanks for that! Didn't know it.

taumel(Posted 2017) [#3]

Winni(Posted 2017) [#4]
Nah. I've spent quite some time playing FTL, but Into The Breach doesn't look remotely as interesting.

taumel(Posted 2017) [#5]
It's not the freshest scenario but there are a couple of interesting aspects about it and due to a lack of 10/10 games, sooner or later you'll most probably buy and play it anyway.

So, back to my 7M triangles thong, uh, thing.