Inventor creates new type of bulb.

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steve_ancell(Posted April) [#1]
I've invented a device, I call it the Darkbulb. It's a bit like a lightbulb but turns the room dark instead of light.

MadJack(Posted April) [#2]
Pics or I'm taking a dim view of this 'invention'.

Kryzon(Posted April) [#3]
LightColor( light, -255, -255, -255)

steve_ancell(Posted April) [#4]
I would do pics MadJack but the problem is cameras don't work in the dark.

TomToad(Posted April) [#5]

MadJack(Posted April) [#6]
I might be a bit dim here, but isn't this just a lightbulb that's not turned on?

Trinosis(Posted April) [#7]

degac(Posted April) [#8]
anti-light of course

Right day to release new technologies :)

Derron(Posted April) [#9]
What happens if you put two bulbs in the room: a normal one, and your

aritificial photon rejecting invisible lamp



Floyd(Posted April) [#10]
Orbiting solar powered DarkBulbs could be the solution to global warming. How do I invest in this?

Rick Nasher(Posted April) [#11]
How dark is 'dark' I'd like to know. ;-D dark humor.

Derron(Posted April) [#12]
dark = bright * -1


steve_ancell(Posted April) [#13]
LMFARO @ the comments. :D

steve_ancell(Posted April) [#14]
I'm also looking into the possibility of inventing the quiet-speaker.

Rick Nasher(Posted April) [#15]
It already exists, well.. sort off(no kidding). It's called anti-sound or antiphase. It consists out the opposite wave of the original audio wave so that they cancel each other out, resulting in no sound.

Fielder(Posted April) [#16]
i remember a very old episode of Doraemon.. (1973+) where there is a CHUSKY (i don't know what is the english translated name) that is a "Dark light bulb" ... this bulb can darken places during day-time :)