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Yue(Posted May) [#1]
Is it possible that this card can be fixed? Or do I definitely have to buy another? I think the cause of death was an electric shock, and it died, I connected the monitor to the motherboard port and everything works fine. :(

degac(Posted May) [#2]
Sorry, RIP at 9800gt!

xlsior(Posted May) [#3]
Modern electronics are pretty sensitive, if you did get an electric short you're pretty much screwed.

coffeedotbean(Posted May) [#4]
I dropped a gfx card once, fell about 3 feet onto carpet, no sign of damage and that stopped working, still had warranty though so got it replaced, yay

Want advice on what to replace it on the cheap, look for a gtx 650Ti or gtx 650 on ebay for ~30, you'll double your performance to boot. but you'll need a PCI-E power connector and two slots.

Want to come up to the latest gen, then the single slot (low profile) version of the GTX1050ti was just released http://hexus.net/tech/news/graphics/105649-inno3d-introduces-single-slot-geforce-gtx-1050-ti/ you also don't need a power connector.

Yue(Posted May) [#5]
A gtx 650 is very expensive here in colombia. I have to go for a gt 730, it's the cheapest thing. And still I will have to save a good time the money. Those that show in euros are very economical in COP, but I have no means to buy it and I speak of credit cards and such things.


Naughty Alien(Posted May) [#6]
...i have plenty of GTS250 cards collecting dust, just not sure how to send it to you..hehehe

Yue(Posted May) [#7]
@Naughty Alien
Derron, I send an e8400 processor from Germany, I think it was very economical sending. I think a graphics card will be more expensive, because you can not pretend to be a small package.

But I love it if you can send me one. :)

Yue(Posted May) [#8]
I bought a GeForce 7100 GS 256 mb, no big deal, I was sold at 30,000 pesos COP. About 10 US dollars. ;)

It's no big deal, but something is worse than nothing.