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Steve Elliott(Posted March) [#1]
Wow this 'Jelly Comb' Bluetooth compact folding keyboard and trackpad is good.

It works great with my mobile phone and 7 inch tablet. I can move a mouse pointer about on the phone/tablet screen, gestures to flick through pictures, type on it's large keys, for internet, email, making notes and so on, and it folds up to a small 15 x 9.7 cm to fit inside a jacket pocket or bag (30 cm full size).

12 small grip pads so it doesn't move as you type, plus it's much better for games! Having large physical keys/mouse function.

And with my wireless bluetooth headphones, and media buttons on the keyboard for volume, skipping tracks etc a fantastic, portable and versatile system all round.

Ultimate portable computer/games console/media centre?

Ian Thompson(Posted March) [#2]
Gotta say, it looks pretty nifty Steve, would be a handy addition for my little tablet.

Steve Elliott(Posted March) [#3]
It does look better/smaller in-person, and the sections snap together firmly with magnets. It also has a nice graphite finish...A very portable laptop with a 7 inch tablet.

Works well on Raspberry pi too - and more connectivity options through USB on that system.