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Brucey(Posted June) [#1]
I see Apple are to start phasing out 32-bit on macOS next year, just as they have completed the process on the latest version of iOS.

Interesting times ahead :-)

col(Posted June) [#2]
Looks as though NG will get more of a foothold as time progresses as 32-bit slowly but surely goes the way of 16-bit :)

EdzUp MkII(Posted June) [#3]
This don't bode well for old BlitzMax vanilla :/

Normally what Apple does all the others follow in a couple of years, 32 bit has had a good run but to be honest it's been on the cards.

GfK(Posted June) [#4]
How stable is BlitzmaxNG these days, compared to the original 32-bit one?

EdzUp MkII(Posted June) [#5]
NG seems very stable but there apparently has been some issues with compatibility.

Also no OpenGL coding as it'd SDL IIRC

EdzUp MkII(Posted June) [#6]
For all those wishing to read it for themselves here's a link


High Sierra is the last to allow 32bit apps after that it's 64bit ONLY

[shortened to remove Google trash]

GfK(Posted June) [#7]
Of course... those of us that have 32-bit builds out there (and have done for years) are going to be faced with a monumental upgrade task.

Just one game, five or six publishers with their own branding, 7-8 localised versions... and I'll (currently) have five games to update.

That's 240 unique builds, just to get the back-catalogue grafting.

Shit... :/

EdzUp MkII(Posted June) [#8]
@GfK: Thats a lot of builds, at present its only Mac OS BUT it wont be long before the others catch up and decide that the older apps are holding them back and that old apps are better run in a Virtual Machine.

John G(Posted June) [#9]
Don't claim to understand, but is MS going in the opposite direction with Win 10 on ARM? Support Win32 (x86) forever?

xlsior(Posted June) [#10]
Don't claim to understand, but is MS going in the opposite direction with Win 10 on ARM? Support Win32 (x86) forever?

Backwards compatibility has always been one of Microsoft's strong suits, with a *ton* of hidden stuff in windows to make old broken software continue to work under newer windows. (16 bit no longer works because modern 64-bit CPU's can no longer switch to 16-bit mode)

Apple on the other hand has always strongly forced their hands to the users, forcing them to burn all ships behind them every number of years when they completely get rid of the old in favor of the new. Nice for efficiency, but sucks if you have legacy stuff that's left behind in the dust.

GfK(Posted June) [#11]
It's all going Pete Tong this week, eh? :/

Brucey(Posted June) [#12]
Certainly exciting times ;-)