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Matty(Posted June) [#1]
There was a facebook post about 40 minutes ago from BRL saying blitzbasic.com will likely close by the end of the month....if that's true...very sad for us all...end of an era.

Yue(Posted June) [#2]

It seems that there are no changes in the web of the monkey 2.

(tu) ENAY(Posted June) [#3]
Was posted here


but yes, sad news indeed. If there is no forum elsewhere, then I guess that's the last of us, having to move on.

Matty(Posted June) [#4]
I emailed this to some family and friends:

It's a very sad day for me, and a number of others today.

The blitzbasic.com forums have announced on facebook that they are
going to close at the end of the month.

They have been around for close to 15 years and I have been a regular
member, writing comments, starting discussions, talking to people for
all of that time on an almost daily basis.

The people on there I have never met but come from all over the world
and have shared much in the way of knowledge and discussion. I feel
as if I know some of these people quite well. Names such as Enay,
Naughty Alien, GfK, Grey Alien, RemiD, MadJack, xlsior and many, many
others will suddenly, in an instant, be gone from my life.

We will no longer be able to meet together online and discuss whatever
takes our fancy.

There is much knowledge there. There is the knowledge from a wide
variety of IT and artistic disciplines that will be no longer in a
central pool.

There is the knowledge that I have learned and I have shared. All of
it will be gone.

There are many memories.

It was an experience I was involved in multiple times a day for close
to 15 years.

Getting advice, sharing advice, answering questions, having questions answered.

It will be a huge hole in my online experience.

The blitz forum has been a part of my life much more powerfully than
any facebook feed and I have had more conversations with the people on
the blitzforum than any other social media site for longer than social
media has been a thing.

It is very sad.

It will be a hole in my daily experience.

It will be a void.

The people who once shared information will no longer communicate with
each other as easily.

It was coming for a long time, with the open sourcing of various
products it was inevitable that the website would not be around


MadJack(Posted June) [#5]
Well that news is a bag of soggy crumbs.
I can understand Mark's reasoning however.

So the best course of action is buy a copy of Monkey2 and turn up on the forums over there then?

skidracer(Posted June) [#6]
continued here