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steve_ancell(Posted March) [#1]
I've been buggering around with Arduino development. Didn't want to do the usual flashing LED stuff so I had a go at keypad input. It turned out quite well and I didn't use any keypad libraries.

Here's me demonstrating in the video:

Here's the circuit diagram:

And here's the source code:

Naughty Alien(Posted March) [#2]
..yes..platform is very handy and it can be modified to perform virtually is something i did recently..its full real time FK/IK solver for any simulator platform, wind, smoke, water drops control..its powered by Atmel SAM3 (Same MCU Arduino DUE uses)..just now finished testing logic level shifters and ADC/DAC(PWM powered voltage doublers) like a charm ;)

steve_ancell(Posted March) [#3]
I'm not that advanced with micro controllers just yet, only been playing with Arduino for a little over a week so far. As a kid I was into electronics in the way of descreet components, it never crossed my mind at the time that anything affordable like the Arduino would pop up a couple of decades later. Although I've not got any target application at this time, even I can appreciate that these micro controllers can open up the path to a lot of interesting projects.

steve_ancell(Posted March) [#4]
@Naughty Alien:
I take it that project you've shown has something to do with gaming, physics and stuff?

Naughty Alien(Posted March) [#5]
..yes..its simulator system for VR Global US company..picked up of requirements was that simulator must be 'pluggable' in to any 'content', on one side control of platform must be automatic based on content input, without ptogramming it..Simulator must be able to run in network with others and update if collision or things like that happen, variable wind, smoke,, i took arduino DUE, removed its bootloader, and reset chip (it takes about 20kb of RAM as it throws inside hex some stuff from arduino which i dont want), so instead of arduino ide, I programmed modified MCU board directly from Atmel Studio..neat part is logic level shifters i have build in in to this board so i can have bidirectional communication of any kind (digital) both ways..

Blitzplotter(Posted March) [#6]
@Steve, really interesting tutorial / demo how to set up the Arduno, I Like how you point out about the pull down resistors as well.

@Naughty, nice intricate project you've got going on there.

I've delved into PIC micro controllers my myself - using assembly some ooh, 19 years ago or so. More recently PIC micro controller than a 32-bit number I picked up for free from visiting a companies showcase thingy whilst in between jobs. My first love now though is back coding in Monkey in my spare time and a little B3D, I reckon by the time I retire there'll be some pretty awseome gizmos to get around to interfacing with the real world.

steve_ancell(Posted March) [#7]
Cheers for the kind words BP. I have a PIC chip laying around here somewhere, I will be looking into using an Arduino as a cheap method of programming it instead of getting a dedicated PIC controller. I'll have more fun that way.

I PIC I have is PIC16F628A FLASH-Based 8-Bit CMOS, got it from eBay quite cheaply.

Hotshot2005(Posted March) [#8]
Have you guys program game on Programming C?

steve_ancell(Posted March) [#9]
I have used C++ quite a few times. I wouldn't say that I'm an expert in C++, I just know enough to get me by.

cps(Posted March) [#10]
UNO snuck up on me too, have you tried the network shield?
My current thing is to try to get Blitz Max to communicate with the UNO. IE click an object in Blitz Max and get something going in the real world.
(maybe I should learn to crawl first?). Have fun cps

Steve Elliott(Posted March) [#11]
Good stuff! The coding/electronics is as alive and as exciting as it was in the 80's right now. With the Raspberry pi and Arduino you have a way (if you're smart enough) you can pretty much create anything you want.

RemiD(Posted March) [#12]
I am also interested in designing/building custom devices using arduino but i am still a noob at it.
However i find this more rewarding and useful than making video games... At least in the end you can have a device/system that can sense/act/produceaneffect in the real world...
Good stuff !

Steve Elliott(Posted March) [#13]
Maybe, but writing games for a limited system is also exciting and challenging.

steve_ancell(Posted March) [#14]
Another video, this time I use the keypad to generate audible tones. A link to files are in the video description.

steve_ancell(Posted March) [#15]
Added another video:

Files for this project: Linkage!

steve_ancell(Posted March) [#16]
A crude way of detecting proximity.

Files for this project: Linkage!

steve_ancell(Posted March) [#17]
In this project I tame a servo. Been learning heaps about Arduino, so I guess I'll be trawling eBay for parts soon so that I can build bots and stuff.

Files for this project: Linkage!