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Panno(Posted 2017) [#1]
have anyone a win 10 stick and will run any brl produkts on?

i wonder is it worth to buy.

xlsior(Posted 2017) [#2]
In all likelihood it will work, but expect crappy 3D graphics performance since in all likelihood they'll have intel integrated graphics.

Pakz(Posted 2017) [#3]
Integrated graphics aren't that bad though :) My 2 year old celeron n2820 with hd graphics 4000 can run Elder scrolls online and crysis 2 according to notebookcheck.

I once had a bug with steam playing skyrim and it used the integrated graphics instead of the 740m and I only noticed it inside caves.

I recently also seen a youtube video where they tested a 60 dollar windows 10 tablet and it could run older 3d games :)

Integrated won't be as powefull as the expensive 1080 though :D

loofadawg(Posted 2017) [#4]
Those look cool. What's the price in US dollars ?

popcade(Posted 2017) [#5]
It just works like any Atom base tablets (in Windows 8.1/10 sticks), and can even install Visual Studio, but the RAM are not enough for the system to run a VM or bigger games.

And the Intel HD Gaphics actually works well enough for most steam games in middle/low settings.