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JoshK(Posted April) [#1]
I need to build an application and distribute it for enterprise. The customer is paying for X number of licenses. Is there an existing install system that will handle registration keys or number of installs? I have not actually built this kind of thing before and am not sure how this is different or what the installer should do.

skidracer(Posted April) [#2]
If it is for Windows I would embrace Microsoft store front, corporate america have been dragged kicking into Windows 10 and official Microsoft store is I suspect the only game in town.

Outside the Microsoft ecosystem itch and steam both do what you want feature wise yes?

Also, You may need to sign / encrypt your work properly with ms / apple certificates chains to be acceptable also i think.

xlsior(Posted April) [#3]
Counterpoint: personally I haven't come across any organization that has actually embraced the windows store - it's a nuisance at best.

On our 350 pc's for one we're actively removing the shortcuts, since it adds zero value to the average office worker bee.

(and don't forget - there are more windows 7 than Windows 10 machines out there, especially in the enterprise market)

skidracer(Posted April) [#4]
Oh, I assumed after my experience with Office365 that the windows store was an integral part of the furniture. Glad to be wrong :)

xlsior(Posted April) [#5]
Oh, I assumed after my experience with Office365 that the windows store was an integral part of the furniture.

Microsoft sure wishes that to be true, but that doesn't really make it so.


JoshK(Posted April) [#6]
Seriously, no one has an answer to this?

rs22(Posted April) [#7]
Clickteam make an installation creator called Install Creator. The Pro version handles registration keys. It is only for Windows, however, and I don't think it lets you limit the number of copies that can be installed.

GW(Posted April) [#8]
You need either a hardware dongle or an live login/account system.

xlsior(Posted April) [#9]
There's some 3rd party license server things that are fairly common, e.g. Flexnet / FlexLM.

Other software like Adobe and Microsoft phones home for activation, although for enterprise customers Adobe also has a package manager which can wrap their products for off-line installation, on the honor system.

(Although even with enterprise customers, SOME validation is not a bad idea: The US navy is currently getting sued for $600 million, because they purchased 38 licenses of a program but ended up installing it on literally hundreds of thousands of navy computers:


gpete(Posted April) [#10]
xlsior- Bit Management Geo is a freely downloadable app. The app that was on Navy computers was an ancient 1990's-early 2000's VRML viewer that is also "public release"..I found it tucked in a utility folder-I wrote some VRML text scripts and created crude 3d objects with it. It was apparently installed to display VRML Architectural drawings- of which hardly anyone uses. Mostly 3D files use an Adobe plugin to display within Adobe Reader.

Josh- my experience with enterprise licensed apps is that the organization networking software has "limits" that will only allow permitted "x number" of apps to operate at a time. The apps are hosted on the server...not downloadable.