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Floyd(Posted February) [#1]
I just watched this documentary, directed by Leonard Nimoy's son Adam, on Netflix.

There are a couple of memorable tidbits:

In one of the interviews Leonard Nimoy mentions that he moved to California in 1949, hoping for a career as an actor. Prior to Star Trek the longest time that he held an acting job was two weeks.

The credits have an odd feature, listing Kickstarter contributors. Based on how long this lasted and how fast the names scrolled by I estimate there were about six thousand of them.

LineOf7s(Posted March) [#2]

Adding up all the reward levels from $50 (which is the first that gets you credits in the film) up to $10,000(!!) I get 4,740 people.

Floyd(Posted March) [#3]
That sounds reasonable. It was a crude estimate, could easily have been off by 20%.

Ian Thompson(Posted March) [#4]
Humble guy, he kept the same simple house for years after he was famous. Seemed to be likeable too and well liked by his peers(unlike poor Shatner). It was a good insight to a very familiar actor.