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***** Guildlines for Posting Bug Reports ***** (locked) (sticky)marksibly1marksibly (2006)
Deprecated Audio Unit (locked)Tricky1Tricky (2016)
White Texture bug ... honing in? (locked)_Skully1_Skully (2016)
BlitzMax 1.51 does not launch on Sierra (locked)JaviCervera1JaviCervera (2016)
replace not workingFielder5Fielder (2016)
Very odd error (mac)Tricky1Tricky (2016)
can't compile bmx:Mathieu A6grable (2016)
Partial transparency in created Timagesdw8176Midimaster (2016)
The Middle Classdw8177dw817 (2016)
Issue when RETURN is on same line as IF statementGreenVertical8dw817 (2016)
pub.mod/oggvorbis.mod: faulty loop?Derron6col (2016)
KEY_NUMLOCK and KEY_SCROLL not workingFielder3Fielder (2015)
pub.win32 errorcol1col (2015)
SizeOf returns 0 for :Object variablesMr. Goober1Mr. Goober (2015)
BlitzMax doesn't work on El CapitanYasha4Tricky (2015)
Cosmetic Bug MAXIDE (Mac)Tricky3Tricky (2015)
[FIXED]New XCode Upgrade causes compiling troubleTricky33Tricky (2015)
Reflection isn't able to find Final methodsYasha9marksibly_v2 (2015)
Potential Crash issue with D3D7Max2D and D3D9Max2DBrucey9Grisu (2015)
Constant NaNs returning strange resultHamish3Hamish (2015)
problem with Retina Macbook dual GPUsSonic19Sonic (2015)
BRL.Blitz and tdm-gcc-4.9.1grable5Grisu (2015)
Static local variable - parser bug?BlitzSupport18Who was John Galt? (2015)
Reflection - setting null array instanceBrucey2Silver_Knee (2015)
Default font in Windows bugTricky3Tricky (2015)
creating string via "New String" segfaultsDerron1Derron (2015)
Compiler failed assertionYasha1Yasha (2015)
bcc generates bad codeBrucey1Brucey (2015)
Can't concat empty arrays of extern typeYasha3Yasha (2015)
BCC ignores invalid UTF8 charactersDerron4Derron (2015)
compiler crashcol6col (2015)
Bizarre MaxIDE Dragselect Issue on Windows 7zoqfotpik3zoqfotpik (2014)
Reflection: wrong values with ArrayLength()Derron3Derron (2014)
Duplicate Keycode nameBrucey3Derron (2014)
expecting compile error or correct valuecol3col (2014)
[Runtime] Reflection and global variables (All)Vlad5Brucey (2014)
BadAtom Error on Ubuntu 14.04epi20003epi2000 (2014)
For Loop using Byte as Negative IteratorMr. Goober14TomToad (2014)
CloseGraphics bug with D3D9Max2DDriverdan_upright9dan_upright (2014)
Console, Linux and BRL.SystemBrucey5skidracer (2014)
AppSuspended not working in Linuxmarkcw1markcw (2014)
ReadData problem (low priority)GfK2TomToad (2014)
ReadDir/NextFile issue on Window 7Daryl2Daryl (2014)
linux 1.50yossi5Brucey (2014)
linux 1.48yossi1yossi (2014)
Debugging unicode issueBrucey8Grisu (2014)
the hertz parameter of the graphics commandyossi14yossi (2014)
problem with release commandyossi12marksibly (2014)
BRL.StandardIO - TCStandardIO missing Eof() methodgrable2marksibly (2014)
Filesize(Target$) [MacOS]TikiDays6TikiDays (2014)
Problems rebuilding under OSX 10.9 (Mavericks)lotonah5taumel (2013)
Fasm 'Out of Memory' FIXdawlane17Cruis.In (2013)
Calculation as a parameter not workingcol4col (2013)
[Win8.1] Window_Acceptfiles has stopped workingGrisu7Addi (2013)
Polled input issues in LinuxTricky3Tricky (2013)
Weird KeyDown behavioursimonh6simonh (2013)
From some reason this gets memory access violationHardcoal4col (2013)
Can't create children of disabled gadgetsdan_upright1dan_upright (2013)
Another undetected syntax error with assignmentcol6Russell (2013)
process.readline bug and crashcol1col (2013)
Win-8 Touch return wrong coordinatesMidimaster9ziggy (2013)
Compile error using 1.4.8 on Mac OS X 10.8matt!35Midimaster (2013)
Freezing LinkerTricky1Tricky (2013)
D3D9Max2DDriver virtual resolution bugAfke3Afke (2013)
TList - A Win32 Multithreaded stack killermatibee3matibee (2013)
undetected syntax errorcol2TomToad (2013)
Nested Scope BugPharmhaus2col (2013)
Problems with Windows 8Ev6TomToad (2013)
Hexadecimal Conversion Problem with Long data typeScaremonger2Scaremonger (2012)
Debug behaviour with global array initBlitzSupport2Bobysait (2012)
New Linux Installation: MaxIDE won't runzoqfotpik2zoqfotpik (2012)
bmax 1.49 dont work and dont compiled with Xcode4mongia23mongia2 (2012)
Total EVENT system failure on MacOSGfK1GfK (2012)
Trying to iterate thru TMap = no errorGfK7col (2012)
Crash BlitzMax with two lines of codeJoshK1JoshK (2012)
WriteLine fails after ReadLinecol4TomToad (2012)
Problem with DrawPixmapTomToad3TomToad (2012)
Blitzmax fullscreen application crashArmoured19Grey Alien (2012)
Bug with comment...Alberto-Diablo8Floyd (2012)
too many graphicsmodesnitti16GfK (2012)
Quirk when doing integer Shl with >31 bitsFloyd1Floyd (2012)
Dx9: Drawpixmap fails with older hardware?Grisu8Grisu (2012)
MaxIDE Community crashRavl1Ravl (2012)
CreateDir fails with UNC path and recursive=Truejsp1jsp (2012)
Freejoy OSX not working properlyRobb6marksibly (2012)
'new'ing variables causes EAVcol3col (2012)
ReadStdin() returns the last line twicegrable2marksibly (2012)
RequestFile - Mac - freezes window?simonh2simonh (2012)
Nuevo en Mac. no me compila.nekolan4H&K (2012)
App crashes with no Errorshinkiro14shinkiro1 (2012)
OpenAL cannot create/destroy >256 channelsGrey Alien5Grey Alien (2012)
BlitzMax can't read Cyrillic.Oddball9Oddball (2012)
Float/Double error in Lua PPC macsTricky6Tricky (2012)
WaitEvent() locks application (linux) with fixexplosive2marksibly (2012)
IDE:Tab not working as expected*3jsp (2012)
BMax 1.45 - Release mode will glitch or crash.BlitzProg4BlitzProg (2012)
Threaded Build flag + LinkedList causes Segfaultnaibaf71naibaf7 (2012)
DebugStop no longer enters debugger*5* (2012)
blitzmax 1.45hugblue2Floyd (2012)
Blitz Max not working with new Lion/XcodeOddball8Oddball (2012)
Mac request file bugJesse3marksibly (2012)
[MaxIDE]viewing docs makes a new .file ?? (win7)col1col (2012)
If..endif error*5GfK (2012)
SetVirtualResolution causes graphical glitches?zcbeaton3zcbeaton (2012)
MaxIDE - "Unable To Determine Version"AntonyWells1AntonyWells (2012)
Lion Bugs!marksibly16ElectricBoogaloo (2012)
Linux: maxide freezes when compiling faulty C codeHtbaa1Htbaa (2012)
Mac OS X Lion:Arrays in objects not properly initBlueapples6JoshK (2012)
Simple multidimensional array failsJoshK1JoshK (2012)
bmk is broken for XCode 4.2 on LionGrey Alien7Grey Alien (2012)
LoadSound fails on ogg files on Mac OS Lion w/ 1.4Blueapples8Pit-le-rouge (2012)
Labels inside functions not found when compiling (locked)Marco A G Pinto1Marco A G Pinto (2012)
Module namespace error in imported filesJoshK4Htbaa (2012)
D3D9 Virtual Resolutionscol11col (2011)
1.45 down to 1.42b under Snow Leopard not compilinVampyre7Vampyre (2011)
Garbage Collector BugRixarn1Rixarn (2011)
Wrong precedenceholzchopf.ch10H&K (2011)
No mouseenter mouseleave events [Linux]markcw2matt! (2011)
Unable to compile modules [OSX Lion]Nigel Brown26Grey Alien (2011)
DirectX9 code used on system with DX8=crash!therevills7therevills (2011)
Viewport bug when setting virtual graphicsChroma4therevills (2011)
Threading/HTTP stream problem in 1.44BlitzSupport2BlitzSupport (2011)
Incbin not working? (locked)Nigel Brown5BlitzSupport (2011)
Programmer error: Field/Type fatalityBlitzSupport4Czar Flavius (2011)
Possible audio problem (v1.44b)JazzieB1JazzieB (2011)
Joypad errors [1.44 Mac osx Snow Leopard]Robb1Robb (2011)
FileType() fails with trailing slashGfK4Ghost Dancer (2011)
Function in method bugJoshK14Noobody (2011)
Label not found for exit (1.42)Tharmon2Floyd (2011)
MaxIDE slowdown when switching TABSGregH3GregH (2011)
DesktopWidth/Height fail in full-screen (Win32)BlitzSupport11BlitzSupport (2011)
BRL.dxgraphics ignores flagsNoobody2GfK (2011)
BMK Bug - G++/GCC 4.6The_Nici4The_Nici (2011)
bmploader does not read V5 bitmaps correctlyImpi1Impi (2011)
Nonsense exception (debug+threaded) (Bmax 1.41)BlitzProg15BlitzProg (2011)
Resizable multidimensional array failsJoshK2JoshK (2011)
Can't find interface for module brl.blitz321jeux3GfK (2011)
1.43 - No sound [OSX Lion]GfK11GfK (2011)
1.43 icon bar problem [OSX Lion]GfK1GfK (2011)
Major MaxIDE bug in Mac OSWilliam Drescher27GfK (2011)
BlitzmaxIDE doesn´t start under MacOs X LionFredor3Fredor (2011)
Linux joysticks not working??jondecker763Scienthsine (2011)
Incbin fails for Pixmaps and DX driverAdamRedwoods6Zeke (2011)
Weird call by reference behaviorLordChaos5Azathoth (2011)
MaxGUI bug (locked)JoshK1JoshK (2011)
Current BlitzMax incompatible to g++ 4.6.0danvari6The_Nici (2011)
GrabImage fails when using a virtual resolutionGfK2GfK (2011)
png loader errorfreedo12freedo (2011)
Odd bug with KeyHit() and requestersTomToad3zipplet (2011)
Linux no-GUI problemBlitzSupport1BlitzSupport (2011)
Module scope conflictskfprimm8kfprimm (2011)
Copybank range : Illegal in debug, Fine in releaseBlitzProg3BlitzProg (2011)
DrawSubImageRect_Skully26Czar Flavius (2011)
Build Modules but no release versionjoncom20003joncom2000 (2011)
DrawImageRect: Memory leakKlin4Klin (2011)
switching gfx mode crashes bmxanawiki25Pengwin (2011)
Unresponsive window if nothing is drawnSnixx3H&K (2011)
SetClsColor bug (maybe - I dunno)GfK4Pengwin (2011)
Reading from files using readdir and nextfileMadJack4mpmxyz (2011)
MouseZSpeed()<>0 when window looses its focusLobby1Lobby (2011)
UDPSocketsSilver_Knee1Silver_Knee (2011)
No command-tab on fullscreen on MacOS!SLotman9OscarBraindeaD (2011)
A Key responds to two different keydown requestsKlin2Zeke (2011)
Mac Windowed mode isn't the same as on PCsGrey Alien2shinkiro1 (2011)
Linux Sound - Alsaingenius7oddchild (2011)
Debug mode don't do the same thing (Bmax 1.41)BlitzProg7BlitzProg (2011)
Win32: EVENT_MOUSEUP fires a stray EVENT_MOUSEMOVEYan1Yan (2010)
PolledInput charQueueSilver_Knee1Silver_Knee (2010)
OpenAL only plays sound 1-2 times with 1.38 (Mac)TMK7jhans0n (2010)
UTF-8 Seems WrongOtus13degac (2010)
linux grabpixmapslenkar1slenkar (2010)
reflection on linuxslenkar1slenkar (2010)
Inconsistent FPSAngus2Angus (2010)
Reflection Bug + Solnbeanage6beanage (2010)
lists and threads, double bufferedfredborg1fredborg (2010)
strange post-build error (MaxIDE Linux)Devlin1Devlin (2010)
bmax + leadwerks + gtx460 = driver crashallaak1allaak (2010)
Paste doesn't work in IDE v1.40 for FLTK/Linuxjondecker769slenkar (2010)
missed exception of a thread when using DebugStopmpmxyz1mpmxyz (2010)
DX9Max2DDriver not drawing leftmost line.TomToad6_Skully (2010)
Garbage Collector and compressed imagesima7471ima747 (2010)
OpenURL doesn't support mailto:ima7473ima747 (2010)
[MaxIDE] IDE Find bug (Win32, Win64)Drackbolt64Grisu (2010)
Long Strings Freeze MaxIDE using DebugStopBlitzProg10marksibly (2010)
BRl.Reflection: StringTypeId missing _supern-Halbleiter1n-Halbleiter (2010)
Interesting MaxGUI Gadget Text Behavior (locked)overmeeren1overmeeren (2010)
Exception Access Violation on fresh install.Sledge9Sledge (2010)
MaxIDE icon goes crazy with window-picker-appletThe_Nici1The_Nici (2010)
Missing appstub import (Threaded)mpmxyz2SebHoll (2010)
MT Memory issues (GC?)ima7472ima747 (2010)
Blitzmax 1.39 on linuxingenius5ingenius (2010)
Bug? in BRL.Stream / documentationn-Halbleiter1n-Halbleiter (2010)
no error for 0 mod 0Robert Cummings3Robert Cummings (2010)
[OS X] OpenUrl() Broken (with fix)SebHoll8SebHoll (2010)
WriteStdout improper UTF8 outputplash7plash (2010)
1.39 video flicker?Chroma8marksibly (2010)
Windows7 CompatibilityMordax_Praetorian7marksibly (2010)
Joypad functions not working on OS X without...Oddball15Oddball (2010)
Flip() bugJoshK6marksibly (2010)
Semaphore problem 1.39 macima7473marksibly (2010)
DesktopWidth() and DesktopHeight() brokenGfK5marksibly (2010)
DesktopDepth()Hujiklo2marksibly (2010)
a sticky keydown() and polleven() issue....Space Fractal2marksibly (2010)
OS X Memory leakBrucey2marksibly (2010)
OpenAL debug info in 1.39GfK4marksibly (2010)
Crash with GLShareContexts on good graphics cardima7472marksibly (2010)
bbMilliSecs on Mac broken!Brucey4marksibly (2010)
BMX 1.39 on Mac hangs!Rozek4Who was John Galt? (2010)
[MaxIDE] Error After Running Programs in IDE (10.6Evil Roy Ferguson4marksibly (2010)
Unhandled Exception:Attempt to call abstract methompmxyz3ziggy (2010)
slow pixmap conversionRozek3GfK (2010)
Child threads block forever on calls to LockMutexima74711ima747 (2010)
AppSuspended on startupBlitzSupport3Grey Alien (2010)
Issue with GC in Multi-threaded environmentsRozek4Rozek (2010)
trylockmutex behaves differently than expectedRozek3Rozek (2010)
Issue with two CreateCanvas callsmatibee6marksibly (2010)
[Linux] Graphics vsync unchangeableplash4marksibly (2010)
EVENT_MOUSEDOWN mods = 0 on canvas first clickskn32SebHoll (2010)
D3D9 driver fails with 2x CanvasSnixx6Ked (2010)
BMK CrashBrucey3Brucey (2010)
ResumeChannel fails under OpenALGfK14Yan (2010)
TCondVar broken on Win32BORNtobeNAMELESS1BORNtobeNAMELESS (2010)
BRL.DXGraphics: Added support for Stencil Buffer (locked)BORNtobeNAMELESS1BORNtobeNAMELESS (2010)
BlitzMax doc's broken link_Skully3SebHoll (2010)
LoadImage Not working (BMax 1.37)Spencer9GfK (2010)
SetGraphics "htz" doesn't work in fullscreen now?The Caffeine Kid8Dreamora (2010)
MemAlloc not handling out of memory conditionsgrable5grable (2010)
Debug line number errorJoshK1JoshK (2010)
Please confirm this: OpenAl Problem on MAC (locked)Midimaster1Midimaster (2010)
FileType Unicode Bug on Linux?Artemis14Artemis (2010)
[MaxIDE] Auto Backup Problem (Windows Vista)QuickSilva3QuickSilva (2010)
1.36 Memory Leak...Dabhand29GfK (2010)
DX9 lockup/oddness - please testGfK5GfK (2010)
LoadAnimImage -weird behaviourBladeRunner5BladeRunner (2010)
LoadImage BugTaskMaster14Corum (2010)
Possible bug in MT memory management.Corum13TaskMaster (2010)
Viewport + virtualresolution + tileimageziggy12TaskMaster (2010)
Restarting OpenGL Graphics() failureima7477marksibly (2010)
MaxGUI Bug with 1.36Tachyon12marksibly (2010)
No debugger in threaded mode?! (locked)GfK1GfK (2010)
New WritePixel() or TPixMap Bug?Midimaster4degac (2009)
Fullscreen ALT+TAB FLIP being ignored.Stu_ovine3SLotman (2009)
OS X: Association of .bmx files with MaxIDEDifference2Difference (2009)
CreateGraphics() weirdness (locked)Russell1Russell (2009)
jpgloader crashes my app (locked)SB1SB (2009)
[MaxIDE] Executables aren't saved if using 1st tabRmB30310BlitzSupport (2009)
DirectX 9 BugTaskMaster3jsp (2009)
Windows taskbar gets nuked on runSnixx3Snixx (2009)
Having trouble with v1.35 on Snow Leopardlotonah8marksibly (2009)
IDE Undo fails most of the timeSnixx6Snixx (2009)
[IDE] crash by ide.iniKlin3SebHoll (2009)
1.35 readpixel not accurate in fullscreenDjBigWorm8DjBigWorm (2009)
D3D9Max2D driver inconsistencies/omissions?Yan11Yan (2009)
D3D9Max2DDriver bugsMindWorm11MindWorm (2009)
Blitzmax 1.35 - DX9 freezesGfK15GfK (2009)
BM 1.35 - Virtual Resolution - Viewport renderingArmitage 19822skidracer (2009)
Sound issue with Blitzmax 1.35zambani18marksibly (2009)
Inconsistent image quality between DX7 and DX9Tachyon8marksibly (2009)
BCC Fails Assert in cgint64.cppOtus2Otus (2009)
Event Suspend Bug? - Please Testtherevills10therevills (2009)
divide by zero - nasty crashslenkar6GfK (2009)
Search bug in MaxIDE (locked)JoshK1JoshK (2009)
Compiler bug?LordChaos2Brucey (2009)
.splitCS_TBL11GfK (2009)
Viewports ignore Y in all imagesMoriartyL11MoriartyL (2009)
BMK speed up has no effect on included sourceTommo1Tommo (2009)
The code that should not compile, but doesJoshK9Brucey (2009)
Millisecs() Overrun?Midimaster3Midimaster (2009)
Incorrect Height of Pixmap BUGKed6Ked (2009)
[MaxIDE] Find dialog messes sometimes (locked)Scienthsine1Scienthsine (2009)
BB to BMX ErrorsLuke1114GfK (2009)
Global bug?REDi5Tommo (2009)
New with Null object doesn't throw exceptionTommo17plash (2009)
[MaxIDE] Escape=exit? no! (win)Beaker4Beaker (2009)
TTypeId.ForObject() failed on "auto array"Tommo1Tommo (2009)
Bmax134 - Upper/Lower function on UFT stringdegac4marksibly (2009)
Small image distortionDrackbolt4TaskMaster (2009)
problem compiling release codeT-Light21marksibly (2009)
Full screen fails on Linux with Dual MonitorsTachyon4theHand (2009)
Socket streams cannot be flushedOtus1Otus (2009)
[Win32] Recursive dir creation on the networkplash1plash (2009)
Possible Bug in ReflectionMacguffin7Macguffin (2009)
Pixmap DifficultiesMordax_Praetorian21Brucey (2009)
Strange bug/behaviourdegac6degac (2009)
Reflection can make abstract typesHamish1Hamish (2009)
GetChar bug on LinuxSLotman2SLotman (2009)
Huge slowdown in defualt IDEQuickSilva24Alessandro (2009)
Reflections possible memory leakKernle 32DLL6plash (2009)
What you call END, what does BlitzMax do?sswift4Mark Tiffany (2009)
Threaded GC bug?Tommo4BlitzSupport (2009)
bmk doesn't handle includesBrucey5xlsior (2009)
BMX 1.33: LoadImage / Loadiconstrip memory leakGrisu6Otus (2009)
[OSX] JoyCount not detecting disconnected joypadsd-bug1d-bug (2009)
Reflection: Auto-Arrays with unknown type metadatagrable2N (2009)
Threads: Too many heap sectionsOtus15d-bug (2009)
[MaxIDE] [TextStream] Unicode Bug on OSXBlitzcoder2marksibly (2009)
Null Strings Treated As Empty StringsN6marksibly (2009)
openGL bug?Jur2marksibly (2009)
Enet peer address and portJoshK5marksibly (2009)
Crash Accessing Field from Function inside MethodOtus6marksibly (2009)
Loop broken when calling a dll from a type methodKlaas3marksibly (2009)
Recursive TMutex locking patch for MacOS/LinuxN3Otus (2009)
const bugdmaz1dmaz (2009)
Ubuntu 8.04 KEYCHAR not repeating..plash5plash (2009)
SetChannelPan with DirectSound screwyTachyon15marksibly (2009)
Problem compilingorgos5DeltaCommando5 (2009)
Crash While Loading ImagesKrayzBlu10marksibly (2009)
Bug with latest svn version rev. 197ziggy5ziggy (2009)
Blitzmax IDE and Blitzmax apps abort logout/restarzambani1zambani (2009)
LinkedList Breaks With Null Objects [1.30]Gabriel14dmaz (2009)
BlitzMax Application and MacOS X 10.5.6MacSven4marksibly (2009)
bbSystemWait()Stu_ovine3Stu_ovine (2009)
Parsing bug in blitzmx compilerJim Teeuwen6marksibly (2009)
MaxIDE stays TOPMOST WindowxMicky1xMicky (2009)
Very silly small bugziggy4GfK (2008)
[Linux]-[BMAX 1.30 rev 1.61] issueflaith10flaith (2008)
Uncaught compiler error causes semi-random crashHotcakes1Hotcakes (2008)
Potential Disaster Using Desktop As Default Res!MGE15Grey Alien (2008)
Logical operatorshamZta3Yan (2008)
SavepixmapPNG - broken?Sonic8Beaker (2008)
MouseX() and MouseY() don't updateGfK18MGE (2008)
Inconsistencies with "Id" and "IP" abbreviationsFabian.2Russell (2008)
Before Posting MaxIDE Bug Reports...SebHoll1SebHoll (2008)
Docmods problemJake L.16Muttley (2008)
Assignment operand evaluation order bugmarksibly3SebHoll (2008)
OSX Process still runningBrucey7SebHoll (2008)
[Win32] bcc.exe crashChristianK14Zeke (2008)
DXERROR err=UNKNOWNXip2Ked (2008)
Notify bug in Linux, now with sampe code!Tachyon3Tachyon (2008)
import omitted error reportTibit2xlsior (2008)
Beware the GCOtus31Dreamora (2008)
Dropped to assembler output on invalid externBlueapples9MrTAToad (2008)
BRL.LinkedList.TListDataTypeOtus1Otus (2008)
DrawPixmap hates MaskPixmapDrakim1Drakim (2008)
Seemingly Random String Concatenation BugOtus1Otus (2008)
Globals not showing up in Debugger.JoJo3Muttley (2008)
Various problems with the Mac versionMrTAToad3MrTAToad (2008)
Joypad ProblemsMrTAToad10Digital Anime (2008)
Minor issue with dump from DebuggerMatthew Smith1Matthew Smith (2008)
Parsing bug with dot "." and literal stringsgrable1grable (2008)
BlitzMax with two graphics cards on OS X LeopardWinni9Winni (2008)
i can't build modulesart <><4art <>< (2008)
Reflection: space in MetaDatafredborg2fredborg (2008)
Import case sensitive! (win32)fredborg1fredborg (2008)
Build error BMX 1.28Bed1Bed (2008)
rem or ' strangenessEmmett1Emmett (2008)
Graphics commands without Graphics errors*22* (2008)
bug when drawing loaded imagez80jim1z80jim (2008)
Pixmaps and DirectXAzathoth4Azathoth (2008)
Graphics Windows are non-centred on MacGrey Alien16QuickSilva (2008)
<>REDi15REDi (2008)
DXERROR err = WRONGMODEGrey Alien4Grey Alien (2007)
FreeType crash loading font (Mac) :-(Brucey2Brucey (2007)
KeyDown turns into KeyHit bug(tu) ENAY6remz (2007)
BM1.26 IntelMAC bug - constBlackSp1der1BlackSp1der (2007)
VISTA: Crash as a result of Ctrl+Alt+Del/Sleepanawiki8Leon Drake (2007)
Sitcky KeyDownfredborg4marksibly (2007)
LINUX: Switching fullscreen/windowed erroranawiki3anawiki (2007)
polled input stickingNigel Brown5computercoder (2007)
free process bugChris C6Nigel Brown (2007)