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GameBuilderAll types Game constructorHardcoal52017-06-10
Candy's Space Mysteries IIMissions on Earth.Xilvan22017-06-04
Overland RPGSimple Overland RPG for MobileMatty22017-05-24
Soul of SphereThe Sky Garden.Xilvan12017-05-07
Lights of Dreams IVFrom the Angelical Blade to Far, Above the Clouds.Xilvan172017-04-16
Candy's Space MysteriesMissions on The Blue Planets.Xilvan142017-04-16
Current ProjectI have tinkered and fooled around with blitz for quite awhile, grasping and using every possible function to create and fulfill my game-design needs. I would like to showcase my WIP of my game calledOmnicode372017-04-03
Code TestTesting CodeFBEpyon62017-04-03
Animate Model ExperimentsAnimate code of different "life forms"gpete22017-03-09
Learning BlitzMaxLearning BlitzMaxYue532017-01-23
Candy to the Rescue IVScepter of Thunders.Xilvan132017-01-10
Candy World IIThe Golden Bones.Xilvan102017-01-10
Fantasy Gamenew game im thinking is a fantasy game. a battle game with a brief story. i might do it for pc instead of mobile this time around.Matty112016-12-07
Star Battle ConquestSpace Strategy GameMatty22016-11-09
Game Server - Blitz3D Client UserlibA game server and userlib package written in PureBasic for use with Blitz3Deng_harvey442016-09-17
Candy World II: The Other Golden Bones...Are finally back!Alex. L.12016-07-06
RPG GameRouge Like BuilderFBEpyon12016-06-29
Grimoire of WorldsProcedural RPGgrindalf42016-05-28
Candy Racing CupThe Lillians Rally.Xilvan62016-05-26
Wizards ChaosTurnbased 2d war gameRedWizzard42016-05-11
Drawing/Pixeling tool (bplus)I hope to create a lot of drawing tool features.Pakz62016-05-01
Candy World Adventure IVA 2D Adventure.Xilvan162016-02-23
Candy's Space AdventuresThe Messages from the Lillians.Xilvan412016-02-22
Blitz HardwiredDirectx9/Directx11 Substitute for B3DPloppy532016-02-21
GPS 3D Training ViewerDepicts in 3D a training route showing latitude, latitude, longitude & heart rate around a routeBlitzplotter22016-02-01
ConvergenceNew Game I'm working onMatty712016-01-24
UDP Network libraryA network library for Blitz3D based on UDP server-client protocol with host switchingFlanker52016-01-17
Tile Based GameHoping to make it into a simple playable game.Omnicode72015-12-31
ConstrictorEmbedded InterpreterRaster Ron12015-09-16
Star Roguea monkey space game based in the Star Flight 2000 universe :)*292015-09-08
TiberionTiberion Online MMORPG.. (former voidrpg)Wings352015-09-07
Blitzer IDEA modern IDE for Blitz3D/BlitzPlusRaster Ron42015-08-08
Hwyl gyda crynoadyddionIf it ain't broke...Brucey162015-06-26
Ctrl A revealerImage/Animation displaying tool which Reveals the Old CTRL-A Hidden images which were viewable in Older versions of Internet ExplorerDan62015-06-25
Elite Multiplayerthe final say on it*12015-05-02
A test!Just a test...marksibly_v212015-04-22
Minecraft like projectCode and video's of what I get donePakz62014-11-04
Civ CloneMaking a Civilization like gamePakz102014-10-02
Baldy FortressA newbies attempt at Dwarf Fortress style gameplayNest22014-08-27
Tiny TanksOnline Multiplayer Tank CTFRifRaf272014-06-11
Galaxang46My space programmPrym12014-06-10
ConvertionFrom MaxGUI to wxMaxHenri32014-05-20
Civilization 3 automationRemake of the worker automation of civ 3Pakz162014-04-30
Stellar ExpansionXplore, Xpand,Xploit and Xterminate-Rick-72014-04-29
Blitz mirrorCollection of free Blitz archive filesmarkcw52014-04-03
WumpusHunt the Wumpus exampleXerra12014-02-24
(Renamed) Alrea Predue, Alchemists of the floating IsleRenamed, same projectDRH42014-02-22
Space battleSpatial rpg/str under construction.Stephane12014-01-23
Candy in Space IIIA Mission for two Dogs.Xilvan332014-01-15
DaveyA platformerBlueapples42013-12-26
Blitz ToolkitsA project to create a tool-kits that can be used to enhance basic programming.mk2y1022013-11-09
SwapshotProject in progressDRH192013-09-13
Crates and BoxesPuzzle game with an incredibly innovative working titleLucky_Luc22013-09-05
Grand PrixPseudo 3d racerFoppy112013-08-01
More ModulesA list of BlitzMax modules on the go...Brucey1302013-07-25
Development PC BuildBuild a flexible PC for developmentScaremonger72013-06-20
SimpleWorld developmentA simplified version of the game I first had in mindKronosUK52013-06-19
ImaginationConstruct R1Do cpus dream of electronic birds?GuyMartin12013-03-31
General WorklogGeneral news on my projects in GeneralTricky12013-03-18
3D SnakeSimple project from start to finish.Aussie52012-12-22
TouristNon-violent FP gameMikorians12012-12-16
RPG-WIPA currently unnamed RPG project that will slightly resemble TES series.psychicbottle42012-12-09
Drak's RPGA game I've been working on for quite some time.Drak162012-12-01
Screensaver 3DrawThese series of projects aim to create flexible and marketable screensavers using Blitz3D, Window's API, and nothing else!mk2y1012012-09-11
Computer ImaginationCan Computers Dream?TechnoSinga12012-09-06
Wizard Battle 2One-switch strategy gameFoppy212012-08-12
Game Media and Resources LinksLinks to websites with media and resources that can be used in your gamesZethrax12012-06-28
The Million 2-minute Puzzles ProjectA Multi-platform, multi-media experience for those with a small amount of time to killThePict12012-04-16
Worklog 1No descriptionMarkus Rauch362012-04-11
Freezing WorldMultiplayer survival adventure gameArska12012-02-24
b3d-jpct-vglB3d style wrapper for the JPCT-AE android 3d apiLeon Drake22012-02-17
NyonTurbo - OpenCL accelerated Neural NetworkOpenCL accelerated neural network system capable of learning and improving fuzzy 'functions' over a number of cycles. Often Known as Black Box learning networks.AntonyWells22012-02-16
Vivid3D 2.0It's back! The engine that blew up the world, returns in glorious HD.AntonyWells22012-02-16
BattletrackTop-down racing game with gunsFoppy92012-01-30
Xilvan Design SpriteLib EngineXilvan Design SpriteLib Engine.Xilvan22011-12-25
TSA Video Game Creation CompetitionA team of high schoolers making a small game for a game competitionNate the Great22011-11-30
LukeGUIMy GUI for Xors3D. Old versions are in b3dsdk.Luke11112011-11-30
LukeminerMinecraft Clone Made In Blitzmax with Blitz3D SDKLuke11122011-11-06
Neural Network BuilderBuild artifical Neural networks with ease.MusicianKool52011-10-09
JavaB3dCreating a wrapper to make coding java3d more like blitz3dLeon Drake32011-09-25
Candy to The Rescue IICandy's Last Hero.Xilvan112011-08-24
Rackspace Cloud Files SyncAn application for online backup using Rackspace Cloud Files serviceHtbaa42011-08-21
Bad Things Happen in New MexicoIsometric adventure in the old westIon12011-08-06
BlitzoggerOpen Source Arcade Style ProjectBlitzogger12011-08-04
AXASpace simulationGraythe42011-08-04
Project ViralWorking on my MMORTSBaystep Productions22011-07-28
Puzzle gameJust an idea I had when replying to a threadGinger Tea12011-07-14
GalaxiangEssai d'espacePrym12011-06-30
Candy World VCandy to the Rescue.Xilvan182011-06-18
Hack, Slash, LootCoffee break graphical roguelikeOddball122011-05-12
Star Opus ISpace shootingJohn Cage132011-05-04
My RPGA new Start for AreonxDuckstab[o]122011-04-28
Concept XPhysics GamesDuckstab[o]62011-04-14
RangerA vertical scrolling shooterFoppy262011-04-03
Casual Game FrameworkA new set of modules that will enhance the development time of such gamesSanctus12011-03-11
Getting PhysicalyayDuckstab[o]42011-03-05
Imp GameSimple game.Zakk32011-03-04
2011tools for the tradeDuckstab[o]42011-03-03
TileMap System...Zakk22011-03-02
3D modelsworking on models for salemelonhead22011-02-26
KeePeeUpA smaller projectAngus122011-02-19
Worklog Warnerworking on my code projectsWarner132011-02-16
Ssdw moveplay minigames with you'r webcam.ssdw22011-02-15
Candy World IVThe Lillians Planet.Xilvan242011-02-10
New CodeCreating PrimativesStickman12011-02-09
Solarance: Procyon Council - Alpha 2A 2D Space Trading/Combat Shooter - EV: Nova inspiredGalaxy61312011-02-02
Next BLIde versionDevelopment progress of the BLIde IDE for BlitzMaxziggy242011-01-06
Jungle Ide (monkey IDE)Wroklog updates for the monkey (BMX2) IDE I'm developingziggy32010-12-20
Core2DDetails and updates on Core2D Framework.Chroma32010-12-16
Valkyrie Strike3D space shootercrazydba42010-12-12
The most simple shooterShoot asteroids - not less, nothing else. Version 0.5Rick_7212010-12-09 WorklogCurrently I am mostly working on...Arowx12010-11-26
Tower Platform Gameworking title for my long-term projectAngus52010-11-26
Transporterstransporter MANIA!!!jute12010-11-22
htbaapub.modWorklog to keep you up to date on htbaapub.mod modulesHtbaa172010-11-14
Pilot Goes to SpaceMy current project - a 2D arcade game with a 20s silent film aestheticCoinOpBard22010-11-12
iphone puzzle rpgDocumenting the process as I use iminib3d to develop a game.jhocking222010-10-27
Star Trek: RequiriusA Star Trek Fan ShowSpaceMan94102010-10-22
Triskell3D (other Ogre3D wrap)Ogre3D wrapAlan_82010-10-08
Crystal ConquestA casual number game with a space theme.Sauer272010-10-06
MicroGameXonline gamemakerWarner22010-10-05
MapEngineGUIMapEngineGUI MacOS X onlyMacSven12010-09-15
Mano TrooperParatrooper remakeFoppy62010-09-08
Candy World IIIHeart of Heaven.Xilvan122010-09-06
MaxGUI UpdatesA worklog for keeping track of any updates/enhancements made to the MaxGUI modules.SebHoll182010-08-31
M.O.F.E. Open Source 2d fighting engine!2d fighting game engine project i started a while ago, it was intended to be an online multiplayer fighting game, i haven't finished it yet.Leon Drake22010-07-29
Tank attackA tank based game similar to the one included in Wii playandy_mc12010-07-19
oops(Object Orianted Programming Syntax) for blitz3d and other converts, i guess my own bread of programming dialect, to Blitz3D code.MusicianKool32010-07-13
Super GerballFurry funsimonh152010-07-09
Burning Skies : Rebellion StoriesA game for the Burning Skies web showSpaceMan9452010-05-31
BLIde CompilerProgress of a new compiler for BlitzMax-like codeziggy22010-05-30
2d GUIVirtual Music Mixersspriteman262010-03-16
Tower DefenseI decided to make a more simple gameOiduts Studios22010-03-13
New Game EngineA new game-focussed engine for developing cool gamesImaginaryHuman132010-03-07
shift.remakeA remake of an (almost) unknown C64-gameqim22010-03-06
MrRocketMayhemA physics Based GameDuckstab[o]42010-02-25
JipParticlesAn incredibly (almost sinful) easy-to-use particle system.Ked12010-02-11
Sphere Wars 2Bigger, Better, Badder, Sphere Wars Game. (FPS)Drak22010-01-29
The Pirate GameA pirate themed RPGOiduts Studios62010-01-18
Botz!A greater creature simulationDrak42010-01-17
Pocket FunctionsA collection of small miscellaneous functions that I use often.Zakk52009-12-23
Leve editor / EngineThe development log for my upcomming level editor and framework_JIM22009-12-23
Axe Shredder/Drum HeroA Guitar Hero and Rock Band spin-offCaleb12009-12-22
MS Paint CloneFor personal use.Zakk22009-12-22
Variable ControllersNumeric ramps, etc...Zakk42009-12-20
Forum HighlightsA collection of the best stuff I've come across in the forums.Zakk22009-12-20
TUIO ClientFor use in a Reactable-like project.Zakk22009-12-18
axe3dBlitz3D Compatability Layer Moduleskidracer22009-12-17
TileMap EngineNew TileMap Engine for related Games_Skully92009-12-17
VigilGuiGraphical UILeon Drake42009-12-06
Space Fight SimulationComputer driven space battle between 2 competing computer teamsDrak62009-12-05
bb-mode for emacsBlitz 3D Emacs mode.oofoe52009-12-03
No Title...yet...A FPS inspired by Fallen Empire: LegionsIcyDefiance42009-11-19
Codename DominoXLThis is a basic first concept to test the functionality of the new 2.0+ versions of Newton and TV3dDuckstab[o]72009-11-05
Sniper 3DSniper 3D is a shooting game. Walk around. Shoot people.AJ0020012009-10-31
1860's gameA civil war based gameDrak22009-10-26
TimeOSA operating system written in B+!neos30012009-10-26
schiaccialapulceschiaccialapulce is a free little game made in Blitz3D which consists in a remake of an old 2D blitz game named spider by Jurgen Valks . Author: Francesco Ardizzone (emanresu1963) link:
Ludum Dare #15Quick test run of simple game concept using BlitzMAX Community Framework!Arowx22009-09-05
Verlet MaxA 2d physics engine for Blitz MaxNate the Great82009-08-15
mmjMillisecond Mah JongArowx22009-08-13
BlitzMax Coder MagazineOnline Magazine for BlitzMax CodersArowx22009-08-12
Lua ScriptingLua design for my gameDuckstab[o]42009-08-07
Nameless Online RPGIt's right now in pre-pre-beta-status, and were still looking for a nameSytzeZ42009-08-03
FastGuiskinnable Gui using FastImageBobysait12009-07-27
Ghost Rocket Flight EngineMy progress on the flight engine and creating a dedicated threaded server.Chroma42009-07-27
My FPSIt is the 'snizz'puki12009-07-13
Blitzmax Community frameworkAn open source framework for blitzmaxPete Carter42009-06-24
Worklog 1No descriptionBrucey532009-06-13
TimelineFXParticle Effects for BlitzmaxPete Rigz12009-06-13
Tribal SimulationA simulation of want-driven "creatures" simulating tribal lifeDrak32009-06-01
AnantaTop-down space trading gameVilu102009-05-27
Mod setup wizardA new utility for BLIde Plus usersziggy12009-05-23
OMDMMORPG (online RPG)khayn92009-05-20
MiniB3D SoundPositional 3D Sound Module for MiniB3Dima74732009-05-17
BloodBane OnlineOnline PvP RPGXzider152009-05-15
Worklog 1What I'm up to.Chroma12009-04-02
PsychoScriptNew scripting library for Blitz3D/MaxBaystep Productions52009-03-30
Nexus 3D Engine - DX9/10Blitz3D-like DirectX 9/10 engineKimoTech142009-03-26
Creative EnvironmentA networked development and operating environment for games and applicationsImaginaryHuman372009-03-25
Worklog 1No descriptionBlitzplotter32009-03-14
PhysLite2D physics module for Blitz MaxOddball232009-03-03
GorillaWorklog for my Gorilla game made 2/14/2009GIB3D12009-02-14
Darkened WorldsCel Shaded RPGgrindalf22009-02-13
ModulesSome of my BlitzMax modules.Ked52009-02-13
BMP to WAVph33r my helecopter sounding flikr albumGinger Tea22009-02-12
Icicle Worksmy first "i want to remake that game" gameGinger Tea82009-01-24
Worklog 1No descriptionWarpy92009-01-12
GAGEA Graphic Adventure Game Engine and Toolkit.MatthiusF22008-12-30
Script LanguageProgress of a small script languageziggy22008-12-21
macsystemextension.modSystemextension for MacOS X (only)MacSven12008-12-18
Colums Version2Creating my first game in Blitz3DFernhout52008-12-13
Kart Racing TestsKart Raceriroker32008-12-06
Point & Click adventure gameWith a simple engine, made in Blitzmax. Nothing fancy, but fun!Snader22008-11-28
Time TravellingA puzzle based game which involves travelling back and forward in time to complete your task.BODYPRINT12008-11-16
Workings of deranged programmerVarious projects as I work on themBaystep Productions102008-11-08
QbixQbix - is for sale...Arowx32008-10-24
Deflektormy forever on hold cloneGinger Tea12008-10-09
Aerial AnticsAn On Going Aerial Adventure ...Jeremy Alessi12008-10-09
RPG GAME PROJECT NONAME3d multiplayer Rpg (6 man?)Duckstab[o]22008-10-05
CobaltA networked development environmentBlueapples92008-09-20
BLide PlugIn SDKA module to create BLIde PlugIns using BLitzMaxziggy62008-09-17
A.B.E ( Alpha.Beta.Engine )A modern, advanced and flexible software 3D Engine for maxDavidSimon12008-09-16
Space Rock Killer2D in 3D Asteroids Written in C# and Blitz 3D SDKCoderLaureate22008-09-11
Food chain simulation3d graphical representation for a food chainDrak32008-09-08
RPG game...A little project.Cp's worklog of an RPG game project.Cp82008-09-06
SphereSphere FPSDrak32008-09-05
TURBOCHOMP2D Platformer_3342008-08-09
Grid TerminalText interface for games_3322008-07-28
Crayon physics CloneFirst worklog, latest game :)Xip22008-07-16
Worklog 1No descriptionShambler192008-06-30
Areonx (Reworked)Developement Log for my SrpgDuckstab[o]42008-06-25
Project Studio IDEAdvanced Integrated Development Environment for BlitzMatthew Smith352008-06-11
LinksWeb Linksmrburns12008-06-06
Coastal BatteryDefend the shore!Drak32008-06-05
2.5D map viewerA simple 2.5D viewer for 2d maps made using vertecies. Just a personal learning tool I guess.Kalisme22008-05-28
Stunt Car RacerStunt Car Racer Remake attemptWMSteadman42008-05-21
BCS ArchiveArchive of BriskVM 2 command setsplash102008-05-01
deKALmy attempt at a free opensource decal system that wraps the decal around objectsKalisme52008-04-29
Zama Flight EngineA realistic flight physics engine.Chroma72008-04-28
Axel's WorklogStuffAxel Wheeler22008-04-24
Grid WorldArcade style 3D FPS / puzzle game_33192008-04-11
Worklog 1No descriptionStu_ovine82008-04-08
PhyBallNewton + Tv3d Physics GameDuckstab[o]162008-04-08
shaKALa simple, free, fast & opensource shadow library for blitz3dKalisme172008-04-07
Gem HeroesMultiplatform Massively Multiplayer Puzzle Battle Game (Client = BlitzMax / Server = C#)EnigmaticGames42008-04-01
BLIde SVN supportIntegrating a small svn client to BLIdeziggy12008-03-29
Old BlitzPlus projectsSome of my old stuffplash72008-03-28
My Next GameIt's about time I wrote another game, and here is where I chart my progress.Gabriel192008-03-27
BlitzCoopYour new blitz-SiteSytzeZ22008-03-27
Co-operative FPSSave the world. As a team!gburgess12008-03-21
Game DesignerA program to create games, just by putting all resources togetherSytzeZ22008-03-15
BLIde solutions like in Visual StudioDevelopment status of the BLIde solutions engineziggy122008-03-02
Story reader softwareRead me a story (voice .txt *.xxx)Nebula12008-02-19
Building CreatorBuilding creatorckob22008-02-17
Simple DungeonMY first large scale projectSchragnasher52008-02-14
Physics GameCurrent DevelopementDuckstab[o]42008-01-31
nuclear warfarebackupmtnhome3d42008-01-29
Intelligent vibrationsArtificial intelligence (director)Nebula32008-01-28
GraphicsGraphic programmingNebula12008-01-28
MaxGui and beyondsugar mountainskidracer12008-01-23
Picklesworth's RamblingsThe worklogPicklesworth452008-01-20
EditorSnap to correct scentenceNebula22008-01-20
Music generatorCreating a music generatorNebula32008-01-20
Font MachineDevelopment of Font Machineziggy12008-01-20
Sin Castlestop-down boss rushTwitchfactor22008-01-19
3d libopenglnawi62008-01-12
Mirror to movieGame LightingNebula12008-01-11
Areonx Foundations (Final Cut)Turn Based Rpg GameDuckstab[o]202008-01-11
Text to movietext to image text to animation text to movieNebula12008-01-10
Intelligent car assecoiresThingsNebula12008-01-07
MiniB3D Extended VersionA regularly updated summary of my current development stateklepto272008-01-06
Computer interactionSmart computersNebula12008-01-05
BroadswordArmy roster creatorScaremonger32008-01-04
SpawnA shoot-em-up with a difference!Scaremonger32008-01-04
[MAXGUI] TTableviewGrid control for MAXGUIScaremonger52008-01-04
3D Sound LibraryA 3D Sound Library for BlitzMax, complete with EAX EffectsGabriel22008-01-02
Worklog 1No descriptionnawi42008-01-01
D-WorklogWorklog for Dan at D-GrafixD4NM4N12007-12-19
TRAP - Just For FunWhy not remake C64 demos ? :)Stu_ovine12007-12-17
Earth DefenderStrategy for casualsDreamora12007-12-16
DownlandTRS-80 Tandy Color Computer RemakeEikon22007-12-13
Sound scannerScan books with sound / scan models with soundNebula12007-12-13
My first gameMy worklogcaff_22007-12-12
ProtectionModule (Only MACOS X)This is a module to protect your software against the software pirates. It use the MAC-Address or the Machine Serial Number to protect your software.MacSven12007-12-11
Csg Lib Bmax3d independant CSG Lib for BmaxLeon Drake62007-12-05
Zin generator.Scentence generator based on part scentences.Nebula32007-12-02
Shaders and hologramsShaders and smoke and colored particlesNebula22007-11-30
Bubbles and liquidJointed Circular Plate movementNebula12007-11-27
UnderwaterWorking on an underwater game enginelowpoly12007-11-11
My New Match Three GameEarly Developement StagesDuckstab[o]12007-11-07
BLIde new engine 0.9.xDevelopment statusziggy142007-10-24
Projects2D tool chainDefoc812007-10-22
Void RPG Online 3DMulti player Online game.Wings402007-10-22
State Of The Art 2 Point 0Every game has an end. Every end has a begining.errno!12007-10-20
Rc car SimulationThis is my first greater Application, trying to make a very realistic Rc car simulationelcoo22007-10-18
MiniB3DA lightweight version of Blitz3D for BlitzMaxsimonh62007-10-15
3d platformer enginedev news(tu) sinu202007-09-29
HYPERPONGMultiplayer 3D PONGTechlord12007-09-27
MacOS X Build Universal BinaryThis tool create a Universal Binary from BlitzMax ApplicationsMacSven32007-09-23
AVR Programing GUIAVR Atmel Program GUIMacSven12007-09-16
StealthRoom V2One House DividedFuller62007-09-14
ELEMENTALMy Final Blitz3D FPS Engine.Techlord42007-09-10
B3D SDK/C# 2D Engine TutorialDocuments the creation of a 2D game engine using B3D SDK and C#PaulM32007-09-10
My work BlogReadabout my Max/GUI works hereBoulderdash22007-09-02
JuxScript Languageerrno!22007-08-26
Planet XA real-time strategy game.Subirenihil52007-08-26
Project TKThe game I've always dreamed about making...Apollonius22007-08-25
WildVideoEver dreamed of hi def 1080p perfect visual/audio playback of practically any format under the sun? Dream no more.errno!22007-08-15
ImperialThought I was dead!?Baystep Productions32007-08-06
Casual games developmentBlog for development of some casual games I'm making and planning to sell on portalsandy_mc22007-08-04
Jigsaw PuzzleCreating a simple jigsaw game like www.jigzone.comGlenn Dodd12007-07-20
Game Engine3d engine using dreamotionckob12007-07-10
Kamaya2D Game Creation FrameworkDreamora12007-07-10
Glide IDEA new IDE for BlitzXXXNeochrome22007-07-09
Parsing dataAutomated translationNebula22007-07-06
Drawing the gameplayThoughts on the inner workings of games.Nebula12007-07-06
Dungeon MakerThe Ultimate 3D Dungeon Crawler Game CreatorMadMunky32007-06-25
My first big gameI'll chart my progress on everything here.Eviltoes22007-06-19
BlitzLuaLua Interface for many BlitzMax and MaxGUI modulesRozek62007-06-02
Namex FPS GameHuge and interactive FPS Gamesniper_boy14712007-05-30
Max'd GUIAdvanced GUI EditorSebHoll52007-05-28
GameBuilderVarious components for 3d gamebuildingb32202007-04-28
Dreamotion3D3D engineTMyke22007-04-28
'Zero'Top down, 3D space combat gamelowpoly22007-04-18
CutieMore GUI shenanigansBrucey152007-04-14
The Cronicals of Singed LabcoatAutomator Virtual Input V2.0 still in the worksGA72007-04-14
CGI library for BlitzmaxA Complete CGI library for development of web based content in BlitzMax with support for Cookies and session variables.Scaremonger62007-03-27
Areon-X: FoundationsA Rpg/WorldBuilder Developed with Bmax,TV3D and Glimmers WrapperDuckstab[o]122007-03-19
HydraMax IDEBlitzMax MDI IDE designed to be small and fast. Does not require the .NET frameworkEikon122007-03-19
SWARM2D shoot em up with some extra...TheSin52007-03-06
Little Life Forms WLsWorks logs from all products of Little Life Forms Company.Martin S. Stoller42007-02-28
WWII text baseda text based RPGMyrmydon62007-02-01
Kong-Fu_XPURemote PC Control with a few fun toysSonari Eclipsi Onimari12007-01-24
Something to do...It's not cvsBrucey32007-01-22
2D Adventure3D is just an illusion � it all ends up 2D in the final displayjoko22942007-01-10
Raw Socket testCreating ICMP packets such as echo (ping) and echo reply from scratchSub_Zero12007-01-02
Gaea GUI Creation ToolAnother GUI creation tool coded in Blitz (open source)Alaric32006-12-20
Devil GUIFast and free GUI for Blitz3d.bytecode7712006-12-16
FleetStrategic fleet combat in spacegburgess72006-12-11
HLSL Shader PackA pack of HLSL Shaders covering all the most popular effects ready to use in your game.Gabriel102006-12-09
CodeMonkey - Making a monkey out of you.When basic meets C#, they make love. over and over again.AntonyWells122006-12-09
MiniB3D XEMy funky umm chunky, err, clunkly mod of minib3dAntonyWells52006-12-02
Devil Shadow SystemFast and free shadow system for Blitz3D.bytecode7782006-11-11
MaxEditan evolution of MaxIDEskidracer22006-11-08
RTS gameIn the veins of starcraftdjdee32006-11-08
Orbicuspuzzle gameChroma22006-11-07
Worklog 1No descriptionNigelC32006-11-01
Devil Physic EngineFast and free physic engine based on Newton wrapper(former BlitzODE).bytecode7752006-10-29
BloxSure it's been done before, but there are a few "novelties" you might find interesting...Adam Novagen22006-10-25
Archon 2160A 3D-tribute to ArchonAJirenius32006-10-06
My Company planConceptDuckstab[o]22006-10-04
Galaxy At WarFree-roaming space gamegburgess12006-10-02
Devil Particle SystemFast and free single-surface particle system for Blitz3D.bytecode7712006-09-29
MattVonFat IDEAn IDE for BlitzMax, for a start.MattVonFat152006-09-20
Worklog 1No descriptionMyrmydon112006-09-16
Worklog 1No descriptionDiablo892006-09-15
Worklog 1No descriptionskidracer92006-09-05
Worklog 1No descriptionDustin32006-09-01
Worklog 1No descriptionDuckstab[o]522006-08-30
Worklog 1No descriptionziggy122006-08-29
Worklog 1No descriptionSmokey42006-08-27
Worklog 1No descriptionj-man52006-08-17
Worklog 1No descriptionJimbob432006-08-12
Worklog 1No descriptionBenasp42006-08-10
Worklog 1No descriptionimekon32006-08-05
Worklog 1No descriptionKimoTech52006-08-02
Worklog 1No descriptionSculptureOfSoul12006-07-27
Worklog 1No descriptionEikon222006-07-20
Worklog 1No descriptionWeetbix52006-07-18
Worklog 1No descriptionChroma222006-07-09
Worklog 1No descriptionsplinux212006-07-02
CardwarA little card game from old times.Grisu212006-06-28
Worklog 1No descriptionTartanTangerine (was Indiepath)112006-06-20
Worklog 1No descriptionFilax212006-06-18
Worklog 1No descriptionArowx62006-06-17
Gyromansimple action gamejhocking52006-06-14
Worklog 1No descriptionkronholm22006-05-30
Worklog 1No descriptionRoss C22006-05-20
Worklog 1No descriptionJustus22006-05-15
Worklog 1No descriptionH&K22006-05-15
Worklog 1No descriptionNicstt32006-05-08
Worklog 1No descriptionAntonyWells612006-05-05
Worklog 1No descriptionboomboommax12006-05-01
Worklog 1No descriptionBraincell82006-04-21
Worklog 1No descriptionMark1nc332006-04-10
Form3DA Pixel Perfect 3D GUIPepsi32006-04-08
Worklog 1No descriptionzoom*12006-04-07
Worklog 1No descriptionHelios62006-03-30
Worklog 1No descriptionRob Farley22006-03-28
Worklog 1No descriptionQweeg42006-03-24
Worklog 1No descriptionS_Seth242006-03-02
Worklog 1No descriptionAndres52006-02-12
Worklog 1No descriptionoctothorpe52006-02-07
Worklog 1No descriptionOrca22006-02-06
Worklog 1No descriptionGameScrubs42006-01-24
Worklog 1No descriptionjfk EO-11110182006-01-17
Worklog 1No descriptiongman592006-01-14
Worklog 1No descriptionAmazingJas12006-01-11
Worklog 1No descriptiondeps102006-01-06
Worklog 1No descriptionpoopla12005-12-27
Worklog 1No descriptionMatt McFarland112005-12-21
TxTerrain editorTerrain editor based on BlitzUI 2.0 allowing to edit and compile TxTerrainsOJay12005-12-04
Worklog 1No descriptionQ32005-11-29
Worklog 1No descriptionLeiden262005-11-25
Worklog 1No descriptionasdfasdf52005-11-18
Worklog 1No descriptionFredMe22005-11-17
Worklog 1No descriptionRedFox22005-11-07
Worklog 1No descriptionNeochrome282005-11-02
Worklog 1No descriptionRegular K72005-10-30
Worklog 1No descriptionIdiot22005-10-23
Worklog 1No descriptionSarge72005-10-18
Worklog 1No descriptionJohn J.242005-10-17
Worklog 1No descriptionSweenie122005-10-12
Worklog 1No descriptionSonic32005-09-30
Worklog 1No descriptionregaa62005-09-19
Worklog 1No descriptionIbmurai22005-09-17
Worklog 1No descriptionCraig Watson92005-09-09
Worklog 1No descriptionVincent12005-08-22
Worklog 1No descriptionskyfire132005-08-16
Worklog 1No descriptiondragoniv32005-08-15
Worklog 1No descriptionBlackJumper162005-08-04
Worklog 1No descriptionZeptera22005-08-01
Worklog 1No descriptionkochOn12005-07-10
Worklog 1No descriptionMadJack342005-07-06
Worklog 1No descriptionHappyCat12005-06-30
Worklog 1No descriptionGrovesy22005-06-28
Worklog 1No descriptionRambo_Bill42005-06-23
Worklog 1No descriptionnobudgetgames12005-05-31
Worklog 1No descriptionUber Lieutenant92005-05-27
Worklog 1No descriptionWill12005-05-22
Worklog 1No descriptionGQ22005-05-04
Worklog 1No descriptionSacha62005-05-01
Worklog 1No descriptionmaximo12005-04-24
Worklog 1No descriptioncash22005-04-17
Worklog 1No descriptionkarmacomposer102005-04-10
Worklog 1No descriptionArem22005-04-08
Worklog 1No descriptionMo22005-04-04
Worklog 1No descriptionApocalypse152005-04-04
Worklog 1No descriptionYannick12005-03-24
Worklog 1No descriptionsswift82005-03-23
Worklog 1No descriptionrsbrowndog312005-03-01
Worklog 1No descriptionmrmango22005-02-28
Worklog 1No descriptionteamonkey42005-02-26
Worklog 1No descriptiondeadflower12005-02-20
Worklog 1No descriptionPavlov12005-01-29
Worklog 1No descriptionMordax_Praetorian52005-01-26
Worklog 1No descriptionChi3f Stadi22005-01-17
Worklog 1No descriptionTommyBear12005-01-16
Worklog 1No descriptionNum312005-01-01
Worklog 1No descriptionAaronK12004-12-02
Worklog 1No description-Rick-62004-11-30
Worklog 1No descriptionStrider Centaur22004-11-23
Worklog 1No descriptionSunteam Software52004-11-05
Worklog 1No descriptionOdds On12004-11-04
Worklog 1No descriptionpuki212004-10-24
Worklog 1No descriptionP.A.G.A.N32004-10-06
Worklog 1No descriptionNikko52004-10-06
Worklog 1No descriptionTokra32004-09-27
Worklog 1No descriptiongpete22004-09-15
Worklog 1No descriptionHNPhan272004-09-04
Worklog 1No descriptionTheIcemanBln12004-09-02
Worklog 1No descriptiontj999122004-09-02
Worklog 1No descriptionLilprog122004-08-25
Worklog 1No descriptionPete Rigz22004-08-12
Worklog 1No descriptionverfum32004-08-06
Worklog 1No descriptionTraci22004-07-19
Worklog 1No descriptionInner12004-07-16
Worklog 1No descriptionkeyboard72004-07-15
Worklog 1No descriptionjframe42004-07-11
Cod2DocDocumentation generator for BlitzBasicRepeatUntil62004-07-10
Worklog 1No descriptionstarfox52004-07-09
Worklog 1No descriptionronbravo42004-06-30
Worklog 1No descriptionRook Zimbabwe12004-06-25
Worklog 1No description3D62004-06-25
Worklog 1No descriptionZombieWoof12004-06-23
Worklog 1No descriptionmatt!182004-06-22
Worklog 1No descriptionCyberHeater22004-06-12
Worklog 1No descriptionDavid22004-06-08
Drop Fighter3d arcade flying gamegburgess32004-05-26
Worklog 1No descriptionaCiD272004-05-23
Worklog 1No descriptionBinary_Moon152004-05-09
Worklog 1No descriptionRoccia82004-05-06
Worklog 1No descriptionMathieu A12004-05-04
Worklog 1No descriptionUhfgood22004-05-02
Worklog 1No descriptionEOF22004-04-24
Worklog 1No descriptionTrixx12004-04-18
Worklog 1No descriptionIPete2142004-04-11
Worklog 1No descriptionRob12004-03-27
Worklog 1No descriptionJager52004-03-21
Worklog 1No descriptionRob Pearmain432004-03-15
Worklog 1No descriptionNebula12004-03-08
Worklog 1No descriptionpantsonhead.com32004-02-20
Worklog 1No descriptionPRJ22004-01-20
Worklog 1No descriptionBlueWolf22004-01-15
Worklog 1No descriptionpatisawesome52003-12-16
Worklog 1No descriptionDer Vampyr Engel22003-12-04
Worklog 1No descriptionEthan385022003-11-29
Worklog 1No descriptionKozmi12003-11-13
Worklog 1No descriptionStickman22003-11-02
Worklog 1No descriptionFabulous MOD22003-10-10
Worklog 1No descriptionYappy312003-10-09
Worklog 1No descriptionDorian #1122003-10-03
Worklog 1No descriptionMatt222212003-09-29
Worklog 1No descriptionAuzingLG22003-09-24
Worklog 1No descriptionmrpeepers12003-08-26
Worklog 1No descriptionBot Builder12003-08-23
Worklog 1No descriptionsemar62003-08-18
Worklog 1No descriptionJaviCervera22003-08-14
Worklog 1No descriptionSmurfpuss12003-08-07
Worklog 1No descriptionBraneloc32003-07-29
Worklog 1No descriptionRaptor131366632003-06-26
Worklog 1No descriptionKuri172003-06-13
Worklog 1No descriptionMiracle72003-06-09
Litobyte's logDragan's Quest log and other...Litobyte192003-06-02
Worklog 1No descriptionDareDevil12003-05-28
Worklog 1No descriptionSM3D12003-05-21
Worklog 1No descriptionpetur32003-05-03
Worklog 1No description_Monk_22003-04-21
Worklog 1No descriptionNigel Brown72003-04-13
Worklog 1No descriptionNTense192003-04-10
Worklog 1No descriptionseldan12003-04-08
Worklog 1No descriptionMattG12003-04-07
Worklog 1No descriptionMahKai22003-04-01
Worklog 1No descriptionM@tzM@N12003-03-27
Worklog 1No descriptionMyke-P52003-02-22
Worklog 1No descriptionBud the Fish22003-01-25
Worklog 1No descriptionCharly22003-01-22
Worklog 1No descriptionMagitta42003-01-19
Worklog 1No descriptionWoeIsMe22003-01-08
Worklog 1No descriptionfroogle12002-12-11
Worklog 1No descriptionUnknown12002-11-03
Worklog 1No descriptionBeeps22002-10-19
Worklog 1No descriptionImphenzia32002-10-04
Worklog 1No descriptionGitTech92002-09-26
Worklog 1No descriptionangel martinez32002-09-26
Worklog 1No descriptionDarkuni12002-09-13
Worklog 1No descriptionAlternativeRealities62002-09-09
Worklog 1No descriptionJrrsteve22002-09-06
Worklog 1No descriptionAMIF22002-09-04
Worklog 1No descriptionAnthony32002-09-02
Worklog 1No descriptionmarkrosten42002-09-01
Worklog 1No descriptionGiano12002-09-01
Worklog 1No descriptionJeanette12002-08-27
Worklog 1No descriptionWayne102002-08-21
Worklog 1No descriptionSergio10042002-08-07
Worklog 1No descriptionRob 12002-08-03
Worklog 1No descriptionZantagor42002-07-09
Worklog 1No descriptionc h i e f y32002-06-26
Worklog 1No descriptionSkully102002-06-16
Worklog 1No descriptionJimMorris12002-05-26
Worklog 1No descriptionvoodoo_bluesman22002-05-18
Worklog 1No descriptionGordon12002-05-18
Worklog 1No descriptionuebermatt42002-05-17
Worklog 1No descriptionCurly J12002-05-09
Worklog 1No descriptionRhodan42002-05-05
Worklog 1No descriptionZeus12002-05-04
Worklog 1No descriptionPazza22002-04-24
Worklog 1No descriptionTheDragon12002-04-16
Worklog 1No descriptionDr Derek Doctors32002-04-08
Worklog 1No description Beaker12002-03-22
Worklog 1No descriptionmorduun62002-03-21
Worklog 1No descriptionbradford612002-03-16
Worklog 1No descriptionHellfire22002-03-06
Worklog 1No descriptionjoaocons12002-03-04
Worklog 1No descriptionfishy12002-02-28
Worklog 1No descriptionMotu12002-02-27
Worklog 1No descriptionmrtricks132002-02-20
Worklog 1No descriptionNebo32002-02-15
Worklog 1No descriptionsananaman12002-02-10
Worklog 1No descriptionPhish42002-02-08
Worklog 1No descriptionSickFish12002-02-05
Worklog 1No descriptionRob Hutchinson22002-02-04
Worklog 1No descriptionBootBlock12002-02-01
Worklog 1No descriptionCyBeRGoth (John McCubbin)42002-02-01
Worklog 1No descriptionFaz22002-01-31
Worklog 1No descriptionH A L O32002-01-27
Worklog 1No descriptionDoggie5512002-01-22
Worklog 1No descriptionAlexZ12002-01-22
Worklog 1No descriptionRick22002-01-19
Worklog 1No descriptionLethalFrog22002-01-15
Worklog 1No descriptionJonas22002-01-09
Worklog 1No descriptionSurreaL22002-01-06
Worklog 1No descriptionPantsOn12002-01-04
Worklog 1No descriptionSnarkbait22002-01-03
Worklog 1No descriptionsome_guy78962001-12-28
Worklog 1No descriptionDragon5732001-12-26
Worklog 1No descriptionEntity62001-12-25
Worklog 1No descriptionIce962001-12-20
Worklog 1No descriptionKing Dave12001-12-16
Worklog 1No descriptionSteve Smith.12001-11-30
Worklog 1No descriptionGraham-S12001-11-15
Worklog 1No descriptionClaire12001-11-15
Worklog 1No descriptiondan_upright12001-11-15