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Dylan at sea(Posted 2012) [#1]

Does Monkey support Fast App Switching (for Mango and beyond)? This is the feature that allows a user to return to the app in the same state as it was left without the app having to rebuild its state (because it was retained in memory). It should be implemented by default, IMO.

I searched for an Activated event handler as well as IsApplicationInstancePreserved in the CS source, but I didn't find either. Could I be missing a Monkey setting? Like to set it to use 7.1 tools instead of compiling for 7.0?

benmc(Posted 2012) [#2]
I have the same issue, so I'm saving state information in the game along the way, and OnSuspend doesn't appear to work on Windows Phone 7 apps made in Monkey either, like it's never called, so I can't save state info there, which is a pain.

I right click the Windows Phone solution in Vis Studio for Windows Phone and choose the option to Upgrade to 7.1 each time however so that the game will run properly at 60FPS, but this is not affecting the fact that the state is not saving for easily returning to the app in the state it was in.