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dave.h(Posted 2012) [#1]
ive just had an app fail on me in the windows market for something very silly.Apparently everything works ok in the game but when you pin the game to the start the title reverts back to monkey game even though when its installed the title appears correctly.i used 56b to compile this and ive not had the error in previous apps.Has anyone else had this and is it a monkey bug or have i not set up the title right because something has changed in this version.Previously i used v50.

Xaron(Posted 2012) [#2]
I haven't any problems with v58 and WP7 so far. What you describe sounds strange. Hmm...

dave.h(Posted 2012) [#3]
im thinking that im somehow setting the name of the game wrong should i be using a command similiar to


except in xna.

i tested blotty pots and it worked fine but i also tested one i released before and it did the same thing but they passed it then.It seems they are not sticking to the same rules all the time.