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DarkyCrystal(Posted 2011) [#1]
Hi all :)

I've tested the executable generated by monkey on my PC in Xna, that works.

But, if I copy the release folder on an other PC, and, install on this PC the xna 4 redist, and try to launch the game, it crashes without information (like this program has problem" etc...

On my PC I have the sdk of xna so I don't have any problem, but on other pc what they have to install after the xna 4 redist to make it work ?

thank you in advance.

DarkyCrystal(Posted 2011) [#2]
nobody knows ?

marksibly(Posted 2011) [#3]

No idea, but I'll have a look into it.

I have a feeling it's possibly something to do with 'Gamer services' - perhaps that needs to be installed separately?

DarkyCrystal(Posted 2011) [#4]
Gamer services ? you mean Windows Live Game (or something like this ?) this is curious, because my simple test I've done directly coded in xna and compiled with xna works on other PCs without particular services, just with the xna redist.

Thank's to have look Mark and please update us about it :)

marksibly(Posted 2011) [#5]

Ok, just tested on WinXP+.NET4+XNA4 and it does appear to be the GamerServices component causing the problem. And according to this...


It's probably throwing a GamerServices unavailable exception!

This stuff isn't even used any more, so I'll remove it entirely from the next release.

In the meantime, you can manually remove the 'using gamerservices' and 'addcomponent( gamerservices )' lines from the xna project in the .build dir and test for yourself.

Raz(Posted 2011) [#6]
Oh cool, I hope this is the cause of the problems I was having too. I'll try it tonight.

Raz(Posted 2011) [#7]
Wahay, doing this made Ninjah work on another PC that it didn't work on previously!

I'd suggest using http://www.advancedinstaller.com/ to create an installer as well, as it has some presets for XNA games

Edit: That said,I've just looked at the price! :S

DarkyCrystal(Posted 2011) [#8]
Yes that's work with the last update ;) Thx !