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karimkagawa(Posted 2016) [#1]
Useful ways to convey information in an objective, multi-dimensional. How fully reflect the positive and negative side of online games for people to recognize the most correctly. for those who are journalists writing about online gaming should be a recognized objective of the issues we need to convey to the reader.

Writing about the game is still controversial

There must be thousands of articles on the newspapers online games in Vietnam, but the perception of online games like in the article remains a controversy. Reality can say Vietnam newspapers write about the game in recent years, but in 2010 the focus is to follow two completely opposite views together.

In particular, a number of newspapers have a great influence on society, for a long time was considered as an online game "evils" of society. The majority of posts are content to condemn negative mainly from online games and go exploring nature topics such as hospitalization addicted to online games, robbery murder because online games, gaming neglect study...

Look at it objectively, the themes that reflect this newspaper are positive for society when raised are real downsides of online games. But conversely, the article also caused much controversy for many readers, connoisseurs of online games and the people who work on online games ... They wonder why this newspaper wrote just stared in the direction this, while the positive side online games bring to the society they deliberately "forgotten". The positives from the online game may be mentioned a lot, typically those in family games suitable for all ages will help train fast reflexes, brain training, giving players access to extensive information . The game is also useful entertainment after stressful time learning, working ...

In the afternoon reflecting on the contrary, there are some newspapers write about the game has a more objective recognition. Typically the Magazine World Game (PCWorld Vietnam), or World Magazine Number, Vietnam Post newspaper and website on another game ... with a lot of articles about the game very objective and methodology. They always reflect a 2-sided full of online games both positive and negative so readers can understand and recognize the nature of online games. Only a pity that the pervasive power of this newspaper was not big enough by the paper above, but at a certain level when writing on this issue, the major newspapers need to learn and looked at himself.

Need a recognition objective when writing about the game

As noted above, everything has two sides are positive and negative, online games too, so follow the savvy reporter and longtime writing about online gaming, those writing about the game needs the objective when looking at the problem. By objective criteria can be said is one of the top criteria in the press.

According to Jiang DMZ, Head World magazine Game (PCWorld Vietnam), the game industry is the convergence of the sciences and the arts, it is said if former artists drawing comics on paper, the other materials, it is time to draw on electronics and this is a new material. And if former bad draw painted very nice time and caused controversy when it is likely to impact players. So for society and those who are writing the game, he wants everyone Force recognizes the game a more positive way, encouraging the positive aspects and limit the negative aspects that bring online games.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Dung, editor Genk.vn website also said that, when writing about the game writers should consider gaming as a consumer product and readers are customers, so how to transmit information objectively, multidimensional. How fully reflect the positive and negative side of online games for people to recognize the most correctly.

This concludes the article by remarks by Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Do Quy Doan management online games for those who are writing about the game look more fully: "Like a sharp knife, besides the positive, both online games also have drawbacks. If you like games that abusive, violent youth will make education neglect, leading to game addiction. Whether it's a good game, good game, but if you abuse it, it leads to inadequacies. This is an issue we must consider all aspects of both the good and bad side to get development right ".
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