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monkeyben(Posted 2013) [#1]
Sorry if this is stating the obvious!

I'm using Jungle IDE and though its lion is a lovely lion I wanted to keep the monkey icon pinned on my Windows 7 taskbar but have it launch Jungle IDE. This is how I did it: -

1. Navigate to your 3rd Party IDE folder and find the main *.exe file
(C:\Program Files\Jungle Ide\JungleIde.exe in my case)
2. Right click the file to bring up the context menu and select "Create shortcut", putting it on the Desktop.
3. Right click the icon on the Desktop and chose the bottom option: "Properties"
4. Click the "Change icon..." button and browse for the monkey.exe file in the main Monkey folder. Select it and apply it to the icon.
5. Drag the new icon from the Desktop onto the Windows taskbar.