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Tibit(Posted 2012) [#1]
Mercurial Mastery for Beginners

I explain the concepts behind the version control system Mercurial in a simple bullet point manner and follow step-by-step with screenshots on how the basics works.

This guide shows how you quickly can get started in Mercurial & place your source in the Cloud for Free in a few minutes.

No prior knowledge is assumed.

Mercurial Mastery for Beginners PDF
(Click to download PDF)

Please report any errors and I'll fix!

If you are a beginner and find that there is something that is still confusing, let me know I'll do my best to improve the guide for the community.

Questions & Answers

Is Mercurial better than SVN?
Only you can make that decision for yourself and your team.

This is not a "why mercurial is better than SVN" tutorial. I only discuss how to use Mercurial in this guide. However after reading this short and down to the point guide you will probably find yourself more understanding about what the fuss is all about :P

Is BitBucket really Free?
Yes, for unlimited project and unlimited data and up to 5 users.
No, if you have a team with more than 5 users that you all want to use Mercurial in the cloud and you have a policy that you do not want your users to share BitBucket accounts.